10 Best Windshield Wipers of 2021 for Snow and Rain

Well, performing wipers is not only the need for rainy seasons, but the use of the wipers can be required any time as we are always vulnerable to be hit by poop of birds and bugs. So, it is now an established fact that we can’t ignore the performance and condition of the windshield wipers for driving safe.

The objective of this article is to present to you the basic information about windshield wipers like what are the types of wipers, how these are different from each other and what features you should seek to buy the perfect windshield wiper for your vehicle.

We have rounded up the best windshield wipers, and we will review each according to their features, quality, and performance.

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Best Windshield Wipers 2021


 BOSCH 26A ICON – Up to 40% Longer Life - Windshield Wipers

Bosch is known for manufacturing quality products over the years which are available on Amazon to purchase online. Recently I came to know that Bosch makes wipers blades for vehicles and as I want to change the wipers blade of my car, which had got too old to use, so I decided to experience the wiper blade products of the Bosh because of the reputation of Bosh in producing high-quality products.

I needed 26A ICON, in fact, the number which comes with Models are in fact the sizes of the products. So, you should not be confused by reading the numbers with different products. Bosch offers the majority of the sizes to be fit for almost all the vehicles. They are just sized according to different requirements of different vehicles, so I got 26A Icon, which is 26 inches, although Bosch makes many other blades of the different sizes and specifications.

As for as 26A ICON is concerned, I have been told many amazing features in different review, but I didn’t believe that and took all these things just as marketing advertisement, but after installing 26A ICON, it was most surprising for me that the wipers performed almost in the same way as the company told in description of the wipers.

Generally, when people intend to choose something to buy, they tend to find one which is cheap in price but best in features and quality. If they get convinced that the product, they are buying has the required features as well as quality, then they get convinced for purchasing that product. But my priority was getting wipers with best features, and after some research, I found the 26A ICON wipers which have almost all the features which I was looking for.

Here I am going to describe all those features of 26A ICON wipers which I was looking for and how I found them after installing them on my car. According to Bosch, Icon wipers have dual rubber lining which prevents a number of problems which are found normally in common wipers of the windshield.

The 26A ICON and other wipers of the bosh are made of FX dual rubber which is extremely resistant to chattering sound that we find in other wipers, but this Dual FX rubber ensures that you won’t hear that extremely irritating noise of the wipers when they swing on the windscreen of your car. This problem of the noise of the wipers is very disturbing, and I used to curse the companies of wipers for the noise that I had to tolerate.  But amazingly Bosch provided me with perfect 26A ICON wipers for the windscreen of my car which is perfectly noiseless without any chattering noise.  In addition to that this feature of wipers increases at least 40 % lifespan of wipers, which is worth your investment.

BOSCH 26A ICON comes with feature Bracketless design which ensures the prevention of building up of ice or snow. This is also a very desired feature to solve a very common problem that people face. Initially, I took this as a gimmick and didn’t believe the claim of Bosch, but I was wrong, this feature solves the problem of building up snow to a great extent.

Another amazing feature I found in BOSCH 26A ICON wipers is a Dual Steel feature. In fact, this feature ensures that the wipers blade apply equal force on the windshield to clean it equally everywhere on the windshield.


  • It is fit for almost all windscreens.
  • ideal wiper blade for extreme weather
  • comes with Double rubber material


  • Bit Pricy

2. Rain-X Latitude

Rain-X Latitude - 26 Inch Beam - Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are an essential part of your vehicles which are used practically almost every day, especially if you are living in western countries where rain and snow is the almost daily routine of life.

I have been driving for almost 20 years, and I am very much attentive to my vehicles whichever I had in my life. Windshield wipers have been one of my focus points about my car.

The main reason for thinking about windshield wipers is the functionality of the wipers, which never has been perfect in my life until now. The major irritating thing concerning wipers is the irritating chattering sound that these stupid wipers produce when you put them on swinging.

This chattering sound is so annoying and produces such a diversion that you lose the focus and forget everything that you were thinking while driving. There are other numbers of issues concerning wipers like the quality of wiping, buildup of snow, etc.

