Anti Theft Backpack – Reviews and Tips

Tips Before You Buy The Anti-theft Backpack

An anti-theft backpack is a bag with design elements that offer maximum safety to the user. Some of these features include slash-proof material or a laptop compartment that can be closed.

Tips Before You Buy The Anti-theft Backpack

  • Prefer a slash-proof bag.
  • Look for the zippers.
  • Buy the one having a laptop compartment.
  • Look for the waist compartments. 
  • Locking straps make the security perfect.
  • Compare the accessibility of different bags.
  • Choose the style you like the most.

Here are some of the best antitheft backpacks you can buy!

Although standard bags come with essential safety features, they focus heavily on aesthetics and probably even on comfort and power. Anti-theft daypacks come with a particular set of design features on their precious package offering maximum user security. Having the Best anti-theft backpack can save your life!

Although much traveling is about learning to trust and sometimes welcoming the big wild planet, there are only bad people out there who are searching for a bag to break into. Whether you are walking down Johannesburg’s dodgiest street in the middle of the night or hiking up to Everest Base Camp, opportunists are lying around every corner. You cannot be too careful. So, carrying an anti-theft backpack lets, you get that little extra peace of mind. The Best anti-theft backpack lets you roam freely!

Anti-theft travel bags are worth the money altogether. Just think of the pressure and trouble caused by stolen stuff, or even just missing something like your mobile or cash worth a week. I can verify that if you had anything stolen from your regular bag, it costs more to replace those items than if you first purchased an anti-theft travel backpack. These bags are affordable, and you must have one!

Pacsafe Venture Safe 25L GII

The Pacsafe Venture Safe 25L GII is the best anti-theft backpack. This bag is sleek, lightweight, and long-lasting. The anti-theft features include bag-wide RFIDsafe blocking materials and a padded laptop pocket as well.

For security against slash-and-go theft, the PacSafe Venture Safe 25L GII has concealed eXomesh splashguard stainless steel wire mesh inside the fabric. This anti-theft backpack mesh is the market best of its kind. 

It is featuring a safe laptop compartment that is easily accessible and a 3-liter hydration pack that is not included in the 15l model. Safety hooks turn-and-lock are a great feature that provides a subtle additional security component while enabling you to access the bag quickly.

Safety hooks are discreetly attached by the zippers to give this bag galore anti-theft safety. Ideal for travel experiences of all kinds like hiking and everyday travel. This is the best safe travel backpack on the market!


  • This bag is durable. 
  • It features maximum security.
  • It has a 25-liter capacity. 


  • It is costly.
  • It features a plain design.

KOPACK Slim Business Laptop

With an excellent value for money, sleek layout, and an impressive range of security features, this is, for sure, the top price anti-theft backpack. The KOPACK comes with an extra-secure zipper concealed laptop compartment.

There are 17 spaces within the bag’s main body to help keep all of your pieces clean and organized. For that pen you need or your town map, you don’t need to get wound up digging around.

It’s also one of the best anti-theft backpacks for paying. There is a detachable USB charging cable inside the bag that helps you to attach your mobile inside the backpack to your portable charger while using your phone in your hand.

It helps to protect as it is dangerous to keep both your portable charger and mobile in one hand while walking. I consider the fabric water-resistant and sturdy while testing the KOPACK Anti Theft Travel Backpack, and it is also a tear-proof backpack.

The anti-stab dual-layer zipper makes even the most daring thieves ultra-safe from the pack. With the ability to hold a laptop computer measuring 17 inches, you can carry your work with you!


  • It is available in various Colors
  • You have a Detachable USB Cable with this bag
  • This Anti Theft Backpack comes with a Charger
  • The Anti Theft Zipper Locks let you roam with no worries


  • It is made of cheaper materials
  • It does not offer RFID protection

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

This messenger bag is the right size for your water bottle and even has a pocket. The chic design means that it suits almost any travel outfit and is not too bulky or uncomfortable. It is available in ten colors to match your wardrobe, so you are bound to find shade.

