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A perfect day, sunshine, a newspaper and a cup of coffee is a dream of every human to enjoy leisure in a beautiful home’s well-maintained lawn.

The lawn is an integral part of every modern home. They are designed to be used as a place where one can relax and do some outdoor activities like some light exercise and games.

So much is spent on the design and decoration of the lawns, and the grass is the main ingredient in a perfect recipe of a good looking lawn.

Time is money, and modern man is so much preoccupied with the things around and has a shortage of time to do all the tiresome work of maintaining the lawn by hand or operate a machine by oneself.

Modern technology help us in order to save time and money. Robot Lawn Mower is the perfect example of it.

Modern Tools for Lawns

Modern science and technology have produced so many beautiful products. The introduction of computers into the machines has revolutionized the potential of the machines to a new level. Now we have machines which can be operated manually and automatically. The artificial intelligence is making it smarter, efficient, safe and environment-friendly.

No home is too big or small; the main purpose of a home is that it provides shelter, space to live, cleanliness, leisure, and comfort. The lawns are very important for achieving these fundamentals of life and are the basic needs of every home. 

However, a lawn can soon grow and become wild and therefore, it needs to be cut down to look good and perfect again but to do this task manually sure is a pain in the back.

However, thanks to the new technology that has provided us with so many smart solutions. One of the tools which were developed was a mower machine. Before using the lawn mower, you must know the proper installation process of lawn mower. 

History and Era of Mowers

In history lawns Lawnmowers were designed for the purpose of cutting the grass, to maintain the lawn’s look. They were designed to operate manually and needed a man to operate.

There were some pros and cons in the use of these machines. They needed a professional person to operate, and the sharp bladed used without proper guidance was the reason for many mishaps.

Thanks to modern technology as new machines are introduced for this purpose. One of the main salient features of these machines is that they are more efficient, user-friendly and less hassle of work.

The modern lawnmower has a long history of development. Way back in 1969 when the first of the kind was introduces by the name of MowBot.

It was a benchmark product, and most of the salient features are present in its successors even today. At first, all the robot mowers depended upon the boundaries of the work set by the users.

As time progressed, modern, technologically advanced mowers are now more powerful and user-friendly.

Modern mowers are more sophisticated, self-docking, even they have rain sensors and almost fully automated without the interference of a man.

Earlier models had joysticks or a remote to perform. Now there are some models presented with the AI (artificial intelligence) which can maintain lawn on its own on a specified time and need.

Salient Features of Robot Mowers

The modern mobiles and its user-friendly applications have also revolutionized the use of modern machines, especially robot mowers. It is the best device for maintaining the lawn. 

  • Anyone can operate, schedule the tasks and get notification over the phone with the use of these controlling softwares. 
  • Robot mowers are also getting so smart that when it comes to rain, the onboard sensors just get itself to turn into sleep mode. 
  • They also come with some brilliant features comprised of safety and optimal use of the machine-like collision control, blades sharpness warnings, etc. 
  • New features are also added like voice control; machines can perform a task by the gesture of hands as well. 

The price of a robot mower depends upon the features and functions it can perform, which varies from $500 to $4000.

The machine comprises different components like the mainframe, batteries nickel-metal hydride, lithium-ion and lead-acid, sharp cutting blades and boundary wires.

A mower mostly operates in the pre-defined area which is marked with a specific boundary wire. 

The operational time depends upon the type of batteries used 12v, 24v, etc. The operational cost depends upon the type of area the machine is covering, the type of grass and its growth.

The main component or grass cutting tools are blades underneath the main body frame. Depending upon the make and model, it can last between 25 hours to 400 hours. After this, some have room to be sharpened again, and some simply need replacement.

As most of the robot mowers run on the batteries, though some also come with the cord as well to make the operational time more than batteries. In this way, they are more user and environmental friendly.

Most of them are smart enough that when running out of batteries or there is an increase in the moisture level, they can go to their docking port and wait until the situation is appropriate to work again.

Performance Pros and Cons

The life of a robot lawnmower depends upon the environment it is performing its duties. If the grass is very lengthy and vigorous, then it cannot stay for a long period of time.

Blades need to be replaced earlier than normal time. Machines need proper maintenance to optimize performance. A user must follow the instructions carefully in order to make sure that the machine runs smoothly.

Especially when we are talking about the grass, we must consider the soil quality, the length of the field and also the weather conditions in which the machine is performing.

If the grass is too heavy and tall and also there is rain on the top of it or dew in the morning the machine will not work properly and will waste time and its life. Don’t forget to read our Buyer Guide for Robot Lawn Mower before purchasing.

The mower should only be used when the grass is standing tall, and the moisture level is on the recommended level.

If the grass is laying down due to the rain or other factors, it will not be cutting well. If the clime is hot and the grass level has grown wild, it can be more resistant and will affect the working of the machine. It will increase the running and working costs.

One of the drawbacks is that robot mower can only work on a smoother surface. If there is some hurdle or texture of the field is not leveled, it cannot cover the whole area.

So it must be considered before making a machine to work that they are used on a plain surface only. The uneven surface can make the mower rollover, which can result in damage to the unit. 

Most of the mowers are mulching machines and do not collect grass as they chop it off into smaller clippings and spread it all over the field.

These clipping then are turned into natural fertilizers as they decompose into the soil. They also can only operate in a straight line and cannot cut in random patrons.

Somehow some models are also now under development which can be programmed and can draw any set pattern like a 3d printer.

Professional Usage

Modern robot mowers can be a great business opportunity as well. The overwhelming demand over the last years is attracting more research and development into the production of more advanced and modern machines which will be capable of multi-tasking and be more efficient and user and environment-friendly.

The other technologies around can also be helpful, like solar energy can play a key role in making these machines more autonomous. New designs can attract more investors to invest in the very demanding needs of every modern home.

The goal is the ultimate robot mower machine which can give us more freedom in making our lawns beautiful. 

Professionals can also take the advantage as they can cover more area by using more machines single headedly.

This is the best device for the maintenance of lawn. It can also help to lower the rates for the lawn trimming and cutting. The best robot lawn mowers not only save a lot of time but also are very safe to use and can lower the chances of accidents. They are a must need of every lawn.

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