Wgge wg-015 professional crimping tool

Wgge wg-015 professional crimping tool

I was checking wire stripping tools on the internet where I came across this WGGE WG-015 Professional crimping tool/Multi-Tool Wire Stripper and Cutter. It was recommended by many people, so I decided to test it out. I bought it online from Amazon, and it was delivered the next day. It is quite beneficial for cutting small wires like 8 gauge and 6 gauge. I used it many times, and it didn’t lose its edge. The blades are finely sharp and cut the wire only within seconds. 

The handgrip is quite smooth, and you can place your hand comfortably on it. I have used many wire cutters, but I would say that this one has not disappointed me yet. I bought it for just a couple of weeks ago, and it is still effective as new. I use wires stripper quite often because my work demands it. 

I used a simple wire cutter before buying it, which took much of my time while performing the task. It is a fairly good product and has a nice quality. I forgot to put the tool into the box yesterday while it was raining. I was amazed that it didn’t even get slightly corroded. That’s how I came to believe in the lifetime guarantee of this product. 
It works perfectly on the 6-8-gauge wires, but I can’t say the same about the cable wires of 20 gauge as I wasn’t able to completely cut the wire or strip the skin away with accuracy. You can freely use this while performing normal household tasks like changing lights or room fans. I also used this on LCD and TV wires. In my opinion, this is the best tool for my work as it has helped me a lot during my work and is still efficient as new.


  • It does not lose its edges.
  • It is quite beneficial for cutting small wires like 8 gauge and 6 gauge.
  • Cuts effectively.


  • Not suitable for 20 gauge wires.

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