Best Ricardo Luggage of 2021 and why is it the best

In this age, one can find luggage of all ranges, but those, which are not too heavy on the pockets, are usually the preferred ones by most customers. Therefore, even if you do have a high budget, this review is still beneficial for you. Before making a decision, you would first have to go through a million different bags to choose one, but we will do the job for you.

Ricardo Luggage is a company, which has a wide array of bags available at different price rates. Their suitcases have it all, good quality material and a brand name. They even have a website where you can consult and compare to ensure you are getting the best at the best rates.

Man pulling the Ricardo Luggage

During travel, one has a lot of needs which need to be fulfilled and commonly these are not, even with the costliest of luggage.  Space in your suitcase must be the top priority when traveling so that you are rid of the worry of not having a specific belonging or of the safety of one.

The number second item on your checklist should be the quality of the material used in that specific suitcase.   The material that is used for the exterior and interior should be one that is suitable for all sorts of environments.  

You must also ensure that the wheels on the bag are ideal. Ricardo Luggage can and does meet all the necessary ticks on your checklist. It has both soft and hardcover suitcases, which you can take along with you on your trips around the world.


The range of suitcases are affordable, stylish, and popular in the market, and they also provide the best security possible.

As well as it is secure for all the things you are carrying with you on your travels, they are well protected as well. This helps in making it easier and possible for you to carry the all-expensive things you need in your bag and then hopping on the plane.

Many things are necessary to carry, such as perfume bottles and many other things. This kind of products pose a high risk of breaking as they are made of glass, which is known to be easy to break.

The Riccardo luggage has some extra special improvements that help you so that you will not have to face all of these issues.  

The Ricardo Luggage company is primarily focused on making your business trips better, but it also has a major concept of never letting any of these trips be boring or dull again.

They have made it possible for you to get on the aircraft in style and have any kind or style of bag that you want while still giving a professional look and even adjust the bags or the luggage according to your specific needs.

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We have reviewed and chosen some of the best Ricardo luggage for you, so you don’t have to face any problems while you are shopping for yourself or anyone else.

You can get any of these bags or follow the buyer’s guide that has been given in the end to choose the best Ricardo luggage for you, which is the best according to your needs.

Even though many professionals have chosen the luggage that we have mentioned, but there are still some people out there who are mainly focused on making their trips better according to their own needs and want to add some personal touch to their shopping.

The buyer’s guide given at the end is the one thing that you can refer to while you are buying the Ricardo luggage with the personal touch that you always wanted to add.

Ricardo Luggage 2021

1. Roxbury 2.0

The Roxbury 2.0 is lightweight Ricardo luggage that you can carry easily around with you on your travels.  One of the most important things that you need to look out for a while you are buying luggage is whether the size of the luggage is right or not   and whether the weight of the suitcase is suitable for you or not.

A lot of different kinds of Ricardo luggage are present out there in the market for you to choose from, but the lightweight is the one that you will always want.

This type of suitcase makes it very easy for you to pack all the things in it that you want as well as never adding its extra weight in, making it easier for you to pack heavier. When you are traveling, the weight that you are carrying around with you is a very important factor.

This is because if the weight of the material is too much, you will not be able to not only fit most of the stuff that you require but also have a big issue carrying it around with you.

Also to be kept in mind is the fact that if the luggage bag is itself very heavy, it will even put some more limits to the amount of weight that you can put in the suitcase as all airlines have a specific permissive weight allowance.

When you are packing for your trip, you need to have the freedom to choose between what you want to place in your bags and what stuff is the most needed during your travel.

You can get that freedom with these kinds of bags, which have been specifically crafted, in a way to reduce their weight, which also allows you to add most of the belongings and accessories that you want.

This lightweight Roxbury 2.0 bag is available in 4 different sizes. These sizes allow you the comfort to choose the type of bag, which fits all your needs and wants.

You might want the Ricardo luggage, which is either full size or one, that can fit in the cabin but to have maximum space you will have to buy the whole set of 4 luggage bags.

You can mix and match the sizes of all the luggage that you need and leave out the ones that you think are of no use to you.

This Ricardo luggage is made of a polycarbonate material, which in addition to being of good quality is also durable for a longer time when we compare it to other similar luggage in the same price range.

This material is the main reason why the suitcase is so lightweight when lifting it, which will provide ease during your trip.  You can use this luggage for a very long time without having to worry about changing or upgrading it since it will look brand new even after years of usage.  

