Robomow RS612 Lawn Mower Review

This robot lawn mower is on the top in our list as it has many features that you will dig in your ideal lawn mower. Such lawn mowers are hard to find in such an ideal price range. It has the best customer reviews in all of the Amazon and is the first choice of a lot of buyers. 

As being a robot lawn mower, the first thing it does is, of course, give you full control and work like a robot. It can be hard to control other kinds of lawn mowers or even, other robot lawn mowers as they do not have enough specifications and do not give you full control over your machine. 

You can use it easily by just installing its driver in any of your smartphones and give commands to it. 

One of the most observed problems with the lawn mowers is the sound that they create while cutting down the grass. The sound can be so high that it can even start irritating you and make you wish it could just stop right now. To avoid giving you any such tensions and making your life easy, this lawn mower works so quietly that you would not even be able to tell whether it is working or not. You will be able to enjoy the summers breezes while sitting in your chair when the lawn mower is at work. 

Thanks to artificial intelligence, it works intelligently and automatically adjusts its height and other things according to the length of the grass and cuts it smoothly. 

You can trust it to work fast and finish the work that could have taken hours in just a few minutes. It is strong and can work on any grass, giving you flexible and immediate results that you have been wanting. As it does not take much time and works silently, you can trust it to work on any of your gardens or yards. 

Technical details:

  • It has a strong body that allows it to survive in different conditions and can take some bumps too.
  • High-speed performance making it the best choice in the whole market. 
  • It weighs around 36.9 pounds, which makes it easy to lift it too if needed.
  • It works totally on the electricity and saves your money on fuel and oil.


  • Easy to use in all conditions.
  • Can be controlled by mobile phone of any kinds.
  • Can turn easily.
  • Adjusts its height according to the height of the grass that it is cutting. 
  • Can be used on small lawns or gardens, which do not have a large area to be covered.


  • Is not preferred to be used in wider areas as it can cover ¼ acres only.
  • The mobile needs to be connected to it all the time, or it can seem to lose control.
  • As a robot lawn mower, it can cost you a lot of money.

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