Best Zero Turn Mower of 2021 and Best Brands to buy

We are living in the age of technological evolution. Things our ancestors deemed or believed to be impossible, we have almost all of them; and of the things, once our ancestors once would have indeed wished for were the best zero turn mower.

The idea of mowing your lawn while sipping your favorite juice is an absolute gem. For the ones who don’t know what a zero turn mower is, you guys are surely missing on a lot.

But hey, let’s get you detailed on what a zero turn mower is. Zero turn mowers are the cheat code for your lawn mowing chores.

Zero turn lawn mowers let you ride them while you steer your ride to trim the grass of your lawn or your yard. These lawn mowers are very much similar to the standard ride-on lawn mowers but are called zero turn because their turning radius is effectively radius.

This implicates that they can turn 180 degrees from their position with a zero radius; or in simpler words, they can turn in a full circle without leaving or covering any extra area.

The bottom of the vehicle is equipped with sharp blades that revolve around at adjustable settings at high speeds. Once in contact with these razor-sharp blades, the only fate these shards of grass have is shredded.

These mowers will get your lawn neat in no time with a sniper’s precision and that too while you sip from a juice box.

Zero-turn lawn mowers are a homeowner’s dream for maintaining their yard. The operation of a zero-turn mower is as easy as eating a cake and requires minimum effort.

Its process is very much similar to that of a car or any other automated vehicle, but the only difference here is that a mower allows you to chop off the grass in your yard and a zero turn mower makes that even more effective with a zero-turn radius.

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To help you sort out your needs for mowing your lawing, we have listed below the top ten mowers along with the zero turn mower reviews to make it easier for you to select the mower you need.  

Best Zero Turn Mower 2021

1. Husqvarna Z254

Husqvarna Z254 Zero Turn Mower – The Evergreen

Husqvarna is the top horse in the lawnmower industry and makes the mowers that can also keep you on top of your game. Z254 is Husqvarna’s pride that will swiftly mow your lawn without any hassle with robotic precision.  

Z254 has a 52-inch wide frame reinforced with a twenty-one HP engine. This strengthened body with a V-twin engine makes it nothing less than a domestic tank, minus the arms.

It can casually drive around, and the extended 54-inch cutting deck will leave not even a single shard of grass. The cutting deck is made of high grade 11 gauge steel that provides the mower with incredible durability and ridiculous strength.

The butter-like mobility and the simplicity of use are provided by the advanced hydraulics installed in the Z254 and makes your mowing chores easier than anything else.

 This device is perfect for domestic usage; and for more difficult, more strenuous and extensive works, Z254 is even able to compete with the commercial and the premium ones too.   

Installed in the Z254 is a gas-powered 21 HP Kawasaki engine that is not only famous for its strength and power but also the efficiency in the market. But with great power, comes greater risks and the manufacturers of Z254 have taken care of all of them.

The front casters of the Z254 mower are 6 inches wide and have an inbuilt system to protect from roll-overs. Apart from the speedy and powerful cutting, this mower is also equipped with dual hydro gear EZT transmission that allows the deck to be lifted and adjust the size of the cutting that you find perfect.

It also has a 3.5-gallon tank that ensures that you keep on doing your work and face no issues with your work. These features, when all combine together under the flag of Husqvarna, they become the best zero turn mower for 2019. 


  • Powerful Engine
  • Speedy
  • Affordable
  • Covers wider area
  • Durable
  • Easy operation
  • Best for home usage


  • Gas-powered engine pollutes
  • Noisy

2. Troy-Bilt Mustang

A single word of ‘Mustang’ makes the heart of every car lover throb with excitement. Mustang is the epitome of muscle cars with a sturdy body and a heavy-duty engine that can leave everyone in the dust once enraged.

Following the very legend of Ford Mustang, Troy-Bilt introduced their version of this racing monster. Let’s hear what this beast holds and then check out what it is capable of. 

Troy Mustang is powered by a gas engine capable of producing 25 HP worth of power. This engine is manufactured by Briggs and Stratton engine that equally boasts of being one of the best, if not the best.

The cutting deck is made up of high quality enforced steel that can withhold deterrence to significant degrees and also adds to the ‘fort’ like features of Troy-Bilt Mustang. 

All these features and characteristics when combined, they give rise to this miniature tank that can do your mowing at your fingertips. It is easy to control and feels like butter when driving. It allows the user to adjust the settings for the height grass and maintains a thorough uniformity.