The locks on the bag have been approved by the TSA to provide you the maximum protection for all of your important documents and personal belongings. While you are traveling from one place to another, theft is a major concern.

Now it is the one thing that you do not have to worry about anymore. The TSA approved security locks are the best ones out there.

One of the best features that you will find in these suitcases is that they can be expanded, which is not a quality you will find in other suitcases in this price range. These expandable boxes offer you a lot of space in which you can store most of your items.

Only a single piece of the set would most of the time be the best as well as enough for your travel requirements to be met.

If you are not packing very heavy before beginning your trip, there are still some things that you might need on your way back and would want to store them in your bag on the way as well.

You can do it easily by just storing your things in these boxes with their expandable feature.

Next, when we take a look at the interior of this Ricardo luggage, we can find that there are two separate compartments to store your accessories and documents separately from each other.

There are different kinds of pockets with zip locks to make your bags more secure as well as reliable. An important feature is the accessibility of your belongings such as passports, earphones, or another, which is made easier by these separate pockets.


One of the most important details is that these suitcases are expandable so that one can easily fit in whatever item they require during their travel.

This way you can travel with a lot of items, and in case you have to pack a lot, you are easily accommodated. A single piece could well be enough for you for a few days stay.

Spinner wheels

 Another important factor to be highlighted is that the Roxbury 2.0 has spinner wheels attached, which makes it mobile as well as makes it easier to be carried around anywhere one wants at any time.

The spinner wheels add to its functionality. Traveling with luggage for men and women alike has never been easier.

Security locks

Also, the security locks have been endorsed by the TSA, which ensures that they are of the best quality. They have been not only proved to be useful for the people who are currently residing in the US, but they have also proven to be the best ones for the people who are outside of the US.


  • One of the advantages to this suitcase is that it is easy to manoeuvre and the spinner wheels have added more mobility to these bags.
  • The TSA approved locks, which ensure good value for the price asked is a bonus. Thus, you can easily take your luggage anywhere that you want with you without having any security issues.
  • The bags are expandable, making it the best feature for the people who like to shop on their way out or at the airport and keep their things in the bags later on.


  • While there are various benefits to the suitcases, there are two downsides as well. There are no kinds of compartments, which are waterproof.
  • Thus while traveling, you will need a TSA approved toiletry bag, or you might have to face several problems at the end of your trip when the one spill has almost all your things ruined.
  • Also, there are no exterior compartments on the bag so you cannot store your things outside for easy access like your passport and other items and you then have to carry them in your hands all the time.

2. Mulholland Drive

This suitcase set is hybrid as well as lightweight. You can carry them with you while sending your luggage to the checking or when you have to take your luggage in the hand carry.

There are five different sizes available in this luggage set, making it the dream luggage of a lot of people with so many options that they can now freely choose from. The Mulholland Drive can fulfill all kinds of packaging or luggage related needs, and you can count on them for any traveling of yours.

Even if you are traveling all alone, packing and taking more than one bag can be very beneficial for you since you will now be able to divide the weight in between the different suitcases as well as be able to lift them and carry them easily.

The smallest bag available in this Mulholland Drive range is quite small, perfect to fit under the seats of your airplane so you can place it right there and forget about your all the problems and worries while traveling.

The suitcases in this set have not only been made out of one but two different kinds of materials thus making it a hybrid which is quite unlike others and is not found in other suitcases with this price tag. The light and the soft shells help you in packing more of your belongings as well as being easy to carry around whereas the hard shells make it easy for you to store items, which are valuable and fragile in it without having any kinds of troubles and worrying about breaking them.

You can pack them up for any trip that you are going on, and the suitcases will not disappoint; they will fulfill all of your needs.

The soft shell will make sure that that your items do not break in case you accidentally hit the luggage on some hard surfaces as it will cushion the contact while the hard shell ones will make sure that the products which are present inside the luggage do not get ruined or do not break at any moment during your trip.

This luggage might not go for as long as other types like hard shell luggage, but on the plus side, it has other useful things that make carrying stuff easier like outer pockets.

These pockets make it easier for many people who want a place in their luggage to carry their passports and other highly important documents.  [/su Another advantage of this luggage is that it will not get any scratches. _highlight]

This is a huge benefit for the people who desire that their luggage does not get harmed. This will also keep the product quality safe and sound.

Other types of luggage do make spinner wheels almost all of them do, but this luggage uses a special trick for you. Instead of a single spinner wheel, this has dual spinner wheels.

