Hauptstadtkoffer Hardside Luggage Set

Hauptstadtkoffer Hardside Luggage Set

Hauptstadtkoffer is a well-known German brand that is world-famous for its great. If you want something high quality, fashionable and stylish at the same time, you need to get this luggage set to make your travel statement.

Above all, there are three sizes available and each of them is a great one to take with you. Generally, it consists of all the basic features that are essential for any luggage to make it functional and useful.

It has a 3-digit combination lock to protect your goods, spinner wheels to move easily and a long stand to pull. The material is ABS and PC, mixed to perfection, so it gives durability, lightweight and strength at the same time.

When it comes to the style of this luggage, it does not resemble the normal luggage but has a nice shape and a shiny texture to it that makes it stand out from others.

There are many bright colors available in this luggage set that you can choose from.  The design is loved by people because it is a unique one. However, a close look tells that it has a very clean and sharp appearance that makes it the best hardside luggage. 

Also, it comes with an expansion zipper to add more stuff when you are going for a long trip. It has a mesh divider that helps you keep everything organized and set in different compartments.

These suitcases can be stored inside one another to save space when not in use. The zippers can fail so don’t put extra pressure on them and fill the bag with as many things as it can handle.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Available in a wide color range
  • Can fit in one another when not in use
  • Can be expanded when you need more space


  • Zippers can break

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