10 Best Sewing Machine of 2021 for Home Use and Embroidery

If you are a fashion lover, you do love creating your designs too. It is not ever reasonable to keep those designs limited to your journals or books. You need to get creative with your clothes and start creating your own. For this, you would need the best sewing machine for beginners so you can learn to sew and quilt to make the clothes that you always dreamed of. You need the needle power that no other sewing machine has and for that, you need to choose the best in the market.

A good sewing machine would not only let you create good quality clothes, but it will let a person of any level in sewing work like an experienced person.

Sewing can sometimes be very tricky, but it can be made easy with the right kind of machine. The process of sewing and learning can be very frustrating, and if your machine is giving you a hard time, there are great chances that you will just quit very soon.

A sewing machine with all the necessary features

Not only will you quit, but your passion for sewing will be lost somewhere too. The best sewing machines in the market make an impression on the person by not only their quality but their looks too.   They are easy to use and do not cause any trouble for you before or while using it.  

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Best Sewing Machine 2021

1. Brother Sewing Machine – Lightweight Machine

Brother Sewing Machine - Lightweight Machine

Whether you are a beginner or already have a lot of experience in this field, this product would be just right for you. You can easily use it to sew any kinds of clothes or fabrics.  This does not have any kind of arms, which would cause any problem for anyone who is trying to work on their projects.  

It features one auto-size buttonholer, which does not cause any trouble for you while trying to stitch a button to your clothes, and you do not have to get into a lot of work. Just pinch it through this machine, and you will then be just good to go.

This is one of the best sewing machines of 2021 with many features and a lot of functionalities. Since the sewing work is often associated with women and it does not look like a lot of manly work, this machine has been awarded the women’s choice award.

Women spend most of their time trying to perfect their clothes and some years back, this was even a trend that a woman would be the only one responsible for making all the clothes and everything relating thereto and no tailor facilities were given.

Every woman at their home would make good design and quality clothes not only for themselves but also for all the people at home.

Now, as they are all working in the fast fields of textile designing, the sewing machines are yet very much related to women and to make sure that your machine is the best, you need to go for the reviews.

It has been rated as number one on the Amazon website, and in 2018, 9 out of 10 customers recommended this machine because it has so many functionalities and is very easy to handle.

Most of the machines, which have a lot of features are not so easy to handle, and their speed can often cause trouble.

You can get your hands on this machine if you want to begin your career or want to take it to the point that you have always only dreamt of.

Technical details

  • It comes with 6 different quick changes in sewing feet.
  • You can have it in 3 different styles, so you do not have to settle for something that does not look good to your eyes.
  • It has included 25 years warranty, and if you can use it right, it can even last for a lifetime.
  • It has 27 unique stitching styles, and you can just easily switch between them. If you plan want a jam-resistant machine which offers you great quality and everything, this would be the machine to go with.


  • It has 27 built-in unique stitching styles.
  • It is jam resistant.
  • It has three different styles, so you never have to settle for less.


  • So many functionalities can be hard for a newbie to understand and they might get very confused. It can be the perfect fit for the professionals, but it is not very much recommended to the newbies because they might face problems trying to control it.

2. Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine

This is one of the best sewing and quilting machines. When we talk about quilting, there are not many options available to the people who are interested in it since the machines are rarely made and not a lot of people show interest in this.

But, for the people who are interested in it, do not find many good machines that they can work on.  This machine has been specially made for those people so they can work on it easily without having any kinds of problems.  

It has the automatic needle threader, which makes the work very less for the person using it since they do not have to blind themselves trying to get the thread in the needle.

This was one of the major problems and drawbacks in the old machines that you had to do it manually. But you do not have to do it anymore since this has the automatic function for this.

It has the adjustable sewing speed, so you do not have to keep running your machine all the time or have to wait for a long time to get even one part of something sewed.

When you are working as a professional and have long orders to complete, you trust your instincts and start running the machine on the fabric, but you cannot do it on the machines, which give you just some limited access over their sewing speed.

