Types of Cat Litter Box

Types of Cat Litter Box

As the suggested names, these are specially designed boxes to collect feces and urine, which is also called sandbox, litter tray, cat pan, or litter pan.

These boxes can be used both indoor and outdoor for this specific purpose. Cats can be trained very easily to get used to it and don’t mess around and excrete their metabolic waste.

Most of the owners of the cats prefer to make sure they remain indoor to avoid outside dangers.

These boxes are an ideal choice for indoor use. There are plenty of dangers, like weather conditions and traffic. A litter box helps to keep the pets safe. 

Materials Used Inside the Litter Boxes

By nature Cats, most of the time, use the soft sand-like surface to do the wastage. They are of the habit to cover the wastage under the sand with the backward movements of their paws.

Most of the litter boxes are designed in such a way that the cats feel natural and get used to it. A litter box’s bottom is filled typically with some soft materials in order to stimulate this instinctive, natural habit and desire of cats.

To absorbs moisture and odors such as ammonia litter boxes fillers are mostly made by loose, granular material.

There are brands that prefer to use baking soda for this purpose. The main goal of the litter material is to keep the natural feeling alive in the cat, which can satisfy a cat’s instinctive desire.

The other most common materials are the clay, recycled paper, and silica-based materials are also used widely. Sometimes, the owner also uses natural dirt in order to make a cat feel more natural than artificial materials.

Types for the Cat Litter Box

Cats are one of the most domesticated animals on the planet. The cat litter boxes are a need of almost every cat owner. It has become a big business industry that produces these products in recent years.

There are some of the most common types of cat litter boxes now available in the market. The purpose is the same, but the usage level and experience are different. Some of the types are as following in brief. 

Non-clumping Conventional Litter

This is one of the basic types of litter mainly used all over. It is easily available at most of the pet shops and is also a cheaper option as well. Historically, it is made up of clay and is also known as a Conventional clay litter.

The other supporting materials used in the production of these Non-clumping cat litter are zeolite, diatomite, and sepiolite.

All these materials are easily available and can be molded to the required shapes very easily. These are the substitute for the expensive cat litter and give a more natural feeling to the cats.

When Not to Use

There is only one big drawback of these kinds is that sometimes they can hold the strong odor into the pours, which can be very uncomfortable for the owners and cats alike.

So it is strongly recommended that it should be kept in that portion of a home which is not in common use, such as a basement or laundry room.

Special types of litter can be used to reduce odor levels. Baking soda or odorized crystals can be handy if used properly to counter this matter. It is far better to use an isolated room if using this conventional litter.

Clumping Litter

The second most common type used by the owners is clumping litter. These are made from granulated bentonite clay. As the material inside gets wet it turns into clumps and the solid mass can be separated from the rest of the litter in the box.

So there is no need to change the entire material every time after use. Most of the manufacturers usually instruct to dispose of off the used clumps as it can block if flushed into the toilet etc. This litter is made of natural materials so are less harmful to cats and the environment.

The cats also enjoy the natural feeling while using these litters. The manufacturing of the clumping depends on the quality of the soil, which digs deep to obtain the best quality product.

The soil is not the same on all levels, so some of the toxic materials can do a lot of damage which can lead to both respiratory and digestive problems.

Biodegradable Litter

Biodegradable litters are the most common options available for the car owners. The source material comes from different plant resources. Some other materials are also used which include wood pellets, recycled newspaper, clumping sawdust, Brazilian cassava, corn, wheat, walnuts, barley, soy pulp and dried orange peels.

Cats population has increased dramatically over the last few decades, and they produce a lot of litter every day. That is one of the reasons that most of the cat owners are now using this method to avoid the congestions of tons of wastage materials.

It is more effective than other methods, and the biodegradable material can decompose very easily into the soil at home and at some dumping plant. It is also helpful to the cats affected by asthma as they can avoid the direct use of clay and dust.

This option is a little expensive but not expensive than the lives of the cats. As mostly the recycled material is used, so it is also beneficial to use the paper wastage of the humans in a positive way.

Silica Gel Litter

This type is made of the material known as silicon dioxide. It can absorb all kinds of litter very easily. Other benefits include it has better control for the odor and can last for a very long period of time, unlike other methods and materials.

It is also known as crystal litter. There is variety available in the materials of silicon as some of the materials can hold the residues up to 30 days without any need for change. It is also very beneficial in the health conditions and reduces the illness level dramatically.

Cats with fewer immunity levels are preferred to use these materials. It also doesn’t make the cat dirty all the time and needless cleanliness. Crystals also give cats the natural felling of using the paws and play without any harm.

The change in the color of these crystals can also help to diagnose the type of sickness cat is facing, which can lead to safe and fast treatment.


There are so many parameters when an owner chooses a cat litter box. The main purpose is to help the cat go through the natural process naturally. There are some distinctive designs that are as follows.

  • Open litter pans
  • Hooded litter boxes
  • Top-entry litter boxes
  • Self-cleaning litter boxes


There are many different litter solutions available to choose from. The price depends on what type of best cat litter has been selected. The price can be as low as a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. The main key factor in mind should be the ease of use and a more natural feeling for the cat. The careful selection of the place to keep the cat and conditions can make all the difference which counts in the healthier and happier cat.

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