While driving with a friend recently, I had to switch on wipers, and as expected, they began producing the same frustrating sound. I was quite embarrassed about it when my friend glared at me with a pretended smile without saying anything, but I got what she meant.

But the best part of this shame was the fruitful discussion that followed in which my friend recommended me the installation of Rain-X windshield wipers with a guarantee that they wouldn’t produce that grating sound. The same day after arriving home, I ordered the Rain-X windshield wipers on Amazon.

Wipers arrived, and I installed them on my car and got surprised as against my expectation, they didn’t produce the chattering sound. The other features of the Rain-x were also the same as it was claimed by the company.

So here I review the features of Rain-x so that you could also get the benefits of these wipers if you are having the same issues as I had before the installation of Rain-x windshield wipers.

First of all, it is very important for any product of what material it is made of.  Rain-x Latitude wipers are made of synthetic rubber of high quality that last long. Now if your windshield is synthetic material friendly, then you should not hesitate to buy Rain-x latitude windshield wipers.

The other feature about these wipers is its availability in multiple sizes. So, you should be aware of the fact what size can be fit on your vehicle, and I tell you whatever size you are seeking, you will get Rain-x wipers in that size. so, this feature gives freedom to get it in any size.

Another amazing feature of these wipers is that they have been designed in such a way that no metal part of the wipers is exposed which means no ice or snow can build up in the parts of wipers. This is a good solution to the common problem of the wipers as most of the windshield wipers tend to have snow or ice buildup problem inside their parts.

Rain-X Latitude is very easy to install as it has pre-installed j-hook with which you can attach the wipers easily and if your vehicle does not support the j-hook system, you can have another type of attachment which suits your vehicles. There are multiple types of attachment hooks available with Rain-X Latitude. So whatever system of attachment your vehicle has, you can still install Rain-X Latitude wipers easily.


  • Produces no chattering sound
  • These wipers are available in all sizes
  • These wipers have compatibility
  • Synthetic Rubber construction


  • So far, no issue

3. Valeo Wiper Blade

Valeo Wiper Blade - ULTIMATE 22 All-Season OE Replacement Windshield Wiper Blade

When it comes to purchasing windshield wipers, we tend to look at the feature that could offer the perfect solutions to the issue that are associated with windshield wipers.

The most important issue regarding windshield wipers is the chattering sound that wipers tend to produce when wiping the windshield of the car.

The other problem is the awful marks that wipers usually create on the windshield. Snow build-up inside the parts of the wipers is also an annoying issue. The installation should be easy and perfect if you are going to install the wipers.

These are some of the issues that I have been facing regarding windshield wipers over the years, but now I have 900227B Frameless ULTIMATE 22” from Value 900 series wipers blades installed on my car which has got me rid of these irritating problems. Why I have Valeo wipers?

 The answer is simply that these wipers have amazing features that offered me solutions of above-mentioned problems.  

Valeo is a well-known name when it comes to the manufacturing of windshield wipers blades. It offers a range of windshield wipers in almost all sizes with great features which are available in the market. Products of value have quality which brings company tons of good reviews and customers satisfaction. Valeo has established itself as a brand which enjoys the loyalty and appreciation of customers all around the world.

Valeo 900227B Frameless ULTIMATE 22″ are the wipers that belong to one of Valeo’s finest series of windshield wipers available in the market. With Valeo 900227B Frameless ULTIMATE 22″ Valeo also offers many other sizes because different vehicles require different sizes and Valeo is well aware of the fact, and meet the needs of all customers who need different sizes of windshield wipers according to the requirements of their vehicles.

Tech 3 Rubber is a high-quality material which is used for the creation of Valeo windshield wipers. this high-quality material ensures the long span of life of these wipers, and in addition to that, the performance of the Tech3 Rubber is amazing as it produces no streams during the cleaning of the windshield.

The design of these windshield wipers is extremely performance friendly. The design of the wipers ensures optimal integrity because these are equipped with integrated spoilers.

In addition to that, the design of these windshield wipers has ensured that no metal part of the wipers remains exposed because such exposed part tend to collect ice buildup or dust collection inside the wipers. This design makes the wipers weatherproof and performs equally well throughout the year.