This can help you much more, and it will be more suitable and easier. You can make use of the wheels to roam around anywhere you want to in the airport.

The spinner wheels are not the only benefit that you get in this luggage. There are handles on the top as well as on the sides. This makes it way easier to take the luggage around.

You can have the company of the luggage wherever you go and whenever you go because of these handles on the bag. Many luggage makers do not have good handles on the top or the side.

This makes it very difficult for the bag users to take the bag with them wherever they go. Now that this luggage has good handles, things have improved and become quite better than before.

Not one but two handles makes this luggage easy and completely not hard for taking it wherever you want to take it.

Soft and hard material

This is made of both soft and hard material, so if someone wants soft, they can get it, and if they want hard, they can get hard luggage for themselves as well.

The mixture of these both types of boxes, the soft shell, and the hard shell, involves the pros of both of this luggage and in turn, also eliminates most of the cons related to them.

9628017×410 theft and no person other than you and the TSA security can open these bags.


  • Spinner wheels make your life easy by spinning good and offering you more mobility.


  • They do not have a great variety of colors to choose from, which make it boring for a lot of people.
  • A lot of people might like the hybrid shell.

3. Rodeo Drive

Ricardo Rodeo Drive luggage

The Rodeo Drive is a very renowned and chief luggage in the market as the set can be used for many different occasions and reasons. No matter what type of bag it is that you want, be it hard shell, soft shell or even a hybrid skin bag the Rodeo Drive set can provide you with it. There are different kinds of sizes of these suitcases that are made in four different dimensions. These four can be used at different times, and no matter what the situation is, you can get a bag according to that very occasion.

The luggage set is produced in four different sizes. Out of those four, two of them are made in hard shells, one of them is of hybrid skin and the last one in a soft shell. Through these different sizes, you can get any bag, which you desire according to what you will be carrying during your travels.

If you have less luggage, then you can buy a smaller sized bag whereas if you have loads of stuff to carry with you then, of course, the best option for you is a large sized bag.

Small bags do not even take that much space as you can fit them right under the seats, and there will be no problem of space. As well as being durable, these bags are incredibly light in weight.

A girl arranging the stuff in ricardo bag

The advantage that there is for buying a lightweight bag is that if someone has a lot of stuff to carry then having the lighter weight of the bag will in total make less weight for someone to carry.

So you can then add as much stuff as you want and you will not have to worry about having extra weight to carry around but having even more space to put your stuff in.

This can prove to be very helpful and hands-on in many situations besides traveling through air.

Furthermore, the Rodeo Drive luggage set features not only amazing quality material, but it also has the scratch resistant layer, which protects it from harm, and keeps it looking presentable even after multiple uses.

The interior of the suitcases features two compartments so that you can easily sort out your belongings in them. This also leads to easier access to them during your trip as everything will be secured as well as kept in its particular proper place.

This is an important feature as it helps you keep your things organized and you can easily keep track of the items to make sure you do not lose anything on your travel.

As the set includes many different types of sizes as well as the choice of various exterior suitcase material, there is a wide array of options for you to choose from.

You can mix and match as well as choose some of the items that fit your need like if you are someone that wants to keep their travel documents well within your reach, you can opt for the soft shell one.

Or if you want to carry around a suitcase easily, then you can choose a hard shell one that has straps on it for easy mobility. Or you can get the whole set and use it when and where according to your need.

Scratch resistant materialRicardo Luggage

The Rodeo Drive suitcase set comes in different types of material, making it a solution for all kinds of travel requirements. Due to the presence of dual spinner wheels, the job of carrying the luggage around is made even more efficient.

The scratch resistant material and the TSA approved locks moreover add to its functionality as they protect the luggage from the likes of different scruffy objects as well as thieves respectively.

Being scratch resistant is a plus point for everyone as it prevents one from having to go through the hassle of choosing and upgrading to new luggage over and over again.

Mesh pocket

It contains a mesh pocket as well to further help you in organizing your personal belongings. The two main compartments have different features. One has tie-down straps preferably for your clothes while the other can be secured using a zip.


  • The Rodeo Drive is equipped with dual spinner wheels to make your commute even easier. The spinner wheels add a touch of sleek style as well to the bag.
  • It features TSA approved locks that ensure the safety of your prized possessions, which is a benefit as you will not have to worry about losing your stuff.
  • The skin is made of scratch resistant material to keep your suitcase looking as new as ever, even after a long usage duration.


  • There are only two colors that one can choose from so people looking for more variety are not catered to.
  • The handles featured on the suitcases are not that sturdy, which could create a hassle in case you pack a lot.

