Brother Embroidery PE800 Best for Lettering Fonts

For those of you who are looking for the best embroidery machine for lettering, this is the one. Brother has been in the business of making embroidery machines for a while, and the company knows what it takes to make an impeccable machine.

This machine also has all the amazing features that you would want in your embroidery machine. With this machine, you can have an unlimited design option with the build-in memory system and the USB connection.

On this surface, you can do lettering projects, embroider stuff, or combine multiple designs. The color touch screen is large to allow easy editing of designs. You can see your design on the screen in color and change thread colors or other features such as size.

You can tell that this machine is really made for embroidery because it has 138 built-in design and 14 border styles. Along with that, there are seven lettering fonts. Seven of these are English, three are Japanese, and 1 is Cyrillic. There are also ten frame shapes to frame your embroidery.

One of the best features of this machine is the super bright working area. There is a lot of light around the needle so you can work on dark fabrics easily. Also, you can position multiple designs in one project.

There are 11 embroidery fonts that you can choose from. These are outline, serif, and sans serif and built-in-script fonts. You can combine these designs or purchase more from the Internet for customization.


  • Many frames and borders
  • Design can be previewed before stitching
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Comes with a needle set, four bobbins, four spool caps, dust cover, and instruction manual


  • Too complicated for beginners

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