Another amazing feature of these wipers of Valeo is its easy installation. As I have, myself installed Valeo 900227B Frameless ULTIMATE 22 on my car so easily that I believe that every person can install them without any professional assistance.

Unlike other most of the wipers available in the market which require an attachment to have them installed, these wipers require no such hassle of screwing during installation and fatigue of unscrewing to install a new one if you have lost the wipers in your absence.

If such a thing happens that you lost the wipers in your absence, you can simply take out the new and install it without any hassle.

With these entire features and few more, I can safely declare Valeo 900227B Frameless ULTIMATE 22 is a good option when it comes to making things easy. These windshield wipers offer great ease with amazing features of performance and durability.


  • The whole structure of these wipers is covered
  • Installations of these windshield wipers are very easy


  • These wipers are not available some in a range of sizes for almost all vehicles

4. Rain X Wiper

Rain-X Wiper Whi Blade - Weatherbeater Wiper Blade - 28-Inches

I am always very much concerned about the quality of windshield wipers of my vehicle because I need much more durability than others as I have to travel hours and hours in extreme weather conditions due to the nature of my job.

If I am driving, my windshield wipers are always in swinging and wiping mode because of the prevailing extreme weather conditions of my working area location.

So, the most desired features for me in the windshield wipers are the durability and performance in the extreme weather areas.

Whenever I change the windshield wipers of my vehicle, I look far such windshield wipers that could survive and perform in the face of rainstorms and snow falling.

Why do I recommend Rain-X Weather beater?
I recommend Rain-X RX30218 Weather beater because I have the experience of installing few, but neither of them performed according to my expectation except Rain-X RX30218 Weather beater (maybe those are good enough for others). These are best windshield wipers I ever have that withstand extreme weathers with a high level of performance.

Rain-X RX30218 Weather beater comes in an extremely durable material. Made of a high-quality galvanized steel frame, which is perfectly resistant to rust and corrosion, provides optimal vigor and sturdiness to the wipers to survive in severe weather environment.

In addition to that, the extremely solid rubber squeegee shields the blade of the wiper to save it from tearing, splitting and cracking.

This is the feature that meets my needs in the best way. That is the reason I recommend this strongly, especially if you drive in intense weather conditions.

Another feature required by every customer when it comes to purchasing windshield wipers is the quality of providing streak-free wiping. If the windshield wipers produce streak or chattering sound, then such wipers are worth nothing.

The chattering sound is extremely freaky while you are driving. Driving requires attention. You can’t afford to lose focus as it could be detrimental for your safety.

Luckily, The Rain-X RX30218 Weather Beater Wiper Blade is equipped with technology that gives you a smooth, immaculate, and a streak-free service of wiping due to its refined engineering structure that includes various press points which conform to the windshield of your vehicle, a Pre-installed tiny j-hook adapter which includes multi-adapter for the side pin and big j-hook and bayonet blade arm. The Rain-X is particularly reputed for its refined and resilient wiper windshield blades.


Rain-X has been recognized for providing practically effective features to the products that really make the life of customers easy. This is the reason Rain-X was a winner in the vehicle care category in 2017.


  • These windshield wipers are constructed with galvanized steel frame.
  • These wipers offer great resistant to rust and corrosion
  • These wipers come with a natural rubber squeegee.


  • Finding all blades for a vehicle is sometimes get difficult

5. Michelin 8026 Stealth Hybrid

Michelin 8026 Stealth Hybrid Windshield Wiper Blade

I am always sensitive about my windshield wipers, and I want them perfect in performance. There have been some issues regarding windshield wipers.

Sometimes I found wipers are not perfectly fit for the windshield of my car and sometimes chattering sound produced by wipers offends me. I frequently changed my wipers because of one issue or other until I found Michelin Stealth Hybrid windshield wipers.

Now I am settled with Michelin 8026 Stealth Hybrid not because of its cool design but due to its streak-free performance along with some of its amazing features.

