Pierre Cardin Travel Luggage

 Luggage is one of the important accessories to travel in the modern world. It is impossible to live and cope with the modern world without luggage. In the present age, people are becoming mobile, because of the wonders of modern air travel. It is essential to carry out Pierre Cardin’s travel

luggage with you. The design of the luggage has evolved. However, the basic

function storage and spacing remain the same over time. Since at the time of ship travel, luggage has gained more importance and value. People who belong to high society may pack their luggage in a large trunk at that time. Later, when air travel was introduced, there was also an evolution in luggage development.

People pack their accessories in special suitcase bags. They are not only cheap but also easy to carry. They are safe for your accessories and can be carried to any place. They allow the average citizen to travel.


design: In the beginning, wood was used to make the suitcase to travel to long distances. The lightweight wood was chosen since it was easy to carry than ancient trunks. In the present day, where travel is an important part of life. Travel is important for earning too. Today, comfortable luggage has been developed, and work is continued to create more innovative luggage design.


There are several brands of luggage. They include, American Tourist Luggage, Atlantic Luggage, Briggs Riley luggage, Dakota luggage, Delsey luggage, Diane von Furstenberg luggage, Eddie Bauer Luggage, Gucci Luggage, Hartmann Luggage, HighSierra Luggage, Kenneth Cole luggage, Kipling luggage, Lark Luggage, Louis Vuitton Luggage, Paragon luggage, Pathfinder luggage, Pierre Cardin Luggage. Ricardo Luggage, Samsonite Luggage. Skyway Luggage, Traveller Luggage, Tumi Luggage, and Victoriana Luggage.


accessories: It includes; Luggage locks, personalized luggage tags, personalized luggage shoulder traps.

Pierre Cardin Luggage

Since 1998, Pierre Cardin has been producing unique design luggage for men, women, and children.Pierre Cardin Luggage follows global fashion trends. They use their fashion trends, sense, and creativity and also follow modern trends. They are also inventing fashion trend bags for women, which are stylish and easy to carry out. This plan is building a strong relationship with their customers.


Pierre Cardin Luggage is designed as a three-piece combo. Its side tote can be used as a personal item. The suitcases in the Pierre Cardin luggage set is about 29-inches full, a 25 inches medium, and 22 inches small carry on is available. It is designed in such a fashion that would make your travel breeze.

These bags are not just designed to fit many accessories in it, but also it may allow to roll and carry all of your accessories and belongings in it very easily.

For the use of packing purposes, these bags contain zippers having an expansion of two extra inches. This would allow the carrier to provide a safe room for their accessories, and also they can fit and carry anything for their long trip. It prevents a traveler from carrying many bags with him because Pierre Cardin can carry lots of accessories with it. 


Pierre Cardin Luggage will give more space for storage to carry out your luggage for long or shorter trips.

The bags are interchangeable. It can be made small or large according to your desire via zipper connection.

If you have to go on a long business trip, a 22 inches bag will give 55 liters of space when expanded. That’s why you can easily take out your shoe makeups or whatever you like to take.

It is so comfortable and easy to carry out. It also helps to bear you the travel costs because it is very soft as compared to hard shell bags which are too heavy to carry and we have to pay a high cost for it also to travel along with it. Pierre Cardin Luggage will provide 15% more space than other bags.

It has two zipper systems. One is the zippered outer pocket, and another one is in the deep one. The interior is lined with stretching shoe pockets.

It also contains a clip in toiletry kit and also a zippered mesh organizational pocket. The total packing room is approximately 200 litters. The tote can also give more space than this.


The main and the most common feature of Pierre Cardin luggage, which allows the traveler to buy the soft bags instead of hard shell bags, is that it is expandable and also it is flexible, and it is the main feature of this luggage.

It can fit more luggage in it. Other features which make it more adaptable is that it contains spinner wheels. They use polypropylene for wheels.

These wheels are screwed into the suitcase body rather than weakly attached. Other features include a telescoping push-button handle, side, and top haul handle, and a strong zipper system, which makes it capable of incorporating into TSA locks. 



Interior features in Best Pierre Cardin luggage include full watertight lining, and also a stretch pocket for bulky objects like shoes, tie-down straps, and also a deep zipper ceiling pocket. It also includes a toiletry kit. However, as compared to other toiletry kits, it is small-sized and limited. It also includes a padded insert for your laptop insertion.


The Pierre Cardin luggage is too light to carry. Almost all the international airways also demand payment of your accessories and luggage. Your package weight must be between 30 to 40 pounds.

The 22 inches suitcase bags weigh about approximately 3.2 pounds.  Pierre Cardin luggage is light in weight because it uses ultra-lightweight materials in its formation and design. It allows the customer to occupy extra space with plenty of luggage.

