Rowenta Garment Steamer Review

Bringing a garment steamer into your house is an important decision that requires a lot of research. Of course, you would be using the steamer on a daily basis so you need something that you can easily work with. Also, the garment steamer should be the best at its job.

The Rowenta Garment steamer is a popular one from the company and its popularity is well-deserved since it has plenty of amazing features. Designed by a German company, this garment steamer has been made to meet a regular user’s steaming needs. 

Superior Design

The Rowenta garment steamer has a ‘code-breaking’ design which is made to offer a streamlines performance to the user. It has been designed in such a way that it can be used for your everyday clothes to heavier fabrics around the house such as furnishing. 

Tilt and Roll Mechanism 

This steamer has the same ‘tilt and roll’ design as that of a suitcase. Due to that, it can be transported easily and you can take it anywhere around the house without exerting much force. The pedals are foot-operated so they are comfortable to work with. 

Adjustable Pole Height 

The pole height is another plus of this garment steamer. You can adjust the height according to the need. If you need the garment steamer to stand tall for steaming curtains, you can pull the pole height up. After using it, you can adjust the height to store the garment steamer compactly. 

Large Water Tank

One of the issues with garment steamers is that they constantly need to be re-filled. You would not want to stop steaming in the middle of a bedsheet and go fill the water tank, would you? Well, this Rowenta Garment steamer solves this issue as it has a large water tank.

This tank has a capacity of 81oz. which is sufficient for 1 hour. This means that you can continuously steam for 60 minutes. Since the tank is transparent, you can check the water level and re-fill it accordingly. 

Built-in Hanger

We have already mentioned the telescopic pole of this Rowenta Garment steamer but it gets better. The pole has a built-in hanger which makes it easier for you to steam garments. We all have that one big party gown or a tux that we can only steam while it is hanging. The in-built hanger makes all those steaming tasks a breeze. 

Large Steam Head

The large steam head allows for more diffusion of heat so that you are not stuck steaming just one piece of clothing for the whole hour. Moreover, the steam output of this Rowenta Garment steamer is quite high due to its superior build. 

3 Attachments

The functions of the garment steamer are improved by the presence of three attachments. Firstly, there is a crease attachment that allows you to create the perfect creases in pants. Secondly, there is a fabric brush which allows efficient steaming. Lastly, the lint pad removes any lint from clothing so that they look as good as new after steaming. 

Automatic Shut Off

If the water tank is empty, the garment steamer shuts off on its own. This is particularly helpful in increasing the steamer’s lifespan and reducing the chances of accidents. 

Heat Production 

The Rowenta Garment steamer uses aluminum as its central core. Consequently, the heat produced from the garment steamer is not only effective in instant wrinkle release but also spreads through the soleplate so that no hot spots are present. 

With 1500 Watts of power, this garment steamer quickly heats up so that you do not have to wait for it to start its work. It produces 30 grams of heat per minute which is pretty impressive for a garment steamer in this price range. 

Stay-cool Handle

Accidents are common during steaming as some garment steamers tend to get hot during the session. However, this garment steamer has a stay-cool handle so you will not burn your hand during steaming. 

Ease of use 95%

Design 97%

Wrinkle-Removal 97%

Highlighting Features

  • Large steam head
  • 3 attachments 
  • In-build hanger and clothing clip
  • Telescopic pole with adjustable height 
  • Aluminum core 
  • 1500 Watts of power
  • 30g/min heat production 
  • Tilt and roll mechanism
  • Automatic shutoff
  • 81oz. water tank capacity
  • 1 hour of working time 

What we Like 

  • Can be used on multiple fabric types
  • Allows you to continuously steam for 60 minutes
  • Has 3 attachments for better steaming 
  • Is easy to transport around the house 
  • Is easy to store due to adjustable pole height 
  • Foot-operated pedal for easier usability 

What we Dislike 

  • Short power cord (6 feet) is a limiting feature
  • The hanger is tricky to work with 

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