Michelin Stealth Hybrid comes in a variety of sizes and features. The material used in the creation is a simple rubber of high quality, and I like this approach of the Michelin that they keep the things simple with a central focus on the performance of the product. Instead of wasting resources and energy on the face value of the products, they always go for performance.

The other feature of the Michelin is its approach to focus practicality. The design of the Michelin 8026 Stealth Hybrid may look simple, but it is very practical. This hybrid flex design is anti-snow build up. The wipers have been designed such a way that no snow, water or ice can build up in any part of windshield or wipers. In addition to that, there is no place for dirt to clog below wiper or blades.

Michelin 8026 Stealth Hybrid windshield wiper comes in a little curved shape. The blades get amazing flexibility because of SmartFlex suspension, and because of this structure, the movement of the blades is perfectly smooth in all types of weather.

Michelin 8026 Stealth Hybrid windshield wipers are made of high-quality Squeegee rubber, and the metal frame is powder-coated which offers great resistance to this windshield rubber and increase its durability and performance.

These Michelin 8026 windshield wipers are so easy to install that any person can install these easily. This feature of these wipers makes them popular, especially among women who buy them with extra pair to store in the vehicle for instant installation in case they lose them. If you get it stolen or broken, you can replace them immediately.

These Michelin 8026 windshield wipers are simple in design but effective in performance. They provide you streak-free smooth wiping in all kinds of extreme weather. Cost-effective in price and easy to install, I strongly recommend it 


  • These windshield wipers are very budget friendly.
  • Extremely easy installation.


  • Can’t be fit for all vehicles

6. Michelin 8522 Stealth Ultra

 Michelin 8522 Stealth Ultra - Windshield Wiper Blade

Michelin is the company which is known for its high-performance products. Michelin 8522 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade is the embodiment of small technology. It is simple in design but practical in performance.

After using many of high branded windshield wipers, I decided to use Michelin 8522 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade for my car. Although this wiper is cheap in cost, their performance was amazing. I was not expecting this much from this cost-effective windshield wipers.

In fact, Michelin 8522 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade offers you some basic features that you require from wipers. My requirements were that wipers should be easily installable and replaceable. The other requirement was, the wiping of the wipers should be smooth without any spot of streams.

The chattering sound is totally unbearable for me, so I only accept those windshield wipers which don’t produce any chattering sound.

In fact, I bought these windshield wipers for my wife initially because she can install these wipers easily without seeking the help of any professional. I always insist on buying Michelin 8522 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade; these wipers get perfectly fit on her vehicle.

Seeing my wife comfort with Michelin Windshield Wipers, I also decided to replace my wipers, which were not bad as well.

The initial features that impress me about these wipers were its features like, simplicity in design, smooth, high-quality rubber material, and low price. here is a review of some obvious features of Michelin 8522 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade

Michelin 8522 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade has an anti-streak design. It comes in a curved shape, but the blades have marvelous flexibility because of SmartFlex suspension, which produces extremely smooth movement in all types of extreme weather.

These Michelin wipers, because of its unique curved design, do not let any build-up of snow, ice, water, or dirt. This feature of these wipers produces great relief to sluggish people like me who get bothered on doing such awful works. 

Michelin windshield wipers metal part is well powder-coated, which saves it from rust and corrosion. The other part of wipers is made of squeegee rubber that provides the wipers a smoothness of movement that causes the clean wiping without any spot of streams.

These wipers are made of high-quality Squeegee rubber, and the metal frame is powder-coated which offers great resistance to this windshield rubber and increases its durability and performance.

These Michelin 8522 windshield wipers are super easy to install, and by following the instruction, anyone can install these wipers without any hassle. This characteristic of these wipers is very popular among women, especially.

These Michelin 8522 windshield wipers are very efficient in performance and provide required wiping in all types of extreme weather condition without producing any chattering sound.


  • Very cost-effective
  • Can be installed easily by following guidelines


  • In some vehicles, it is not fit to install

7. TRICO Exact Fit 14-B

TRICO Exact Fit 14-B Rear Integral Wiper Blade

The rear of the car is equally important as the front of the car, but we often forget about it that there is a wiper also on the rear glass. Far driving safely without any hassle and stress, your vehicle should be equipped with best of accessories that could help you drive safe.

