How To Dispose Of The Pet Wastage Properly

How To Dispose Of The Pet Wastage Properly

 We are sometimes interested in keeping pets in our home. The cats, dogs, and chickens are the most commonly used pets. But the disposal of their wastage is the major problem. How can you dispose of their wastage in a better way?

Let us solve this issue, and there is a box which contains litter for the feces of cats, this box is called a litter box. The litter inside is made up of pellets, ammonia or sometimes the newspapers. These things can effectively control the smell of the excretions of the animals.

They also absorb the dampness from the feces and convert it into an odorless dried form. The pet can sit on it quickly and comfortably. These materials are entirely suitable as the swamped clay. There is a lot of cat litter available in the market. They are all useful and embedded with extraordinary qualities.

Material Used

Several documents are used for making cat liters. These materials are shredded newspapers, pellets, sometimes material that is used to feed the chickens, torn wood pieces, clay, and mock grass. All of them make a cat litter for your pets.

These are the cat litter you can make yourself at home. The formation method of these cat litters is described below.

Shredded Newspaper Cat Litter

The cat litter made from newspaper contains the following materials:

  • Ragged paper
  • Lemon max, which is used for washing plates
  • Sodium bicarbonate

The time required for the formation of cat litter is approximately less than one hour, and this is a short time so that you can make it easier. The procedure for its establishment is described below:

  1. Take a large number of newspapers and rag these papers by hand, until all the documents are converted into small pieces. Take a bowl or box made from plastic and put all these papers into it. Then add some water in this bowl, until all the newspapers are dipped in it. Add some soap in it and leave it for some time.
  2. Remove water and then again add the water. Now add some baking soda in it. Mash all the papers with your hands. It will be converted into a suitable form.
  3. Now put this stuff into the box and use it for the cats.


  • Easy to make
  • Not costly
  • Friendly for pets


  • Sometimes homemade litter is not suitable

Wood Pellets Cat Litter

Pellets sometimes are used for the formation of the cat litter. Its procedure for making litter is easy than others.

You can easily make it in your homes. All the ingredients and the process is the pellets replace the same as above except the newspaper. It’s a homemade product, but you can also buy it from shops at cheap rates.

Its however the best thing to being used cat litters. Some advantages and disadvantages of this type of litters are described below:


  • Sawdust is used for its formation, which is a cheap and readily available material.
  • Good for use
  • Comfortable for pets
  • High absorbing consistency


 Due to swelling of pellets, the enlarged granules may be dripped out from the box due to congestion.

Wheat Cat Litter

The cat litter can also be made from wheat. Wheat is used as food, so it is readily available in almost every home. But the specificity of the cat litter is that it is not made from the wheat which we eat instead the grain that we do not eat is used in the preparation of cat litter.

There are a lot of such properties of wheat that are making them more adaptable for the cats. Some of the features plodding of grain.

They can readily clump due to which it can absorb the moisture well and helps in the reduction of bad odor from the feces of the cat.

Wheat is also a comfortable place to sit for the pet. Moreover, it is available at low prices in markets.


The cat litter is the basic need if you have pets. You can prepare cat litters at home and also you can buy it from the market.

The homemade cat litter sometimes may not good and cause allergy to the skin of the pets. The cat litters available at the markets are much suitable to use for pets as they are odorless and have the capacity to convert odorous feces into odorless substances.

They also absorb and suck the moisture properly. The article is written about the features of the cat litters and different types of cat litter and their preparation. These are available in the market and have several brands.

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