Mixed Tray Natural Individual – Eyelash Extensions- Comfortable to wear

All type of Eyelashes is not comfortable for all type of face. It depends on your requirements, as well. You know we told you the specifications and features of the eyelashes. Now, let me tell you about the Mixed Tray Natural Eyelash Extensions. When I am starting to use Mixed Tray Natural Eyelashes, it’s so beautiful and perfect with my face. Overall my experience is very good. There are multiple reasons to select these eyelashes for my face. When I apply to my face, it looks so natural, and this is the best thing, which attracts me. These are useful for unique rebate offer I discovered them to look somewhat plastic and the structure and brand to be a little on the basic side. It is a decent decision to have in case I’m completing a rebate offer from my unique value on account of its quality and esteem.

Thickness Volume Eyelashes Extensions

It have a great deal of detail, similar to Stable C Curl 0.15mm thickness volume eyelash expansions, 8-15mm blended plate: 8mm*1, 9mm*1, 10mm*2, 11mm*2, 12mm*2, 13mm*2, 14mm*1, 15mm*1. Complete 12 columns one plate. You can pick a reasonable length in one plate, simple to work. We never compromise on the quality and material. It Made with PBT from Korean, 100% carefully assembled eyelash augmentations, hypoallergenic, cold-bloodedness free. As the genuine lashes are so light and common. 

Connection IZ Eyelash Extensions Classic Series & Flat Series 

Connection IZ Classic Series have C D J B twist Lash Extensions. 

C Curl

incredibly delicate, makes the lashes marginally curlier than claim lashes, it indicates progressively regular. 

D Curl

very delicate, makes the lashes somewhat curlier than C-lashes, it makes you an all the more beguiling and sensational look. 

B Curl

very delicate, look like twisted by eyelash style. 

J Curl

very delicate, the twist is the littlest among the four eyelashes. 

Flat Series have C D twist Lash Extensions.  

Level Ellipse Eyelashes Extension has Special shape: The root has an exceptional shape, longer enduring time, by greater contact region. Lighter and milder, simple making characteristic looking.

Natural and Beautiful Looks

Easy to apply and evacuate, no buildup, stable twist. Agreeable to wear, and no chafed   feel to eyelids and don’t hurt your genuine eyelash. Natural Looking Will makes your clients satisfied with your lash extensions.


  • Natural looks.
  • Good Alternative for very short lashes.
  • It has a different length and sizes. You can select according to your requirement. 


  • Sometime Eyelashes make you artificial.
  • Defiantly it’s not the permanent solution of your short eyelashes. 
  • You never share your eyelashes with someone else. 

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