Features of the Durable Luggage


How to buy durable luggage and which company is producing the best luggage is very important to know for the buyers. There is a company in America called London fog. This company is providing adorable and durable bags.

London fog luggage is exceptional in its qualities. It includes suitcases, bags, and briefcases. It’s probably the best luggage in the world. London Fog Company was reputable since 1923.

It gets flourished in 1950. Now its luggage is sold all over the world and becomes the best brand for luggage around the globe.

Credibility Criteria

London fog luggage is preferred over other types of bags as it is long, lasting, and durable. The material is sturdy and rigid, unbreakable, and hard-wearing. This luggage gained its popularity within a short period.

They are producing water-resistant and sturdy bags. Some features are making London fog luggage prominent. They are discussed below:

Standard of Luggage Forming Materials

London fog luggage is made from that material that is raked at the top in the scale of its durability. This luggage is a mixture of materials such as polycarbonate, nylon, and sometimes polyester.

They are making both soft and hard luggage. The bags made from polycarbonate is considered hard while other materials are securing soft luggage. It is easy to launder, and the dust can be removed by just swiping by a piece of cloth. The bags cannot be abraded.


London fog luggage is the most suitable for users. It is according to every type of person either he is a
traveler or a businessman. Every design and size is available here. Its waist and uncountable pockets
inside and outside the bag is fantastic. London fog luggage is providing space for the stuff. The zipper is extendable, and there is a meshed network of the extra zipper inside the container.

Telescope handles are the dominant feature of London fog luggage. The spinner wheels make it more comfortable to drag away. The size of the bags is about 22 inches if you have to go to short distances.

When you have to move for long distances, the size of the luggage is about 30 inches. It provides space for every kind of item.


The size or aspect of the London fog luggage is adaptable. The format should be according to the distance of the travel. Every luggage is different from one another regarding the size. Almost every volume of luggage is found.

The businessman should select 22 inches luggage as it is perfect to handle a short distance. If you have to travel by air or to go somewhere for an extended period, then 30 inches luggage is the perfect one for you.

The broad range of dimensions of London fog luggage is available. It can fulfill your need. This luggage is ideal for every type of travel.


The London fog luggage is durable and sturdy. The material used to manufacture this luggage is tough cannot break during traveling.

It can bear weather conditions and is water repellent. Not only it is durable and long-lasting, but its designs, quality, and features are making them perfect. It is made for traveler’s comfort.

London fog luggage customers seem to be happy by their properties. Moreover, their customers are increasing day by day.

Top Most Luggage

The London fog luggage has such pieces that are astonishing the customers. Some of them are discussed here:

Chelsea Luggage

This trademark is producing such kind of bags in which you can put all types of items, even if you need some more space for your garments then it will provide you. Their feature is unique than others.

For example, purely polyester is used for its manufacture. This material is considered excellent for luggage. It is hard and tough and cannot tear early, water repellent and light in weight.

The London fog luggage has extensive zipper system. By opening all the zipper, you can extend it according to your necessity.

This brand is providing both the soft and hard type luggage, but the hard type of luggage is more durable regarding it. Its weight is too low that you can carry it to anywhere you want.

A lot of small cabins inside the luggage providing the space for different types of items. It can accept a colossal quantity of things. You can put in your suitable weekly clothes. Some other features are:

● A long knob at an upper side
● Short handle beneath and at one side to carry it
● Lots of pockets
● Extendable
● Extra space for items
● Provides safety


  • ● Outstanding suiter
  • ● Insubstantial
  • ● Skate wheels, four in number


  • ● Can grime early
  • ● Length of handle is not suitable sometimes

Cambridge Luggage

Cambridge luggage is best one for short-distance travel. The luggage is formed from polyester, which looks so adorable. London fog luggage is providing different colors and designs.

Most of the bags are available in black or brown color. The long upper handle is made from aluminum. There are almost eight wheels present beneath the luggage. It can stand in severe weather condition.

It is usually small in size, and you cannot take it when you have to stay for an extended period. You can choose them for short tours relatively. A large number of pockets and section inside the London fog luggage is making this luggage malleable.

It gains no weight. The size of the baggage is not more than twenty-five inches. The wheels are rotatable in every direction. So you can easily take it away where you want.


● Low weight
● Size is almost twenty-five inches
● Rotatable in all the directions
● Adorable pattern


● Less durable and can wear out easily
● Gets filthy easily

Coventry Luggage

Coventry is the medium-sized luggage. It is convenient to use when you have to spend a few vacations somewhere. It’s the best package ever for the travelers.

The durable material is used for its formation e.g., poly ballistic. It’s excellent stuff for making bags and suitcases. The luggage carries no weight at all.

Its size is not so large, and you can take it for short tours. It is easy to give where you want. The exterior zippers provide the space to carry documents.

The clothes are put in the inside, which is a compartmentalized area. The size is nearly fourteen inches or more than this.

The weight of the London fog luggage is about eight pounds. This luggage is always accessible. It looks adorable in black color.


  • ● Compact
  • ● Easy to carry
  • ● Many choices


  • ● No variety in colors
  • ● Wheels are not rotated able


London fog is a famous company for luggage. Its luggage is sold all over the world. The London fog luggage comes with unique features that are glamorous.

There are different shades and designs for the customers. If we read the qualities, then we come to know that London fog luggage is the best one luggage.

All the possible features and the best conditions of London fog luggage has been described in this article.

Its patterns are astonishing. I hope this article would benefit able if you have to buy the London fog luggage.

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