Best Victorinox Luggage of 2021 – Why is it better?

Whether you are going for your yearly family vacation or you are planning a trip with your friends, you need to have reliable luggage options. Victorinox Luggage is a great choice since it is made up of durable material. Also, you can carry a lot of things in these huge bags, especially for longer trips. Everything from the handle to the zippers of these bags is of great quality so you will not have any inconvenience. Here’s the list of the best Victorinox Luggage that we packed for you.

Best Victorinox Luggage 2021

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1. Victorinox Lexicon Hardside

This bag from Lexicon is overall the best Victorinox Luggage that you can find. In terms of design and durability, it is matchless. It is made of 100% virgin polycarbonate, which offers high-performance level. The bag looks extremely sleek and classy.

Along with that, it is resistant to denting and scuffing. No matter how many bumps there are in your road, the material will hold up. There are double racquet YKK zippers used in the bag, and they are puncture-proof. Moreover,  the lock used on the bag is TSA approved. So, the airport security will be able to check your bag without breaking the lock.  

This bag is extremely ergonomic in design, and you can carry it around easily. The wheels are 60 mm, which is quite large for a bag like this, allowing you to move the bag is 360 degrees motion. There are two mesh pockets at the bottom of the bag for increased storage.

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Inside the bag, there is an X-shaped strap to keep your luggage in place. On top of this Victorinox Luggage, there is a zippered wall. You can keep your dirty clothes here, during the trip, separating them from the clean luggage.

The handle adjusts to three different positions, and it’s aluminum build does not let it break easily. You can adjust it at 104cm, 94cm and 99 cm.


  • 8 wheels help in easy maneuverability
  • Has a TSA approved lock
  • Polycarbonate and aluminum provides durability
  • Has a lot of space


  • Is heavy even before the luggage is put in

2. Victorinox Spectra 2.0

If you are someone who travels a lot, this is the best Victorinox Luggage for you. Even though it is cheaper than other options, it is quite durable. The manufacturers have made it be effective without sacrificing durability.

It is a lightweight bag that has a laptop pocket inside it so that you can work even on the plane. Moreover, it has TSA approved locks, so it is very convenient for flying purposes.

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A girl carrying luggage bag standing with her friend

Another benefit of the bag is that it is made up of 100% Bayer polycarbonate, which is a tough material.

The exterior is scratch-resistant and comes with a matte finish. There are protective corner guards so that the bag is not damaged during the commute. Since it is expandable, you can increase the space when you need to.

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As there are rotating wheels in this luggage, you can easily move it around. The harder exterior helps to keep the items inside protected against any shock during moving. This particular model is also available in different colors, in case you have any preferences.


  • Has a good design
  • Expandable storage comes in handy
  • Wheels easily rotate
  • Has a laptop pocket
  • The exterior is scratch-resistant and strong


  • An accidental expansion could unorganized items inside

3. Victorinox Avolve

During the flight, you need a reliable carry-on in which you can keep all the things that you will need. If you are on a longer flight, you definitely need the best carry on luggage that has space for everything.

This Victorinox 24 inch luggage bag is made up on 1000D Nylon and has a lightweight PC frame.

The main area of the bag is quite spacious, giving you the liberty to put in everything you will need. Since it is expandable, you get 1.2 inches storage upon expansion. There are X-shaped compression straps that keep all your items secure, even in a moving vehicle.

The interior compartment is zippered so that your things do not fall out of place. Moreover, there are four Hinomoto wheels that can easily move on all surfaces.  This Victorinox Luggage is aircraft grade and has a handle system that locks in 3 different positions.  

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Furthermore, the bag comes with an integrated ID tag to keep the bag secure. Since the locks are TSA approved, your luggage will be screened without any breakage of locks.

You can keep a lock key to keep your luggage protected. However, if you forget the combination lock, you can go to the Victorinox Recovery Program on their website and register yourself there to renew the password.


  • A convenient carry-on with compartments on the inside and outside
  • Has a lot of space
  • Manufacturers offer 10 years warranty
  • Can be expanded to create more space


  • Laptop pocket does not have sufficient padding

4. Victorinox Etherius Illusion

Victorinox Etherius Illusion Large Expandable Spinner Bronze

When we talk about Victorinox luggage, there is always a focus on quality. So, prices are mostly high. However, Etherius is an exceptional case. It is the cheapest bag from the company which is also full-sized.

It is made of 100% polycarbonate and easily bends without breaking. Not only is the case strong, but it is also very light. There are four Hinimoto wheels on the bag, and the handle has three settings, like many other bags from the company.