Buyer’s guideRicardo Luggage Reviews

There are many things that you have to keep in check while buying Ricardo luggage for yourself. Your choice entirely depends on what type of luggage is suitable for just you. Luggage, which is easy to carry around as well as helps in going from one area to another area, is an obvious choice.

Your choice also depends on your style and whether you want a fashionable bag or not. Whatever your choice is, down below, we have listed some major things to keep in mind while buying luggage for yourself.


When buying a bag for yourself, the first thing that comes in mind is the size of it. Luggage comes in various sizes, and while buying a bag if you buy the perfect size of the bag, then it means you are well aware of what you are carrying with you.

You can buy any size of the bag according to your needs and the stuff that you will be taking along with you.

Many people choose Ricardo luggage that is small in size seeing the fact that it is easier to carry as well as lighter in comparison with other bags. It is easier to move around as well. If you are taking a lot of things along with you, then the best Ricardo luggage is a large sized one.

Waterproof Pockets

Waterproof pockets are also very important for many people, as they need to keep their stuff safe from any mishaps, especially the important documents such as passports, itineraries, or business papers that they are carrying with them.

This is of the utmost importance when you have a single bag for toiletries and the rest of your belongings.  They need these because they do not have toiletry bags to keep the liquids and other bathroom essentials safe and far from other stuff.  

Other people do buy toiletry bags for protection, but some do not so they need pockets that are waterproof so that there is nothing inside that could get potentially ruined.

Anything that you pack which is in liquid forms like body wash, face wash, shampoo and others that are needed to be carried around can be harmful to other items in your bag if not properly separated or sealed from them.

The pockets, being waterproof can keep all the other things like clothes or and especially electronics, safe and sound.

While traveling in a plane, flights from one place to another place can be quite long. During this period if something from your liquids is spilled even a tiny amount, then things can get damaged.

Also in flights things tend to move around a lot, and in case of any turbulence, they can be removed from their designated areas. Even if your bag is really strong things can still get destroyed, so your stuff is at a high risk of getting ruined.

If there are no other separate pockets present in your bag for securing these items, then there is but only one choice to protect these bottles from getting destroyed or broken and then spilling things on all of your other belongings. You can wrap these in something to keep them safe.

These bottles are easy to break, and you can waste a lot of money on these, so it is better to take precautions rather than suffering afterward.  If the inside of the bag is all waterproof, then the good idea is to keep the glass and liquid things in the outside pockets and keep all of your other items inside to keep them safe and damage free.  

Though if you don’t have waterproof pockets on the inside, then you will have a lot of loss later to look at and resolve. You especially need to have a bag with waterproof pockets if you do not have TSA approved toiletry bags if you want to keep all of your belongings safe and well protected.


There are two types of cover choice for your luggage, soft shell, and hard shell. This depends on which is more suitable for you. Soft luggage is good for keeping your clothes comfortably, and they can also be over packed, as they do not have a firm cover.

  Due to not having a firm cover like hard covering, these sift ones are risky if you are carrying any material which is easy to break as they will not cushion any rough contact.  

If we do compare soft covers to hardcovers, then the hard ones are easier to handle and also there is no worry about the items, which are fragile such as perfumes, shampoo bottles, or others.

You can pack whatever you want to in it and then you do not even have to think about it or worry. As well as having these particular advantages, this cover has some downsides too.

Having a hardcover, it might break if it falls from a high place or anything like that. Unlike soft covered bags, hardcover cannot be fit into places because they are too firm to shape themselves according to the space you are putting them in.

Though in the end, it all depends on you and the type of cover, which is suitable for you on your travel. If you want something easy to carry as well as does not give any risk to fragile items, then you can choose hard shell, or according to your needs, you can get a soft shell one if you want something that can easily fit into different places and tend to have a lot of space in them.


Wheels are very important when it comes to luggage, and it should be one of the things to check for while buying any suitcase. There are many ranges of Ricardo luggage which have wheels, but not all of those wheels can give you exactly what you require on your trip.

Some of them are perfect for giving you the spin as well as the sleekness that you want. The wheels, which will not bother you at every turn they make and instead will be smooth gliding.

The other wheels that do not give you this effect; there is a way to use them too to fit just right according to your needs. These wheels may not be of a bag with a higher price tag or look like they work good, but they have some significance too. 

Though if you have a smaller bag for lesser luggage, then the wheels are the best decision to make. Though do not look for wheels in big bags.

