10 Best Wireless Backup Camera of 2021 for RV and Car

Parking a vehicle, the way we want is not possible all the times because of the awkward angles and limited available parking place, and it becomes more difficult when we don’t have the best wireless backup camera installed in our vehicles to see clearly what is behind us.

Most of the luxury cars have a wireless backup camera to see behind the cars while parking or pulling out the car in parking areas but all vehicles don’t have these inbuilt wireless backup cameras. If your vehicle doesn’t have a wireless backup camera installed, then it is hazardous for you as well as for others, and you need a wireless backup camera instantly to avoid any chance of an accident. 

Wireless Backup camera install on car side mirror

The primary function of these backup cameras is to provide clear footage of everything behind your car so that you could see what lies behind your vehicle. You need to see everything clearly when you park or pull out your vehicle at someplace.

These backup cameras also help you on the road as you need to be fully aware of the vehicles coming behind your cars just like you see in the rearview mirror. This ability to see clearly behind your vehicle enables you to drive accurately and safely.

These wireless backup cameras are designed with different features, so there are different types of cameras manufactured by different companies which produce the various quality of footage behind your vehicle.

Each camera is neither suitable for you, nor it fits on your cars. To find the perfect camera for your car, you have to choose one that best suit your vehicle and can serve you in the best way.

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Here we have collected the top ten best backup cameras available in the market for you. We will here review the basic features of all these cameras so that you could choose the perfect camera that serves your need before purchasing it.

Best Wireless Backup Camera 2021

1. Vantrue N2 Pro

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Camera  The perfect option

Among many cameras, it is difficult to choose a perfect camera that could fulfill your needs. After browsing online plenty of options,  I decided to purchase Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Camera, and I am happy that it proved that my decision was perfect.  

In fact, in the present world, choosing something perfect is very hard and I strongly recommend that you should research a bit before you choose. It would be great if you go by the reviews or ask the people who are using the product, you want to buy.

Vantrue N2 Pro can be regarded as the best backup camera in 2019 because of its number of high-quality features like the quality of footage it provides and its adaptability in all cabs. It is very easy to adjust on your windshield by rotating up and down according to your requirement and comfort.

Dual cam
Vantrue N2 Pro is a product of next level technology cam for cabs that serves you with unbreachable security for both cab driver and passenger. Vantrue N2 pro has dual Cams that shoot both front and inside view with 1080P HD resolution. It serves all kinds of road vehicles perfectly like Uber, taxis for optimum protection. It is also extremely beneficial for the security of commuters, left drivers, rideshare, and commuters.
Audio Recording
Both cameras of Vantrue N2 Pro have an excellent feature of recording audio. It has an auto recording feature as well as you can switch on or off audio recording by the small button on the camera.
Quality of footage
The main problem with backup cameras has been the quality of footage especially in the night, but amazingly the N2 Pro with its 4 infrared (IR) LEDs, the quality of the footage is awesome. The best feature of the Venture N2 that gives this camera an edge on others is the Infrared Night Vision; this camera provides excellent footage even in very poor lighting.
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  • Vantrue N2 provides high-quality footage.
  • It is small in size with attractive design,
  • It is easy to start and navigate
  • It is easy to install


  • The camera has no wifi app and cloud service
  • The footage of the inside camera is not as good as the front side camera.

2. ERapta ERT01

The eRapta ERT01 is a good backup camera with a very low price. I am using it and strongly recommend it due to its features.

I like it mainly because it is very affordable and its viewing angle is awesome. It can be installed on the license plate of the car through attachment strip.

Cool design
The first thing that attracts me in cameras is design; the design of the eRapta ERT01 is simple yet attractive. The lens of the camera is adjustable and gives 149-degree viewing angle with crystal clear vision during parking of the car. I help the driver to reverse the car smoothly without any fear of accident as you can see everything perfectly behind you without any confusion.
Any backup camera must have a high quality of waterproofing because the camera is installed on the license plate, and this area is exposed to rainwater directly. The eRapta ERT01 has reasonable capacity of IP69 waterproof.

The sensor of the camera with resin made rubber ring makes this gadget more waterproof. You can drive in the rain without any fear of damage to the camera, and the video quality remains reasonable even in a rainstorm.

