Best Rockland Luggage of 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you’re planning to travel, then it’s certain you need just the right type of luggage for yourself; and what better option to consider than Rockland Luggage? With extensive outreach to virtually all the corners of the globe, Rockland luggage is arguably the best luggage provider out there!

Best Rockland Luggage 2021

If you’re here, there’s a decent chance that you’re planning to get a Rockland luggage for yourself in the near future. Fret not! In this segment, we’ll be going over the best products currently available on the market!

This guide will help you make a well-informed and well-rounded decision down the road. In the upcoming sub-section, we’ve highlighted the top six products and juxtaposed their main features!

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In this sub-segment, we’ll be dealing with the crux of the matter. With each review mentioned, we’ve highlighted a few pros and cons that will help you in making a well-informed decision. Without further ado, here are the top 10 Rockland luggage of 2020!

1. Vision Polycarbonate

Rockland Luggage Vision Polycarbonate 3 Piece Luggage Set

The Rockland 3 piece luggage set is the premium choice if you’re looking for the best Rockland Luggage bags out there.

The main feature of this model is its durable construction and outlook. Manufactured from the same material used to make bullet-proof glass, this model will definitely hold its own if things get a little tough and shaky.

This set is extremely lightweight and can be easily handled when full. The spinner allows for multi-directional movement with ease. However, make sure that you oil them from time to time and keep them clean.

The outlook of this model is also quite creative and new. The purple overtone makes it easier to spot in a crowd and also adds to the overall aesthetics of traveling.

The model doesn’t have any sort of shortcomings or disadvantages to its name. Its longevity and durability are primarily dependent on how you work with this.

 Due to rough use by the airport staff, there’s a decent chance that the top might get a little scuffed.   However, you don’t really need to worry about that since that’s a common occurrence when traveling.


  • Manufactured from durable and strong product
  • Strong and sturdy wheels
  • Quite lightweight for its size
  • Ergonomic handle design allows for easy carry
  • Inside of the luggage is quite roomy and spacious


  • The zippers aren’t rugged enough
  • Protective film is a little hard to peel off


We recommend the Rockland Vision 3 piece set to all sorts of users out there. This model sits best with people who travel frequently and require something reliable. Furthermore, the third small bag can also serve as a differential since it can come handy at times when you want to travel with less-than-normal luggage.

2. Magenta Leopard

Rockland 4 Piece Luggage Set, Magenta Leopard

With an expandable and fully lined exterior, the 4 piece Rockland Luggage Set is the ultimate eye-catcher if you’re looking for something bright and appealing!

The model is quite easy to move around with and is designed for the sole purpose of traveling in which you need to keep your luggage close. The internal handles and the rotating wheels are a testament to that purpose.

The interior is stretchable and can easily give users a lot of storing space. If you’re planning on carrying a lot of luggage with you, then the Rockland 4 piece set is a safe bet.

Nonetheless, this model has a few demerits and disadvantages that some users might not like.

To start off with, it’s fairly debatable that the handle could have been longer. Furthermore, as far as durability is concerned, the Rockland 4 piece might not give you the optimum longevity you’re aiming for.

The general audience that this model works best for are people who travel occasionally but not too often. After some use, you’re very likely to find some tear marks on the bottom or underneath the luggage.

 Hence, it’s fair to say that this model isn’t the best out there.   Nonetheless, it’s still a solid competition for the rest of the products currently on the market!


  • The set includes four bags of different dimensions
  • Strong and sturdy wheels
  • Easy to roll around
  • Comes with lock and keys for safety measures
  • Easy to spot in a crowd


  • Not lightweight
  • The luggage’s raw material isn’t that reliable
  • Handles could have been longer


If you’re the average user who is looking for luggage they can comfortably travel with, then this model will definitely help you out. However, it’s best to opt for other choices if you feel that you’ll be travelling quite often.

3. Navy

Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set, Navy

If you’re looking for something classy for the road, then the Rockland 2 piece set in Navy blue is the best model you can go with.

To start off, this model has a touch of elegance that cannot be replicated. Furthermore, it comes in a package of two, with the smaller one being a hand-carry alternative.

The main feature that the Navy Rockland luggage offers its users is that it is quite spacious. With an interior that can possibly fit in the bulk of your wardrobe, packing couldn’t be made any easier.

For security reasons, you’ll also be provided with two locks that you can utilize. This makes it a well-rounded package ideal for your vacation.

The Rockland luggage does have a few setbacks though.  To start with, the netting inside is a little loose and might be subject to tear if it is pulled on too suddenly.  