The largest bags that Pierre Cardin luggage sells weigh only 11.9 pounds and the medium bag is of about 9.1 pounds. This is too lightweight. It is easy to carry. The tote bags have typically 1.4 pounds unpacked weight and 8 pounds packed weights. The suitcase also contains handles that allow it to pull it safely from the place, and can be carried at any place safely. 


The bags are durable. The bags are made up of cotton; this material makes it more durable and lightweight. Mostly made up of cotton canvas material with more durable stitching and faux leather, which is attached around the sides and the tops, also at the zippered areas. This is used for providing extra strength, durability, and a unique, stylish look. 


 Nylon is the most durable material used for making suitcases. The most common feature of nylon suitcase is that it is light in weight and can travel to long distances without tearing and with giving harm to the accessories. But as compared to cotton made bags, nylon made bags are less durable and less stylish.


the important feature of the zipper present in this design is that it is self-repairing. It contains strong metal pull tabs.

The telescope pull buttons are made up of aluminum. The spinner wheels have a disadvantage that it is harder to pull than in-line skate wheels.

These features rather provide them extra strength and durability. It is made from high-quality propylene, which makes it more flexible and durable.

The main complaint of the customers is that the inner lining of bags is easy to tear and weaker. The suitcase lining is thus made up of thicker, stylish material and also tighter material. 


Checked bags are available at the size of 29.18.12 inches. Medium-sized bags are available at the size of 25.16.12 inches and carry on size bags are available in 22.5. 14.5 .9.5 inches.

Each of these bags also contains an extra zipper, which provides 2 inches of space. The smallest bag is available in the size of 13. 15. 6.5 inches.

This contains a space just enough for you to stuff your laptop, Ipad, or phone. Carry on bags are available in the size ideal for carrying 5 days of your clothing with you during traveling.

During your international flights, you have to check the large bags, and you cannot carry inside without checking, but for the smaller carry on bags, you can take it inside without checking.


Pierre Cardin luggage is famous for its unique style look. It can be carried easily. It has a pull button. It is light in weight. It is made up of durable material. It provides a huge space for the luggage.

All these fancy features are perfect for long travels of both casual and professional nature. Pierre Cardin luggage also has a unique logo.

Faux leather siding and zipper lining also contribute to add a unique sexy flair. Mostly grey white-colored bags are used.

These bags are promoted because of their excellent looks. It also has a strap so it can be carried on your shoulder, giving it a purse type look. In addition, this style is simple and fast, having a push-button locking telescope handles, smart spinner wheels, and has a shape that it can overcome and squeeze trough the crowded places. 


Pierre Cardin luggage has a guaranteed 1-year warranty. This warranty is against defective materials and workmanship also. The warranty is from the date of purchase. Make sure that the customer will allow to exchange the material or replace it. 

Anti-theft backpack

What are the anti-theft backpacks? These are the small bags with two shoulder straps. You can wear it on your back. Anti-theft

backpacks are mostly used by business traders. Anti-theft backpacks contain the following features:

Hidden zippers

This is the most prominent design of the Best anti-theft backpacks. The zippers are hidden, and they remain hidden even when the bag is worn out.

Combination TSA Locks

It has another important feature of TSA lock, which allows locking zippers so no one can have access to your accessories, even when you leave your bag unattended. It is just like when you leave your bicycle by locking it. 

Wire cable lock: Anti-theft backpacks also contains some coil locks that will help to keep the bags stationary. This makes your luggage all the more secure. 

External USB Charging

Another important feature of backpacks is that they have external USB changing This is the most pretty and standard feature of the Best antitheft backpacks

Anti-stab: It is anti-stab. This means that it is anti-theft. It can hold everything you need at the spot. 

Anti-slash: As it is anti-stab, it is also anti-slash. Because most of them are made of such kind of fabric that cannot wear out and are anti-cut, the fabric used is durable and flexible. It protects from the slashing attacks of the thieves. 

RFID pocket: There are at least one or more pockets in the Best anti-theft backpack. Its main purpose is to take care of your identity card. It prevents the data of your cards from being stolen by impeding the card’s signals.


Pierre Cardin Travel luggage is a unique style of suitcase bags. These are more comfortable and light in weight. They can carry your luggage for long distances. Because of its unique style and flexibility and durability, it does not wear out. It protects your luggage and accessories. It provides a proper security system. It has a long handle and has spinning wheels, which makes it easier to maneuver. Pierre Cardin is available in many designs and styles. It also has a strip that makes it able to be worn on the shoulders. It has a unique zipper system. The smallest sized Pierre Cardin contains the space that will house a small laptop or tablet or phone. The Best anti-theft backpack is also a unique styled bag. Its important feature is that it cannot be stabbed or slashed by thieves.

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