Michelin Windshield Wipers Review

Have you been noticing a lot more streak and scratches on your windshield as of later? Hear any weird squeaking noises while your wiper blades in motion. Well, folks, we have to say it. All the signs point towards the obvious, your windshield needs some well-deserved TLC.

Don’t be alarmed though, it is simply the time for some damage control and the best place to start would be to invest in some new windshield wipers. So, with all the options out there, where should you begin choosing? 

Well, we’ve made this chore a lot easier for you. We present to you one crowd favorite in the automotive world – Michelin Windshield Wipers.

By now you must be wondering why we’re so hyped for a pair of windshield wipers but hear us out and we’ll tell you. For starters, Michelin gets right down to business so we are going to do the same and dive right into the manufacturing and design so you can see what these Michelin wipers are all about. 

Each Michelin wiper blade is equipped with some smart hinge joints that keep it taut over the entire length of the blade and keep a tight grip so that it lays across your windshield securely. These smart hinge joints are patented so you can count on them when it comes to performance. 

A huge advantage of these joints is that they cover the entirety of the blades such that they do not get clogged by snow, or debris after being used for some time. This bodes well for the structure of the wiper blades because it keeps up their flexibility and prevents them from getting stiff and dragging across the windshield. 

Additionally, either end of the wiper blade has independent suspension. The term sounds quite technical at first. However, it simply means that these components give your wiper blades the ability to contort to the shape of your windshield. 

This means that the wipers will sit securely on top of your windshield and will not fall prey to wind lift and will not keep flopping up and down every now and then. This problem usually occurs with the other end of the wiper blade, but this feature rectifies it. 

Although this will be rare, there will be times where you have to replace the wiper blades so if you have any doubts about that, you can rest assured because there is an easy connector system commonly referred to as EZ-Lok to make quick work of replacing the wiper blades. 

One of the reasons that we have so much faith in these Michelin Windshield wipers is that they have already been rigorously tested. So much so, that it has been determined that these wiper blades will outperform most conventional wiper blades up till and beyond about three hundred thousand cycles. 

As far as numbers go, that is a big one so that says a lot of the durability and credibility of these wiper blades. In addition to ice and snow, these wipers will also block any debris such as small pebbles and leaves from getting stuck in there owing to the harder covering on the outside. 

The Michelin wiper blade comes in a single unit even though there are many different attachments available. However, you have to play around with mixing and matching the different blades to find the optimal pairing for your vehicle in particular. 

There have been a few complaints regarding the instruction manual. However, that is common with commercial manuals so the important thing to remember is to not get frustrated. This can happen if you rely completely on the manual. 

There are other ways of figuring it out though and since it is truly a great product, it is also well worth the effort. Because once you have these in place, you will forget about this minor inconvenience as well. 

The good part is that there are multiple mounting options and a bunch of adaptors that can be used so it is definitely versatile because Michelin has designed them for maximum compatibility but this can be confusing for people trying to install the wiper blades for the first time. 

Once you have this little bit down, your windshield wipers will be good to go for a good year if not more!    

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