Types of Gutter Guards

Types of Gutter Guards

If you have any property like home, warehouse or storefront, it must have gutters to drain away rainwater. Gutters are inevitable for any property and protection of these gutters is equally important because if the gutters get clogged with debris, it will cease the whole system of drainage that will result in overflowing of water and consequently will damage the property.

It is very important to keep gutters clean and maintained, but it is not easy to do as the debris that comes through our yards would definitely clog the gutters if they are not well-shielded with some high-quality gutter guards.

Without efficient gutter guards, it is almost impossible to keep the gutters flowing without any accumulation of debris inside the gutters.

Leaves and debris tend to accumulate in the guttering, and cleaning the gutters manually, is an extremely tedious job to do. Gutter guard is the only solution that can minimize your work. 

There are different types of gutter guards available in the market, but every gutter guard is not suitable for your property. In fact, it depends on the location and weather conditions of the area where your property is located.

Cold weather conditions impact heavily on the functionality of the gutter guards, and in the same way, the shingled roof offers a different kind of challenge to gutter guards. 

Here we have rolled up the gutter guards which are available in the market for you to choose the best one for your property. It would save you from the hassle to figure out which is the best gutter guard for your property.

In addition to that, there is an updated buyer’s guide that can help you to choose the best gutter guard for your property. 

Buyer’s Guide

The Gutter guard serves to protect the guttering system. It keeps debris away from the guttering system so that it could not get clogged and keeps working smoothly without any interruption. The gutter guards come in many types and forms, but they all have the same objective.

The purpose of all types of gutter guards is to prevent the debris from getting into the guttering system and letting the rainwater flow through the guttering system.

The debris like leaves, twigs, insects, dirt trees roots and other such things often accumulate and get into the guttering system if the gutters are not protected by gutter guards.

If the debris gets into the guttering, it will clog the guttering system, and the rainwater will not be able to effectively flow, which will result in overflowing of water that can cause damage to the property. 

There are many types of guttering guards available in the market, but generally, people do not know which gutter guard is best for their guttering system.

This lack of awareness creates confusion, and many people end up buying the gutter guard that is not appropriate for their guttering system. In this buyer’s guide, we will try to highlight some of the features which every person should consider before buying any gutter guard.  

How to Select the Gutter Guard

There are different factors that must be considered to reach any decision for choosing the gutter guard. First of all, you should be aware of your exact needs and affordability.

The other important factor is the installation. You have to decide whether you want to install the gutter guard by yourself or you want to get it done by some professional.

If you want to install the gutter guard by yourself and want to save the money, then you should only consider those gutter guards which can be installed without any professional help but if the affordability is not a major problem for you then obviously you should go for high-quality gutter guards which are installed by professional experts.   

There are some other features you must consider before buying any gutter guard. 

Select the Type of Gutter Guard

There are many types of gutter guards available in the market. First, you need to be sure about the type of gutter guard, which is best for your property. All types of gutter guards don’t produce the same results.

The high-quality gutter guards are durable and long last with good performance of protection of the guttering system.

There are some other types of gutter guards available in the market which do not cost much and are easy to install but not much durable. Now you have to decide what you need and what type of gutter guard meets your needs well. 

The Weather Condition of the Location of the Property 

The selection of the type of gutter guard also depends on the weather condition of the location of your property. If your property is located at the place where weather is extreme, and there is a lot of snow and heavy rains then you need a high-quality, expensive gutter guard that could deal with such extreme weather conditions.  

Nature of Debris 

The other factor you should keep in mind before purchasing the gutter guard is the nature of the debris that your guttering system accumulates.

If the debris that clogs the system is of big sizes like leaves and twigs, then you can easily rely on those guards with relatively larger holes as they will suffice. However, if the debris that creates problems for your guttering system of minor or fine nature then you should consider foam kind of gutter guard that does not let any physical debris of any size go into the guttering. 

Screen Gutter Guard 

Screens gutter guards are the most common gutter guards which are quite popular because of their low price. The performance of these gutter guards is not high-quality, but they can protect the guttering system from big sized debris.

People tend to buy these gutter guards because they are low in price. Screens gutter guards do not give protection to the guttering system perfectly because these guards cannot filter the finely grained particulate debris.

If you want grained debris out of your guttering, then these guards will not serve you well, but if your problem is only big-sized debris, then these guards are effective enough to serve your gutters protection. 

Another advantage of the screen gutter guards is its design. These guards are available in multiple sizes and for almost all kinds of guttering systems. So whatever your guttering system is, they will fit in.

This is also one of the reasons these guards are so popular in the market. Screen guards are also easy to install, so the people who want easy installation without any professional help also tend to buy screen gutter guards. 

Solid Gutter Guards 

Solid gutter guards are also very popular among people like screen gutter guards. The people who have commercial or industrial properties tend to buy solid gutter guards because these guards are solid and durable.

The main disadvantage of a solid gutter guard is that it does not offer any protection against finely grained debris, but it is good for larger pieces of debris. The installation of this type of gutter guard is also quite difficult, but it is not much complicated.   

Insert Gutter Guards 

If you want maximum protection from debris, then these insert gutter guards are best for you. These insert gutter guards are getting more and more popular because of one single reason. The reason is its easy installation.

You don’t need any tools, screws, nails, and anything else for the installation of insert gutter guards. The only thing you need to do is to insert it into your guttering protection, and that’s all.

As these guards are made of triangular foam, it does not allow big and small debris to pass through it while rainwater passes through it easily with good speed. These insert guards are good for home and provide decent protection. 

Insert guards come in two different types, foam and brush. The foam inserts are made of long triangular pieces of foam and brush gutter guards are made with a metal core with protruding brushes.

The brush gutter guards provide a good level of protection of debris, and the water flow through brush guard is even better than the foam insert guard. There is only one difference between the two gutter guards.

The brush gutter guards need some maintenance, and you have to pull it out from the guttering system and shake off the debris to clean it. after cleaning, you put it back again. 

Micro-Mesh Gutter Guard

The micro-mesh is generally considered as the best gutter guard because it serves the best protection to the guttering system. It filters all types of debris, including grained fine debris.

They are made of metal mesh, which is the best material as far as the durability is concerned. The micro-mesh guard is a bit high in price, but it provides better protection and good water flow than other gutter guards. 

The installation of this gutter guard is quite complicated and requires professional help. If affordability is not your problem and you want the best results in the protection of your guttering system, then Micro-mesh guard is the best choice.


These are a few tips that can help you in purchasing the best gutter guard for the protection of your guttering system. The gutter guard seems insignificant, but it is very important for the protection and maintenance of your property.

If you face any clogging problem of your guttering system, don’t ignore it because water can be lethal for the foundation of your property. If you ignore it, this problem can cause you bigger damage and much higher spending in the long run. 

For making the best purchase of a gutter guard, it is important that you must do some sort of research and then identify your exact needs.

There are many factors to be considered as the location of your property, the weather condition of the area where your property is located, what kind of debris you want to keep out of the guttering system and what type of guttering system you have. All of these factors are important.

Keep all these things in your mind and then read the features of the gutters guards. Choose more than one and make a list of it and then read the details of the features again and narrow down your list. At last, you will reach your target product, and that will be your best purchase. 


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