Things You Need To Know About Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Things You Need To Know About Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fans are the basic need of a house. The primary function of the exhaust fan is the removal of dampness in a room or more importantly, in the bathroom. The smell in the bathroom can also be eliminated effectively.

Moreover, the bathroom exhaust fan guards the house by blocking the entry of insects and mosquitoes. It may aid in cleaning the atmosphere of the bathroom.

The specific features have been introduced in the exhaust fans to make it more reliable. It not only removes the bad old odor but also supplements the bathroom with fresh cold air.

Aims of Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Removal of Smell

The control of smell is the primary purpose of the bathroom exhaust fan. The bad smell in the bathroom irritates us. This smell is also the cause of germs and diseases. The bathroom smell needs to be eliminated.

Some people use several detergents to reduce the odor of the toilet. However, they are unable to remove the entirety of the scent of the bathroom.

There is a need to install the bathroom exhaust fans in showers for the effective removal of bad odor. The exhaust fans ventilate the indoor environment and enrich the room with fresh air.

Moisture Drop

The bathroom exhaust fan plays a vital role in the reduction of dampness. The moisture of the bathroom is needed to be removed. The moisture drop is an admirable objective of the bathroom exhaust fan.

The mold can grow in the presence of moisture. The growth of images is not favorable for the environment. To avoid such conditions, best bathroom exhaust fans remove the moistened air and introduce fresh air into the bathroom.

The Decrease in Airborne Particles

The germs found in the bathrooms are dangerous for health. There the highly reactive chemical is sometimes needed to overcome that problem.

The presence of contaminants in the air enters the body through inhalation, and they may cause a lot of health hazards. Many of the lung diseases nowadays are caused by this issue. The young children are mostly affected by it.

One of the airborne microorganisms is mold. The growth of mold happens at a rapid rate. Many chemical agents are often used to overcome its accumulation. Bathroom exhaust fan decreases this problem by reducing the dampness of the bathroom’s atmosphere.

Exclusion of Hazy Mirror Syndrome

Sometimes the foggy environment may be created in the bathroom. These will not only affect the atmosphere of the bathroom, but a foggy layer may develop in the mirror which affects our perception.

This condition is called foggy mirror syndrome. As bathroom exhaust fans are quite effective in reducing the humidity, so it also lessens the foggy mirror syndrome.

Relatively Less Noisy

The exhaust fans that not only offer effective removal of bad odor and dampness but make less noise as well that are bearable are the best bathroom exhaust fans.

Local exhaust fans create a huge sound that is unbearable. So always decide to choose those fans that make less noise.

Appropriate Ventilation

One of the most admirable features of bathroom exhaust fans is that it will supplement the fresh air to the indoor compartment.

The ventilation mechanism of bathroom exhaust fans is trustworthy. They are useful in eliminating the bad odorous air in the bathroom. The ventilation system is based on a specific area.

Specific Qualities of Bathroom exhaust fan

The selection of bathroom exhaust fans depends upon the pattern of the exhaust fans as well as the act of the fans. Some fans are equipped with the lighting system. The sensors are often found to detect the presence of moisture.

The lamps are the feature of a few models of the bathroom exhaust fan. The profound quality of these fans is the inclusion of the lighting system, and almost all the models have this feature.

The exhaust fans have an easy installation process. Other features of bathroom exhaust fan are shown below:

Timer Switches

Moreover, the bathroom exhaust fans offer the time set feature in which a suitable timer is set, and after that time, the fan shuts OFF.

For this purpose, specific switches called timer switches are present. You can reduce your bill and save electrical energy this way. 

Moisture Sensors

The switches are found in the bathroom exhaust fan that can sense the dampness in the bathroom. These switches are called moisture sensors.

They function in an alternative way as when they detect a quantity of moisture present in the atmosphere, the exhaust fan turns ON automatically.

If the moisture content is reduced, then the bathroom exhaust fan shuts OFF automatically.

Heat Lamps

Some exhaust fans boast heat lamps or lights. The function of heat lamps is to provide heat when needed. The lightening system serves to produce light when there is dark in the bathroom.

Steps to Install Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Following are the main steps that should be considered during the installation of bathroom exhaust fan:

Measure the Size

First, you have to measure the size of the fan. The size of the fan would be measured by using different formulas depending upon the suggestion of the producer. 

Direction of Air

After that, you have to determine what should be the direction of the wind. The best course decided is the removal of air inside the bathroom.

For this purpose, the direction of the bathroom exhaust fan is kept opposite; the backside of the exhaust fan is saved to the inside of the bathroom.

Need to Know the Electrical Choices

After following the above steps, the next step is to call the electrician to fix the exhaust fan electrically. You can not do this step if you do not know much about the electric system.

Removal of the Previous Exhaust Fan

For the installation of a new exhaust fan, the old exhaust fan should be removed first. Then install the better quality bathroom exhaust fan of your choice. 

Qualities of the Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan

  • Bathroom exhaust fans of good quality have a high capability of airflow.
  • They should be equipped with modern features like moisture sensor switches, lighting systems, timer switches, and heat lamps.
  • The color and design of the selected exhaust fan matter a lot, so it should also be useful.
  • The best bathroom exhaust fans would make low noise.
  • The best bathroom exhaust fan can be expensive, but it may also be available at affordable prices.

How to Maintain Bathroom Exhaust Fan

If you have a bathroom exhaust fan in your bathroom, then its maintenance is essential. For its support, some points should be followed. If the fan is accumulating dust and promoting the growth of molds, then there is something wrong with the exhaust fan.

First, you have to switch off the fan from the primary circuit to cut off the electricity properly. Then the second step is the removal of the exhaust cover. Put the lid aside.

Then you have to wash that cover. After that, the fan should be removed by unpinning the screws. The blades of the fan are cleaned thoroughly. After the cleaning procedure, put the cover back to the fan to reinstall it.


Bathroom exhaust fan is the basic need of a bathroom. The environment of the bathroom is filthy because of the bad odor and accumulations of germs due to the moisture.

Many microorganisms find a favorable environment here and start reproducing there. In this case, a bathroom exhaust fan is needed to clean the atmosphere of the washroom.

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