10 Best Samsonite Garment Bags of 2021

Samsonite is probably the most popular brand for luggage and for a good reason, its quality, design, durability, and innovation are on another level entirely. Samsonite’s range is vast and offers all sorts of luggage; hard side, outside, carry-ons and backpacks. However, this list only includes the softshell, wheeled luggage. We sum up Best samsonite garment bags to make it easy for you. Samsonite Black Friday are coming soon. 

Best Samsonite Garment Bags 2021

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1. Silhouette

 Silhouette xv softside duet voyage - Samsonite Garment Bags

This cozy yet professional looking bag is light on the weight and has enough space for all of your essentials for the trip. Firstly,  there are two mesh pockets outside that are easy to access and handling.  

Next, to jump inside the luggage, it is opened like a book from the center and in it are the required pockets and safety straps for perfect fitting and security.

The hanger-hook bracket is sleek that makes the drag light and easy. The truth wheel system allows the bag to be moved effortlessly, in all directions and across most types of surfaces.

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23x22x11 inches


  • Adequate space
  • Premium quality
  • Unique opening
  • Tru-tac, multi-directional wheels.
  • Safety straps


  • Zippers aren’t exactly of good quality
  • Straps can be rather loose

2. Leverage LTE Wheeled

Samsonite Leverage LTE Wheeled Garment bag

This best Samsonite garment bag is made of 400Dx360D Nylon with weather and oil resistant coating, so you can be sure of it not accumulating any unwanted spots.

The basic structure resembles that of the silhouette XV with its book opening and a sleek handle.

The only difference is the wheels which aren’t 4 multi-directional wheels but rather 2 durable wheels that are fixed in the sockets.

On the inside, the structure is the same with multiple compartments, straps and a really handy hanger hook to professionally hang your coat.

[amazon box=”B074W974LP” template=”horizontal”]


  • Weather and oil resistant coating
  • Book opening
  • Considerate setting of compartments


  • Low quality zipper
  • 2 wheels that aren’t multi directional

3. Solyte Softside Carry-On

Samsonite Solyte Softside Carry-On - Wheeled Garment Bag

It is a light bag with gnomish design. It comes in a gorgeous TRUE BLUE color. Two basic mesh pockets are available on the outside.

The inner side is what you would expect from a Samsonite bag by now with hanger hook and settled compartments. The construct is dragged with a light beveled alloy pull handle that is quite ergonomic.  Two “airflow” wheels are provided that makes the pull weightless.  

[amazon box=”B077GKC33Y” template=”horizontal”]


  • Gorgeous TRUE BLUE color
  • Glorified ergonomic handle
  • Airflow wheels for weightless drag


  • Size is rather compact to store one whole suit
Travel bag with all the traveling clothes packed into it

4. Advena wheeled

Samsonite Advena wheeled ultravalet - Garment bag

Following the tradition, this bag also has all the above-stated goodies and  features like straps, hook, compartments, etc.  

The two outer mesh and wetpacks pockets are included for further organization of misc. This package is driving around with the help of two inline skate wheels that make the dragging effortless.

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Overall size

23.6×19.3×10 inches


  • Basic structure
  • Easy drag
  • Sturdy build


  • Fixed wheels
  • Zipper

5) Aspire Xlite

Samsonite Aspire Xlite wheeled garment bag

Another bag from Samsonite with effective placement of compartments and pockets. All of your garments are neatly tucked in their allocated place.

The addition of a hanger hook is a welcomed feature as always. Two mesh pockets are also provided for an additional stuff. The whole package is moved with the help of two inline skate wheels.

[amazon box=”B07DQ8QMBD” template=”horizontal”]


  • Internal design that we all love
  • Hanger hook
  • Sturdy wheels


  • Mono directional wheels
  • Zipper (seems like a signature by now)

6) Hyperspace XLT

 Samsonite Hyperspace XLT Ultra Valet Garment Bag

This Samsonite garment bag is well, a bag. A carry-on bag. There are no wheels and a pull handle but that’s it.

Other than that, it offers everything that the other luggage on this list offer, including a hook hanger, various compartments, security straps, etc. coming to the outside, it has those two highly useable mesh pockets for those last minutes forgotten items.

If your requirement is of a carry-on bag that is still functional then give this bag a try.

[amazon box=”B010OO9MIW” template=”horizontal”]


  • Easy to handle
  • Safety features
  • Small yet functional


  • The side clasps do not stay connected when the bag is folded

7) Spark SNG – Bi-Fold

SAMSONITE Spark SNG - Bi-Fold Travel Garment Bag

This slim bag is essentially made to store a proper suit in it. It opens to expand its storage to perfectly house your suit. The suit itself is hanged in the provided hanger.

Two more small compartments are offered to store belts and ties and all of this is secured with a TSA lock. Coming outside, a large front pocket is provided for further stuffing. The back is protected with extra polyurethane and has a patch to slide the handle of another luggage through it to maneuver it.

[amazon box=”B06XXQD768″ template=”horizontal”]


  • Efficient and professional looking garment bag
  • Sleek
  • Lightweight
  • Extra polyurethane at the back


  • None
A luggage bag with a coat over it

8) Travel Bag 47.5 Liters Black

Samsonite Travel Garment Bag 47.5 Liters, Black

This bag is a perfect balance between big luggage and a sleek carry on. This may look bulky and non-efficient but  don’t let the looks deceive you as it is perfectly sized to store more and still be easily moved.  

Internally it has everything you would expect by now; from hangers to sections to compartments etc. the material used inside is 100% polyester while outside is a mixture of 400×400 denier twisted nylon + 450 denier twisted 2 tone polyester + polyurethane. 

This big has an adjustable and removable ergonomic shoulder strap and a really soft carry handle for mobility.

[amazon box=”B01D1HJ946″ template=”horizontal”]


  • Perfectly balanced
  • Mixture of materials
  • Removable straps
  • Ample storage


  • Functionally none

9) Spark SNG Tri-Fold

This bag is functionally the same as the “spark SNG bi-fold”. The only difference is structural as it is a tri-fold other than this, it offers the same hanger, the compartments, the TSA lock and a front mesh pocket on the outside. Same extra polyurethane patch is provided for sliding the handle through it.

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  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight
  • All the necessary features


  • None


The garment bag is ideal for business travelers toting suits from city to city, but it is also the perfect tool for anyone who needs to get to their destination and not to worry about finding the closest ironing board.

Read on to see our choices for the best Garment bags to keep your clothes clean, comfortable and free from wrinkles.

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