Additionally, this lawnmower is also the best one to be used at hills or at steep angles. Its center of gravity lies low, and the wheels provide that immense control that you will need while driving it on a steep hill. All of it makes the best zero turn mower for hills. 


  • Powerful Engine
  • Larger Size
  • Easy Start
  • Efficient on hills


  • Noisy
  • Gas powered engine pollutes

3. Ariens 915213

Ariens is one of the top brands in the market when it comes to making lawnmowers. They have competed for quite a while and are among the top contenders for the throne of the best. 915213 is one of their all-time best and has some fascinating features to boast off. The width of the cutting base is 42 inches and houses some super sharp blades that when revolve, can shred extended grass blades into pieces.

This cutting base has a hydraulic transmission system that can be used to adjust the distance of the bottom from the ground and hence the length of the grass rooted in the ground.

This base is supported by the EXT hydraulic transmission that is responsible for the easy maneuvering of this mower and the ability to move like a swan in a lake.

In addition to all these modern features, 915213 goes retro and offers the basic classic look. In simpler terms, this model supports all the advanced features but gives the traditional mower aesthetics. 

All of these latest features would not be powered by themselves and has to be driven by something. This is where the Twin Cylinder 19, horsepower, Kohler made engine introduces itself.

This engine is the powerhouse of the entire machine. From allowing the vehicle to move around with a zero turning radius or to move the blades at such massive speeds that not a single blade of grass is left uncut.

This wild engine is fueled by gas, and that is held in the gigantic 2-gallon tank so that one has no worries of going short while driving this zero turn mower. 


  • Electric Start
  • Hydro Transmission
  • Swift
  • Can go reverse


  • Smaller Size
  • Gas engine cause pollution
  • Lower tank volume

4. Swisher ZTR2454BS-CA

The era we live in is based on speed. Time is more significant than every currency here and holds power to destroy everything.

The more the time you have, the richer you are and eventually, the most powerful. Contrary to this, mowing the lawn using traditional and conventional methods means that you are merely wasting your time that is of not that paramount importance.

For the very issue, Swisher have their ZTR series. If things had to be put in simpler and summarized form, I would call it nothing but speedy and reliable. 

The immense power this sleek machine holds is the epitome of technological evolution. Things seem somewhat impossible when a 24 HP engine is believed to have generated this much power.

The speed at which ZTR works is phenomenal and starts to amaze you, even more, when you realize that an eight-gallon fuel tank backs this machine.

Even though the container ensures that there are no refueling breaks in the short term, but adds a considerable amount of weight as well to the overall weight of the body.

Surprisingly, this additional weight makes the control and governing of the mower a degree easier because of the high speed.

The cutting board is 54 inches wide, which makes it a predator of the grass blades and the foot assisted deck lift makes things even more comfortable when you have to change the edge. 


  • Powerful Motor Engine
  • Excessive tank fuel volume
  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Comfortable
  • Foot assisted deck lift


  • Heavy
  • The gas engine creates pollution
  • Difficult to control on hilly terrain

5. Troy-Bilt Super Mustang XP

Just as we have mentioned before, Mustang is what runs in the veins of the car enthusiasts. Following the legacy of the mighty GT Mustang, Troy-Bilt has introduced not one but two of their models named after the same legend.

Mustangs are known for their brute strength and build quality where only an engine rev can make everyone either love it or fear it.

Troy-Bilt decided to follow the same Mustang culture and introduced zero turn mowers that are insanely powerful and are also topped with ‘near to invincible’ strength and durability. 

If we discuss the details of the structure and the capabilities of Mustang XP – 50, we would realize that it is something near to a muscle car.

The engine it has is a 724 cc Briggs and Stratton that is capable of producing energy equivalent to immense 25 Horsepower. This beast powers the 50 inches wide cutting base which is equipped with blades that spin around with murderous intentions.

The width of the cutting base feels a little slimmer than the previous versions, but this is the exciting part. The 25 HP engine covering a relatively shorter area is no joke; this is where the unimaginable power for chopping off the grass and weeds come from. 

The machine itself is very comfortable to sit on and easy to use. Its operation is controlled by simple levers that are subsequently connected with the most celebrated EZT – Transmission, which not only makes it work smoother but also faster.

 The durable and smoother wheels assist the gas engine in moving around with unbelievable speeds for cutting grass.    