This is very user-friendly, and you can switch between the kinds of stitches by just choosing them on the screen and choosing the one, which fits the best for you. Without having to work a lot on the machine, you can get it done quickly and easily.

It is also very lightweight of around 13 pounds so you can carry it around with you or work on it by keeping it on your table all depending upon your choice. Not only is it easy to carry around, but it also comes with a cover for perfectly veiling it.

Technical details

  • It has different kinds of sewing options.
  • Good for not only sewing clothes but also for quilting.
  • Weights around 13 pounds.


  • Easy to carry around with you while traveling
  • Adjustable speeds allow you to control your machine according to your needs
  • It has a simple to use LCD, which will allow you to select the right stitches.


  • Does not offer a great warranty, but it can still be used to quilt and produce good quality stitches.

3. Singer 14CG754 Sewing Thread Capability Overlock with Blind

SINGER Heavy Duty 4432 Sewing Machine

This machine offers you many functionalities, not only sewing. If you want a machine, which has all in one option, this would be the choice you should make. It also has a lot of different kinds of accessories available.

When you are working with fabric, you have to perform a lot of different functions other than just sewing. You need to attach buttons, zippers, etc. everything to it.

To make a true masterpiece you have to go all-in with its designing and embellishment and to do that you need to have a machine with a plethora of functionalities and this machine is just that.

A durable sewing machine with necessary equipment

This machine lets you work peacefully and easily without making much noise and offers you the best control over it. You do not anymore have to worry about the good stitches or attaching the zipper to it.

It has the reverse sewing feature, which is not found in a lot of machines. This feature can save you a lot of time and can offer you to make the best designs possible in the whole market.

If you are a fan of the modern styles and want to have a machine that looks ludicrous not only in its build but also functionality, then this machine is it.

Technical details

  • Reverse sewing feature gives you a hand and saves a lot of time.
  • It gives you a limited 90 days warranty, but you can get a 2 years warranty for the motor if you extend it.
  • It has a heavy-duty metal frame to make your work even more easy for you.


  • Easy to handle and looks good in your hands.
  • It can last for a long time with you.


  • Does not have enough features and is not suitable for beginners either.
  • Does not offer a great warranty so you might lose your money after it stops working even if it has not been even a year since you bought this.

4. SINGER | Start 1304 6 Built-in Stitches

This machine is ideal for beginners with its 6 stitches. You can find this machine in other designs too which offer you even more sewing styles and stitches but for a beginner, 6 are just fine as they are already not very familiar with all the kinds of stitches and if they are confused in all these different kinds of stitches and stitching styles, there are chances that they won’t even bother working on them anymore and just leave it.

Start from the bottom and start working with the least functions so you can keep learning more with time. This sewing machine offers you a free arm so you can easily control your machine.

It uses heavy-duty metal, so it does not skip or cause any other kinds of problems while you are trying to get the ideal stitches and also offers you smooth stitches for even stitching and feeding the fiber right.  It has gained a lot of popularity on the Amazon for its ease of use many basic functionalities, which are just ideal for all the beginners.  

Technical details

  • Ideal for the beginners
  • Uses 6 different stitching styles
  • Portable
  • Ideal weight


  • Easy to handle machine which you can feed the fabric easily.
  • Does not create a lot of fuss for the people who are just beginning their career in sewing and stitching.


  • Not the ideal for the professionals as it does not have many functionalities that could interest them all.
  • You can choose the other models that it has that offer more functions

5. KPCB Mini Sewing with Upgraded Eco-Friendly Material

If you are a professional and have been looking for the best sewing machine for fabricating masterpieces, then this is the right machine for you. It has diverse features, which make it distinguishable from others. All the other machines might be perfect for use, but they are very hard to dispose of since they are made from such material. But this machine is made from the material, which is not only great for use but is environmentally friendly too.

You can also check our guide on 10 Best Embroidery Machine.

This machine had a lot of other models too, but this one has been especially focused on making our environment safe rather than focusing on anything else. The material can easily be made and can then be easily disposed of too without damaging any of the living things or any form of nature too.