The carry on that’s provided in this package isn’t as good as the main bag. With a few seams present here and there, you might find it a bit uncomfortable to carry around if you’re packing big.


  • Has a professional outlook
  • Gives amazing interior capacity
  • Both models are durable and sturdy
  • Comes with a detachable and adjustable non-slip shoulder strap
  • Ergonomic padded top and handle


  • Carry-on bag can’t stand for itself
  • Zippers aren’t that sturdy; break easily
  • The smaller package is susceptible to seams


If you’re looking for a solid and sturdy model to work with, then this is the optimal model to work with. The 2 piece navy set has arguably the best Rockland luggage wheels, which make it suitable for use if you feel that you’ll be walking around with your luggage around the airport.

4. Upright Luggage Set

Rockland 2 Piece Upright Luggage Set

The Rockland 2 piece upright luggage set is arguably one of the best products currently available on the market.

To start off with, the manufacturing material for this model is 50% polycarbonate and 50% ABS.  In conjunction, this makes this set quite durable and won’t give you much trouble through a hard and challenging environment.  

With the multi-directional spinning wheels, this model is also quite lightweight and easy to maneuverer around. Coupled with the fact that this luggage can stand upright, this will make the whole process so much easier.

The handles on the Rockland 2 piece set are ergonomically designed. You won’t have to worry about any sort of wrist strain and related troubles down the road.

The model is also quite spacious and will give you good space coverage. The mesh zipped pockets also make storing valuable goods easier.

The only downside that the Rockland 2 piece upright luggage set has is that the zipper might appear a little flimsy after rough use. This means you’ll have to be a little careful if you want this model to last.

Other than that, this model is geared towards all sorts of users!


  • Exterior design makes it super easy to spot
  • Lightweight frame makes it easy to maneuver around
  • Ergonomic handle design reduces/eliminates wrist sprain
  • Keeps the water out; prevents any sort of water insertion
  • Durable and sturdy frame


  • The zippers can be a little flimsy


Keeping all the stuff mentioned above in mind, we recommend this model to all sorts of users! If you’re planning to travel abroad, or feel that you might need to travel consistently from location to location, then this model will give you the reliable luggage carry that you need!

5. Melbourne

Rockland Luggage Melbourne 20 Inch Expandable Carry On

If you’re looking for Rockland luggage that comes as a standalone product, then the Melbourne luggage is a decent option to consider.

Manufactured from durable ABS material, this lightweight model is the ultimate answer to individual travel in which you don’t feel the need to bring a hand-carry bag.

The model also features an ergonomically designed telescopic handle. The design ensures that the user can carry around the bag with ease and won’t have to worry about any sort of wrist fatigue or discomfort.

  Another important feature that compliments the last is multi-directional spinner wheels. Working in conjunction, traveling on foot cannot get any easier.  

There are, however, a few downsides to this model. For starters, the exterior doesn’t have any sort of pocket or zippers. This can often be quite difficult to operate with while passing through security checks when you need documents or other stuff right out the bag.

If you like keeping your things spotless, then you might be in for an uncalled surprise. On arrival, the front of the Rockland Melbourne luggage comes with a designer sticker which can be quite hard to remove. Also, once done, there’s a decent chance it might leave some residue if you’re not too careful.


  • Pre-installed ergonomic telescopic handles
  • Quite spacious, with zips to hold things in place
  • Includes multi-directional spinning wheel
  • Lightweight and comfortable to move around with
  • Easy to spot in a crowd due to its bright appearance and texture


  • The outside doesn’t have any zippers or pockets
  • Design sticker on the front leaves behind a residue


We recommend this model to all sorts of users out there! This Rockland Luggage Carry on is one of the best of its type.  If your primary aim is to get a model that allows you a decent amount of maneuverability and comfort, then this is the prime option!  

6. Backpack

Rockland Luggage 17 Inch Rolling Backpack

For users who want something more personalized and smaller than the standard luggage bag, the Rockland Luggage 17 inch Rolling Backpack is the ultimate solution!

The model is noted primarily for its aesthetics and functionality. Geared towards all sorts of audiences, this model sits well for regular use as well throughout the year.

The skate wheels, along with the extendable handles, make it easier to move around with this bag. This makes it optimal if you’re planning to stuff this bag with as much luggage as possible. The handle is also designed well to ensure that there isn’t any wrist pain, etc.

On top of that, the Rolling Backpack is quite versatile and can be used virtually all around the year and also for carrying school supplies!

The model has a few downsides, nonetheless. Note that these are common to all models. However, they are more prevalent with this model due to its size. On harsh use or rough environment, the handle and the wheel are highly susceptible to damage or breaking.