The expansion feature of this bag increases its capacity by 15%. So, it is quite a good investment if you are someone who packs a lot for any trip.

As far as the interior is concerned, nylon is used on the inside. There is a zippered compartment, dividing the bag into two parts. Unlike many other bags from the company, the compression strap is Y-shaped.

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This helps to keep the clothes wrinkle-free even when you are on long flights. If you are going to a meeting, you would not want your clothes to be wrinkled for such an event.

Even though the price is less, the bag is packed with features. The locks are TSA compliant, which is another highlight of the bag. If you are bored of the same old black models, you can go for a gold, silver or bronze bag.


  • Four premium wheels
  • Expands up to 4 cm
  • Has a 10-year global warranty
  • TSA approved locks
  • Is lightweight


  • Not as sleek as other models

5. Victorinox Werks Traveler

Victorinox Werks Traveler 5.0 Werks Traveler Dual-Caster Luggage

This is another brilliant Victorinox luggage for frequent travelers. It fulfills all the requirements that a carry-on should have. It can fit all your essentials and is durable enough to ensure that no damage is caused.

In terms of design, this bag is quite simple but the material used is of high quality. It is a perfect bag for a business trip where you need to keep all the important things together. It only weighs 10lbs so you can carry it around easily.

The bag is made up of ballistic nylon, which is quite a durable material. This material will stand against bumping and falling during traveling. The handles and zippers are rubberized so they do not cause discomfort when touched.

Moreover, the wheels are made of excellent material so that the luggage does not topple over when you are pulling it. There is a warranty for five years so that you will get replacement or repairs during this time.

In terms of functionality, this luggage is quite amazing with its 360 degrees tires. The bag is equipped with a Pack More system which helps you carry all your clothes and other belongings in one place.

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Being an expandable bag, it can be expanded up to 2 inches with the zipper. [background=”#bfe2ff” color=”#000000″ class=””] This is the first bag on our list that does not have TSA lock. [/su_highlight]


  • Is highly functional
  • Simple yet durable design
  • 360 tire movement
  • Handles are comfortable to touch


  • Does not have TSA lock
  • Compression straps are not too strong

6. Victorinox Alpineer Duffle

Victorinox Alpineer Duffle Fusion Style

The duffle bag from Victorinox luggage is an ideal choice for holding and wheeling around your gear. It is a fusion of both styles so that the user can have the best of both worlds.

This bag can be used by any tourist or a backpacker since it has the functionality for both. Even though it is a duffle bag, [background=”#bfe2ff” color=”#000000″ class=””]it also has a handle so that it can be used as a carry-on. It is made of synthetic fabric. The design of this bag is quite simple as compared to other bags from the company. [/su_highlight]

The material used for making this bag is called Tedeolon, and it is quite tough. Even when you take the bag on airplanes or staircases, it will not lose its shape or get any damage.

You would expect the duffle bag design to cause toppling off. However, this does not happen as there is an inner frame which keeps the bag stable.

Two girls standing with luggage bag each inside

The tires used in this bag are made of plastic, and they can roll on different surfaces. Since it is built brilliantly, the bag provides quality with style. It has a U-shaped zipper which opens to the main compartment.

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There is only one interior compartment which is kept firm and snug due to the presence of an inner frame. On the exterior, there is a top compartment which is zippered. Two side pockets allow you to keep smaller things there.

It has a Travel Sentry Approved lock which keeps your belongings safe during the commute.


  • Construction is quite durable
  • Priced very reasonably
  • Minimal design with high functionality
  • Duffle bag with wheeling feature


  • Only one inner compartment
  • The ID card slot is not rightly positioned

7. Victorinox Spectra 2.0

 Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Extra Capacity Hardside Spinner Luggage

This is a budget-friendly option for people who want a sleek finish in their luggage without spending too much money. It is a perfect choice if you have to change a lot of flights and will be carrying your bag through roads, lanes and crowded areas.

Made of 100% polycarbonate, this bad has a very hard shell which keeps all your belongings safe and secure. Most carry-ons are just a smaller version of the bigger bags. However, this one is conveniently shaped for keeping balance.

It is available in two colors; red and matte black. Now, you can travel in style with different color options.

Talking about quality, the material used for making this bag is the same as that used in football helmets so you can expect long-term durability. Also, the frame is dent-resistant. It will not get scratched or break during flight.

