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How We Review

At Review Bites, we keep customer satisfaction and truthful coverage above all. We aim to help you find the best product for your needs rather than hype up or advertise a product based on bias. We have criteria which we use to judge products and review them accordingly. Our criteria are standardized and it remains the same for every brand and company, whether it is a new one or a popular, mainstream seller.

Here are a few things that we use to review a product:

Features and Components

Without even looking at which brand the product comes from, we look at its features and components. We make sure that we put those products on the list that have the maximum number of features. We do understand that every product cannot be an all-rounder so we do our best to include the products that are close to the best.

Additional Features

After that, we look at the additional features. We know most customers think like. ‘’if we are getting additional features for a reasonable price, why not get this product rather than a more expensive one that only has the basic features?’’. So, we include the products that have extra features like connectivity, embellishments, technological features, etc.


We want to put out the best products for you so we ensure that the products we choose also have a considerable warranty. When manufacturers offer a warranty, it shows two things. First of all, it shows that the company is confident about its product. Secondly, it shows that they care about their customers and would cater to their needs even after the purchase has been made.

Customer Reviews

This is where we get an overall idea of the product. We only list products that have a significant number of positive customer reviews. No one can know better about a product that someone who has used it, right? Along with reading customer reviews, we also watch videos in which people are testing out a certain product or unboxing it. Using all this information, we come up with the pros and cons of a product.  

Compile concisely

Once we have gathered all the information, we compile it and offer it to you in a concise manner. We do not want to dump all the information on you and confuse you even more. So, we sort it out in the form of tables that you can read for a quick scan. Additionally, we list the features, pros, and cons so that you can weigh the good against the bad and make the right choice.

Affiliate Disclosure

In our reviews, the products are linked to the most reliable retailers to make it easier for the readers to shop for them. Your purchase earns us an affiliate commission. However, this does not influence our selection of the products as our reviews are solely research-based.