  • Easy to carry around and travel with
  • The model is quite lightweight
  • Offers good versatility
  • Can be used for day-to-day tasks as well!


  • Rough use can wear out the stitching
  • Susceptible to damage on hard impact


We recommend this model for users who are looking for something smaller than a suitcase but bigger than the standard hand-carry. This model can easily hold a decent amount of luggage and can also double as a regular bag that students use for their school work. Bank on the versatility and you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone!

7. Duffle Bag

Rolling 22 Inch Rockland Duffle Bag

Where’s the fun in traveling if you’re not willing to get creative? With this Rockland luggage polka dot bag, you’re gearing yourself for a fun trip!

Packed with extra-large wheels and an ergonomically designed handle, the Rockland luggage duffle bag is the ultimate model to consider if your priority is to be at ease when traveling.

The capacity, as opposed to other models, isn’t that much. However, you’ll still be surprised how much stuff you can easily fit into this small model. Furthermore, it’s also quite lightweight, which means you won’t have to worry about additional weight holding you back.

Unfortunately, its best-selling point is also what makes it an unlikely candidate if you’re looking for the best Rockland Luggage for traveling. Due to its small size, you won’t be able to fit everything you need, unless you’re packing super light.

Furthermore, the material of this model isn’t that durable and sturdy either. If packed too tightly, or if the exterior comes into contact with any sharp object, there’s a decent chance that your bag might tear open. This makes it quite a risky prospect if you’re planning to travel frequently.


  • Can be easily rolled around with any hassle
  • Very easy to spot in a crowd
  • Can be stored easily
  • Extra-large wheels allow for ease of maneuverability


  • The material isn’t that durable or sturdy
  • Doesn’t offer that much packing capacity


We recommend this model for people who are planning to get creative with their luggage or want something lightweight they can easily carry around. However, if you’re a serious traveler and plan to move around quite a lot, we suggest you refer to something else just to be on the safe side.

8. Tote Bag

Rockland 19" Tote Bag

If you’re planning to get something small that you can fit virtually anywhere, then the Rockland Tote bag might just be what you need. Different from the other models on this list, this Tote Bag lives up to all the standards set by Rockland luggage!

To start off with, the model comes with four secured compartments with zippers. This will grant you easy storage and make the process more comfortable for you.

In conjunction with that, the Tote bag also comes equipped with an adjustable ergonomic removable shoulder strap. This will make it easier to travel around with the bag without any pain in the wrist or the shoulder!

 Owing to its size, the major downside that the Tote Bag has is that it is quite small and won’t offer too much room if you’re planning to travel for a long duration. [/su_highlight] However, this also highlights that this model is optimal if you’re looking for a quick retreat or a short business trip.

Another downside about the Rockland Tote Bag is that the large compartment doesn’t have any sort of pockets in it. This can make organizing your luggage a laborious task since everything will seem just to get lost in there!


  • The exterior is water-resistant
  • Optimal for short trips
  • Can be carried around easily
  • Allows for easy storage virtually anywhere
  • Main compartment offers decent capacity for its size


  • Shoulder strap has no padding
  • Larger compartment has no pockets in it


Practically speaking, the model doesn’t have any realistic shortcomings or downfalls. All the cons are related primarily to its size. Hence, if you’re looking for a smaller model to work with, then the Rockland Tote Bag is one of the best options to consider!

9. Charcoal

Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set, Charcoal

Though this product with similar dimensions and design has been mentioned in the list above, the main difference we’d like to highlight here is the design and texture!

The model comes equipped with a professional and aesthetic outlook that is optimal for heavy-duty travel.

With a telescopic ergonomically designed handle and inline skate wheels, you won’t have to worry much about getting from one point to another if you’re choosing to work with this model. Furthermore, the lightweight feature also makes this quite an interesting prospect.

The small bag in this two-piece set, however, isn’t as good as the bigger one. If you load it too tightly or add more than you should, there will be plenty of seam formation. This can make it quite burdensome to work with on long flights!

The base isn’t that sturdy either. There’s a decent chance that the luggage might topple over if it doesn’t have any visible support or stands. Though it’s okay to work with as far as storage is concerned, you’ll need to be extra conscious when you’re not moving around.

Keeping all this in mind, this model is a decent consideration if you’re planning to get something sturdy and strong for the road.