The rear wiper blade is a crucial accessory of the car as we need to see clearly what is behind our car. Rear glass gets more vital in extreme weather condition as the visibility gets poor, and we cannot see what is happening behind our car or what is following the car.

Trico Exact Fit rear wiper blade is a seriously good wiper blade that ensures the proper visibility behind your car. It has some other amazing features to be rightly on the wanted list as far as the rear wiper’s blades are concerned.  [/su_note]

Trico Exact Fit rear wiper blade has been constructed especially for those who prefer traditional blades for the smooth factory-fitting windshield of the car. If you have a curved windshield, it is usually hard to find wipers which could fit on the curved windshield. It has been made with durable metal to last long.

The first feature which makes a blade worth buying is its durability. Common blades can’t bear the beating of weather and deteriorate soon. The sun cooks the rubber of the blade, consequently losing its grip over the windshield that results in poor wiping or no wiping. Metal blades are always stronger if they are made up of high-quality material which could resist rust corrosion and withstand against the brutality of extreme weather.

Most of the wipers don’t last long because they can’t endure the harshness of weather. Trico Exact Fit rear wiper blade has been constructed, keeping in view the intensity of the weather. The metal used in its construction is of high quality that could survive in extreme weather without losing its form and performance.

The design of the blade makes it easy to install. You don’t require any adapters or any kind of modification to make it fit for installation. This blade comes in the preassembled form to match the style of your vehicle arm according to the model of your vehicle. It is equipped with the best wiping features that give the durability to the blade and its performance. This could be the best choice for those people who are not mechanically inclined and don’t want any hassle of installation.

Trico Exact Fit rear wiper blade becomes natural choice if your windshield is not curved and it is available in multiple sizes so you can pick the size that fits on your windshield.

Trico Exact Fit rear wiper blade has three prominent features which are required if you are looking for the best blade for your car. The first feature is its durability that makes it the ultimate choice of those who drive in rains, and dust.

Secondly, it’s metal construction design with polymer sheet makes it last long and thirdly this blade is best for those who have a smooth rear windshield. 


  • It is very solid in quality
  • It doesn’t require any extra adapters for installation
  • Comes in preassembled form


  • It is not fit for curved windshield

8. Trico Extreme Winter

 Trico Extreme Winter - Windshield Wiper Blade

Wipers for windshield are all about wiping the ice, snow, and dust to keep your windshield crystal clear so that you can drive safely without any stress. If the windshield wipers are unable to provide you the desired wipe of your windshield, then there is no use of the wipers.

It is often observed that wipers deteriorate in extreme weather after some time because they cannot endure the intensity of the weather. The rubber of the windshield wipers gets out of form, and it begins to produce very annoying streak or chattering sound.

The annoying streak sound with poor wiping combines together to give you irritation, which is something that no driver can afford during driving. So, he has to change the windshield wipers instantly to get rid of irritating chattering and to get his windshield clean to see through all clearly.

Trico Exact Fit rear wiper blade becomes a natural choice if your windshield is not curved and it is available in multiple sizes so you can pick the size that fits on your windshield.

Suffering through this problem, I ultimately landed on Trico Ice Extreme Winter Wiper Blade. It is a beam blade which comes in size of 12 lengths accompanied with 5 lock adaptors.

In addition to this, it has a flexible contour which enables the wiper to hug flat or curved windshields in the same way. The thick edge of the rubber is strong enough to push the snow off the windshield very quickly and is also very effective in rainfall.

It gives clean wiping without streaks, and its flexible rubber grip cleans trash and moisture from the windshield efficiently. The quality of the rubber is also high enough to save it from deterioration in extreme freezing climate. It remains soft and flexible and doesn’t let the chattering sound to be produced.

The rods are shielded well, and its rugged cover saves them from stiffing, and they remain inflow without any jamming problem. This cover keeps them pressed well against the windshield. I found it very effective in summer too when these wipers cleared the bugs off my windshield just like snow.

Trico Ice Extreme Winter Wiper Blade is designed specifically for extreme weather as the prominent feature of these blades is its strength to perform in heavy rainfall and snow.