As the size of the bag will decrease, the performance of the wheels will increase, but in the case of big bags then the performance will decrease of the wheels, as the bag gets larger and larger.

You can get many sizes in wheels too. You can get small and big depending on the sort of suitcase. You will find smaller wheels more on big luggage because they can carry the weight that you add on to your bag.

They help it move more efficiently and easily. The bigger wheels will be used on the smaller bags for the same reason like in the big bags, to give it more mobility.

You will notice that the smaller bags will be having more wheels while on the other hand, the bigger bags will have lesser wheels. The purpose behind this is that small bags are carried due to these wheels while the bigger bag only need to reach the trolleys, so the wheels do not have much use on the bigger bags.

It is just used for supporting you to move the bag from one place to another, for example, when transporting your bag from the trolley to the car.

The best ones to choose are rubber wheels and not the plastic wheels. Plastic wheels have a chance of breaking under the weight, and you do not want to have wheels that break in the middle of the trip, causing you to worry about the solution instead of enjoying your travel.

Rubber ones can be used for a long time, as they are durable. Besides that, you can choose the wheels that you like.

Zip locks

Security is a priority when choosing luggage to go on a trip. There are a lot of risks of things getting stolen, so you need to have locks on your bags.

Zip locks are useful as they close your bags easily and it is protected then, and no one can see anything in your bags unless you open the ziplock and show yourself.

These locks are to keep the things inside hidden, but there still needs to be more protection, and there are other locks and security measures to use them. They can be bought to keep your stuff safe and sound.

To help handle a lot of stuff in your bags, you need to have a strong zip lock on your suitcase. One that can keep control of the stuff inside without ripping apart or breaking while you are traveling and is durable.

Therefore, you need to get a bag with a good ziplock so that nothing of value will be ruined and everything will not be damaged and stays in good quality and condition for a long period.

If you get a bag with a strong zip, then it will become easier as you wouldn’t have to worry about revealing anything to people passing by. The stronger the zip locks on the bag, the better, as it will not be causing you any problems or issue related to your items packed.

Some types of zips will not support at all and get ruined very quickly. On the other hand, some zips will be long lasting, so make sure to choose the right ones when making a decision. 

Approved locks

Security is very important, and there is no knowing whether your stuff is safe or not while traveling. Anything can happen anytime, so making sure that you have your items secure is an important factor. For that, you have to get locks that have been approved by the TSA.

In some bags, you will get locks that are already approved, and you will find it written that these locks have been approved. Your bags can get stolen too, so you need to make sure that you have a strong lock on your bags to keep them and your belongings secure during your trip.

If you have TSA approved locks, then you do not have to worry about anyone being able to open your bags except you or TSA.  No one can crack the code of the lock either or steal anything from your belongings so everything will be safe and secure.  

Though you might not get these locks in every Ricardo luggage in their range, so you have to make sure of that it has that feature before you decide on a bag.

If you want to keep, everything safe when choosing a bag with a TSA approved lock is a great choice. Just buy a bag that has an approved lock and you will not even have to worry about anything.

This bag will protect your belongings from every kind of theft that can happen and there will be nothing lost or to worry about. This is just one of the reasons to buy from the Ricardo luggage range, as they do not cost much but offer you the best security possible.

They are almost one of the cheapest luggage in the market, and when it comes to design and security, they are always on number one as when compared to their rates.

Many people choose Ricardo luggage as it is cheap and really good for the price asked. It has every feature that others have, and that is all in a lesser price range than the brands that will cost you a lot more. It is better to keep the money for the trip rather than spending it all on the bags and other traveling requirements.

Choosing Ricardo suitcases with TSA approved locks is the best decision that you can make while buying luggage so you can have a good and a tension free journey because of being rid of the worry of your bag being safe or not.

Exterior Compartments

Having compartments in your bag is essential as you need different pockets to store different belongings of yours. You cannot keep everything in just one place you need to divide stuff in a manner as keeping all of your items in one area makes stuff clustered and unorganized as well as creates trouble while on the go.

Carrying something else to keep your stuff in is not suitable either because those things can then get lost and carrying a lot of different bags in one time is very hard to keep track of so it is best to have a bag with many compartments so as to keep everything very neatly so your mind will not get confused either.

Having extra compartments on the exterior is a plus point, as it will be easier as well, because you will be able to access them without any difficulty.

You can also store other items there too like things you need outside so you can get them whenever you want to.

