LeafTek Gutter Guard Leaf Protection

LeafTek Gutter Guard Leaf Protection

Keeping the gutters of your home protected is as essential as the protection of your home. The guttering system of your home keeps the water flow through the gutter without overflowing and damaging the foundation of the property, but if the guttering is blocked due to any debris, the water will overflow that could damage the guttering and foundation of your house.

The only thing that can protect the gutters and prevent the overflow of the water is the gutter guard. The guttering system of the home gets clogged only because of the debris that gets into the guttering and blocks the whole system. 

How to Choose a Gutter Guard

Gutter guard is made to prevent the debris from getting into guttering so that guttering could keep working uninterruptedly to drain out the water in a proper way.

Gutter guard is essential for the guttering system of the home, but every gutter guard is not appropriate for your home. You need to be fully aware of the requirements of your guttering system before purchasing any gutter guard.

Here is one of the best gutter guards available in the market that may suit your guttering system. Here are the features of this gutter guard.

The LeafTek Gutter Guard 

The LeafTek Gutter Guard Leaf Protection has been designed to offer you perfect protection to your guttering system. It is a perfectly designed, convenient gutter guard that protects your guttering system from debris.

It effectively keeps the debris like leaves, dirt, roof-moss, and insects out of your guttering system and save the guttering from clogging or blockage. 


The strength and durability of the gutter guard are vital because if the gutter guard is not strong enough to withstand heavy downpour and extreme weather, then it will collapse at the time of need and will leave the whole gutter system ceased causing the overflow of water.

Leaftek Gutter Guards is made from heavy aluminum material which is durable enough to meet the challenge of extreme weather and heavy downpour.

These grated sheets of aluminum feature a raised vented ridge design that allows for downward airflow which dries out your gutters after a rainstorm.

The dryness caused by these sheets makes the debris to be blown away by a breeze, and it also creates an atmosphere where mosquitos, pests, and rotting cannot flourish.

The small holes let the heavy downpours drain out quickly while keeping out debris, leaves, insects, twigs, and other fine elements of nature.  


The installation of The LeafTek Gutter Guard is very easy, but it requires stainless steel matching screws. The installation does. not touch your shingles, and screws strengthen your gutters. You also get plenty of size options, and you can also order the sample to be certain of the size and quality. 


  • Easy, do it yourself installation
  • Makes corner installation hassle-free
  • The company offers excellent customer service
  • Easy to maintain
  • Does not disrupt shingles
  • Not easily visible from the ground


  • Limited order size options
  • Imperfect sizing may cause leaks

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