10 Best Pierre Cardin Luggage of 2021 – Why is it better?

When thinking about travel, one of the most important questions that enter one’s mind is about luggage. We need it to be durable, easy to maintain, easy to identify as well as stylish enough to stand out from the rest. Pierre Cardin Luggage since the start has been a name known for producing exceptionally unique single and set of luggage for both adults and children. It is a name associated with style as well as durability. Like many other companies in the fashion industry, Pierre Cardin operates in a way that suits a specific clientele.

Pierre Cardin Luggage

It has a wide range of sets as well as single pieces of luggage that cater to different needs and style preferences of men and women. Some of the items in the collection are unisex, while others are specific.

Pierre Cardin is not only trendy, but their pieces are one-of-a-kind, so it is a sure fact that one would stand out in a crowd. The range consists of all sorts of luggage; from 4-piece luggage sets to weekend roller Holdall bags, from compact wallets and passport holders to elegant handbags for women, from soft-sided suitcases to hard-sided suitcases, from briefcases to computer cases.

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What’s more is that almost all suitcases come in an array of colors, material like poly-nylon and leather as well as different sizes.

All this so that you get to choose what you like according to your need. Pierre Cardin has an astounding luggage line, which makes it even harder to choose the top 10.

The following have been carefully chosen, keeping in mind a lot of factors, such as durability, good value for money, being fashionable as well as how well the audience has received them.

1. Signature Spinner

Signature Spinner Four Piece Pierre Cardin Luggage 0208P01

For our top pick is the Signature Spinner Four Piece Luggage Set in the color grey 0208P01. As the name suggests, the set consists of four items; from the elegant and stylish tote bag to the 28-inch full-size suitcase.

Each of the suitcases is expandable to increase the packing space. The tote also features a fully lined interior and as an add on has a laptop section increasing its usability and functionality.
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The set provides a very feminine style without overdoing it, proving that Pierre Cardin knows how to stand out and be unique. The dimensions for the set are 73.7 x 45.7 x 30.5 cm for the full size bag, 64.8 x 40.6 x 28 cm for the medium sized bag, and 57.2 x 36.8 x 24 cm for the carry on.

All three of these suitcases also feature an expansion zipper that increases the storage capacity by 15%.  The smallest piece of the set, the carry on the tote bag is sized at 13 x 15 x 6.5 cm and as mentioned above includes enough space to fit your laptop.  

Pierre Cardin Key Features

  • The interior is completely lined and branded.
  • The suitcases contain a zippered mesh pocket.
  • It also has two shoe pockets, a toiletry bag, and side pockets.
  • The trolley handles have a simple push-button lock.


  • This set is not only classy but also has a lot of packing capacity.
  • The three suitcases together make up over 200 liters, which is more than enough for a couple weeks’ trip.


  • The only downside to it is that the tote bag is quite small and acts more like a purse than an effective bag for traveling purposes.

2. Pierre Cardin Lightweight

Pierre Cardin Lightweight medium holdall with wheels

Ranked in at number two is the Lightweight Medium Holdall with Wheels CL769. The Holdall has a capacity of 78.5 liters, and it has dimensions 33 x 66 x 36 cm.

The lightweight Holdall weighed in at 3.1 kg though it is too big for cabin use. It is a well-designed product as it boasts separate compartments for multiple items. As the name suggests, it can carry enough amount for a weekend trip easily.

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Pierre Cardin Key Features

  • It is designed with a sturdy poly-nylon body material.
  • It has a separate shoe compartment.
  • The Holdall also has external pockets.
  • The wheels have been tested and have passed the rolling road test.
  • The wheels can also be recessed into the case.
  • The interior of this bag is lined as well as branded and has interlocking stress-tested zip sliders for added security for all sorts of belongings.


  • The Holdall has an additional grab handle, and padded cuff handles.
  • The suitcase has also been tested for strength, resilience, longevity, and durability for a better overall experience.
  • The Holdall is one of the bestsellers of the Pierre Cardin Luggage range.