Whether you are driving in rain or snow of high intensity, they keep performing. Driving in rainstorms requires strong wiper, and where other wipers fail to perform, Trico Ice Extreme Winter Wiper Blade gives you clean wiping by keeping your windshield clear of snow, debris or bugs. It works well, and you get what you want from windshield wipers.


  • These blades are highly frozen resistant
  • They come in Covered Design
  • These blades have armored construction


  • They are not easy to install

9. Anco 30-22 Winter

 Anco 30-22 Winter - Windshield Wiper Blade

Anco’s winter wiper blade has been specifically designed with the purpose of creating a solid wiper blade that could endure the harshness of the winter.  It is not easy for a common wiper blade to withstand freezing winter without getting deteriorated.

Common blades often fall victim of corrosion and rust, and if they are made of rubber, the rubber gets stiffened and tears apart. Without the flexibility of rubber on the blade, they are useless rather such blade damages the windshield. 

This is the common problem with the low quality poorly designed wiper blade.   But there are few in the market which has been made exclusively to survive the freezing winter and cooking heat of summer.    

Anco beam wipers blade is one of few which has been designed and constructed keeping in view the brutality of winter. The material of this blade is highly resistant to corrosion to survive long.

The other feature of the blade is that it does not get stiff when stored in a garage for months. The quality of the metal part, as well as rubber, is high enough to endure extreme weather beatings.

Anco 30-22 Winter Wiper Blade comes in high quality solid enclosed rubber casing which makes it more durable. This rubber is extremely resistant to freezing and able to counter the deterioration caused by chilly winter. This rubber is fully armed to save itself from cracking and tearing.

This rubber fully protects the internal working of this blade unit and keeps the moister away. The whole blade unit remains saved in slush and rainstorm, and there could be no threat of jamming.

DuraKlear Rubber is used to build the edge of the blade. This is the type of rubber which has the quality of producing streak-less wiping. The texture of this rubber is very soft but gripping. This rubber has a natural resistance to streaks. So, there would be no streaks in wiping. It grips the glass strongly and gives smooth and consistent wiping without any streak.

Further, it is treated with technology, which keeps it flexible even in freezing temperature. 

As such blades are installed in winter and stored in summer every year so this requires that installation of the blade should be easy. This thing has been kept in view by the designer and manufacturer of this windshield wiper blade.

The installation of this compact unit of the windshield wiper is very simple, and you can remove and install it every year easily. The Kwikconnect system is very simple to execute and requires no experience. So, any person can do it easily.


  • It comes in beam type
  • It comes in a covered design
  • It is fully corrosion and freezes resistant.


  • It has limited compatibility

10. AERO OEM Quality

Aero Premium All-Season Windshield Wiper Blades are the windshield wipers blades which have been designed and constructed keeping in view the harsh and extreme temperatures.

This is why these blades are called all-seasons blades because they survive without deterioration and perform well in low temperature to the extent of -40degree Fahrenheit and up to 158 degrees temperature.

This ability to withstand in extreme temperature makes Aero Premium All-Season Windshield Wiper Blades suitable for every region of every temperature.

The quality of Aero’s wipers is OEM quality, which makes these wipers perfect alternative of originals for which people are willing to pay high cash to manufactures of the vehicles. Aero’s wipers come with a six-month warranty, and the company responds quickly to any claim of damage or return.

Aero’s wipers have been specifically designed to encounter common problems related to wipers. The issues of wipers are often about the poor wiping, streaks, or chattering sound produced during wiping.

Many of windshield wipers don’t perform well in extreme weather like rainstorms or snow falling. All these issues have been solved in these blades through high-quality material, used in the construction of the blades.

The issue of poor wiping has been countered through the precision-cut design of the blades which ensures that wipers give smooth, streak-less and chattering–free clean wiping by pushing snow, debris, and moisture off the windshield. 

Aero’s wipers design includes Dual-tension springs in a plastic casing which apply enough pressure to keep the blades fully pressed on the windshield to give maximum clean wiping. [/su_service]

The Dual-tension spring inside plastic casing combines well to apply enough pressure to give clean wiping without any dragging and streaking.

