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Mowers are essential tools for any lawn. There are so many different types of mowers available which are practically the same in purpose. One of the best types in use is a best zero turn mower. 

Types of Models

There are so many brands, and models are available with the different methods applied in the working mechanism.

The most common method in the manufacturing of these machines is the hydraulic speed control system of each drive wheel.

These mowers are multi-purpose in usage, and there are commercial and homeowner models available to choose from.

They are powered by the different varying engine power types as an option mostly in both fuel type’s gasoline and diesel.

The size of largely depends upon its cutting capacity. The prices of a unit are also dependent on the types of components used in the riding mower.

The zero turn mower can drive faster and do more work than most of the conventional riding mowers.

How to Drive and Move

The steering of these movers is very simple to handle. The large drive tires at the back rotate independently according to the driving needs.

The operator can set the input levels to control not only the movements but also the cutting blades’ depth. All the tires can move or rotate in opposite directions.

That is why the mower can turn all-around a single point of operating. So they are called zero-turn mower.

The most common method in the production of these mowers in use is based on the four wheels model.

The two bigger drive wheels at the back and two small moving front wheels tires. Some of the mowers also come with the Bush Hog method of designs.

The fifth small wheel is attached in the centre behind the driver, which can make more sharp turns by controlling the swivelling tires.


So many different systems are available in the designs on zero-turn mowers. The two throttles are attached to the wheels and are mostly used Instead of a steering wheel.

These throttles give a lot of control to the rotational speed and direction of each wheel. The operator of the machine can easily access these throttles by the levers which are mounted at the waist to shoulder high of the operator. 

The other main control is connected to the mower’s engine throttle, which is controlled separately. Simple joysticks have been introduced in some recent models also.

The main advantage comes in the shape of less fatigue and also one-handed operation capacity by this method of steering.

Operational Capacity

Unlike other mowers, the best Zero-turn mowers are designed in a way that they can cut the grass on any surface and condition.

These movers are very handy in clearing the areas around the obstacles and safe effort and energy. There is no need to trim these close areas by putting additional effort into the trim.

These mowers can move and cover the area in almost any operational angle and virtually leave any uncut grass behind.

The levers attached to the driving mechanism can make the machine turn to a 180-degree angle because of the rapid turning of the wheels.

The machine can adjust the tire movements according to the working surface thanks to their individual moving capacity. This makes the machine to work in two zero-turn movements.

Suitable for Any Terrain 

Along with other valuable and effortless options, these movers can operate in any given terrain without any hassle. The main chassis is mounted on the four wheels.

The front wheels help not only in sharp turns but also play the role of a guiding mechanism as well.

The mainframe of the machine uses the balancing mechanism during working and gives a smooth driving and handling to the operating person.

The machine can balance by the supporting spring and hydraulic system attached, which ensures a higher level of balance, comfort, safety, and performance. 


Unlike other available options in the mowers, zero-turn mowers offer a number of different attachments.

These offer versatility to the operational capacity. Other mowers leave all the grass clippings behind, but zero turn movers have an attachment to the bagging system.

The bagging system of the mechanism makes the operation cleaner and helps to collect almost all the clippings. 

A number of bagging attachment options can be used for this purpose. Depending upon the volume of the clippings, more than one bagging bucket can be attached to the collection unit.

A mulching kit has also been introduced in some of the models. This kit can mulch the grass to the tiniest pieces and spread all over the field in equal proportion.

Attachments can be mounted on both the front and rear of the machine. Some of the important attachments include dump cart, spreader, plug aerator, lawn detacher, roller or sprayer, etc. 

Prices of Different Models

The price range from $2500 to $6000 mainly depending upon the available features in the machine.

One should not buy a Zero turn mower without identifying the need and purpose. It is no doubt a big investment and must be purchased after the research at all the important aspects in mind. 

No machine can last long without proper care; the same is the case with these machines.

Therefore, one must consider these aspects in mind when choosing these mowing machines in order to come to a good decision keeping the budget intact.

Key Buying Aspects of Zero Turn Mower

One gets confused easily while making the decision for the choice of best zero turn mover. There are so many key factors that decide the best possible model.

To get the most out of your investment, one must ensure to get the smartest choice for the budgeted money.

One must consider the following factors carefully before coming to a conclusion on a particular model.


The engine power is one of the main aspects, which makes a big difference. Mowing the lawn is one of the very heavy jobs sometimes, and more power gives more capacity to work properly.

The work can be done with more easiness while saving time and effort. The effectiveness largely depends on this feature of the machine.

The operating person can cover more area in less time if using a bigger engine capacity than the lower engine.

Powerful engines can last for a longer period of time, and needless maintained as well because they are heavy duty.

 Cutting Width

Along with the engine power, the cutting width can make a huge difference in the performance of the machine.

So it is as important as the engine itself. With the wider blades, attached professionals can cover more working areas. It is also dependent on the way the machine will be used over a period of time and type of area.

There is only one flaw in the bigger blades that it can make the working harder when there are big or a number of obstacles in the field.

So sometimes smaller cutting width is the only choice. So the type of surface and working area is so important as well.


There are no options available in terms of the transmission of best zero-turn mowers. Some models come with a lower transmission ratio some wider ratio.

Lower transmission ratio gives more push and power while the wider ratio gives more smoothness of working speed.

For small yards, the lower transmission is the best choice. The bigger fields need a big engine to cover so wider transmission can provide better results.

 Some models are now available, which can be manually controlled and shifted into the lower and wider ratio of transmission according to the working requirements.

If the proper transmission is not selected, it can ruin the working capabilities of the machine.

Cheaper machines offer only one option at a time, so it is far better to analyze the transmission according to the working conditions. 

Fuel Capacity and Type

There are two types of fuels available according to the type of engine used. Engines run on gasoline and diesel.

The gasoline and diesel both types of engines produce carbon emissions while burning the fuel.

The gasoline engines make less noise than the other one. Diesel engines are mostly made for heavy-duty performance.

 So it is also very important to consider these important aspects as well as with the other available options.

The capacity of the fuel tank is also very important as smaller fuel tanks can consume more time.

Stopping and refuelling are some of the biggest issues when it comes to safe precious time.


This variant of mower is a standard mower with the riding capabilities. The operating person actually sits on the mover.

These lawnmowers are designed to mow the grass with a turning radius that is almost zero. 

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