  • It does not have more size ranges.
  • It does not come in more colors.
  • It cannot fit in the overhead cabin in planes.

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3.Soft Shell Suitcase with Durable Wheels- Cion by Pierre Cardin

Soft Shell Suitcase with Durable Wheels- Cion by Pierre Cardin

Our number three on this list is a softshell suitcase called Cion CL610M from the Pierre Cardin Luggage range. The suitcase comes in four different sizes that are ranging from full size to carry on.

The carry on version is compatible with the guidelines and restrictions of major airlines. The small suitcase is measured at 25 x 39 x 56 cm. The Cion comes in a total of two colors as well.

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Pierre Cardin Key Features

  • It has a set of smooth glide; stress tested in-glide stake hardwearing wheels.
  • The interior of the suitcase is lined with a full length zipped pockets and packing straps.
  • Soft Shell Suitcase is made with durable polyester body material.
  • It has a lightweight telescopic trolley system.
  • It has both; top and side carry handles.


  • The Cion is not only durable because of the body material but also stylish.
  • It is compact and well designed, as it has zipped pockets to keep your documentation, accessories, and toiletries separate.


  • It is a soft shell bag so it may not be as useful for rough terrains
  • It further also lacks a combination lock system, which is necessary to keep your belongings and documentation safe during your travels.

4. ABS Hard Shell Suitcase CL889

ABS Hard Shell Suitcase CL889

Fourth on our list is a hard-shelled suitcase which is the ABS Hard Shell Suitcase CL889 in its medium size. It has two other sizes as well as two different colors, dark grey, and plum.

The large suitcase is sized at 76.5 x 29 x 52 cm and has a capacity of 96 liters. While the medium size has dimensions 66.5 x 25 x 46 cm with a capacity of 62 liters. The smaller suitcase has a size of 55.5 x 22.5 x 38 cm, that can hold up to 38.9 liters.
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Packing Clothes in Luggage by Pierre Cardin

Key Features

  • The body of the suitcase is durable.
  • It is also scratch-resistant.
  • The Hard Shell boasts an interior that is fully lined and branded with zipped sections as well as elastic packing straps.
  • It has 8 smooth-glide spinner wheels, which have been stress-tested for easy maneuvering.
  • The lightweight telescopic top handles and side handle are comfortable and feature locking push buttons.


  • The hard shell makes it more durable.
  • It has great value for money.
  • It also comes in multiple colors and can be chosen according to your preference and style.


  • It does not have the expandability of a soft shell suitcase.
  • The lock system is not a combination lock; rather, it is a key lock.

5. London Fog EVA

London Fog EVA - Soft Sided Luggage LFL003

Coming in at number five from the Luggage range is the London Fog EVA Soft Sided Luggage LFL003. This suitcase weighs about 4.3 kg. The luggage comes in multiple sizes; large, medium, small, and under-seat bag.

It combines fashion and functionality as it is constructed from premium hound’s tooth body material with anti-scuff corners to protect the exterior of the suitcase.  The London Fog EVA Soft Sided Luggage also features rose gold hardware on zips and comes in an elegant combination of brown and cream plaid.   [amazon box=”B07H9Q4W8N” template=”horizontal”]

Key Features

  • It has 4 stress-tested, durable, smooth-glide spinner wheels.
  • The London Fog is lightweight.
  • It has telescopic handles with locking push button and interlocking zip pullers.
  • The interior has fully branded lining with a full length zipped pockets.


  • The elegant exterior design of the suitcase
  • The smooth glide spinner wheels which provide ease and comfort while handling luggage during travel.
  • It is also light in weight in comparison with others and is a winner with the female clientele.


  • There is not much variety in the colors.
  • It may lack slightly in the security department.

