Everything You Need to Know About Toilet Plunger

Everything You Need to Know About Toilet Plunger

Dealing with the clogged toilet, drain and sink is one of the most stressful work, and a toilet plunger is one of the top solutions to this issue. There are a lot of plungers available in the market, but not all of them are of supreme quality. Most of the toilet plungers do not work effectively, so it’s just a wastage of time and money 

It’s a time-consuming process to find the best toilet plunger that effectively performs the duty. Before we help you in the provision of proper guidelines, let’s discuss what toilet plunger is and how effectively it performs the function. 

What is Toilet Plunger?

Precisely, toilet plunger is the most effective solution to clear the blockage in the toilet, drain, and sink. The suction-cup has the core ability to make a way for all the hindrances in the pipeline. That’s why the whole performance depends on the functionality of the toilet plunger.  

If you can efficiently handle the toilet plunger, then you will find no need of taking the services of a professional plumber to clear the clogged drains. Thus forth, it comes as the best way to not only save the money but your valuable time as well. 

It doesn’t involve any complication to use the toilet plunger, and it’s a relatively cheaper way to resolve your issues and problems regarding plumbing issues. 

Types of Toilet Plunger 

It truly is an annoying experience to have a clogged sink, toilet, or drain. But the situation becomes more frustrating when your plunger doesn’t perform the duties fruitfully. Before jumping into the market, it is essential to take the reviews of people who already are using the plunger. 

Additionally, a detailed investigation about price, quality, and the features of toilet plunger can not only save your time but also valuable money. That is why you must consider these points seriously before buying the plunger. 

Thus forth, if the solution of all your problems is to get the right plunger that performs the duties effectively and efficiently, then you must know the types of the plunger. It will help you in choosing the best one that fits your needs effectively. 

It’s an essential tool, yet most people ignore it. So without further ado.

Standard Plunger 

It is one of the most usual types of plungers available in the market. It doesn’t involve complex functions and can be operated easily. It consists of two elements, including suction cup along with an aluminum or wooden stick. The suction cup is attached to the rod. Though the design of all the plungers is always the same, they are available in variant sizes. 

The flat surface of the plunger makes it easier for this type of plunger to effectively perform on the clogged drains because this type of design can cover the clogged drain easily. Moreover, the suction is powerful which is essential in unclogging the toilet. 

Toilet Plunger 

The Toilet plunger and standard plunger are almost the same. However, the difference occurs due to the change in design. The toilet plunger comes along a rubber gap that can be found at the bottom that creates holes. 

Putting the rubber gap on the toilet drain can help in the provision of proper coverage. The rubber flap provides excellent versatility and can work correctly with multiple types of pipes, including bathtubs, shower, and sink. 

Accordion Plunger 

This plunger is getting popularity among the people. However, compared to the standard plunger, it is not much flexible and cannot ideally be performed on sink and drains. The suction cup is made from the durable rubber, and resultantly the generation of vacuum effect in the drain becomes strong and forceful. 

Taze Plunger 

The Taze plunger is ideal for clogging the larger pipelines. You can call it the combination of toilet plunger and standard plunger. You will find the basis of both in this plunger’s design. A plastic tube is attached to the cup, and there is a pump too. However, you cannot use it for your household purposes. 

Anyway, you can get it and can keep it with you if you want to have a better plumbing solution. 

Functions of Toilet Plunger 

You probably think that you can easily use the plunger. You are correct if you exactly know how to operate this plunger. As its an easy task because it doesn’t involve any complicated procedure like sticking in the toilet. You can make the process simpler and more comfortable for yourself if you act upon a few guidelines before using the toilet plunger. 

Before you start unclogging, make sure that the suction cup is full of water, because it can create more vacuum with the aid of the water pressure while processing. 

If you do not check the inside of the suction cup, then there is a strong probability that air pressure can blast anytime. 

Pro Tip: If you want your plunger to perform effectively, then you must add the pressure gradually, insert more power when needed, otherwise not. The rule of thumb for better performance is to add the pressure slowly and give the gentle moves because consistent moves make it convenient for you to perform effectively in less time. 

Maintenance of the Plunger 

Maintenance is an imperative factor, but most of the users overlook it while cleaning the plunger. It may sound stupid to tell you that the cleaning plunger is Important too, especially when you shift it from the toilet to the sink. It’s a no brainer that you need to maintain it well for long-lasting durability.  

You can clean the plunger easily, just rinsing the suction cap with water. Then, disinfecting the entire plunger should be the next step. 

It can be done quickly, take a bowl and add bleach in it. After adding the bleach in the bowl, place the plunger inside the bleach. 

You have multiple other options to disinfect the plunger, for instance, wash the plunger with the water, and you can spray the disinfectant over it. If the spray method appeals to you then you must dry the plunger first before the spray. 

It will help the plunger to be safe for further use; otherwise, germs and infections can be spread from one place to another. 

Final Words

The core purpose of this article was to let you know everything you need to know about the toilet plunger before jumping into the market. We are hopeful that from the types of plungers to its functionality and maintenance, everything we provided was useful for you. 

You have to make sure that you have chosen the right type of plunger for you that functions appropriately as per your requirements. Moreover, the cleaning and maintenance of the toilet plunger are equally vital if you want long term performance of this household tool. 

Toilet plunger can be a useful tool for your sinks, drains, and toilets only if you have chosen the accurate one that best meets your needs. Just make the best choice and wisely spend the money while selecting the relevant plunger for your toilets.  

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