LED lighting
The eRapta ERT01 has auto LED lighting system with automatic backup that activates automatically in the night and dark places.
The Quality of the footage
Believe me; you can’t expect that much good quality of pictures from the camera of 20$, but it produces awesome clear images. Having a feature of adjustable angle, it can be set up on any vehicle of any height to get clear footage.
Warranty - Assist Guidelines
The eRapta ERT01 backup camera comes with a two-year warranty and lifetime support, so, in case of any problem, you can get replacement parts easily. The eRapta ERT01 offers assist guidelines, which is helpful when driving poor light conditions.
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  • It has IP69 waterproof
  • It comes with assist guidelines
  • It has amazing LED night lights
  • It offers a remarkable viewing angle
  • It comes with a 2-year factory warranty
  • The company offers lifetime support for any problem


  • It is not quite difficult to install
  • It may partially cover some area of license plates

3. Rear View Safety

Rear View Safety Backup Camera System - Large Display

I love this camera as it equips my trailer with unblinking open eyes which I need for the security of my vehicle. The wireless backup camera is my favorite camera because of its high-quality performance.

Cool Display
I strongly recommend this camera because of its sublime quality 7″ Display. I think The Rear-View Safety RVS-770613 is more suitable for large vehicles than small vehicles. Being a trailer driver, I am satisfied with its performance.
RVS-770613 comes with a monitor, so it saves you from buying a separate monitor. The monitor display is excellent, and it adapts and blends well with the camera.
Signal-to-noise ratio
It offers nice signal-to-noise ratio, and this feature improves the quality of visuals on display without any distractions.
High Image Resolution
Clarity of images is vital for the driver while driving as a driver has to react instantly to counter the obstacle on the way. If the image on display is clear, it helps the driver immensely to take the right decision to avoid the accidents. RVS-770613 cam delivers the high image resolution of 1440 x 234 pixels that produces clear images of the obstacles or objects on the way. It helps the driver to see everything brightly and clearly, which are located on the rear side of the vehicle.
Display of grid lines
The feature of showing grid line helps drivers a lot as with the help of these lines they can get exact information of the space behind the vehicle available for parking.
RVS-770613 is a camera which is highly resistant to water for its rating of IP69K. It provides drivers with peace of mind in extreme weathers.
Infrared Lights
RVS-770613 has the feature of 18 infrared lights, which enables the driver to see all objects or obstacles till the distance of 50ft in the dark.
Auto-dimming feature
RVS-770613 has the great feature of auto-dimming. Through this feature, the brightness of monitor automatically adjusts according to the ambient light and also provides aural information through built-in microphone and speakers.
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  • It delivers high-resolution image
  • This system is perfect for large vehicles
  • The system delivers compatibility for the use of four cameras.


  • The installation is not easy and requires hiring a professional for installation.

4. iStrong

iStrong Backup Camera and Monitor Kit Complementary Backup Kit

I like this camera because of multiple reasons. The first is its cost-effectiveness without compromising the quality of the footage, it produces. The resolution of the footage is amazing, and that is the key thing in this camera.

There are some other cool features of the camera like two video inputs, great viewing angles, attractive kit, waterproof and design.    In the market, no one can beat iStrong Backup Camera and Monitor Kit because of the low-price tag attached to camera and monitor.  

I mean, where you can find this quality of resolution for $30. If you are thinking about having a complementary backup kit, I strongly recommend iStrong Backup Camera and Monitor Kit because it is the best backup camera of 2019.

iStrong Backup Camera and Monitor Kit
Cool Design
iStrong Backup Camera and Monitor Kit comes with the camera kit that contains a license plate backup camera and a monitor.

The dashboard-mounted LCD monitor has a 4.3-inch screen. The resolution of the monitor is 480 x 272 and backup camera supports a 648 x 488 resolution compatible with all signal formats.

Camera kit
The kit of this backup camera is great to add an extra camera to the existing system of your vehicle. The price of the iStrong Backup Camera and Monitor Kit comes with the camera kit is very low, but it offers an amazing 420 TV line resolution.
The monitor of the camera is compact, energy-efficient with a huge perk of two video inputs, and there are 7 LED lights to support night vision.

You can fix monitor on the dash or can hook it anywhere after taking away the removable mount. The monitor is automatic and turns on when powered and turns off when you seize power.

