Rockland Luggage A Substantial Luggage Set

Today, we are going to describe such an essential item which has proved itself as a godsend to the travelers. So this article is especially for all those traveling bees that are always moving from one place to another.

Apart from visa compulsions, there is one thing that is always noted in the list of necessities. And this necessity would be described thoroughly with all its pros at this platform.

The first thing is that irrespective of travel enthusiasts, every person who is excited about summer or winter break, just can’t wait to pack his luggage and leave for his flight. But most of the time, people have a hard time packing their luggage no matter how concise it is.

Sometimes they fall short of space and sometimes even without being used so much, their luggage set deteriorates or loses that warm, refreshing look. This is a dilemma that every one of us has faced at least once in our lifetime.

But now there is no need to panic because we have got you and found the perfect solution to this problem.

Rockland Luggage also is known as the fox luggage Inc., is one of the most affordable luggage sets that comes in a variety of designs and colors.

This is one of those luggage sets that have been used in many countries and among “A” list celebrities. The patterns and the modern look, both form such a combination that can’t be resisted and is easily imprinted on the customer’s mind.

Let us explain each and everything regarding the brand and the ultimate Rockland Luggage Wheel.

How a Rockland Luggage Set is Made?

First of all, let us observe this point that Rockland luggage has done phenomenally great in keeping the prices as low as possible.

The reason lies in the fact that this brand doesn’t use Polycarbonate, instead of that they use ABS plastic to make the outer surface of the suitcase as hard as possible. 

This serves as an important aspect because in this way, the price is decreased and they go well for many upcoming years if you are going to use it even twice a year.

Let us get this straight: no one wants to use the same luggage set for all their life. This even sounds so boring and dull, which is the exact reason Rockland Luggage set has been made.

Because they cost less, so you can use them for upcoming years and after then moving towards a new luggage set won’t hurt that much. This is a smart investment because if you go for buying an expensive or super branded luggage set, it’d be hard for you to move on to a new one.

Then why not get the same quality and chic design in half of the price and the other half goes in your pocket to increase your holiday budget.

Coming to the fabric cases, these cases are made from Polyester. And most of the time, whenever you are out to buy a luggage set, you would see that a maximum of Rockland luggage set comes with spinner wheels, which we already know how important it is. Let us move towards the working and features of the Rockland Luggage set.

Features and Working of Rockland Luggage Set

The first and foremost feature is that the Rockland Luggage sets are super spacious. They have expandable zippers, which means that you can carry all your favorite shirts and trousers that otherwise you would have left at home.

This is the basic plus point because most of the time when you are off on vacation, you need to take with yourself different dresses for parties, night outs, etc. Not every luggage set offers you as much space as the Rockland Luggage set does. 

The working of the Rockland Luggage set is conventional as it comes with one large compartment and a pocket on the outside.

As mentioned above, most of the Rockland Luggage sets have spinner wheels and we would advise you to go with a hand carry rather than suitcases, to avoid the maltreatment of your luggage as happens in most of the flights. 

Regarding the same section of working, Rockland Luggage has well-made zippers and handles, so you don’t have to worry about the breakage, etc.

If you don’t get to travel that much, you should purchase Rockland carry-on as it is super durable and affordable. It would go a long way.

The suitcases by Rockland are also a good option, it all depends on your budget and the sort of holiday you are planning.


Let us have a look at the features of the Rockland Luggage set

  • These are more spacious and you can carry more items as compared to the other ones
  • The Rockland Luggage set is super affordable
  • At such a price, it goes for a long way and is durable
  • The patterns are so refreshing, new and unique from all the other ones available in the market
  • The variety of designs and colors is never-ending, you would want to purchase all of them
  • They come at three-year or five-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about risking your money
  • They go a long way i.e. at least five years
  • The hardcore shells are super protective. They protect your luggage like nothing else and are the best option to deal with luggage maltreatment at airports
  • It is a trustworthy brand so you don’t have to doubt the quality of this luggage set.

Let us check out the business figures of this title.

Facts and Figures

Rockland luggage is one of the most prominent names in the world of luggage sets. It is used by millions of people in so many countries around the world, and the customer feedback says it all. The reviews are extremely satisfying and demands have always been touching the sky.

The minimum price of 82 dollars attracts more and more people, and the designs and colors serve as the cherry on the top. Undoubtedly, the business span of the company is thriving with every single day.

Best Rockland Luggage Sets of the Year:

Rockland 20-Inch Polycarbonate Carry-On

We have made a list of the bestselling Rockland Luggage sets of the year. The Rockland 20-Inch Polycarbonate Carry-On is on number one because of its super durability.

It can sustain almost any sort of mishandling at airports and doesn’t let it even scratch any of your luggage items.

The next important feature is that it is super spacious which means it fulfills the first criteria to be listed as the top Rockland Luggage set, as this is the first thing that we desire when we go to purchase a luggage set. 

It is a 20-inch suitcase and comes in so many different designs and a beautiful range of colors. It is the best option for all those busy bees who don’t get to travel a lot, but when they do, they want the best of all, so it is up to the par.

It has a top and side handle, and also the four spinner wheels: the signature feature of all the Rockland luggage sets. 

The best thing about is that it is made up of polycarbonate plus ABS rather than only ABS, so its life is increased.

Coming to the price, it costs you around 64 dollars, which is a very reasonable price considering all these features. But let us tell you some exciting news, because of the sale going on, you can buy it for only 56 dollars.

It is easily available on Amazon and many other online sites like eBay or Flipkart. You can also visit their stores to check out the full range, as they keep on changing the patterns and colors now and then.

Rockland 2-Piece Carry-On Luggage Set

This name is on the list for all those budget-conscious people because as the name mentions it is a two-piece luggage set, and it costs you less than the cheapest carry-on of any other brand.

Rockland is a renowned name in the world of suitcases and carry-ons, so if it offers such an offer it should be given notice. It is the best option for all the people who like spacious yet chic and stylish luggage sets. 

Coming to the price, it costs you only 40 dollars. And as mentioned above, because of the sale you can have it for only 36 dollars. It certainly deserves one chance to prove itself. 

Rockland Dotted 4-Piece Luggage Set

The third one on the list is a mega offer from the brand. This luggage set has four pieces, clear from the name and it costs you so less that other brands can’t even come close to it. It has a super chic dotted design that complements your holiday look. It is reliable and goes a long way.

Coming to the price, it costs you 239 dollars. What if we tell you that you can save so many bucks if you buy it right now on sale and pay only 80 dollars? Yes, you read it right. There’s no time to lose now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Rockland luggage have its website?

No, you can buy it through different retailers on Amazon, etc. or visit the store. 

Does this luggage set have a warranty?

Yes, they do give you a warranty of three to five years.

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