Homedics Foot Spa Review

The HoMedics machine heats up water to 98°F in a few minutes. This foot spa maintains temperature until the end of the massage and pedicure.

This multifunction machine has 4 rollers with special pressure nodes.  The feet get the massage in all parts. The vibration nodes create oxygen bubbles to relax the tired feet in minutes.

It is made of high-quality plastic that prevents water from splashing. The toes can control heat with the touch mechanism.


  • The Heat Boost Power Foot Spa provides fast heating to98°F, maintaining temperature till the end of the pedicure.
  • The vibration mode helps relax the overtired feet with bubbles.
  • The pedicure part contains accessories, including soft pumice stone, massage roller, rough pumice stone, and a soft brush.
  • The pressure node technology of 4 rollers relaxes feet in minutes.
  • The built-in splash guard prevents water from splashing.
  • Easy toe-control mechanism
  • 6 feet UL Cord
  • Non-slip base


  • The toes can activate the vibration or heat mode that helps users to sit back and enjoy the pedicure and massage.
  • Every part of the feet gets a massage, including the sole and toes. The massage nodes provide extra care to the tired areas.
  • Water does not splash to the floor due to a built-in splash guard. A few cleanups are enough for feet.
  • The price is affordable.
  • The user can soak the feet for long, unlike other foot spas because the Homedics Foot Spa maintains its temperature for long.
  • The user can also add Epsom salt for added benefits.


  • Users’ feet react in different ways as some find vibration very hard to bear, whereas some find it good for tired feet.
  • Some users need hot water with extra time and complain that the heat does not stay for long.

Is It Worth the Price?

Yes, the product is an excellent value for money as it gives the desired massage without emptying your pocket. The users don’t have to join an expensive spa as the Homedics Foot Spa is the best way to rejuvenate at home.


  • The HoMedics Foot Salon Pro comes up with heat therapy, massage, and pedicure. It gives deep kneading to the tired soles. The user can mix bubbles and massage to get additional relaxation.
  • The pedicure section has 4 parts with spa products that you can use according to your feet. There is rough pumice stone for more exfoliation, or you can use a soft pumice stone for mild exfoliation. Use the cleaning brush with soft hands to avoid any scratch.
  • Place your pedicure accessories in built-in sections on the front of the machine.
  • The deep tub is to soak your feet in the water. There is a splash guard that will keep water intact during any movement. The back of the basin has control buttons that you can press with your toes without bending forward.
  • Clean up all parts after the pedicure as it will keep the machine fit for long. Let the unit get cool before cleaning and don’t forget to unplug the machine. Use a soft cloth and cleaning product to avoid any damage.
  • Don’t use harsh detergents or chemicals and dry off the unit after cleaning with a soft and dry cloth.

Product Details

  • Foot Spa Dimensions: 16.8×8.1×13.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 3.8 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 6 pounds
  •  UPC: 031262064431
  • Model Number: Main-49515


The HoMedics foot spa provides massage and pedicure by using heat and vibration mode. The nodes at the base of the machine provide additional massage and relax the feet in a few minutes. HoMedics has soft but effective vibration and bearable heat. The user can de-stress after a tough day with a foot spa.

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