Capri Tools 20010 Precision Wire Stripper

Capri Tools 20010 Precision Wire Stripper

I bought this Capri Tools 20010 Precision Wire Stripper recently, as I read the positive reviews of this product. I was right to buy it. This best wire stripper is unique from other wire strippers because it has precisely machined stripping holes and is made up of cast alloy chassis. It does not rust easily, so I use it in rain or wet environment without any worry. It has specific wire stripping holes which allows me to crimp wires of different diameter. 

I easily crimped my telephone wire with this tool yesterday. It is very beneficial while using networking cables. I normally take 2-5 minutes to strip the insulation from the sensitive networking cables. Because even a minor scratch on the conductor wires can highly influence the quality and ruin all the setup. But with this Stripper, I freely strip the insulation without any worry about the damage. The precisely machined holes have made my work more convenient. 

I also tried to strip the insulation off from the speaker wires at my house, and it worked effectively. It can also be used to cut 22 AWG wires, and because of its tension loaded base, I find cutting thick wires a piece of cake. Normally, it takes a lot of force to cut the thick wires with a simple wire cutter. But the spring in base and tension loaded grip makes it easy. I would totally recommend this tool because of its fast compound action. It smoothly and speedily strips off the insulation with its multiple blade holes. 

There are no major drawbacks of this product, but I found it difficult to deal with thin wires crimping. So, I used a simple wire cutter instead. If you are dealing with wires ranging from 8-24 gauge wires, this works efficiently and crimps or cuts the wires precisely.


  • Used to cut 22 AWG wires.
  • Easy to use for household chores.
  • Smoothly and speedily strips off the insulation.
  • It efficiently crimps the wires ranging from 8-24-gauge.


  • Can cut wires of great diameter but it is not effective for that work.
  • It is tension loaded based stripper.

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