6. Mobile Office PC1844 Petrol

Pierre Cardin Mobile Office PC1844 Petrol

The sixth in line on our list is the Pierre Cardin mobile office PC1844 PETROL, which is the perfect companion for business trips and which has a size of approximately 43 x 22 x 38 cm. The mobile office features a capacity of about 36 liters and weights 2.95 kg.

It has enough packing capacity for official trips and can also be used by students to carry their books and copies. The mobile office stands out from amongst the Pierre Cardin range due to its very unique orientation. Consequently, making it perfect not only for business trips but also for everyday usage.

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Key Features

  • The interior is very roomy.
  • The suitcase is sturdy but surprisingly light.
  • Furthermore, the suitcase also has retractable pulling handles
  • It also features an external zip pocket.


  • It is affordable.
  • It is trendy and lightweight.
  • It offers good value for money.


  • It has a limited capacity.
  • There is not a complete set available.
  • It does not have expandable features.

7. Leather Travel Washbag PC2901

Leather Travel Washbag PC2901 - Protravelone Toiletry Bag for Men

Ranked in at number seven is the Leather Travel Washbag PC92901. It is sized at 14 x 25.5 x 11 cm. The washbag can be used on the job as well as off it. This shows just how multi-purpose it is.

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Key Features

  • This suitcase has 2 separate zipped compartments with a coordinated nylon lining.
  • The whole washbag is made entirely of leather, which adds to its beauty, functionality, and durability.


  • The Leather Travel Washbag is easy to carry the items and is useful for overnight excursions.
  • It features a unique style that is unlike any other, and it is made of leather, which in itself is a bonus.


  • It comes in only one size.
  • The washbag lack wheels, which would have just added to its functionality.

8. Signature 4-Piece Expandable Luggage Set 19004RX

Signature 4-Piece Expandable Luggage Set 19004RX

The stylish but durable and heavy-duty Signature 4-Piece Expandable Luggage Set 19004RX comes in at 8th. The set contains a full-size suitcase of dimensions 71.1 x 48.3 x 24.1 cm with a weight of 6.8 kg, and a medium-sized one measuring 63.5 x 43.2 x 22.8 cm weighing in at 6.4 kg. Also included is a carryon with dimensions 53.3 x 35.6 x 20.3 cm, which weighs 5.4 kg, and a 40.6 x 25.4 x 20.3 cm satchel with a weight of 1.4 kg.

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Pierre Cardin Luggage Brown on belt

Key Features

  • The set has a fully lined, branded interior.
  • It has extra-large zipper compartments with extra valet straps.
  • It also boasts quick-release add-a-bag straps.
  • The suitcases can be expanded upright by an additional 6.4 cm.
  • It also has self-repairing nylon zippers and in-line recessed skate wheels.


  • The ergonomic push-button locking handle is an added plus to this combo.
  • The set is made up of dirt and water-resistant jacquard woven polyester fabric.
  • The bag also has extra-large zippered pockets for keeping belongings and toiletries neat and separate.


  • The carryon is heavier than most of those featured in the Pierre Cardin range.
  • It might cause hindrance in traveling, especially if used by a child.

9. Medium Black Suitcase PC2645M

Pierre Cardin Medium Black Suitcase PC2645M BLK

Ranking in at Number 9 on our list from the Pierre Cardin Luggage range is the Medium Black Suitcase PC2645M BLK.

Like many other suitcases in the range, this too is available in a 3-piece set and in a larger size as well.  The medium size is 60 x 25(+8cm) x 42 cm with a capacity of 83 liters weighing at 2.9 kg.   [amazon box=”B008M6ZD06″ template=”horizontal”]

Key Features

  • It has a 3-point combination lock.
  • It can be expanded up to 8 cm.
  • The black suitcase is super light and features 360-degree heavy-duty ball bearing spinning wheels.
  • The interior of the luggage is fully lined, branded.
  • It also contains a separate zipped shirt compartment as well as external zipped compartments.
  • Pierre Cardin’s suitcase boasts handles that are grip steady for ease in lifting


  • Pierre Cardin provides a complete 3 piece set for those planning long trips
  • A single piece and the whole set has a fully lined interior.
  • The combination locks on the suitcase provide the security required to keep all your belongings safe.