Having these compartments is a good idea if you are traveling through the train or if you are using the suitcase in the place of your hand carry.

This does pose a risk of security because then it will become easier for thieves to slip things out of your bag while walking by as your items are placed on the exterior.

People would get more attracted to these compartments so you would not be able to keep anything essential in the areas. If you do, then it will become a loss, especially if you are going through some shady areas.

Therefore, it is best to rather use exterior compartments as in normal luggage when traveling somewhere far and safe for a lot of days.

Then it is going to be an advantage for you as it will all be neatly organized and safe from thieves. Keep in mind to keep things that are needed on hand in these compartments but nothing easy to shatter.


The handles of your luggage need to be sturdy to allow you some better movement as well as mobility. If your handles are not of good quality, you will have problems while carrying your luggage from one place to another and will face many different kinds of problems such as those mentioned below.

This will reduce not only your speed while you are walking in the airport or anywhere but your luggage will start feeling like a burden to you as well.

You cannot carry your bag all around with you with the straps and will need to use the handles most of the time. When you are walking outside of the airport, you do not have any kinds of carts available, and you need to carry it all on your own.

That is the point where you would wish that you had chosen luggage with the best handle so you would not have to face so many problems while on your trip.

Instead of repenting later, you can start by just buying some of the best luggage with the best handles to make your life easier inside and also outside the airport.

The handles do not only have to be of good quality but excellent size as well. You need to choose the bag, which has the size of the handle that would fit in the spaces present in your home where you can store it and would not break very easily under pressure.

The handles of the Ricardo luggage are quite dependable, but you will still have to find the right size of it and the right material that is the most suitable for you according to your height.


Straps are just one of the most important things that you need to notice before you buy any luggage. The most important advice is not to buy a bag, which does not have the straps and try always to buy the luggage, which has several straps, which will make it easier to lift.

Most of the people ignore the straps on the bigger sized luggage since they cannot be lifted while taking them from one place to another but they are important on even them since you need to pick up the luggage and place it on the cart or anywhere else.

Without these straps, you will find it very hard to lift your bags or transfer them from a place to another.

You also need to find the strong straps which will make it very easy for you to lift the weight of all of your belonging as well as the bag without any issues and that will not buckle or break under pressure.

The stronger the straps are, the more durable your luggage will be, and it will last with you for a longer period.

Without straps, the luggage just does not make any sense and with the wrong straps, you will face a lot of trouble, worry, and exhaustion while carrying the suitcases and after they are broken, you will again have to revert to moving the whole bag just at once since you will not have any other kinds of options available on what you should be doing.

Scratch and Impact resistanceRicardo Luggage

Your Ricardo luggage has been bought to last for a long time, and you need to pick out the one, which will be with you for a long time.

You need to find the best kinds of exterior material, which will last a long time, and will also be clean and like new all the time so you do not have to choose or buy a newer one after just a few trips.

This is only possible if you are buying something, which is scratch, and impact proof.

Most of the people only want to buy the branded material and branded luggage so that they can show it off in front of others whenever they are going for some kind of trip anywhere.

This can be a business trip, a personal or any other kind of trip. The main purpose of buying all these things is to make their own life comfortable and also look good while they are traveling.

Even if your bag is still serving what its purpose as well but is no better looking, you will most probably not want it to have to travel with it anymore and will start searching for something new forgetting about all the money that you had spent on it previously.

To avoid this in the future, you need to buy the bags, which are scratch proof so that no kind of scratch can easily cause any issues for them at any time during your trip.

If they are not scratch and impact resistant, they will start looking old very soon, and you will have to deal with the issues a lot earlier than you thought you would have to.

This problem occurs most of the times with only the hard or the hybrid shells, and you have to keep them going around with all the scratched luggage, which keeps looking awkward in all of your trips.

You can no longer use the luggage in any kind of business trip or use this luggage while on a trip with any kind of friends or important people since it will leave the worst impact possible on the other people that are traveling with you on your trip, and you will be embarrassed almost all of the time with the suitcase that you have to lug around with you.

Conclusion Ricardo Luggage

In conclusion, there are various options out there in the world for you to choose from. Suitcases with the same qualities but different price points but it is up to you to decide which one is the best for you while keeping in mind your budget.

Ricardo Luggage has shown that it can provide style, quality, and not have you fishing deep into your pockets to afford a good value suitcase that will last you a long time.

All those sets mentioned above differ from one another and have specific qualities which fit the needs of various people, so when choosing a suitcase, never forget to keep your needs first.

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