Viewing Angle
This camera offers a decent 135-degree viewing angle, which is awesome for smaller vehicles.
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  • The price of the camera is very affordable
  • It offers cool image resolution
  • It offers a great viewing angle
  • The monitor of the camera supports two video inputs


  • It is a bit difficult to install
  • The backup camera is only IP67 waterproof, and there are chances of water logging in thunderstorms.

5. Chuanganzhup

Chuanganzhup Backup Camera - Cost Effective

I had been searching a good quality camera for my car at a minimum price but was unable to find one as the prices of the cameras are too high, which was beyond my budget.

It took longer to find a perfect camera, according to my affordability. Recently,  I happen to read about Chuanganzhuo 4.3″ backup camera and monitor kit for the car.  

Chuanganzhuo 4.3" backup camera for sale

The first thing that struck me was its price. It is a very cost-effective cam and strangely has almost all features that an expensive camera has.

So, I decided instantly to purchase it as I could do it without any disturbance to my monthly budget. So, I did and believed me; it proved a very lucrative mini investment.

This camera has cool features like infrared vision, waterproof-ness, attractive design, its kit, and many more, which make this best backup camera of 2019.

Comfortable Design and Size
This camera is available in a perfect kit which has a monitor and power cables. The monitor is small like 4.3 inches with 480 x 272 resolution and display ratio of 16:9 or 4:3.
The camera kit
The camera kit provides AV1 and AV2 options with the NTSC signal format. You have a choice according to your priority to switch from one to another.
Night Vision
The camera has a CMOS PC7070 image sensor with seven infrared lights for night vision and can be easily attached to the license plate. The quality of night vision footage is good enough for visibility.
The camera has an IP67 waterproof feature, which is also good enough

to its cheap price.

Video Quality
The video quality of the camera is satisfactory, and drivers can be comfortable with it at a very low price.
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  • With its cheap price camera provides decent resolution.
  • It provides the option of dual video inputs.
  • The camera is reasonably waterproof.
  • It provides Infrared night vision.
  • It has a decent LCD monitor.
  • It is very easily adjustable


  • It has limited Waterproofing capacity.
  • The quality of night vision is not of high quality.
  • This camera turns on when backup lights are on

6. Backup Esky Mini

Buy the Best Backup Esky Mini Rear view camera

I saw this camera installed on the car of my friend and I inquired about it as I was also looking for a decent economical camera for my car and motorcycle.

He told me about its prominent features which were good enough for my needs, and I decided to purchase it. I purchased it online, and delivery was in time.

I read the guidelines and verified the claims written on guidelines book personally. I don’t know what other’s needs are, but as far as I am concerned, this camera serves my needs perfectly. Some of the features I found to be true as claimed by the manufacturing company.

Fit for all vehicles
I found the Esky Mini Rear view camera can be used for all kinds of vehicles. Being easily installable, I think you can use it for almost all kinds of vehicles like RVs, SUVs, trucks and other cars and that makes Esky Mini Rearview camera a universal fit which is in very facilitating quality and makes it the best backup camera with sensors.
Easy to Operate
Esky Mini Rear view camera has no complication in the operating system. It is as easy as to operate a television with remote control. You can turn it off and on, shift from front view to back view through one button control. You need not dive deep into guidelines to understand its operating system; rather, it allows you to use all features of the camera very easily by pressing only one button.
Night Vision
With 170 degrees visibility with built-in night sensor, Esky Mini Rear view camera provides you with great night vision with perfect visual angle lens. The colors of footage are great during day and night vision with reverse lights on is visually perfect. Further, it turns on automatically when you reverse the vehicle with reverse lights on.
Small size with cool Design
It comes in a small size which is great for me, and its mounted design is awesome as it shields the cam from rain, but even rain falls directly on it, its waterproofing feature saves it from any damage, but you have to wipe its lens to have a clear view.
Easy to install
Like its operating system, Esky Mini Rearview camera is super easy to install. You can follow the guidelines and can install it on any vehicle without any help of a professional.
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  • It is useable for all kinds of vehicles.
  • You need no professional help to install it.
  • Its operating system is super easy
  • Video quality is perfect
  • Excellent night vision


  • Apparently, none

7. Yada Digital Backup Camera

Yada Digital Backup Camera - Wireless Device

Having continuous problems in reversing my car in crowded areas, I was almost compelled to search for a backup camera. Google flashed many options, and I went through the features of few and compared it with each other. [su_highlight background=”#fef5c4″ color=”#000000″ class=””]My requirements had a camera with clear video footage, easy installation, small size, and wireless device at an affordable price. [/su_highlight]

It took quite long to search and choose. Finally, I decided to purchase Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 4.3″ Dash Monitor because of its described features that served my needs.