  • Powerful Engine
  • Sleek Design
  • High-Grade Transmission System
  • Comfortable seating


  • Relatively less wide cutting deck
  • Gas-powered engine causes pollution
  • Lesser volume of the fuel tank; 3 gallons

6. Husqvarna MZ48

Husqvarna zero turn mowers are said to be the best when it comes to being a package, and the MZ48 models stay true to that. MZ48 can clean your yard at magical speeds.

The company claims that it can cover up to 3.7 acres in a single hour with a top speed of 8 miles per hour. It won’t be a false alarm if we declare this machine to be a magician because of the speed and the ability it has when it comes to mowing your lawn.  

This deck is attached with a hydraulic system to a foot assisted manual lever which allows the user to lift or drop floor to anywhere between 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches off the ground. This allows the user to have a desired height of the grass.  

This mowing vehicle is not only fast but also comfortable as well. It has a padded vinyl seat with armrests and a cup holder which allows you to enjoy a drink even while you are mowing your lawn.

A Kohler 7000 series engine provides the power to move this 740-pound machine. This engine is gasoline operated and can produce 23 horsepower worth power. The food for this engine is stored in a single 5-gallon tank located at the backside of the mower.  


  • Powerful engine
  • Comfortable ride
  • Massive fuel tank
  • Perfect for domestic usage


  • Pricy when compared to other models
  • Noisy
  • Side discharge

7. Ariens IKON-X Zero

IKON – X is among the top-ranked machines

Ariens is among the top reputed brands in the garden and related equipment and accessories. IKON-X is the commercial-grade mower they produce with the zero turn technology.

Even though this machine is best suited for business purposes because of the high-end characteristics, but all these add-ons do not stop it from being the very gentleman of the generation.

IKON – X is among the top-ranked all-rounders in the market and is a device that people can blindly rely and trust on. 

The engine of this mower is powered by Kawasaki and boasts of producing 2.3 horsepower of energy. This massive and vividly powerful engine supports the blades at the bottom of the device that is responsible for cutting the weed and grass.

The width these blades can cover without any mistakes and flaws is 52 inches. The mower is speedy and efficient and designed ergonomically, which makes its operation near to absolute perfection.

This zero turn mower by Ariens is art in itself. The lever by the deck allows you to adjust the height of the blades. This lever is connected to a hydraulic system that eases the process of adjustment as well as adds accuracy and precision to the entire system.

Furthermore, installed in this device are the high grade commercial hydraulic transmissions, also known as EZT transmission. EZT transmission is more like a cherry on the top with its top-notch specifications.

However, the problem arises with the fuel tank. The gas-powered 23 HP Kawasaki engine is fueled by only a 2.3-gallon fuel tank. Even though it seems sufficient, but the truth is that this volume is relatively low for commercial usage.  


  • Powerful 23 HP engine
  • 52 inches wide cutting coverage
  • Efficient design
  • High Speed


  • Gas-powered engine causes pollution
  • Smaller volume of the fuel tank

8. Husqvarna MZ61

Husqvarna zero turn mowers are what you can call the kings of the industry. Their products are complete in all aspects and allow the user to achieve the best results and give a professional touch to your project.

MZ61 is one of the finest examples of this where the user has a comfortable padded seat with a cup holder attached for your summer drinks, and all of the controls are at a hand’s reach.

The machine allows you to adjust the height of the cutting deck from 1.5 inches off the ground to 4.5 inches so that you can have a lawn as per your desires.

And this is not all; this zero turn is speedy. It can reach a top speed of 8.5 MPH, which is somewhere around 14 kilometers per hour.

The chores of cutting the unwanted weeds are done by three chromium coated stainless steel blades attached to an extra broad 61 inches base.

Apart from all these, this zero turn mower is equipped with the latest hydro gear ZT 3000 transmission which provides the smoothest functioning along with the ability to carry some loaded weight

To top all of this and support such high-end features, there is a 27 horsepower engine. Yes, you read that right. IT HAS A 27 HORSEPOWER ENGINE!!!

This Briggs and Stratton engine is what powers this monster which can get your yard done in literally no time at all. 