  • Gives great coverage for luggage
  • Comes with inline skate wheels
  • Easy to wheel around and move with
  • Has a professional and smart outlook
  • The material is strong and sturdy


  • Might topple over if packed incorrectly
  • Telescopic handle isn’t as sturdy as it should be


We recommend this model to all sorts of users based on the merits mentioned above. The pros heavily outweigh the cons, as far as functionality is concerned. If you keep up with its maintenance and make sure to treat it right, this model won’t let you down!


Rockland 2 PC Luggage Set BLACKCROSS

Perfect for weekend and short travels, the Rockland two-piece luggage set is a great model to consider if you’re looking for functionality and aesthetics.

The model comes equipped with skate wheels and a comfortable handle that you can use for traveling purposes. Furthermore, the interior is quite spacious and expandable, allowing you to store exactly what you want without any hassle!

To make traveling even more convenient, this model comes with two front zipper pockets that are fully secured. This makes it easy to store things that you might want to retrieve on short notice.

For additional security reasons, the package comes along with a lock and key as well. However, if you’re seriously concerned about this, it’s best to get something more sturdy and authentic as far as locks are concerned.

  The only downfall that this model might potentially have is that it is susceptible to damage on hard impact or rough use.   The zipper, though quite strong, can often come undone if it comes under some serious impact, or the stitching might come loose if it hits a sharp object.

In all cases, you’ll have to ensure that you take care of this bag for the best results!


  • Ergonomically designed handles for comfort
  • Allow for easy traveling and carrying
  • The front has two secured zipper pockets
  • The exterior is sturdy and durable
  • Easy to recognize and spot in public


  • Susceptible to damage on harsh impact
  • Can rip easily if it comes into contact with something sharp


We recommend this model for all sorts of users who are looking for a simple model to consider for a short trip. The packing features and options available are optimal and will definitely make your life easier down the road!

Buyer’s Guide Rockland luggage

When on the quest to get the best Rockland luggage for yourself, there are a few things that you should commit to heart. By keeping these things in mind, you’re gearing yourself for a well-informed decision down the road.

Note that all of these can either work in conjunction or standalone. However, it’s recommended that you proceed with all of them side by side.


The dimensions of your Rockland luggage will give you a rough approximation of how much luggage you can comfortably carry at one time.

Since models come in different sizes and variety, it’s fair to say that dimensions should be the first thing you keep in mind when getting a Rockland luggage bag.


Depending on your use and travel habits, you’ll have to make sure that the material complements that lifestyle. If you’re planning to have a little bit of rough use, then it’s best to go with something made of 100% ABS.


This refers to how easily you can move around with your Rockland luggage. It’s always a good idea to opt for a model that has multi-rotational wheels and a good telescopic ergonomically designed handle. This will prevent any sort of wrist pain.


The pattern and colors of your luggage is primarily a subjective choice.  However, if you want to be able to spot your bag quickly at the airport, then go with something that’s a little bright or has unique patterns on it.  

Complete package

Most packages come complete with Rockland luggage parts and a set of two or more bags. Depending on your purpose, choose a package that best helps you get where you want, as opposed to what’s trendy or more desirable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following questions are those that are most frequently asked by our users. We’ve addressed all of them briefly so that by the end of it, you’re better informed about Rockland Luggage.

Which is better: hard or soft luggage?

This depends entirely on your purpose or intent. If you’re planning to travel with something fragile, then hard shell luggage is the best way to go about it.

Can you change Rockland luggage wheels?

Yes, you can. Any repair shop would be able to help you with that. You can even do it by yourself if you have the relevant tools.

What is the best type of luggage for international travel?

Any luggage would work best for international travel. However, keeping in mind the walking in the terminal, make sure it’s something that allows easy maneuverability.

What should I look for in hard shell Rockland luggage?

Check for the material the exterior is made out of. It’s recommended that you choose a model that’s made from 100% polycarbonate.

How do you go about cleaning hard shell luggage?

Cleaning erasers are the prime method of removing any sort of marks or scuffs on hard shell luggage. If you don’t own erasers, you can also work with toothpaste.

Is a 24-inch suitcase a carry-on?

This depends entirely on the airline you’re traveling with. Hence, it’s recommended that you check the airline’s website beforehand before you start packing.

Do airlines measure carry-on bags?

Not necessarily. However, if the bag is bigger than normal or attracts unwanted attention, then the airline might decide to weight it in.

What is the largest carry-on size?

The standard size is 22” x 14” x 9”, which includes the entirety of the frame.


Remember, traveling is only as fun as long as you’re comfortable with the technicalities. To make your life easier, it’s best to get a model that you’re comfortable with and can easily carry around. If you liked any of the product mentioned above or have any feedback, or would like to get in touch with us, you can contact us via our email!

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