I purchased it and found it decent and fulfilling. Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 4.3″ Dash Monitor is a convenient device that enables you to see clearly without any confusion what is behind your vehicle when you have to reverse the car.
Easy installation
My first requirement was easy installation as a complicated set up of any device bothers me much. Fortunately, I found Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 4.3″ Dash Monitor very easy to install. You don’t need any professional expertise to install this camera. Just go through brief guidelines provided with the device, and you can install it yourself. The camera has to be wired into reverse lights whereas the monitor is plugged into lighter of cigarette outlet. No wire is used to pair monitor and camera.
Easy to operate
Yada digital wireless backup camera is as easy to operate as it was to install. The camera turns on automatically as you reverse the vehicle. Buttons on the monitor are simple to use. You can switch on parking guidelines, displays, and power off monitor. A camera installed on a license plate can be tilted according to the height of the vehicle, and it has a broad view of 110 degrees to enable you to see behind of car and adjacent periphery.
Picture Quality and Night Vision
The quality of the picture is clear, and you can have colors, contrast, and brightness of the picture according to your likings by adjusting it through buttons on the monitor. The night vision of the camera is also decent as the camera has the sensors to switch on the camera to night vision mode by using car tail’s lights if the conditions out there are too dark to see. The monitor picture is clear, and the movement is natural. You can adjust the display brightness, color, and contrast to fit your preferences.
Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 4.3″ Dash Monitor is perfectly waterproof and survives in rainstorms. So if you are driving in rains, you can still have the clear footage of behind your car.
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  • It is very easy to install
  • Comes with accessories
  • Night vision is clear
  • Cost-effective in price
  • Quality of the picture is satisfactory
  • Size and design are cool


  • The grip of the monitor is a bit weak as it often fell while installing.


AUTO-VOX Car Rearview - Mirror Dash Camera

Being a driver, I always face a challenge to prove to my insurers that I am a perfect driver. Dashcams play a vital role in the protection of the reputation of the drivers, especially in advanced countries like the USA and Italy.

Dash cams are also linked to the prevention of insurance fraud and the installation of the cameras in vehicles has decreased the insurance frauds substantially.

In case of an accident, dashboard cameras play a key role in insurance matters and reduce the stress of drivers. Keeping all these things in mind, I always prefer to dive with a decent camera installed in vehicles.

Having years of experience of driving in different vehicles which had different installed cameras, I can review different backup and rearview mirror dash cams. Today I want to review AUTO-VOX T1400 4.3-Inches LCD Car Rearview Mirror Dash Cam.

backup camera with screen
The credibility of AUTO-VOX – Automatic adjustment
AUTO-VOX has established itself as a company of quality products. The company has more than ten years of experience of producing multiple quality products like car mirror monitor, car rearview camera, car DVR, and other auto electronics.

The majority of the people loves Their products because of their excelling quality and reliability. Like their previous AUTO-VOX T1400 4.3-Inches Car Rearview Mirror Dash Cam also enjoys a prestigious status in quality and innovation.

Popular Model
The AUTO-VOX T1400 4.3-Inches Car Rearview Mirror Dash Cam is next level high-quality product which is extremely popular in the market because of its features and matchless results.

It is the product that is perfect in performance and appearance to complement the interior of your vehicle. The prominent feature of this camera is its large 4.3-inches 16:9 aspect ratio TFT LCD display. It provides an excellent detailed backside view of your vehicle.

Automatic Adjustment
The AUTO-VOX T1400 has an amazing feature of automatic brightness adjustment. It captures crystal clear image in all kinds of light conditions. Another feature of the camera enables you to select from the dual video inputs. You can switch over to select the display of the backup camera or the DVD player.
Rear-view Mirror
The AUTO-VOX T1400 rearview has been designed to be fit for all popular vehicles. It is compatible with the interior original mounting bracket of all the vehicles like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Hyundai, Ford, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi vehicles and others.
High-Quality Image
The feature of automatic brightness adjustment produces a high-quality image in all kinds of light condition on massive 4.3-inches, 16:9 aspect ratio TFT LCD, and high-end rearview mirror display.
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  • It is quite easy to operate.
  • It shows the parking image automatically when you put the vehicle in reverse gear.
  • It is compatible with most car models
  • The result of the 4.3-inches LCD monitor is amazing.