It has a lot of features too making it ideal for use, and it offers you a 3 months warranty so you can get the repair done within this time and can have a trial run of it.

Technical details

  • It has an extendable table, which offers you a great space to lay your clothes on while you are trying to sew them.
  • The foot pedal can operate it, so you do not have to use your hands all the time to operate all kinds of operations.
  • 5 months guarantee offers you to work on it and find out the quality of the machine yourself.


  • It is easy to use and can be handled easily.
  • The material used is of good quality, so you do not have to worry about the environment anymore.
  • The table allows you to work on a larger piece of cloth at any time and sew it.


  • Does not offer a lot of different stitches designs.
  • The warranty is not too much to ensure that it will be worth the money or not.

6. Mini Beginner Sewing Built in Metal Hook

Mini Beginner Sewing Machine

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you make some mistakes while you are sewing and make some wrong stitches that you regret later.

If it sounds more like you, then you need to get your hands on this machine, which allows you not only to sew forward but backward too.

This feature allows you to make mistakes and undo them all in no time. You can easily start reverse sewing, and you will see all of your mistakes getting corrected seamlessly.

Technical details

  • A foot pedal allows you to use the machine with your foot and add the speed while your hands are busy creating the style.
  • The extendable table helps you manage large clothes and get a clearer view of which parts need to be sewed and which ones can be skipped.
  • It comes with the guides to ensure you are using the machine right.


  • The good material from which it is made makes sure that all your fabric is in the right hands.
  • It is ideal for any professional who spends a lot of time sewing clothes.


  • It is hard to control and is not suggested to the beginners as they might get very confused.
  • Strict guidance is required while using this machine, or you can even mess up the quality of your machine.

7. SINGER | Professional Sewing Machine

This is the best sewing machine for advanced sewers who are veterans when it comes to this field. Even the rugged look on this would tell you that it has been made for the professionals and is very much technical.

If you are a beginner, then this is just not recommended to you since it will just jeopardize all of your concepts of sewing with all the complex functionalities that it offers.

It has a great sewing speed of around 1300 stitches per minute, so none of your orders ever get late again. It still has the controller so you can control the speed that you want on your machine.

Technical details

  • It has different sewing speeds and can sew up to 1300 stitches every minute.
  • It has a lot of different kinds of sewing options available.
  • It has a 2 years warranty of motor, but the rest warranty is only limited to 90 days.


  • The best machine for all the professionals who love getting their hands on the best in the market.
  • Can complete all your projects in many different styles with different speeds for you.


  • Not ideal for the beginners as they would not even get the basics of this machine.
  • Can be hard to handle and you need to view the whole guide before you start working on it.

8. DONYER POWER Electric Machine Portable Mini

DONYER POWER Electric Sewing Machine Portable Mini

This is the ideal machine for the people who love not only a good machine, but the one which would look good in their homes too.

This particular machine is made especially for the women and hence the design language of its build. Its compact structure not only looks good but also serves best for its functionality.

Technical details

  • It has 12 different kinds of stitches available to make your work the best.
  • It has two different speeds for the people who like working fast or the ones who like taking their time with the work.
  • It offers you a one-year limited warranty, but it is very important to read the guidelines before using the machine, or the warranty can get damaged too.


  • Easy to handle, and due to the functionalities, that it offers, it can be used by the professionals as well as the beginners.
  • Does not cost much and is ideal for the work environment.


  • Does not feature the auto buttonholer and other features, which might be important to a lot of professionals.

9. AGM Portable Sew Machine reviews

AGM Portable Sewing Machine

This machine can perform multiple functions at a time. You can have 12 different kinds of stitches at a time, and it can be ideal for a beginner. While a lot of people do not like having a lot of options, in the beginning, this would still be of good practice to help people get their hands on it and practice different kinds of features easily.

The different stitch options available would make it perfect for practice and also the best for the people who want to use it while they are on their way.

