The British Manner to Travel Amply


Let us just dedicate this article to all the travel enthusiasts out there and all the busy bees who are planning a vacation after working throughout the year.

Everything means a lot when you are visiting a place and you want each thing to turn out perfect to cherish your holidays to the most. When you overcome all those visa policies the next thing you worry about is your luggage.

There are tons of travel bags available on Amazon but the name London fog has been in the market for ages.

This company has been making the best-selling travel bags for years and today London Fog Luggage is among the most loved ones.

Let us just tell you a fun secret, London fog used to make raincoats first and those raincoats were transported to America where they were sold like hotcakes.

After being praised by Americans, these raincoats had made their fan following across the globe. It was at that time when London fog introduced the very famous London Fog Luggage which proved to be another hit.

It won’t be wrong to say that other companies just followed the footprints of London fog.

This company is known for coming up with new stuff every single time the consumer demands reach the peak. You will never see them repeating the patterns or designs of their luggage bags in the new arrivals.

The most interesting thing is that they have always been a favorite to every person who is travel enthusiast. It is because they come at a reasonable price and have every feature that you get with the expensive ones.

The London fog mostly releases two sorts of collection, the colored one and the classy one for all the business people out there. So either you are planning to go on a family vacation or a business trip, London Fog Luggage would accompany you everywhere. The exotic patterns and the wide variety of color range won’t let you miss checking out their new arrivals.

They have sorted out everything for you it is just like “You name it, they have it”. No matter it is a duffel bag, a soft one or a hardcore suitcase that you want, they have got a wide variety for each one in their stores. Let us just check out the basic manufacturing of London Fog Luggage.

How are They Made?

The best thing regarding the manufacturing aspect is that London fog always changes the material with every new collection. So in this way, we can never have enough of London Fog Luggage.

The wide variety of patterns and colors that every collection introduces can’t be resisted despite trying harder. Let just have a look at the different materials used in the making of luggage bags introduced in various collections which are:

● Knightsbridge Luggage
● Kensington Luggage
● Kingsbury Luggage
● Wheeled Garment Luggage

Starting with the Knightsbridge collection, this one comes with the most light- weight suitcases with the softest shells. This one is available in three colors and is specially designed for business trips.

Another exciting feature from the manufacturing outlook is that they are available in different sizes and the biggest one is 29 inches tall. Let us tell you one more thing, the biggest one weighs less than most of the luggage bags available in the town.

So now you know that if London Fog Luggage is the best, it is so because it deserves to be.

Second, on the list, we have the Kensington Luggage, this is one of the most stylish London Fog collection. It is because this one offers three suitcases in vibrant colors and exotic patterns.

Through this collection, London fog has changed all the traditional designs and has added one more thing in them. Now with the softest fabric, the shells are foamed with EVA to make it more reliable and more resistant than ever.

This collection of London Fog Luggage has an extra pocket on the outside so they are more spacious than the others. The smallest one weighs only 7 pounds and is 21 inches tall while the biggest one weighs only 10 pounds and is 29 inches tall, but they are made expandable so you can expand them up to two additional inches.

The Kingsbury luggage fulfills the name because it feels as if it were specially designed for the royalty. It is not easy to find such a luggage bag that can carry all your daily life necessities but can make you feel royal too.

The basic feature of this collection is that the suitcases are made of polycarbonate that is known for being light-weight. It is the only collection that offers luggage bags with hardcore shells to resist any sort of maltreatment at airports and if you are planning to visit some wild forests, these are especially for you.

They have two compartments and two spinner wheels but are the least expensive. We also loved the color range of this collection so it should be a must for you when checking out the latest luggage bags.

There were so many other collections but of course, we couldn’t add all of them in the list but we had to add wheeled garment luggage collection here.

The most exciting feature is that the bags of this collection open like a book and are ideal to carry all those hanging dresses without wrinkling them.

You won’t believe us if we tell you that they are 42 inches tall when they are opened up and are so spacious
that one bag is enough to carry two persons’ luggage. These cost way less than you can expect that adds another plus point.

How are They Used?

The first thing when it comes to the right usage is that you need to choose the right kind of bag. So many times, we make a silly mistake of not measuring the actual height of our luggage bag, the height doesn’t exclude the wheels so next time you have to measure the height of your luggage bag with the wheels on.

If you are going for a long holiday trip, you should carry a hardcore London Fog Luggage in this way it would be able to carry all that maltreatment at multiple airports. Now you would have to make a list of all the items that you may need, this would save you from missing out any stuff.

The next thing is the right way to pack your stuff. This is the step where so many of us make such errors that are inexplicable. The first tip we would share with you is that always pack the heaviest stuff first in the bottom section.

The bottom section is the one which has got wheels. By doing so, you would save your luggage bag from falling on the front side. You should balance the heavy items i.e. evenly
distribute them on both sides otherwise your luggage bag may lose the required balance.

The next trick that we would share with you is that so often we are confused about the right way to pack our shoes. If the shoes you are packing, are the new ones, you don’t have to worry about it.

But if the soles are dirty then the right way is to cover the soles with any newspaper or plastic bag and you can use the space inside a shoe by filling it with different small items, in this way you can save a lot of space.

Now just pack your clothes and close the zipper, if it is too tight, remove the unwanted items.

Pros of London Fog Luggage

The pros are

⮚ These travel bags are expandable and durable.
⮚ They cost lesser than the other travel bags.
⮚ They are light-weight and easy to carry.
⮚ The big ones are 29 inches tall so this makes them more spacious than ever.
⮚ The external pocket lets you carry all that extra stuff.
⮚ The hardcore shell resists the maltreatment at airports.
⮚ The EVA foam increases their toughness.

Let’s move towards the next section.

Best London Fog Luggage Bags of the Year


As we mentioned above, we had to add this one to the list. It belongs to the wheeled garment luggage collection and it is the one that opens up like a book.

It can carry all your ironed dresses easily by keeping them hanged throughout the way. Its height is 42 inches so it is super spacious and you can carry all your stuff in it. It costs only 190 dollars and is available on Amazon.


This was the London fog collection that was redesigned to add the carry-ons in it. Now they have 20” sized carry-ons that are made by keeping in view the size guidelines of the most famous airlines.

These have smooth maneuverability because of two spinner wheels and they are made super light-weight. With a single compartment and double pockets on the inside, they cost you only 160 dollars and are available on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which collection is ideal for the smallest carry-on?

Cambridge 2, just the one discussed above is the ideal one for carry-ons.

2) How do you measure London fog luggage?

You can use a measuring tape to measure them but do so with their wheels on.

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