  • It is not easy to install without following the company’s instructions.
  • The night vision is not of high quality.


I was using X1 earlier, and I found it be an amazing backup camera. The satisfaction with X1 lead me to read about The AUTO-VOX X2.

There is not much difference between X1 and X2, but certainly, there are some features of X2 which can’t be ignored if you are a camera lover.

Yes, it is a bit expensive and cost $10 more but the features of the X2 are worth it.  There are substantial improvements in X2 like resolution of footage, large rearview, much larger viewing angle, sharp image, and much more.   

After ascertaining the upgraded feature of the X2, I decided to purchase it, and I have no regrets so far for my $10 more investment.

Drivers can understand it well that
Quality of image
The first striking thing that captures your appreciation is the quality of the image. The image of this X2 version produced is amazing. I mean it is damn crystal clear with amazing natural colors of the view behind you.

Drivers can understand it well that if you have a camera installed in your vehicle, your journey becomes fun. You can capture everything around you in front as well as backside. In addition to this, the feeling of security and clarity of the conditions make you feel tension-free at every place, and I believe with a camera, you are going to have this feeling of content and comfort.

Forward-Facing Dash Cam
The AUTO-VOX X2 is the device of next-level technology, and essentially an improved version of the highly appreciated X1. It offers a great addition of a forward-facing dashcam. The quality of this forward-facing dashcam is fantastic. The resolution of the footage is awesome, and you can’t ask more after seeing the images of the forward-facing dash cam.
The large rear-view mirror
The rear view of the X1 was great, but the large 9.88-inch rearview mirror of X2 is exceptional. It makes everything crystal clear behind you in full-screen. When you see the sharp 960p image produced by display, you fall in love with the camera. You can adjust the direction of rear camera with just touch inputs. 
Automatic operating system
As you put the vehicle into reverse, the camera automatically starts working and adjusts its view. It produces enormously wide 140-degree viewing angle. With the help of this camera, you see everything in your blind spot during the motion of a vehicle.
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  • It is a high-quality camera
  • It produces large and clear display,
  • It comes in doubles as a dash cam


  • This camera is a bit expensive in price
  • It is a bit difficult to install

10. Furrion RV Camera

Furrion RV Camera - Smart navigation

I was in search of a decent backup camera for my car since a while but was unable to decide what will be suitable for me as I am not a technology guy. I inquired about different kinds of cameras from my friends who are already using such devices.

One of my friends recommended me Furrion RV Camera – FOS43TASF and told me about it in detail. He also promised me to help me with purchasing and installing a camera in my vehicle.

So, we both went to the market and purchased it. He installed it and also taught me how to install it. It was great. I am still using it, and it is working well.

Furrion RV Camera – FOS43TASF is a wireless observation system, and with this system, you can see behind your RV. It minimizes blind spots and helps you to prevent any accidents. It has some excellent features that make it the best wireless backup camera of 2018.
High-quality video
With its upgraded CPU streams, it produces high-quality footage at amazing speeds without any interruption. It can capture footage up to 492 feet, which is more than sufficient to reverse your vehicle without any fear of accident.
Digital Transmitter
Furrion RV Camera – FOS43TASF is equipped with the best digital transmitter which is built into the camera, and it eliminates all kinds of interferences from other devices.
Smart Navigation
It is equipped with smart technologies which ensure continuous navigation. With climate-smart you can have GPS running in all kind of extreme climates. With vibration, starting GPS resists vibrations to a great level. 
Full-color LCD Monitor
Furrion RV Camera – FOS43TASF comes with 4-5/16″ Full-color LCD monitor which can be put on dash or windshield through suction cup mount. You can also adjust the viewing angle through tilting mounting arms. You can also do the image orientation by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and colors of the monitor screen.  The driver of the vehicle can have a precise mirror image according to his perspective. 
Night vision and Waterproof
Furrion RV Camera – FOS43TASF comes with high quality of waterproof. It works in all kinds of extreme rainstorms. It can be adjusted to different angles according to the needs of the driver. Its design is water resistant, and the lens is well protected from the rain. Its infrared LED provides clear night vision, and it uses backlights of the vehicle to provide you clear image in the dark with rear assist marker lines and motion detector to help you see behind clearly and reverse the vehicle with the utmost ease.
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  • It offers awesome navigation
  • It offers excellent night vision
  • It has amazing LED night lights
  • The quality of the footage is very high.
  • It offers a remarkable viewing angle
  • It comes with a 2-year factory warranty


  • The installation of the camera requires drilling for holes in the vehicle for the power cable.