  • It is comparatively heavier than some that are mentioned in our list.
  • Does not have a separate bag for toiletries.

10. Expandable Grey Luggage PC2790

 Expandable Grey Luggage - PC2790 GREY

Ending the list with the suitcase at number 10 is the Expandable Grey Luggage PC2790 GREY, which is a set of three suitcases. It comes in two other colors, which are blue and black.

The large suitcase has dimensions 71 x 34(+8cm) x 50 cm with a capacity of 149 liters and with a weight of 2.9 kg. The medium is sized at 60x 25(+8cm) x 42 cm with a capacity of 83 liters weighing at 2.6 kg.

The smaller suitcase or cabin case is sized at 48 x 23 x 36 cm with a capacity of 40 liters which weighs in at 2.1 kg.
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Key Features

  • It has TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved locks.
  • The suitcases can expand up to 8cm (This feature is only present on the large and medium sizes).
  • The suitcase is lightweight and features 360-degree multidirectional heavy-duty spinner wheels.
  • Expandable Grey Luggage has an EVA molded face.
  • It is fully lined with zipped compartments in its interior and on the exterior.
  • It has top push-button recessing locking handles as well as sturdy side handles.


  • Overall, the whole Expandable Grey Luggage set is cheaper than some of the pieces available in the range.
  • It is also lighter and still features optimum packing capacity.


  • On the other hand, the cabin case does not have the combination lock system on it so it can prove to be rather risky if traveling with important documents and belongings.


Pierre Cardin Luggage is easily available on the Pierre Cardin online store. However, the store does not deliver to all parts of the world but the suitcases are also easily available on LUGGAGE – Pierre Cardin Online Store.

Amazon further offers a platform to compare different kinds of luggage of the same and different brands so that you can make the right choice for yourself.

Another site where the Pierre Cardin Luggage range is available is www.luggagespots.com. It has an option for checking out reviews and also for having a closer look at the bags.

And if you so happen to have an outlet of Pierre Cardin in town, that is the best option to opt for. Also, most online stores have an option for using a card, and so if you want to pay cash on delivery, make sure you select that option.

On a side note, Pierre Cardin bags usually come with a one-year warranty so when you buy, make sure to check that you have the receipt so that in case of any mishap, you do not face much loss. 


If you’re confused to exactly what size would be feasible for you, then fret not as we are here to help. If you have a trip planned for around 3-4 days, then a small suitcase and a carryon would do just fine.

On the other hand, if you are going for some time, about 8 days, then you should opt for a medium-sized suitcase and a carryon for essentials. For anything up to a couple of weeks, the full-size luggage would be required.

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For more than that, you should go for a 3 or 4 piece set of luggage. Last but not least, for overnight travel of short business trips, a travel washbag or a mobile office would be suitable for you respectively.


To conclude, there are a lot of different varieties of luggage present in the market. Multiple brands may sell the same sort of baggage as well.

But that is what reviews are for Pierre Cardin, with their luggage line, has shown that functionality and style can go hand in hand. The luggage range like the other products by the company has stood out from other rival brands, as they are unique in themselves.

The items mentioned above are all different from each other in quite some ways that they fit the needs and requirements of different types of people planning various trips as well as for daily use such as commuting to and from work, and even business trips.

Almost all the bags above can fit in a lot of packing except a few that have been specifically designed for short trips.

The functionality and the well-designed and designated zippers and pockets, as well as the expandable space, clearly show that Pierre Cardin has thought of absolutely everything while designing the range to make sure that packing and the safety of your belongings are the least of your worries during their trip.

Pierre Cardin, true to themselves have catered to people from all walks of life and has ensured that men and women alike get a whole line of luggage which doesn’t only make them look smart, but is also durable, sturdy, and very handy.

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