Comfortology Foot Spa Massager Circulating Heating System

Comfortology Foot Spa Massager

The Comfortology Leak Proof Foot Spa Massager has a PTC system that heats fast than other systems. It removes pain very fast because of warm water. It relaxes foot muscles faster than other spa units.

The massage rollers enhance blood circulation and remove the dead skin at a time. The machine has a smart start mechanism and remote control. The product comes up with the money back guaranty up to 100%.


  • PTC heating technology
  • 30% fast heating
  • Fast pain reliever
  • 4 massage rollers
  • 780W motor
  • Heats up water up to 95-115°F
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • 3-layer insulation
  • Accommodates 10-inch men’s foot size
  • Electric shock free
  • Remote control
  • Lockable wheels


  • The 4 massaging rollers provide 30 times faster massage and relieve pain and fatigue.
  • Heels, soles, and arch get instant relief from tiredness.
  • The user feels serenity during and after the massage.
  • It removes stiffness in a few minutes. The container can take 10 L water that is enough to dip even 10-inch feet.
  • The motor is powerful compared to other spa machines and provides strong massage therapy.
  • The smart start system memorizes it for the future setting. The machine went through a leak test, so there is no risk of electric shock.
  • It removes the dead cells faster than other foot spa units.
  • The user can manage all settings with remote without touching the machine.
  • The user can lock the wheels after the spa to prevent the accidental rolling.
  • The manufacturer offers 100 % money back guarantee, which is absent in other foot spa machines.


  • Some people find it too fast and want to relax for long.
  • Some users find it expensive.
  • It is not suitable for large feet more than size 10.

Is It Worth the Price?

It is a worthwhile purchase because the Comfortology Leak Proof Foot Spa Massager is faster than other spa machines. It comes up with 100 % money back guarantee so the user can return it if there is any fault.


  • Put water according to the level and push the start button or use a remote.
  • Set the heat as you want and add salt or use water without it.
  • The machine will automatically turn off according to the set time.
  • There is a hose to drain off the machine.
  • Clean off the machine after emptying and make it dry.
  • Lock the wheels when it is not in use.

Product Details

  • Product Weight: 10.87 pounds
  • Color: white and black
  •  Shipping Weight: 7.6 pounds 
  •  Motor: 780 W
  •  Technology: PTC
  • Water Capacity: 10 L
  •  UPC: 606034895508


Generally speaking, Comfortology Leak Proof Foot Spa Massager is a good product with fast results due to PTC heating. All features work fast, and the machine is safe due to the leak-proof body.

It has triple insulation, unlike other machines and keeps water warm for long. It releases tension from the feet in a few minutes, but it is a bit heavy due to a powerful motor.

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