Technical details

  • Easy to handle and has 12 different stitch options.
  • You can use it for reverse stitching or overlock
  • It is safe to be even used by the children and the people who are new to it.


  • Perfect for the newbies and kids.
  • Has different functions to practice for the people


  • Not the ideal one for the professionals who already have a lot of experience in this field and want to create some masterpieces now.

10. JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine

JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine

This is the extreme quilting machine for you, so you do not settle for anything less. You must have noticed that not a lot of machines offer the quilting options. For this reason, the machines that do are very valuable and should be handled well in all circumstances.

It has a LED light and a one-pedal operation making it ideal to use at your office or your home.

Technical details

  • Easy to handle.
  • Specially made for quilting.
  • Has the 1500 SPM speed to allow you to stitch your all kinds of clothes easily and quickly.


  • Can be used by the beginners or the professionals since it can be handled very easily.


  • Does not have the option to sew and you can only quilt using this.

Buyer’s Guide Sewing Machine

While you are trying to buy a sewing machine, you need to be sure what is the main purpose you are buying it for. Whether you will be quilting, sewing, or designing your dresses. There are many different kinds of sewing machines available in the market, and they all have different features.

Before you make a purchase, there are different things that you should know about your sewing machines.

Types of Sewing Machines

Electronic sewing machines

These machines, as the name suggests, work on electric power. The supply is given to them by plugging the wire in a socket, and their built-in motor then controls the needle. You get better control on your machine and your cloth while you are using an electronic sewing machine and you can work faster and better.

You can use the sewing machine by the pedal that is given with it so your hands can be free all the time.
While your hands are free, you can easily work on your clothes and design them the way you want and stitch them from wherever you like without having to worry about the stitches, and you will learn better.

Mechanical sewing machines

This machine is now going extinct as it was hard to use and did not give much output. It worked on mechanic principals, and you had to operate it by your hand. Since you have to fit the cloth by your hands too, it made it pretty difficult to use this.

But there are also some people who suggest the mechanical sewing machines to the beginners since they will learn more while going with the slow pace.

Serger machines

These machines are specially used to overlock the fabric. It is very hard to give your clothes a professional look without overlocking them. This machine is the most used by professionals or tailors since it does not have much work, but it can still be hard to operate.

If you want to create some masterpieces in the early days of sewing, then you need to get your hands on one of these.

These can be done in many different patterns and different designs to offer the best look of the clothes or the fabric.

Computerized sewing machines

a sewing machine with some necessary equipment

These are one of the most modern machines, and they offer many functionalities in just one machine. You can punch buttonholes or do other things to your fabric easily by using this machine.

But, since it is not easy to use for the people who are beginners, they are still advised to stick with the mechanical and after practicing enough and knowing the basics of sewing, they can all shift to the computerized sewing machines.

Features you need to keep looking for


Having a lightweight machine is very important, especially for the people who have just started learning it. You might want to carry it around with you, and if it is too heavy, you would get fed up and quit.

While professionals can use heavy machines since they need to work in a specific environment while sitting in a specific place. They can afford to have the heavy machines and operating it but the newbies just really can’t.

Built-in stitch styles

Stitching is not a very easy task, and you need to be sure that you are using all kinds of stitches right. You can create these stitches on your fabric manually, or you can buy a machine that has all your favorite stitches built-in for you


It is one of the biggest things that you need to take care of. You can buy the sewing machines, which will fulfill your needs, and you will even find the ones, which are too good, but you need to make the right choice by balancing your budget with your needs. Whether you are looking for the best sewing machine for a seamstress or best sewing machines for quilting, you need to stay very much focused on the rates of them.

If you will do proper research and try to find out more about it, you might even possibly find some machines which offer you many functionalities and cost you for very few. But as being a beginner in this field, you cannot jump to choosing one that you like and have to keep trying to get the right one with the right price to match your budget.

Automatic buttonholer

Ladies who used to sew their dresses or used to work in this domain know how hard it was previously to place the buttons. You had to go to the market to get the button punched in your dress and make it worth wearing.