The quality of the material saves wipers from getting deteriorated, cracking or tearing even in a temperature lower than freezing or higher than 159 degrees. The outer rubber of blades remains soft and flexible in extreme cold or heat, and this ensures that wiping is clean, streak-less and chattering-less.

The most prominent feature of the Aero’s windshield wipers is its ability to withstand extreme low and high temperatures and give consistent performance in heavy sleet, snow, rainstorms, and rainfall.

These blades handle the sleet and storms well and give smooth streak-free wiping without any chattering sound. With Aero’s wipers, you can be sure that these wipers will perform in the best way in the wake of any challenge.

If you have no experience of installing the wipers even then, you can install Aero’s wipers because you only need to get the hook in place and close it and you are done. It is quite simple.


  • Performs in all weather
  • Come in beam type
  • Easy to install
  • OEM Quality
  • It produces no sneaking


  • Some connector issues

Things you should know before buying Windshield Wipers

There are a few things that you should be aware of before buying windshield wipers.

Strong Framework

All wipers come in certain design and framework. Now you should be aware of the fact that wipers are built according to seasonal requirements.

If you need wipers for summer, wipers should be lighter and slimmer. Your wipers are only going to handle rains and not heavy snow. So, the framework for summer blades should be light.

 If you want windshield wiper in winter, it should have a heavy framework coated in a strong rubber casing, and it should be strong enough to push snow off your windshield to give you clean and clear wiping. 

Efficient Blades

All blades are built in the same way, but you should be aware of the quality of the material they are built from. Rubber blades should have a strong frame and should be able to produce clean wiping without streaks and leaving moisture behind. Summer blades should be lighter, but the edge of the blades should hug tight the windshield to give clear wiping.


Windshield wipers should be water repellent. You should ensure that blades have silicon coating because silicon is good a water repellent.

It creates the water beads which can be easily swept by the wipers. So always look for silicon wiper blades especially if you are living in heavy rains and snow areas.


All wipers don’t fit all vehicles. Make sure that attachment is perfect and wipers fit perfectly on the windshield.


Maybe you have purchased the high-quality wipers blades, but if you don’t know how to install these on your windshield then they are pretty much useless.  Make sure the installation is either easy, or you have the proper professional help to install the wipers on your windshield.  

Seasonal Types of Wiper Blades

There are three types of windshield wipers blades. These three are different from each other on the basis of their seasonal purpose.

In fact, the common purpose of all these three types of windshield wipers is basically to provide the wiping of the windshield of your vehicles, but according to seasonal requirements their designs, materials, and constructions are different from each other. This difference in design, material, and construction divides them into three types of categories.

The Summer Windshield Wipers Blades

The rainfall is considered the worst weather of the summer. During the summer we usually have heavy rainfalls but no snow so according to the requirements of rains, we need only lighter and slimmer build windshield wipers which could counter the heavy rains of the summer and could provide us clean and clear wiping off the windshields of vehicles to drive safely. These summer windshield wipers are also effective in autumn and spring.

The coating of windshield wipers is always light as we don’t need a bulky coating to handle the rains. The rubber used in summer wipers is treated to avoid cracks caused by sunlight.

This treatment of the rubber saves wipers from getting brittle, and they endure the heat without getting cracked and remain effective to provide clear wiping of the windshield.

Winter Windshield Wipers Blades

Just like you put on winter tires in winter to handle heavy snowfall, in the same way, you need to install winter wiper blades to counter the snow on your windshield.

Winter wiper blades are heavily coated on a strong framework that is able to push the snow off the windshield as it falls. The rubbers of winter wipers are built on silicon which is naturally water-repellent.  

All-Weather Windshield Wipers Blades


If you don’t want to be bothered by changing and storing of the wipers according to the season, then there are wipers available in the market which are designed for all seasons.

Such blades wear down quickly because of their frequent use, but these blades are for you if you live in extreme weather areas.

Following the above-mentioned guide, you would certainly get the return of your investment. With this, you are strongly encouraged to do extra research before buying the windshield wipers.

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