Things to Consider while Buying a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Things to Consider while Buying a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathrooms play a vital role in our lives. Vital, are you kidding us? No, a bathroom is an essential room in our house. Not a room necessarily, but a place where you can ease yourself. Like any other room, proper air circulation is necessary for a bathroom.

The smell of bathing soap, the vapors of hot water, and the smell of the clothes can cause congestion in the bathroom. The smell, in turn, exhausts you instead of easing you. However, a Bathroom Exhaust Fan can change the scene. 

Things to Consider while Buying a Bathroom Exhaust Fan 

Like any other product, you have to be careful and quantitative while buying a Bathroom Exhaust Fan. At the same time, you have to see the features of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan to get the best model for you.

In this case, given points are sure to help you in the buying process. 

Size of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Size does matter in all scenarios: and it certainly matters when you are going to buy a Bathroom Exhaust Fan.

If you put a small Bathroom Exhaust Fan which is made to serve in a relatively small bathroom in a large room, you won’t see any results.

Pick the right Bathroom Exhaust Fan for you by considering the size of your bathroom. If your bathroom is large, consider buying a fan with higher CFM. 

The Energy Rating of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Don’t fall into the trap of the sellers that a big Bathroom Exhaust Fan needs extra energy. It is never true in any case that the bigger the electric appliance, the more it needs energy.

Keep in mind to choose a model which delivers high performance at low energy consumption. This energy efficiency is suitable for your pocket and the environment. 

Noise level of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

You certainly like to enjoy music while taking a bath. However, you would hate to listen to the annoying noise coming out of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan.

To save you from facing the music of your wrong choice, don’t buy a fan which creates much noise. Nevertheless, quiet fans make your pockets scream with their hefty price tag. 

Mounting Options of a Bathroom Exhaust fan

A Bathroom Exhaust Fan either installs in a ceiling or a wall. If you are going to buy a unit which fits in a ceiling, duly check the quality of the material of which the Bathroom Exhaust Fan is made. However, most of the users find it convenient to have a Bathroom Exhaust Fan installed in the wall. 

Night light in a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Some models come with a low power light which keeps your bathroom illuminated at night. The bulb allows you to save electricity from not turning extra lights for the bathroom.

Surprisingly, such lights don’t consume much electricity. You can enjoy the convenience without worrying about the bills you have to pay for electricity usage. 

Some Options you can Choose From

In the end, some Bathroom Exhaust Fans are mentioned to assist you in the process of buying one. 

Ceiling Mounted Bathroom Exhaust Fan by Panasonic, model FV-30VQ3

Panasonic FV

As mentioned previously, nobody likes humming and in some cases, outright noise of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan. You can completely forget about the noise while choosing this intelligent model by Panasonic.

Being a great Bathroom Exhaust Fan, it doesn’t make noise at all. However, don’t assume that making no noise stops it from delivering fresh air. At a 290 CFM airflow rate, you get the new bathroom environment without noise. 

You can even mount this model in a tub or a shower closure. This flexibility of installation makes it a unique choice.

Having solid build thanks to the zinc-coated galvanized steel, this model has a slight risk of corroding. This overall unit comes with a comprehensive 3-year warranty with an exclusive warranty of motor for 6 years. 


  • This model is quiet.
  • The movement of air exhaust is 290 CFM.
  • You can even install it in a tub or shower closure.
  • The zinc-coated build is superb for durability.
  • The blower wheel is vast.


  • This model is comparatively heavier as it is about 18 pounds.
  • This model doesn’t have a light attached to it. 

Bathroom Exhaust Fan by Delta Breez model GBR80 

Delta Electronics

With the new awareness of saving the environment and consuming less energy, people are looking for products which don’t harm the environment. If such is your lifestyle, then this Bathroom Exhaust Fan is just for you.

With the Energy Star rating, this model almost uses 85% less energy compared to other models. Consuming deficient energy, this model certainly tries to make the world greener.

Also, this model makes your bathing experience noise-free. This model is unique as this model has the lowest noise compared to other models. 

If you have a GFI circuit in your home, or you can buy it, this model is capable of being fitted in a shower enclosure or tub. One of the most significant features of this model is that it has a humidity sensor. In the case of low humidity, this model will automatically turn off.

Giving so many exciting features, Delta also gives a whopping 3 years warranty. The fresh air and features are just mind-blowing. 


  • The overall performance is tranquil.
  • The movement of air is 80 CFM.
  • This model is very energy efficient.
  • This model has a built-in humidity sensor.


  • Besides all the features, it does not have a light.
  • Some applications are not very retro-friendly.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan by Broan model SPK110 


Music is necessary for many of us while taking a bath or getting ready for work. All of us like the fusion of products.

If you also love fusion, Broan has something special for you in their model SPK110. This specific model has a Bluetooth speaker in it. You can surely listen to your favorite music while taking a bath. 

However, don’t think of the wireless speaker as the only selling point. This model has a very handsome airflow at 110 CFM. Along with the pleasure of music, you get a very low background noise from this model.

The model is also very long-lasting. The motor has proper lubrication to work for a long time. You also get a warranty of 3 years with this model. 


  • This model generates only 1 sone of noise.
  • The movement of air is 110 CFM.
  • This model has two Bluetooth speakers for enhanced music experience.
  • This model has Energy Star certification.
  • This model comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • You have to spend extra money on the light bulb.
  • This model is not suitable for joint construction.

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