Buying Guide – Best Backup Cameras

If you are looking for the best backup camera for your vehicle that could serve you in the best way, consider the following points before purchasing one. It will really help you to make a wise purchase.  

Good quality video

Backup cameras are all about seeing things clearly behind your car, so it is natural that the quality of the video must be good so that you could see things clearly without any confusion.

Now all the backup cameras available in the market do not produce the high-quality videos. The quality of the video of each camera is different so it requires that you should be sure of the good quality of video of the camera which you are going to purchase. Backup camera without a good quality of the video is useless and just a waste of money.

Choose the type of camera that matches your vehicle

There are many types of camera available on the market. You should be fully aware of your needs and only purchase that camera which serves your needs and suits your vehicle in the best way.

If you have a recreational vehicle, then you have two options of the cameras-standalone camera and screen camera. If your vehicle already has monitor screen on dash usually used for GPS navigation, then you should choose a standalone camera and connect the camera with already installed monitor screen.

If the dash of your vehicle is without any monitor, then a backup camera with monitor screen is best for you. You can also choose the Wi-Fi camera which can be connected to your Smartphone. Evaluate all the options and then choose which is best for you and you are comfortable with that.

Choose a backup camera with wider field of view

Field of view of a backup camera is very important as you need to see maximum while reversing the vehicle. If your backup camera provides a wide field of view, then you can reverse your vehicle with ease and safety.

So before purchasing the camera, ensure that backup camera that you are going to purchase gives a wider field of view.

The cameras for recreational vehicles often provide wide-angle field, and we strongly recommend that you choose one of such cameras. Some cameras provide 90-degree angle, and there are some which also provide a 120-degree field of view.

If you can afford and comfortable with it, then choose the 120-degree field of view camera otherwise 90-degree cameras are also good enough to see everything clearly behind your vehicle.

Hand of man on car gear looking at the backup camera screen

Weather resistance

Your backup camera should be weather resistant if your vehicle remains exposed to harsh weather conditions like rainstorms, ice, heat, or dust.

So before purchasing, read the features of camera carefully and only choose the camera which has guaranteed weather-resistant feature because if your camera is not weather resistant then it will not withstand the harsh weather conditions and you will have to replace it soon which will cost you extra money.  Ensure that your backup camera can survive in harsh weather conditions without getting faulted.   

Night vision

Night vision feature is also very important as sometimes you have to park your vehicle in dusk, darkness or night. So in these conditions, if your wireless backup camera is not equipped with night vision feature, it would be difficult for you to park your vehicle safely. Ensure that backup camera that you are going to purchase must have night vision feature.

Auto-power on

The feature of “auto power on” is very facilitating when you reverse your vehicle. The high-quality backup cameras have this feature.

With this feature, a backup camera is connected to your backlights, and as you reverse the vehicle, the backup camera switches on automatically to give you a clear view of everything behind your vehicle. This feature is highly recommended when you purchase a backup camera.

Mounting options

Backup cameras come with different mounting features like surface-mounted, flush-mounted and license-mounted. Now it is up to you with which mount you are comfortable.

Surface-mounted backup cameras allow you to mount your camera on a flat surface at the rear of your vehicle. With this feature, you can mount your camera on the height of your liking where you can get best of angle. If you choose the flush-mounted camera then, you can mount this camera inside your vehicle by making a hole at the rear end of your vehicle.

The license-mounted camera is mounted on the license plate by drilling a hole in the license plate. You can also choose this option if you feel comfortable with it.


These are some features which you should look for in wireless backup cameras before purchasing one. These are minimum features which you should not ignore.

With these features, any backup camera would meet your needs in the best way, and your camera will pay for its price over time.

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