You can take this bag on various flights, and it will stand the test of time.   Another distinct feature of this bag is that the polycarbonate is double layered. Also, there are corner guards to keep the bag secure.  

Furthermore, the inner compartments have sufficient padding to keep your tablets, laptop, or other devices safe from mechanical injury. It has a TSA approved lock, which means you can take it to airports.

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Also, the bag comes with a Swiss Tracker system which helps to locate the bag in case it is stolen or lost. So, now, you will not lose your luggage at the airport ever. The spinner wheels ensure that your luggage is balanced properly and the weight is equally distributed.


  • Has a hard double-layered shell
  • Well-padded inner compartments
  • TSA approved locks
  • Is not prone to easy breaking or scratching


  • Is smaller than most other carry-on bags
  • Cannot be expanded

8. Victorinox Werks Traveler 6.0

Victorinox Werks Traveler  6.0 Weekender

Victorinox Luggage released a whole line of bags in the Werks Traveler 6.0 series, and this is the smallest bag from that series. It is incredibly cheap and has a smart design that lets you carry a lot of things comfortably.

You may use it is a gym bag, a baby bag, or to carry your basic things on your travels. If you are staying at a hotel for just one night, you can use this bag to carry all the essentials.

There are three different color options available, with black being the most popular one. The other two are olive green and navy blue. It weighs only 1.2 lbs., which is extremely light. You can even use it as a carry-on as it fits easily in the overhead bin.

This bag is made of synthetic material. Even the handles are made up of this fabric, but they also have a leather coating for a comfortable hold. Even though it is from the same company, the bag is not as durable as others.

However, it will last a long time if not used roughly. Another exciting feature of the bag is that it can be expanded up to 6 inches. This creates a lot of space for extra things.

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Also, there is a zip pocket on the interior for keeping your toiletries or small things like a charger. There is a shoulder strap to carry the bag, but you can also hang it with your luggage.


  • Is well made
  • Made of good quality material
  • Has a pocket on the interior
  • A budget-friendly option
  • Can be expanded up to 5 inches


  • The shoulder strap is too long

9. VX Touring

VX Touring Best Duffel Bag Large

If you are looking for a duffel style Victorinox luggage, then this one is an obvious choice. It is made from sturdy material to last the test of longer trips. Also, the fabric used is abrasion-resistant.

The opening is U-shaped so you can easily put things in and access the main compartment. Along with that, there is a mesh pocket that can hold smaller things.

The compression strap in this bag is Y-shaped, so it prevents your clothes from wrinkling or stuff from moving around too much. There is a side pocket to hold your charger and smaller accessories.

If you want to expand storage, there is an option to expand it by 1,1 inches. So, you can carry all your clothes on your back easily. This bag is a good choice for backpackers who want a good quality duffel bag.

The front pocket is concealed, so no one will be able to see what you put there. This is where you can put all your electronics.

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Since this duffel bag has a lot of storage space, you can take it on your longer trips. Another feature which allows you to do this are the pockets on the outside that are very easy to clean. You can keep your dirty clothes in this pocket while traveling.

The bag is available in two colors; teal and anthracite. There are two skate wheels that allow you to wheel around your bag on airports.


  • Has wheels
  • Available in two colors
  • Has easy to clean pockets
  • Mesh pockets for keeping dirty clothes


  • Only has two wheels
  • Might not be too stable

10. Victorinox CH-97 2.0

 Victorinox CH-97 2.0 Carry-on on Wheels

Victorinox is known for making luggage for all kinds of users. This is an excellent example of their backpack which can hold all your belongings for any personal trip.

In terms of design, this bag is very convenient to use since it can act as a carry-on and a backpack both. Along with being stylish, it is also highly functional and lightweight.

The wheels allow you to roll the bag smoothly on all surfaces while the trolley handle lets you maneuver it. On the exterior, the bag features Tedeolon, which is tough nylon. This fabric is quite rugged, which makes it perfect for outdoor trips.

The Coil zippers are lockable so even when you are on an outdoor adventure; your luggage stays safe. There are compression straps on the exterior that are very durable. They allow you to carry heavy weight even when traveling on foot.

To keep the bag protected, the manufacturers have incorporated corner guards in the bag. The company also gives a lifetime warranty for this model. Even though the main compartment is already very spacious, you can increase the space by two inches.

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The shoulder straps are padded, so your shoulders will not get tired with all the weight. There are many pockets on the inside for keeping all your tidbits.

