Types of Recliner Chair

Types of recliner chair

Everyone in the world is in search of calm and comfort. People are searching for a relaxed life. They are indeed always in the hunt for the best. A recliner chair is providing this opportunity with its amazing features.

The person sitting on the recliner chair bends his back and the angle of the chair increases. The recliner chair comes to lean when a person lies on its back.

This chair is furnished with back support called a backrest. Footrests come with a recliner chair, presenting the best way to provide support to your feet.

The footrests usually are found lower to chair where you can comfortably rest your feet. A recliner chair is equipped with impressive features.

Features of Recliner Chair

Features that recliner chair would certainly have are as follows:

  • The recliner chair is furnished with backrests and headrests, the marvel thing is that you can adjust it as you desire. 
  • The footrest can be moved in or out.
  • Some recliner chairs come with additional features like a massage function

Types of Recliner Chair

The recliner chair is comfortable for the users, and now it comes with various kinds. Let’s know more about it.

Double Sited Recliner Chair

The double sited recliner chair is the type of recliner chair that comes with extraordinary qualities to wonder the customer. As the name suggests, it is a double-sited recliner chair, sites in two different positions.

First is the vertical position and the other one is stretched out position. There is a footrest beneath the chair, on which you can put your feet. When the feet are lifted, the recliner chair comes to the reclined position.

These are not too expensive, and good news for you is that these are available in plenty of versions, and their price will definitely meet your budget.

Glider Recliner Chairs

One more recliner chair type with unique features is a glider recliner chair. A glider recliner chair is more expensive than the former. The glider has a variety of patterns and styles to surprise the customers.

They have more than one position, and you can set their back at any angle that you want. It’s the most relaxed version of the recliner chair. 

Drive Back Chair

Drive back recliner chair is another form of recliner chair that has to be forced back by applying pressure on it with your back to lean it down.

They usually lack the footrest. This may be a disadvantage of this chair if you wanted foot support. 

Power Boost Recliner Chair

The power boost recliner chair is the type of recliner chair that is more advanced than the above standards. An additional feature found in it is a motor that runs with an electric current.

The engine governs the change in the angles or positions of the chair. The disabled person or the person suffering from back pain, this version of the recliner chair is the most suitable for them. 

The footrests are not fixed; instead, they can be detached. This is indeed the recliner chair for people.   

 Hedge Hugger Recliner Chair

The hedge hugger recliner chair is the type of recliner chair that prevents any accident whenever you quickly release the chair backward. The distance required for this hair is about six inches.

The chair provides an angle through which you can adequately lie down to rest. The older adults having pain in their back or leg, the hedge recliner chair is the best option for them. The size is adjustable.

Kneading Chair

The kneading recliner chair is also known as a massage recliner chair. The recliner chair provides a soothing effect to your feet. The chair is sometimes embedded with a bowl like a massage machine.

You have to put water in it, and then it vibrates its own thereby giving massage to your feet. It’s an excellent way to hire calm and rest completely. Everyone can use this chair either young, old, or disabled people.

Remote Control Chair

A remote control recliner chair is a systematic chair, having buttons to adjust it to variable angles. Remote control recliner chair has a remote to make its adjustment easier. Various powered types of equipment can also be attached to it like USB.

This type of recliner chair is also equipped with a massage machine to soothe your body and mind. It’s the best pain reliever option for older adults. People of all ages can use it to gain comfort. 

Orthopedic Chair

An orthopedic recliner chair is suggested to those having some problems like back pain or fractured bones. This is indeed a recliner chair for patients. Patients need to rest completely, and it’s the best choice.

The material used for its formation is foam. It’s durable and long-lasting. The foot rubs are found for providing support to the feet.

The headrests are comfortable and modifiable. This type of recliner chair is ready to bear all of the burdens no matter how much it is. 

Length and Dimension


The sizes and dimensions of the recliner chair are variable. Some types of recliner chairs are about six to seven inches.


The standard size is the medium size; it’s the more adaptable size. It can bear heavyweights.


The small size recliner chair is quite comfortable. It is best for women.


The small sized recliner chair is the best option for those having a minimal height. It is recommended for young people or children.


Recliner chair has many benefits:

Efficient Blood Circulation

Some people sit a lot during work, and it would hurt their bodies as well as affect blood circulation.

A recliner chair is recommended to them as its soft texture brings you to the comfort zone automatically, thereby enhancing your blood circulation. 

Better Results

The recliner chair takes away from all the worries and tensions. If you are doing some project, then it will allow working with a fresh mind.

You would find the better output of every kind of work. Its massaging ability is quite beneficial for your mental health. 

Suitable for Disabled Individuals

The persons having some disability or are suffering from some disease, recliner chair is a great selection for them.

The women, who are expecting, bear the baby’s weight with their weight. Recliners chairs provide ultimate support to their backs.

A Better Option for Seniors

A recliner chair is a good option for aged people, as they are often suffering from body pain. They should have a recliner chair for getting relief from all kinds of pain.

The remote control recliner chair is right for them because a button controls it. Thus the older adults can allow their bodies to move in any direction with any effort.


The recliner chair provides a lot of benefits to the users. This article is filled with a lot of information about the recliner chair. You can read about the different kinds of recliner chairs and find out the best choice for you. 

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