Comfort at Its Best Recliner Chairs

Who doesn’t love coming back home for a good and restful sleep after a long day of stressful work and tension? Recliner chairs are one of those inventions that not only provide guaranteed comfort but also work as a prominent decoration object for your house.

This sofa style arm chair has a unique function of turning into a flexible and wide space sofa that can be tilted back along with a footrest that can move up to your feet requirement. 

Recliners go way back to the time of Napolean III. They were owned by him and Knabush and Shoemaker, the two American cousins were given the credits for having the patent on that wooden recliner. 

Modern recliner chairs consist of multiple new functions rather than the old ones. They also come with a higher price, according to their material, design and recommendation.

Usage of Recliners

Recliners are now one of the most common choices of people around us now. While buying furniture for a new or renovated house, people usually keep that in mind to buy something that comes in their budget, but also gives a long term comfort.

That’s why recliner chairs were invented to give off a comfortable and relaxing feeling of bed along with a stylish designer look for the home décor. 

The question that arises here is that is it safe or healthy to use recliner chairs? Humans are facing more spinal problems and issues with their depression and anxieties than facing any random financial issues now a days.

After a research study, it was found that 8 out of 10 people are suffering from back problems, spinal pains and body shape issues.

There are several treatments and solutions for these health problems, but people are coming more towards recliner chairs and sofas to have an easy access to their long term treatments.

Instead of putting too much money onto something expensive and time taking, they are looking for affordable and long term easiness than can be achieved even in their homes. 

Comfort for Seniors 

Recliner chairs give extreme comfort to not only younger people but also seniors. It’s easy to sit and get up from the chair for young and old folks both.

They are also a source of pain relief, especially after a long hard day of standing and walking around the office or shop, you wish to come home to a nice relaxing best recliner chair, to get those pressure points sorted and relaxed.

If your job has a nonstop walking or standing condition, then you should probably invest in a good and affordable recliner chair. You will not regret it.

Better Body Posture  

Body posture is prioritized as it helps to keep the body healthy and ongoing. People have lost their calm and composure over daily basis activities, filled with stress and depression.

They wish to get their work done as quickly as possible or just do it the easiest way. In that moment, we forget that we are neglecting our body even in the minute moments. Better posture is only attained by conscious body movement and how it’s being used even while sitting, laying or getting up.

The longest you spend in one position, the more it is possible to tire yourself. But if it’s in a proper posture, it gives you more flexibility to work. 

Every recliner chair has a different design and style. If you have decided your budget level, then you will be surprised to see how many options there are to choose form.

During selection, you will be selective according to your house décor and color that will match it. Go for the choice which will be adjusted according to your desirable space. Recliner chairs come in different categories so you can choose which one will be suitable for your routine. 

Types of Recliners

Every person has a different need and demand, especially when it comes to home décor. People like their houses fancy and appealing to impress their guests but also give a wide range of comfort to everybody.

When it comes to recliner chairs, they also consist of several styles, looks and designs to go with your choice. Some of them are as follows:

Recliner with two positions

Common, yet very rare to find recliner, that suit everybody’s taste nicely. As the name says it all, this recliner has two sides to it that move in a turn.

For this recliner, you will need a good corner side or a center style lounge to fit in nicely. Keep in mind that to move the recliner from head and foot, you will need to keep a bit space from the back and front to keep it open for you. 


Glider consists of multiple position settings and is another affordable option. Of course, a little more costly than the two position, glider moves in the same position as the rocker recliner.

But the difference is that they move in backward and forward path instead of linear or arched path. They are really good choices for people with sleep problems or nursing mothers who are having hard times with babies.

Push Back recliner

As the name says it all, it’s a push back sofa with a good stretch to the back. But it does not consist of foot rest. To keep your options open, you can complete the space with a good ottoman.

Power lift or Riser

Now let’s talk about a little bit of automation. One of the most expensive ones, the power lifter or riser recliner consists of automatic movements from the top to help those with upper body movement problems such as any injury, disability or for the elderly who face problems in sitting and getting up by themselves.

The characteristics of this recliner chair are adjustable angles, automated footrest positioning and remote-controlled movement position.

The two position recliner somehow provides the same benefits but it has a limited reclining backrest. However, the three position lift recliner can even go flat at the back to give a complete straight body posture.

Adding up, this recliner also consists of massages and heat and therapeutic features. 

Hugging recliner

When your house is small or your recliner installation space is less, that’s where these recliners come in handy. They take over only 6 inches of space from the wall to fully reclined position.

These recliners also take less effort from people with weak knees or with less body movement. They may be a bit expensive, but they are really worth buying for less space and smaller rooms.

Powered Recliner

The regular two position recliner basically operates manually but this powered recliner is operated through a remote control system.

As the name says, the adjustment and movement of this recliner chair is controlled by a remote which is quite suitable for the ones who can’t adjust the seat themselves.

The massage

Recliners also have a range of massage therapies, where you can do your sitting activities while having a vibrating, massaging chair underneath to give your relaxation more boost. These massage recliner chairs are a great choice for your body pains and stress relieving. 

These were some basic daily basis needs recliners. Other than these, here are some more specialized recliner types:

  • The Orthopedic Recliner
  • The Recliner Sofa
  • The Club Chair
  • Kids Recliner
  • The Wingback Chair Recliner
  • The mission Style Recliner
  • Swivel Recliner
  • Power Cuddle Recliner
  • Game Recliner
  • Zero Gravity Recliner
  • Two Person Recliner
  • Heavy Duty Recliner
  • Remote controlled Recliner
  • Recliner for sleeping
  • Recliner for ottoman

All these recliners have been categorized thoroughly according to people’s needs as it has become a major need of today for everyone.

Everyone is keeping an option of having a recliner in their homes, not only as a part of furniture or trend, but also a quick and handy solution to their physical needs.

Whether it’s about space, color of walls, interior matching, health issues, mobility problems, sharing, long term sitting activities, there are tons of options. Nobody is left empty handed when it comes to selecting and buying a recliner chair. 

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