Music is an important part of everyone’s life. Music has the power to reach feelings and can even change them. It affects our emotions and makes us feel better. It has a magical ability to change a person’s mood.

Different instruments are used to create music these days. The piano is a great instrument for creating quality music. Different types of pianos are available in the market to the demands and priorities of people.

Among all available types of pianos, Digital pianos are in demand these days because of the amazing features they have and their affordability.

What is a Digital Piano?

It is a kind of electronic keyboard, it serves as a substitute to an aural piano. It utilizes either recorded samples of acoustic piano or synthesized emulation and these are then amplified using the internal loudspeaker.

Some of the digital pianos are also designed so that they look like a grand or upright piano. Digital piano is modern and adapted version of an acoustic piano.

Types of Pianos

Present are three diverse types of the best digital pianos. These types and their distinct features are as follows:

The Ground Piano

It is best among all types of digital pianos having a high-quality sound system and even better key movements. But the thing is that is costly as compared to other digital pianos and is only manufactured by some certain manufacturers.

The Upright Piano 

An upright piano is home piano, both versions digital and acoustic are almost similar in size. But the weight of the digital version is much less as compared to the acoustic version.

The Portable Piano

Among all three types of digital pianos, this one is lightest. It has a stand instead of legs. Plastic is used to make the exterior of the portable digital piano.

Some Features of Digital Piano

There are several exciting features of the digital piano which make it preferable as compared to an acoustic piano. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Best available digital pianos can sense changes in velocity, this helps in determining volume and attack of each note. In contrast, cheap pianos have volume level switches.
  • It does not require tuning.
  • Sound of a digital piano is purely the characteristic of the samples being used to create the sound. High-quality digital pianos have more memory.
  • Every model does not come up with pedals
  • The power source is required to use it
  • It has volume control feature moreover it comes with headphone output
  • Most of the digital pianos have learning tools some models also have 

Pros of Having a Digital Piano

There are several advantages to having a digital piano. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • It covers less space
  • It is compact and is light in weight so only one person can move it easily
  • You can also record your performance on a digital piano, it can help you in learning if you are a beginner.
  • Some digital pianos also have the MIDI capability, using this option you can connect with recording equipment and computers. Some of these also have a USB port or accept flash memory cards making the transfer of music to computers and other devices so easy.
  • It comes at affordable prices you need not be worried about money. 
  • It does not require special conditions for upkeep.
  • For the individuals who intend to wander into Pop, Funk, or Rock, the digital piano may be a good choice. Some additional features like other instruments sounds, drum beats, etc. can enhance your playing experience.

Things to Consider While Buying 


If you are not an expert it would be better for you to buy a model that comes at low cost and have built-in learning tools for your help.

Enhance your skill on this piano and then go for an advanced one when you have enough skills. You will be more concerned about velocity and sensitivity of touch if you are an expert. So look for some expensive piano having enough features if you are an expert.

Check the Measurements 

You have a place in your mind where you want to keep it, so while buying make sure that piano can fit into that place. If you want a piano for your child make sure to check the height if it is appropriate for your child. It would be best if it has adjustable stands. 

Is it Easy to Transport?

If you want to take the piano with you, you want to travel with it make sure to choose a light one for you. So you can carry it with yourself wherever you want.

Cost of Dig

ital Pianos

Digital pianos come at a wide range of prices depending on the demands of the buyer. You can buy a digital piano by spending at least $500 and can buy keyboards for at least $100.

You can buy a top-quality digital piano at a price range of $4000-$5000. This price is much less as compared to the price of traditional pianos.  

Digital piano comes at a cheaper price as compared to an acoustic piano. All things considered, the resale price of a digital piano is much lower than that of an acoustic piano. It is hard to check the resale price that relies upon the model and the state of the piano.

Best Digital Pianos for Beginners

Digital pianos are very popular these days because of their low price. Traditional pianos look like a part of the furniture and are much expensive. Moreover, for beginners, traditional pianos are not so good. Here are some digital pianos best for your home and beginners:

Williams Allegro 2 Plus 88-KeyDigital piano

It is the best example of digital piano you can have at your home if you are a beginner. It features eight piano voices, MIDI capabilities, 64-note polyphony, a built-in metronome and much more. It has simple features to use and is the best model of the piano a beginner can have.

Yamaha’s YPG-535

It comes at a moderate price and has an 88-key range. It comes with a beautiful strand that makes it even more handsome.

It also comes up with Performance Assistant Technology and Yamaha Education Suite and this helps students and beginners to improve their skills. Sequencer and recorder with six tacks can help you to capture and create complex performances. 

Yamaha Clavinova CLP625 Console Digital Piano

It has the 88-key range and features GH3X action along ivory keytops and synthetic ebony. It comes with three-foot pedals providing you with damper and soft effects. It also has 10 different on-board sounds. All these features make it perfect to use and preferable for beginners.

Best Digital Pianos for Studio and Stage

Digital pianos being made for studio or stage are more versatile and mobile. These are designed for musicians who keep on traveling to different studios and venues.

These pianos have even more effects, connectivity options and voices as compared to common digital pianos being used at home. Another best thing about such digital pianos is that these are available at a vast range of prices.

Casio Privia PX-5S Pro

It is a moderate kind of digital piano, weighing 25lb. it comes with an amazing collection of sounds including retro electric pianos, realistic grad piano and also has action hammer keyboard fully scaled. It also has useable harpsichord voices and useable clavinet.

Most complex arrangements can be handled because of 256-note polyphony. You can control external MIDI gear and internal spendssimultaneously because of 4-zone MIDI control having six ladders and four knobs.

It has four programmable arpeggiators, you can play them simultaneously. You can shape your sounds by applying four simultaneous insert effects for particular songs.

Korg’s SP-280

It is one of the basic studio digital pianos comes at a moderate price. Featuring a full hammer weight keyboard it comes with lightweight built-in amplification to transport easily. You also get a metal stand black in color that is adjustable.

You can also connect MIDI cable and headphones, this makes it good for home studios. It also comes with the damper pedal. Includingstand it weighs only 42lb., this makes it portable.

Roland’s RD-2000

It is best for serious musicians who want amazing electric and acoustic piano sounds, superb playability, and on-board controls. It replicates the feeling of an acoustic piano as it has 88-key graded hammer action.

It comes with XLR and a wide range of MIDI connections. This model allows a professional musician to create the best music.

Final Thoughts

Music is an important factor of life and piano is the best instrument for creating it. Buying the best digital piano that suits your budget and has all the exciting features is not so easy, as the market is full of different digital pianos. Choosing the best for you is tough. Doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, there are a lot of digital pianos available for every type of person meeting all the needs. Some quality pianos for beginners and experts are mentioned above, you can choose any of them according to your needs. So do not waste time and buy the right one for you. You will surely enjoy the one at your home in the studio.

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