Leaf Blower Reviews and Guide

Leaf Blower Reviews and Guide

What does Hurricane Irma feel like clinging to your shoulders? Giving you a close representation is any of the leading backpack blowers. With air velocity exceeding 200 MPH and4-digit CFMs, these monster air movers make small leaves and mower shrapnel work.

Therefore, they are all blowing and none sucking! Having a backpack blower can make you feel comfortable while doing all the cleaning work!

Many manufacturers produce leaf blowers from handheld to backpack, 2-stroketo4-stroke, gas, and cordless. However, this list narrows the fast ones when it comes to the beast blowing backpackers.

In addition to scientific instruments, our testing includes real-world use, providing tons of data. We wrap it in a small package for you alone.

Use Earmuffs

All this high power comes at a cost, or several costs, from a backpack blower shootout. No matter what model you pick, you should wear hearing protection.

ANSI specs require measurement of the decibel–dB (A) –levels from fifty feet away. We measure according to the ANSI spec, but at the user’s ear, we also give you our findings.

Some of the manufacturers claim to be as low as 73 dB (A), but the lowest in our test was the Makita at 76 dB (A). Keep in mind that this small measurement is at fifty-(50) feet, so for the bystander, this is only useful data.

All seven blowers at the operator’s ear ranged from 101 to 104 dB (A). In short, hearing protection with any of these blowers should be used at all times.

Consider the Performance

We know that you want to know the skinny about performance and power. Yes, we are going to get into MPH and CFM, but let’s discuss Newtons first. No, we do not talk about the type of fig; it is all about force.

The formal definition is this: the force required to accelerate an object with a mass of 1 kilogram 1 meter per second squared is one newton of force. Okay, now that is all clarified, let us make sense of it.

There is no doubt that when the best backpack blower is mentioned, RedMax comes to many minds. The RedMax musters 38.9, the highest of the bunch, with the Newton force pushing for 40. 

1. Shindaiwa EB802 2-Stroke Backpack Blower


The EB802 did not finish in a wheelbarrow race. Let us face it here is a small community. Handheld, cordless, or electric blowers are even in this ring for a chance. No, it does not produce the force or CFM needed to make it the king of the hill, but the airspeed is high, and the typical lawn debris cleanup will work well. The EB802 feels like a very light, nimble blower.


  • It feels soft and light.
  • Revs fast. 
  • Hip controls with the kill switch


  • Not the most affordable. 
  • When running, vibration in the hands and back. 
  • The slightest comfort.

2. Maruyama BL9000-SP Backpack Blower

Maruyama BL9000-SP Backpack Blower

Maruyama is a brand you may not notice daily, but it is a strong blower and competitor. The numbers were not quite at the top three levels, but, at the door was scratching the Maruyama BL9000. It has all the fantastic features, including some active cooling.  This blower has the feeling of being #1 in power when put to use, but the numbers are not there. Many people pick up the Maruyama BL9000, and after using it, they all have the same thoughts. The BL9000 is a beast! 


  • Great rival.
  • Comfortable bracelets and back pad. 
  • Active refreshment. 
  • Easy to use the grip with a pistol.
  • Includes many tips.


  • The price is very high

3. Makita EB7650TH Backpack Blower

Makita EB7650TH

Makita stepped into this gunfight with a weapon that could be scoffed at by others but no longer. The Makita EB7650TH 4-stroke MM4 backpack blower may put back a few spots, but it is worth it to be at the top. Even if you do not think so, this unassuming-sounding blower does the work. The sound from the Makita has a much more mellow tone than the high-rpm screaming2-strokes. 


  • Comfortable bracelets and back pad. 
  • Controls are easy to use. 
  • Included are two tips. 
  • Claims are either spot-on or inferior. 


  • Not the best option

4. Echo PB770-T Backpack Blower

Echo PB770-T

To the top of the OPE world, ECHO is no stranger. Performance and reliability retain this brand for the Pros. The theme does not change when it comes to backpack blowers. Easy to use, ECHO PB770-T controls work flawlessly. It is easy to start the PB770, and the performance is impressive. Some back and handle vibration counted on the ergonomics scale against this blower, and we believe that the tip/nozzle design could also help force and swath testing. 


  • Strong contender 
  • Is Powerful


  • Tips could be better developed. 
  • Vibration by hands and back.

5. RedMax EBZ8500 Backpack Blower

RedMax EBZ8500

It is no easy task to set the standard for decades for backpack blowers, and that’s just what RedMax does. Many are trying to reach the EBZ8500’s heights, but most are falling short.


  • Provides massive air volume of 916 CFM
  • Achieves airspeed of 291.29 km/h


  • Attached at the highest price. 
  • Suffers from smaller tank sizes in working efficiency. 
  • Somewhat less comfortable.


From there, we consider ergonomics, noise level, feature set, and value to be the overall score as well. Yes, the numbers show a winner, but one of the top six blowers performs well enough to get the job done right, as stated at the beginning.


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