A problem with this bag is that it does not have a laptop compartment. So, if you are taking it on a flight, you will have to hold your laptop in a laptop bag,


  • Has dual functions
  • The main compartment houses a lot of things
  • Has a lot of pockets


  • Is bigger which makes it unsuitable for shorter trips
  • No laptop compartment

Buyer’s Guide Victorinox luggage

One of the notable things about Victorinox luggage is versatility. They have something for everyone. Whether you travel for business or leisure, there is something for you to choose from. The final choice depends on your needs.

Business Traveling: If you travel a lot of business and you want a durable model to last you for years, you can go for the bigger bags by the company. These are normally made out of polycarbonate or any other tough material.

Also, these bags come with a lot of internal space to keep your clothes and belongings for long business trips or travelling. For business trips, Victorinox luggage Spectra is quite a great option.

Leisure Traveling: On the other hand, if you travel for fun or leisure, you can go for the duffel bags or the backpacks from the company.  The Victorinox luggage Alpineer Duffle is made up of tough nylon called Tedeolon, and it lasts well through harsh trips.  

You can wheel it around or carry it on your back. The well-padded shoulder straps let you carry the weight easily, without being fatigued.

What is Victorinox luggage?

Victorinox luggage is travel gear from the company of the same name. It is one of the few family-owned businesses that have been running for two centuries. The company has been operating since the 1800s and started making the best travel bags after their knives got fame.

Originally, the company produced the Swiss Knife in 1884, and since then, they have made other products too. One of the sectors that the company has excelled in is travel gear. This is how Victorinox luggage came into being.

The brand is quite famous for producing high-quality products exclusively. Even though their products are highly-priced, they are also of high quality. In the market, this brand is famous for its light-weight luggage that is sleek and functional.

Victorinox luggage has released many series of luggage, including the Werks traveler, Spectra, and many others such as Avolve. All these series have received amazing reviews from customers on Amazon.

Many people have called Victorinox luggage the best partner for a long and short commute. Others say that the design, coupled with quality makes the company’s product a great investment.

Different kinds of travel gear are offered by the company. They have something for everyone, whether you are a business traveler, backpacker, or a solo adventurer.

The brand manufactures different bags such as carry-on bags, duffel bags, totes, luggage, and even wallets. So, there is something for everyone to buy.

How to Buy Victorinox luggage?

You can buy Victorinox luggage from the authorized retailers of the company. To find a store nearest to your location, just got to the website and use Store Finder.

When you buy a product from the company, make sure to register yourself on the website. This will help track your luggage in case it is lost and also check lock combination if you forget it.

You can also find the bags on Amazon. If new luggage is an expensive option for you, you can also go for second-hand luggage. Since Victorinox luggage is very durable, you do not have to worry about the second-hand products being poor in quality.

Just make sure that you take the warrant information from the seller too. You could wait for the annual Victorinox luggage sale clearance and get yourself a good deal.

Why is Victorinox luggage better than others?

Victorinox luggage is a better option for other travel gear brands that are in the market. There are many aspects of this brand that set it apart from all the other brands.


The first thing anyone notices about a bag is the design. This is something that attracts customers, and Victorinox works hard on this aspect. Victorinox luggage was the winner of the Red Dot design award in the year 2014.

They won the award for their bag which allows the users to have dual access. In this bag, the user can access the main compartment from the front and top, both. This innovative design increase the versatility of the bag.

Victorinox expandable luggage lets you increase space so you can carry as much stuff as you want.   If you are on a vacation or business trip and you shop from there, you can easily put all of that stuff in the bag by expanding it.  

Some models come with internal pockets to keep smaller things like your diaries, chargers or pens. Also, the X and Y shaped compression straps keep your luggage in place and prevent wrinkling of clothes.

So, you can see that the overall design of Victorinox luggage is made by keeping the traveler’s requirements in mind. This is why many people opt for their products over other brands.

Two girls sitting over the luggage bag on an airport


When you are going to carry around a bag, you have to make sure that it is light-weight. This is a feature of Victorinox luggage, which makes it suitable for all travelers.

The best part about the brand is that they do not sacrifice durability for keeping their luggage lightweight. On the other hand, they incorporate both of these features together.

Since the handles are patented and the wheels are dual-castor, the bags are easy to navigate through busy airports.


Victorinox luggage does not compromise on quality. They use only the best materials, and all of their products are just as durable as the Swiss knife. Along with keeping the quality intact, they also keep their products stylish.


Another feature of all Victorinox products is that they feel very comfortable. They are user-friendly and made for practical usage.

The company has kept all their designs very practical and functional so that users do not face any difficulty during a commute.