In terms of safety, all bases are covered by this theft proof purse. By using the super-strong lobster claw clasps, each compartment is lockable. The body belt of the cross is also anti-slash.

The compartment has been built for a specific purpose, slots for your phone, cards, and pens are available.

It helps to keep your bag organized and prevents you from digging around for your things, making you a possible thief option. This chic travel anti-theft bag is perfect for all amazing women on the run!


  • It features Lobster Claw Clasps
  • This bag is Compact
  • It features Strong Zippers


  • This bag is Not Great for Men
  • You Cannot Fit a Laptop in it

Bobby by XD

Bobby, by XD Design, marks all the right boxes quickly, one of the most trendy anti-theft tech backpacks on the market right now. This comes in at less than $100, and on any of those all-important security features, the developers have not scrimped or saved.

Although not a rugged anti-theft backpack, XD Design’s Bobby features waterproof fabric that will hold its own in a warm shower. Maybe you are not going to go diving with it!

The Bobby by XD Design is made of solid polyester with cut-proof design, concealed pockets, and discreet zippers. It’s the little touches that make this anti-theft travel bag so enjoyable, such as the lighting security strips, built-in USB charging port, and ergonomic belt model.

It is the belt design that makes XD Design’s Bobby perfect for travelers who are going to wear this bag for a long time.


  • It has Ergonomic Straps
  • This is a Cut Proof Backpack
  • The Illuminating Safety Strips keep you aware


  • It has only 13l Capacity
  • There are No External Pockets

Bopai Business 15.6 inch laptop Backpack 

The Bopai Business Laptop Backpack is a smart little anti-theft backpack for flying, super stylish, and abundant in security features.

This backpack is revolutionary in every way with an invisible water bottle pocket and waterproof high-tech material. These make the Bopai one of the best anti-theft bags around waterproof.

The Bopai company backpacks do not hold back in terms of security features. It has an invisible zip pocket where your phone, Laptop, passport, and more can be stored away. The zippers are anti-explosion, which means they will not burst open, no matter how big your bag gets.

The materials used to produce the Bopai Anti-Theft Business Backpack help to improve its protection against theft. The leather microfibers and robust ballistic nylon are almost indestructible.

It is also one of the market’s few anti-theft leather backpacks and is one of the best business travel backpacks! The sleek black design means the gender-neutral The Bopai Anti Theft Backpack can be used easily by men or women.


  • This bag is Stylish
  • It features a Hidden Laptop Pocket
  • It gives you a USB Charging Portal
  • This is a Near Indestructible Backpack


  • This bag is not Slash-proof

Travelon Men’s Anti-Theft Heritage

Normal in design, the Travelon Men’s Anti-Theft Heritage Backpack has all the anti-theft security features you could ask for plus a fashionable edge.

This looks like any other standard fashion backpack, aesthetically, but it could not be any further from reality. This sturdy laptop backpack is made of thick cotton canvas and suede, which render open slashing very difficult. 

The Travelon Anti Theft Backpack is suitable for work, college, or travel, and can house a 15.6-inch laptop inside its padded sleeve in the main compartment. The main compartment’s polyester lining helps increase the bag’s longevity and is wipe-clean.

The Travelon is also one of the best zipper lockable backpacks. For additional safety and peace of mind, the zippers on both the main body and the front pockets are lockable. The pocket of the inner water bottle is suitable for travelers who want to stay hydrated while traveling. 


  • This bag is Fashionable
  • It features a Padded Laptop Sleeve
  • You get Lockable Zippers in this bag


  • This bag is Not RFID safe
  • This bag is Not Slash Proof

Final Words

Having such a bag on your bag, which allows you to roam freely, is just a blessing. If you are traveling, and something important is taken away, you cannot continue your journey. So, to live freely, buy an antitheft bag, and live without fear!

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