  • Powerful engine
  • Swift
  • Resilient and durable
  • Comfortable


  • Extremely wide for residential usage
  • Not good on hills
  • Difficult to clean

9. Ariens Zoom Kohler 6000

Offering the cool Ariens Zoom 34 19hp Kohler

Ariens Zoom series is what every landscape business owner wants for themselves. These are the commercial-grade mowers that one have always dreamt of. They have everything you would want in a commercial-grade zero turn lawnmower

These zero turn mowers of Zoom series by Ariens are equipped with super sharp blades that are coated with antioxidants. This reduces the risk of getting rusted and the need to change the blades more often.

The cutting width of these blades covers a massive 60-inch worth area which makes it one of the widest ones in the market. This colossal monster like machine is fast enough to reach the top forward speed of 8 MPH and reverse speed of 4 MPH.  

This machine is not only fast but reliable too. It has its chassis made up of cast iron which makes it strong enough to last several years with extensive duty works.

The average weight of this zero turn mower is somewhat around 1080 lbs, which makes it one of the heaviest too. All of these features are powered by a 25 HP V twin Kohler engine.

This engine is not only powerful but also able to work for long hours, which makes it the device anyone can rely on.

Furthermore, there is 3100 ZT hydraulic transmission fitted in the Ariens Zoom 6000 series which makes everything silkier than silk itself. To make things even smoother, this zero turn mower has added wheels that make it easier to move around with minimal friction.

Also, the fuel tank has more capacity than most of the other models and can house about 6 gallons of gas fuel. All of these top-notch features added into a single device certainly gain it a spot in the top 10. 


  • Durable and reliable
  • Best for commercial usage
  • Strong and fast
  • Rustproof


  • Heavier than most
  • Not for people with a budget
  • Not suitable for residential usage

10. Toro TimeCutter SS4225

Husqvarna, Ariens, and Troy – Bilt are on the top of the pyramid of the lawnmower industry, but Toro has also been working hard to find themselves in the limelight.

Toro TimeCutter is not an ordinary lawnmower but also performs the undercover duties of a tractor. The tractor feature is an added test program but has also been the cause this mower has been able to gain such fame and positive reviews.

As suggested by the name, Toro TimeCutter is fast and not just fast, but also extremely proficient as well. Even in the hands of beginners, Toro leaves a professional and classy finish that can leave everyone in awe.

The secrets of this mower are not magic but science and technology. It has a smart setting technology which allows the user to set the cutting length at seven different levels.

Furthermore, all of this is supported by a 22 HP Kohler engine. Kohler has been very famous for its competent engines. This powerful engine helps them achieve the top speed and allows the mowing vehicle to move at a speed of 5 to 7 MPH.

The engine in this device is protected by an engine guard and has also had new features like comfortable seating added into it.

However, the width of the cutting deck is very slimmer than the mainstream ones. The cutting deck only spans over 40 inches. 


  • Powerful Engine
  • Washing Ports
  • High-Grade Transmission
  • Fast
  • Comfortable


  • Slimmer cutting width
  • Only 3 Gallon fuel capacity
  • Unable to work on hills

Buyer’s Guide Best Zero Turn Mower

For homeowners, keeping their lawn and yard all maintained is nothing short of a dream. The amount of time and the degree of patience, resilience, and strength needed for an aesthetically pleasing lawn is not what every man is capable of.

Lawnmowers certainly made things easier and quicker for these homeowners who dreamt of having a well-kept lawn, and the innovation of zero turn lawn mowers has been the cherry on top.

These zero turn mowers offer zero effective radii and provide a majestic and yet soothing look to your yards and lawns.

In addition to all of this, these mowing vehicles are sturdy as armored vehicles that are pretty much designed to cut all of the unwanted grass and weed in its way. 

Apart from being handy, these mowers are amazingly fast and very easy to use. They come with built-in adjustments that can be used to change the height of the cutting deck and hence alter and even fine-tune the length of the grass in your lawn as per your wishes and desires.

These zero turn mowers usually have a width exceeding 50 inches and even wider cutting boards that house a razor-sharp set of blades.

These blades can be adjusted by the use of the hydraulic transmissions to regulate the height of the grass in the field.

Even though the basic functioning principle of these advanced mowers is very much same, there are hundreds of brands with thousands of models, each offering an additional feature or a value-added service along with the basic models.

The basic models start from a modest range of something around $2000, but while going for such basic and stock models, the buyers might have to give up on the value-added comfort, speed, precision, and even fancy features.

Therefore, before you even consider buying yourself a zero turn mower for a neater and prettier yard, know what you need. So let’s get started with that. 

Basic Working

The function of these zero turn mowers is the same as any other lawnmower, but with the technological advancements, we are making things easier for everyone.