Victorinox luggage warranty is the best thing that a company can offer to its consumers. When a accompany offers you a warranty, it means that they are confident about their product.

Victorinox luggage comes with a warranty. While some bags come with a five to ten-year warranty, there are others that come with a lifetime warranty.

TSA Locks

One of the most appraisable features of Victorinox luggage is the TSA locks. When you are at the airport, the security might check your luggage.

If you have any other locks, the security will break these locks. However, the Victorinox luggage has TSA locks so the security can check your bags without any breakage.


With most other manufacturers, you do not have any option to connect with the company. However, Victorinox luggage has a website so you can easily find out all you want to know about the company.

On the website, you can look at the other products that are sold by the company. Also, you can contact the consumer services and product support department in case you have a query.

Everything is given on the website. So, if you lose the product manual or you want to read up the warranty guidelines, everything is on the website. You can set up an account on the Victorinox website and register your product under My Products.

From here, you can easily track your product if it gets lost. There is regular news about the company on their website, to keep you updated with their latest releases and any changes in the terms and conditions.

What is Victorinox luggage Made of?

The luggage from this brand is made of only high-quality materials such as nylon. There are many companies that make luggage out of fabric since it is lightweight.

On the other hand, Victorinox makes the luggage from hard shell material since it provides durability. There are also fabric models from the company that can be used for gentle usage.

However, if your luggage is going to go through some rough times, you should get the hard shell model from the company. They stand the test of time and do not get scratched during a commute.

The overall design of Victorinox luggage is quite impressive. If we talk about the handles, they are made ergonomically so that not a lot of strain is put on the hand. Also, the wheels are coated properly so that they do not let the bag topple over when it is empty.

Another impressive feature of Victorinox luggage is the zipper quality. The zippers are not prone to snagging or breaking.

If you have lost or misplaced the manual you got with your product; you can find the instruction manual on the company’s website. There is an instruction manual for everything, and you will also find the warranty guidelines.
If you cannot find the instructions for something, you can contact the consumer service department for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to register a product on Victorinox Profile?

First of all, you have to go to the Victorinox profile and log in. After that, choose New product from My products and enter the eight digital number for your product. When you find your product, add it to the list. Once you have added the product, you can then proceed to enter the lock combination or Swiss tracker ID. So, if you lose your bag at the airport and someone finds it, the company will contact you if the finder contacts the Service center.

The company facilitates you in finding your combination lock. You can register your combination on the website through the Combination Recovery Program.
So, if you forget the combination, you can check the combination you saved from your account. Simply log in to your account and check the lock you registered on the website.

Leather is used on the handles of most of the luggage, and you have to clean it from time to time. To clean this area, wet it with warm water and use a soft fabric to soak up the water. You can find leather cleaners in the market, but these will darken the leather with prolonged usage. Do not saturate the leather texture with water.

Leather is used on the handles of most of the luggage, and you have to clean it from time to time. To clean this area, wet it with warm water and use a soft fabric to soak up the water. You can find leather cleaners in the market, but these will darken the leather with prolonged usage. Do not saturate the leather texture with water.

The fabric can be cleaned using soap and water. Just like with other materials, do not saturate the exterior. Clean the entire panel.
You may use nylon cleaner too but make sure it does not come in contact with the leather trim.

The company offers repairs as a part of their warranty. For that, you will have to find your warranty card and search the website for the service center that is closest to your area.

For registering your Victorinox luggage tracking ID, you have to go to your profile on the website. From here, choose My Products and register your tracking ID tag there.

If you found out at the airport that your baggage is missing, you should immediately report to the Lost and found desk. They will give you some paperwork to fill. The airline will examine the baggage after you make a claim, and they will take over your query. If you come home and then realize that your luggage is missing, you can fill out the online form. Fill in all your information so that the airline can find your missing luggage.

The website has a list of the instruction manuals, and you can choose the one that you need. There are instruction manuals for packing guide, Travel power strip, Travel sentry lock, Garment Suiter Instructions; All-in-one Charger set and other things.

The instructions are different for each series. For example, Avovle, Werks, and Mobilizer have a garment suiter. The instructions for setting this up are different for each series.

Final Verdict

Victorinox luggage is a huge name in the market and they undoubtedly make some of the best travel gear. The kind that you want to invest in depends on how frequently you travel and what kind of trips you take.

At the end of the day, it is safe to say that Victorinox luggage is a great investment. Any of their bags will last you for years of commute. Head over to other articles for more helpful reviews.

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