Riding Lawn Mower A Step towards a Splendid Lawn

Riding Lawn Mower A Step towards a Splendid Lawn

In today’s article, we are going to discuss a gadget that is loved by all nature lovers and the people who are obsessed with their lawns.

We all know that excessively long grass blades spoil the beauty of any magnificent lawn, and it can also harm the plants in the long run.

This is the reason that people try to get rid of them in the first place and for this reason, lawnmowers are used.

At first, before lawnmowers were even invented, gardeners were hired to cut the long and shrubby grass blades with nothing but a garden scissor in hand.

This was time-consuming and a lot of money was required. So this became a luxury that was enjoyed only by the elites. Then as time passed, the lawnmower was invented.

This mower still required a human effort but it had blades that ran by petrol or gasoline. All human work was to push it on the grass while walking behind it.

This served a lot and became a part of people’s house in no time. But still, there was a quest going on to replace it with even a better option.

Then came in the market the Riding Lawn Mower that made the whole gardening experience easier than ever before.

With this mower, you could sit on the operator seat and drive it like a mini car, to cut all the bushes and long blades of grass.

This was a hit and the demands started touching the sky. It was sold like hotcakes and has been unbeatable and irreplaceable up till now.

This is why we have chosen to explain the miracle of Riding Lawn Mower to you with all its pros and features but first let us have a look at its composition.

How is a Riding Lawn Mower Made?

The Riding Lawn Mower was made for the first time during World War 1. But it was driven by the horses attached, so it wasn’t particularly a motorized one.

The motorized and modern riding lawn mower was introduced in the 20th century. We will tell you the actual composition of a Riding Lawn Mower.

First of all the sheet that carries the blade is made, this sheet is called as the mower deck. It must be kept in mind that this sheet needs holes and trimming of the edges to make it workable, and it is coated with the chemical rust inhibitor to prevent it from rusting.

Then it is passed through the process of electrostatic painting. After this, several parts like blades, belts, and chute are attached.

Then comes the welding of rails and rails are also painted with the powder paint and it is observable that the paint which doesn’t stick is recycled.

This step gives an enamel finish to the rails and makes it look more polished than ever. Then the engine is placed in the structure, and necessities like footrest and seat are placed. In the end, wheels and mowing equipment is attached.

The manufacturing ends with several times of rechecking and minor features are attached. Let us move towards the working of a Riding Lawn Mower.

How does a Riding Lawn Mower work?

The working of Riding Lawn Mower depends on different versions because the horsepower varies with different styles of blades used in the mower. A mower with an engine of horsepower 14 can clear up to an acre and it would cost you around 1000 dollars.

The first thing is to keep in mind that the best Riding Lawn Mower works just like a normal vehicle. All you have to do is to sit on the operator seat and use the functions given on the front board.

There are pedals given to accelerate, brake and a steering wheel to steer. You can certainly increase the speed as much as you want and just ride it like a regular vehicle.

As mentioned above, the belt is an essential part because the engine does supply power to wheels and blades but it isn’t directly supplied. The power to blades is supplied through the belt.

Let us discuss one important feature. You should go for a Riding Lawn Mower only when you are going to work on an acre or more of a lawn, for the smaller lawns, it is better to go with simple mechanical lawnmowers.

They would cost you less and they do their work easily in smaller areas. So your lawn looks greener and more refreshing than ever before.

Such home lawnmowers won’t cost you more than 500 dollars. But this and all other price details would be discussed in the sections below.

Advantages of a Riding Lawn Mower

Discussing the plus points, there are so many advantages of a Riding Lawn Mower, let us have a look at them

  • They are more efficient and clear easily acres of lawn
  • They are easy to operate
  • They work like a normal vehicle so there is no rocket science involved
  • They don’t cost you that much 
  • They have reduced the human effort to the minimum
  • They have got scales and different blade levels so you can mow the grass as you like
  • Now they come with a modification: you can increase the speed and can steer using the given steering wheel
  • It is coated with enamel finish so it looks shiny and more polished

There are many more advantages, regarding the price and their market. Let us go to this section.

Facts and Figures

Coming to the business-related discussion, a simple Riding Lawn Mower may cost you up to 1000 dollars, and a more modified or tractor version, may cost you up to 9000 dollars.

Certain deals are going on so you can buy them at the least price of 2000 dollars. Every year this business makes trillions of dollars and has given recognition to so many big names that would be discussed in the section below. 

Best Riding Lawn Mowers of the Year

Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Lawn Mower

This Riding Lawn Mower has made it to the top because it is super easy to operate and you would as if you were driving a car. The manual is user-friendly and it can help you to clear acres of landscape with no effort.

It has got so many features and the most impressive thing is the strong mold that lasts for many years. It comes with an engine of 24 horsepower. The comfortable steering wheel makes you control the mower like nothing else. 

The operator seat is high enough so you can control it easily. As mentioned above, the manual is so easy to understand, it clears every confusion regarding the functions and the features.

It has got headlights which we all know how important they are. The main thing is customer reviews which are full of customer satisfaction and recommendation.

These are reliable, durable and go a long way. In the first try, you may think that they are costly and difficult to handle, but after a certain time, you get so used to them that it feels a burden to mow your lawn without them.

The last and an important feature that is worth mentioning is the reverse operating system, with just a switch you can ride it in the reverse direction in no time.

Coming to the price, it costs you around 1500 dollars, and you can also buy a used version at a lesser price than this.

It is easily available on Amazon, eBay, and many other online sites. You can also check out the sales going on to go for a safer and more economical option.

Troy-Bilt 382cc Riding Lawn Mower

The Troy-Bilt 382cc Riding Lawn Mower has been added to the list because it is specifically designed for medium to big house lawns. It has an engine with 14 horsepower. It has got a similar structure as a gas model of a walk-behind mower. It comes with an easy to understand manual and all the safety measures. It comes with a warranty of three to five years and the company provides super-fast customer service. It has 5 different systems for cutting the grass to the height that you prefer. Coming to the price, it costs you only around 1600 dollars and you can save money by looking out for it in sales going on. It is easily available on Amazon and many other online sites like eBay, Flipkart, etc.

Cub Cadet Xt1 Enduro Series

This one has been added to the list because it is super affordable and is the best option for all those hard-to-reach corners. This company has made a special effort in making it the most comfortable mower you have ever seen because the seat is extremely comfortable, the steering wheel is very smooth and they even provide you with a cup holder.

It costs you around 1400 dollars and is easily available on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Question

Are these Riding Lawn Mowers Reliable?

Yes, they are very reliable and come with a warranty from the company.

Are these Riding Lawn Mowers only for the big lawns?

No, many mowers have been made especially for house lawns.

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