Unlike the traditional lawnmowers which use their front wheels to make a turn, zero turn mowers pivot around the rear wheels and hence have a zero turning radius.

This zero turn radius saves the user from all the hassle of either leaving smaller patches or going reverse till you make it right.

Zero turn mowers are usually equipped with three blades at the bottom of the cutting board. This board is attached to a hydraulics system with its lever on the deck that can be easily used to change the height of the board and the blades from the ground as per the user’s desires. 

Residential Usage

Zero turn mowers are generally suited for commercial purposes where the ground area to be mowed is massive. But this picture fits some residential areas as well and for that, some smaller models allow you to mow lands or fields on a smaller scale.

The average optimum area for residential graded models of zero turn mowers is usually between 1 to 2 acres of land.

These models are efficient and fast enough to get your work done in a couple of hours but lack the brute strength and the resilient structure of the commercial-grade zero turn mowers.

Residential versions are usually cheaper than the commercial ones but will never be an investment that goes into the trash after a while. These mowers are the best zero turn mowers under $5000. 

Commercial Usage

The recommended usage of the zero turn mowers is for business purposes because they are pricey and large enough to be incompatible with most of the lawns and pretty much useless for their owners.

The commercial-grade zero turn mowers are nothing short of tanks for your yards that leave nothing unscathed on this miniature battlefield.

These models are faster, more efficient, and the sturdiest when compared with their lower-grade versions, like the ones for home-usage.

These models come with the most powerful engines and the robust and durable chassis that anyone could wish for. These are usually all metal and almost no plastic which adds to their build quality.

For people that have a looser budget and need something brilliant, this is the best of the choices they can ever make.

However, some models stand somewhere between the basic residential ones and the fancy, high build commercial ones.

These said models are the best ones for the businesses that are on a budget or the homeowners who have larger yards and don’t want to spend an extra hour using the residential models.  

Engine Power

The engine is the powerhouse of almost every machine. From trains to airplanes, everything is powered by an engine. Even for the smaller things, there are motor engines that power them; like the toys. In a context very similar to all of this, the zero turn mowers are also powered by the same physical phenomenon of the engine.

Engines are the most vital thing in this machine, and they have a whole range of sizes, but if they were to be explained in simple terms: the bigger, the better. A larger engine is capable of generating more power that means your chores will be done in no time and that too, with unmatched efficiency.

Higher horsepower will allow you to power through the unwanted weed and the giant grass shards and have that beautiful lawn in no time at all. 

However, high power comes with a higher price and therefore, for the ones with properties lesser than or around an acre or something, lower-powered motors will do the magic too. 

Fuel Capacity

It would not be a lie if we call engines the heart and the soul of these zero turn mowers and just like a heart needs blood to survive, the engines need fuel too.

Some brands have introduced the electric motors that operate on batteries. These new versions are relatively more environmentally friendly and quieter. However, the ones powered by fuel are still the talk of the town.

For these engines to generate some power, they need food; just like humans. And gas is the food for engines.

Holding enough gas to mow the lawn perfectly is a challenge in itself, and for the same, there are these fuel tanks, usually installed at the bottom of the deck. And as usual, the perception of bigger the better is accurate; but that with some reservations in this regard.

A bigger tank will no wonder be able to hold surplus fuel for a couple of runs in your yards; however, this excessive fuel storage will prove to be the additional weight that will reduce the speed and also be a handicap on steep areas.  

Cutting Width

The only thing you would want your mower to do is to cut grass because it will be either a very scary or a hilarious sight otherwise.

And the engine itself will only make a difference when the blades cover enough width to not to sabotage the efficiency of the engine. 

People usually believe that the greater cutting width would be more beneficial in terms of speed and quality of cutting.

However, this is not the case in all of the situations. When using a wider cutting board, you will have to keep in account the obstacle or the garden areas in the yard.

These obstacles can range from decorative plant life to pathways and the ease of maneuverability. Smaller mowers even though take some extra time but are easy to go around in smaller areas and at corners. 


A healthy body is key to a longer life, and maybe the same can also be said about machines. Even though heavier machines are thought to be durable and sturdier than the lighter ones; however, the heavier ones are more energy and fuel consuming.

Furthermore, more massive bodies will be a disadvantage when using the vehicle on slopes or hilly areas. In addition to all this, a heavier body will make the transport difficult when needed, especially for commercial purposes. 


