Flat Eyelash Extensions Premium Silk Flat Lash- BEYELIAN Beauty

Flat Eyelash Extensions Premium Silk Flat Lash- BEYELIAN Beauty

BEYELIAN Beauty is had practical experience in eyelash augmentation items and lashes application devices. What we’ve generally thought about is Good Quality, Reasonable Offer, Considerate Service, and YOUR EXPERIENCE. We are pleased we work with excellence items. BEYELIAN Beauty is devoted to making and providing more and better eyelash items. The Magic of Eyelash: a little change will make you look better. 

Inward base, for easier Application

Simpler application

With additionally fitting physical structure-sunken base, they are amazingly simple to apply to a person’s regular lash; 

Last Longer

level lash expansions stretch out increasingly 20% time to length because of its fitting physical structure with greater contact zone. 



Compared with customary lashes of a similar thickness, level lashes feel a lot gentler.


0 feelings of weight to customers’ regular eyelashes 

These are extraordinary to work with and give a perfect look. These lashes are exceptionally delicate. When I viewed the video posted here, I imagined that the lashes most likely weren’t too delicate in light of the fact that the clamor they make when she runs her fingers over them sounds crunchy and hard. They are extremely delicate, however.

The lashes come in various sizes: 1 layer of 7mm, 1 layer of 8mm, 1 layer of 15mm, and 1 layer of 14mm. The remainder of the sizes in the middle of has 2 layers of each size. Likewise, the bundling is pretty and extremely simple to open. It very well may be opened in under 5 seconds, and there is no motivation to utilize scissors or whatever else. Ensure that you purchase your very own eyelash stick; I don’t have any proposals, yet I consider any them should work.

Thing type & Key Features

Silk Ellipse Flat Eyelash Extensions-semi lasting individual lash augmentations. It is very Lightest Lash and Radiant Shine. In another side when we talk about the features of the eyelash, it’s Upgraded from customary eyelash expansions, level lash augmentations stretch out increasingly 20% time to length because of its new physical structure with the greater contact region. 


the lashes must be connected expertly by the lash craftsman with lash preliminary, restorative evaluation stick, tweezers, eye cushions, lash groundwork, mascara wands, air blower, etc.1 Eyelash Extension is connected at once legitimately on to normal eyelash (ED method) to make a characteristic, exemplary and exquisite look 


Every shape and size is definitely different. So, how’s that possible same size apply on all the face? There are a lot of sizes available for different eyes. Like C twist, 0.15mm, 10mm; 16 lines, approx. 3680 lashes for every plate; made with Korea engineered fiber-natural insurance material. 

Accessible SIZES

C D twist; 0.15mm; 8-15mm and blend plate


  • Sufficient Lashes
  • Brown Type
  • Perfect design according to your requirement.
  • Available in sizes.
  • Ultra soft and smooth.


  • Sometimes it smells different. 
  • It’s hard to remove.
  • After some time lost the curl.

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