Braun Face World’s 1st Cleansing Brush and Mini Epilator

I was looking at my face today; I perceive it needs a   spa to make it fresh and glowing. I heard numerous times about the facial product Braun facial brush, and now I have a fancy for this because I think it is quite easy to spa your face at any time and anywhere. This mini product is not very costly at all.

What is Braun’s Facial Brush?

Braun Facial Brush

It is a facial beauty set created by Braun. A newly advanced device made to perform several treatments of face spa. It can remove your facial hair and can clean your skin from pores. It is originated for use with Braun face brush. It makes your face unmarked. It has a bracing pack that gives you a facial massage for restoring blood circulation.


This mini epilator’s design is good; it is not like other epilators. It has a thin handle and made out of sleek long-lasting plastic. Some people are not interested in its design, but few care about it. There is a small-cap that covers the head of the epilator. Moreover, the epilator and its other attachments can easily switch on and off.


This new creation of face treatments has various characteristics that attract it. The one feature of this device is, it is water-proof, and you can easily use it while taking a shower.

Water will not harm it. Another thing about it which I love is its size; It is a mini size object which can comfortably carry in a purse. It is by dermatologists and can even use for sensitive skin.

It comes with four special brushes: Normal brush, extra delicate brush, exfoliation brush, and beauty sponge; these all brushes are used for all skin types. The good thing is, it has ten small slit openings to remove hair instead of blades.

The best feature is the “on” button of this device can slide in both directions, either lest side or right side. This feature is handy for left-handed people.

It looks like an electric toothbrush, gives a natural clutch, and easily steers around the face. It is so much faster in removing hair then tweezers.

How Can We Use It?

Braun’s facial brush is effortless to use. Before using, you should moisturize your skin and top of the brush. Apply tender pressure with a brush by following circular motion on your cheeks and T-zone. You can do this for 1 minute daily.

Exfoliation brush is used for more deep cleansing of your facial pores, and it can use only once in a week. After the use of all brushes (Normal, Extra sensitive, and Exfoliation), we will use a beauty sponge.

You can apply foundation directly on the skin and then use a sponge with gentle pressure on your face, or you can put cream or foundation on a sponge and give tender pressure for 1 minute; it will cover all areas of your face.


As we know that Braun’s facial brush is made to face facial at home. So, you will not have to go to the salon every day after using this gadget. It will prove itself convenient. Additionally, it will last long.


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