Transmission is what people believe to be the trickiest part in all of the vehicles, and the case is no different in zero turn mowers. The transmission can be rated as either high grade or low grade.

The low graded transmission might be effective for use in residential type zero turn mowers. However, for the owners of relatively larger estates or the commercial ones, the use of low-grade transmission can be very destructive.

A low-grade transmission will destroy or tend to destroy the inner mechanisms of the mechanical mower. In addition to all this, the cost of repairing or getting yourself a new transmission set will surpass that of what you might have saved by going for a cheaper one. 

On the other hand, going for a mower with a durable and high-grade transmission will mean that you have saved yourself from all that hassle and the trips to mechanics afterward.

The mowers with high-grade installations will definitely cost more but will reach breakeven in terms of performance and not be a disappointment. 

Zero Turn Mowers Brands

The moment you decide to buy anything, you will be given with hundreds of options that you can choose from. There is no difference in the case of zero turn mowers either.

Once you have decided to treat yourself with a zero turn mower, you will be served with innumerable options to choose from and what is really confusing about this is that each one of them claims to be the best in the market.

However, there are five companies that stand out when it comes to the best in all rounding performances. 


This brand speaks for itself. Husqvarna is one of the top brands and one of the top choices to go for when buying gardening and related devices. They are the top investment you can make.

They offer a vast range of options to choose from when going for zero turn mowers, with an impressively high number of models.

Majority of their choices are directed towards the homeowners and therefore offer residential grade equipment and appliances. And yet for the residential usage, their machines are powerful and efficient. 


Unlike Husqvarna, Ariens is known for producing its commercial cut appliances. Ariens’ tools are much quieter than other brands and offer machines that are second to none in terms of strength, power, efficiency, and quality.

However,  the appliances and equipment they offer can be considered relatively expensive and pricy. If you are unable to find yourself a Husqvarna, Ariens is the brand you should go to.   


Ariens and Husqvarna claim the throne for the top brands that provide ‘the’ best quality products, especially the zero turn lawnmowers. Following these two giants, there stands Troy Bilt, the new masters of the industry.

Troy Bilt is the new superstars who have the ability to compete with the olden giants and have even been able to challenge them at several times.

Troy Bilt has been producing quality products that have been top-notch when we talk about time, their quality, and efficiency.

But what is even more surprising is the sturdiness of their commercial range and also the amazingly low prices of their products. They are building their name in the industry and are certainly one to look out for. 

Do You Know?

The first automated lawn is said to be invented by Max Swisher. He would tie his lawnmower to the tree in such a way that the rope will get rolled over the tree. This would, in return, reduce the radius of the rope, and by the end, it would have mowed the lawn perfectly in a brilliant circle. 

He is also believed to be the pioneer of the zero turn mowers. Instead of steering the ride-on mowers via the front wheels, the zero turn mower pivots about on the rear wheels. The first zero turn lawn mower was allegedly reported in 1956.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a zero turn mower? 

A zero turn mower serves the same function as of any other lawnmower, but the point where it differs is the turning radius. Unlike other mowers, the effective radius of a zero turn mower while turning is zero. 

The usual ride on mowers turns by steering their front wheels, while the zero turn mowers use their rear wheels to pivot around. 

These mowers are faster and more efficient than the basic ones. 

Zero turn mowers show exceptional results even on slopes, provided that these slopes do not exceed 10 to 15 degrees of angle. For hills exceeding this angle, lawnmower mowers can either topple over or get dragged down because of their weight. 

Zero turn mowers are designed and recommended for larger areas because they are quite expensive. The minimum recommended area for residential zero turn lawn mowers is at least 1 acre. 

The most crucial part of the zero turn mower that needs maintenance is the blades and the cutting board they are attached zero turn. For maintaining the blades, one will have to lift the deck up, and for that, one should use a lifting jack. 


Zero turn mowers have made the dream of having a tidy lawn possible without any fatigue. Zero turn mowers are the new cool that can make your yard a masterpiece in no time at all and takes zero effort.

All you have to do is to sit on the mower, adjust the height of the blades with a lever, and ride your way to the other end. Having a neat yard was never this easy, but now it is; thanks to the zero turn mowers.

These mowers, however, come with so many extra features that would make anyone go crazy. And this is where we come to help you! Make sure you give our reviews, and the buyer’s guide a good look before you get yourself a zero turn mower. 

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