Emeda 2 packs 100 real mink individual eyelash extensions

EMEDA 2 Packs Mink Individual Eyelash Extensions 100% Real Siberian Mink Fur Lashes C Curl 12mm&14mm False Eyelashes Individual Lash Extensions 3D. Top of the line quality handcrafted 3D genuine mink hide eyelash for cosmetics. Incredibly common looking and feeling – light, cushy, delicate. Appropriate for an event like wedding occasion &photo shoot and end of the week party date.

Top of the line quality assurance and best client administration advertised. Trade it on the off chance that you don’t care for it. If you are going to order this, don’t worry about the quality of the product. It’s 100 % that product which is available on the picture, or you can say website.

These lashes are extremely delicate and lightweight. They are likewise flimsy so you would need to apply a great deal to get a full look. They look common. Hard to make volume fans with. Connected them on a customer for a trial to perceive how they hold up. 

I change my survey from a 1 star to a 4 since they have remembered I was unsatisfied with the lashes and gave me a full discount. These lashes made me and 3 of my client’s eyelash line get aggravated my eyelid turned red and look puffy. I took them off, and they harmed my characteristic lash.

I set back my different lashes, and I have no issue, so I realize it was some response to these lashes. Additionally, 3 other individuals had a similar issue. But when I order this and apply on my face. It totally changes my mind and my thoughts. I highly recommend this eyelash for your daily use. 

EMEDA magnificence has built up those eyelash expansion specialists providing better administration and great eyelash items to the clients. We generally attempt to meet our customers ‘needs through steady innovative work. We utilize endorsed crude materials and offer the best quality excellence thing to give you full fulfillment. EMEDA excellence guarantee to offer items that we research and create believed items for all clients need later on. 

What makes genuine mink eyelash expansions look so stunning? 

Genuine mink lashes are extremely unrivalled as in they have this extremely feathery, common look. Indeed, even ordinary expansions connected lash by lash can have a not genuine lash look since machines make them. The mink ones, since they’re made of hair, take without anyone else characteristic look. There’s essentially no chance to get for anybody to tell they’re not genuine. 


C twist is the most beguiling lash twist. 


12mm&14mm length is the most fitting lash length. 

Genuine mink lash is so common appears to be a genuine human lash. 

Regardless of whether you’re a cosmetics lover or you’re basically trying to refresh your ordinary, regular cosmetics look, our genuine mink eyelash expansion, to enable you to accomplish the best impact. 

  • 100 carefully assembled – Designed to look regular 
  • Very Natural Looking and Feeling – Light, fleecy, delicate, and look equivalent to human lashes. 

Perfect for Any Occasions – Easily twist together with your genuine lashes as indicated by eye shape and distinctive eye cosmetics necessity.


  • Natural Looks
  • Beautiful shapes and different sizes.
  • Soft and light weighted.


  • The main issue I had was that one of the cases was cracked when I previously opened the case it came in. In any case, it appears as though they are a decent evaluation of lashes. Excessively thick and exceptionally phony looking.

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