Kendal All in one Deep Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager

All in one Deep Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager

All in One Leg and Foot Spa offers multiple benefits, including heat therapy, bubble therapy, waterfall, and water wave massage. It has a deep unit that accommodates large feet.

It enhances blood circulation and metabolism that helps relieve stress and fatigue. The temperature is adjustable. The blue and red light helps to read the temperature.

It provides fast heating and keeps water hot for several minutes. The waterfall provides the massage to the top of the feet. Even the size 16 feet can fit in it. It has double insulation that prevents early cooling.


  • Adjustable temperature up to 48 °C
  • High-quality PTC semiconductor
  • A self-drainage system, temperature resistant, age resistant
  • Water jet creates bubbles
  • LED display
  • Covers feet and calves
  • 110V, 60HZ, 820 watts
  • Suitable up to men’s foot size 16 or more


  • The wheels of the unit make it moveable, and the self-drainage system also makes it light and moveable.
  • The unit can provide heat in just 15 minutes and keeps water warm as long as it is in the unit.
  • This is the best foot spa 2019 that you can control with a remote. The LED display helps the user manage heat while relaxing.
  • The unit comes up with a cover and stays clean.
  • The wheels help to store it wherever you want, and you can move it easily.
  • You can also soak calves, so the massage also relaxes the legs by removing tension.
  • The top of the feet also gets the massage due to a waterfall effect.


  • The users often say that the bubbles and water jets are not strong enough and disappear fast.
  • The rollers are not only hard but sharp as well, and they are not so comfortable.
  • Diabetic patients must use the Leg and Foot Spa carefully due to sensitive feet.
  • Some users find the tank high and have to use a high seat to place their feet.

Is it worth the price? 

Though the machine has some flaws, you get several benefits in one unit, and the cost is not so high.


  • Pour water in the spa tub and sit on a compatible chair. Turn it one and use a remote to control the temperature and heat. Understand blue and red light for temperature adjustment. Blue light shows a temperature of fewer than 42 degrees, and the red light is an indication of more than 42 degrees.
  • Use the timer to adjust the time by focusing on the LED display.
  • Turn on the bubble mode if you need bubbles.
  • Start motor of the rollers to get the water waves.

Product Details

Item dimensions: 18.5 x 16 x 19 inches

Item weight: 14 pounds

Shipping weight: 18.7 pounds


UPC: 737534199411 706693399550


Those who want to place their feet in deep water should buy this unit because it covers till calves. It provides heat therapy, bubble therapy, waterfall, and water wave massage. The heat therapy removes tension that resides in the legs and also removes restlessness and pain by enhancing the blood circulation. The hard tank surface creates uneasiness, and one cannot enjoy the massage. 

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