Husqvarna 450x Robotic Lawn Mower

As there are multiple needs of a user, the companies had to come up with different solutions for all the needs. There are many different kinds of lawn mowers in the market, and if you want to work properly, you need to identify the kind of lawn mower you need. 

Robot lawn mowers are the most in trend these days as they are easy to use. They do not create much fuss and you will not encounter any problems while using them. But even when you are dealing with the robot lawn mowers, many choices are waiting for you to be made. 

This lawn mower has been enlisted under the most popular lawn mowers for some reason. These reasons may include large ground that needs to be mowed soon. As these lawn mowers are taking over, there are still not many choices for people who have big lawns and gardens in their homes. Not only at home, but at commercial parks, you would need to use the lawn mowers too. 

While a lot of people are attracted to the smell of the freshly cut grass, there are also many people that are not a fan of the sound that is made and how long it takes and it disturbs them a lot. Due to which, all of the owners of parks, etc. need to adopt this new technique of cutting the grass down in no time and with the most ease and comfort. 

This lawn mower can mow the area of about 1.3 acres. There are not a lot of robotic lawn mower 1-acre cutting capacity, and they cannot cover that area. This is why this one robotic lawn mower is unique and can be used in all kinds of parks and gardens. It has the typical charging time of around 75 minutes, and after that time, you will be able to use it again. 

You can schedule the timing of it, and when you need the services to form it, and it will work according to the schedule without giving you much trouble. It has a lot of precautions, which help control them against accidents. 

It also has a unique black finish, which makes it even more interesting and good looking. As it is large in area as it has to cover a lot of places while cutting the grass, it looks good while being headed towards you and cutting all the grass down for you.

Technical details

  • Typical charging time: 75 min
  • Working area capacity (±20): 1.25 Acre
  • Sound level Measured: 58 dB(A)


  • It can cover a large area, which is not covered by most of the robot lawn mowers. They are only limited to small lawns, and the concept of bigger areas is not defined to them.
  • It can charge fast making it one of the best robot lawn mower 2020


  • Heavy and hard to handle at times.
  • You cannot pick them up and place them at other places due to their heavy weight.

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