You do not have to get into all those technicalities anymore, and you can order a machine, which has the automatic buttonholer, which would punch the wholes and make your work easy.

[su_note note_color=”#e2ffa7″ text_color=”#333333″]No more turning the fabric over and over and trying to find out the right place to place it. Use this machine on your fabric and enjoy the professional work that it has done. [/su_note]

Foot pedal

While you are trying to sew and trying to adjust the fabric in the machine, you do not have any time even to power your machine with your hands. The foot pedal can come in handy as you can easily use the machine without moving your hands a lot.

You would not only be working more on it then and getting work done quicker, but simpler and will have the full control on the machine. You can control the speed, move your foot from the pedal easily, and stop sewing.

Needle threader

Most of the new models and machines, which are coming in the market, have this feature. It would make your work a lot simpler and is perfect for the people who have poor eyesight. At times, even the person who has full vision cannot do this job correctly and takes up on a lot of time.

You don’t have to worry about it anymore now since you can find this great feature in your almost all the sewing machines. They would help people with vision problems and make the task easy. They will also consume the least time of the people who are trying to operate it.


If you are a professional or plan on being one, you cannot ignore this feature in a sewing machine. You can keep sewing on the way and get the work done without any delays and learn more.

For example, if you are going to travel by train, you will be spending a lot of time free. The people who have mastery in this art would not hesitate on getting their work done on the way.

Most of them do not find any time at home or do not find any kinds of inspiration there either, and it makes it more important for people to carry it around with them so they can keep sewing on their way.

Top load bobbin

We are all aware that in the old machines, you would have to open the whole machine form the bottom to check if the bobbin was running low on thread or not.

This was not only time consuming but very hard since it required a lot of effort. Now, you can buy a machine, which would make these holes in your fabric so you can easily use any buttons on it without having to worry about absolutely anything.

Noise level

If you are a beginner, you may not be aware of the problem that noise can cause. It can seem all good and easy in the beginning when you are just starting your work on them but gradually; you will start getting fed up with the noise that this machine creates.

To ensure that you do not give up on your passion or do not disturb other people in the home while working, you should go with the machine that creates the least sound.

Everyone loves sewing their clothes, and we all have an artist hidden in us but, to let it out really, you need to concentrate on the work without being disturbed by anything such as poor quality stitches or a rising noise level which does not only disturb you but your neighbors too.

Multiple speeds

If you are not a beginner and are already in the field, there are certain things that you would require from which; multiple speeds are the most important one.

When you are working professionally and using your machine, you have a lot of orders to complete, and you need to get it all done in time. You cannot wait for your machine to make you delay them when it is just normal stitching in a straight line.

To avoid any such problems, you need to get the machine, which has multiple speed options. With this, you can work at your normal speed when you are not in a hurry and can make the machine run on the cloth or the fabric when you are getting late for anything.

But if you are a beginner, you cannot work on the normal speed easily, and you will take time to get control over it.

This is when you can choose the low speed so you can easily control it and gradually increase the speed. Most of the professionals only go with the high speed since they are in a hurry and have already gained control over the whole machine with the practice of years.


Whether you are buying your new sewing machine for practice as a beginner or are already a professional who needed a new machine, you need to check the warranty offered with it.

These machines can last for years if you make the right choice and maintain them well, but there are yet some companies who do not make good quality machines which is downhill for you and they would never offer you any warranty on their machines. Even if a little warranty is given, that is not the machine for you then.

Pick out the one, which offers you a warranty of at least a year or so since almost all of these machines can last for that time. If the warranty is not offered or you have to pay a little more to extend the warranty to a year, you should take onto that so you will then have someone to look on your machine when there is something wrong with it.

Professionals might see the right machine and find out which one they have to buy, but for beginners, warranty is the most important thing since they are just stepping in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use the same machine for multiple types of stitches?

Previously, in the old machines, this feature was not offered, and you would have to stick with one kind of stitch. But, now, you can have multiple kinds of stitches and can have different designs on your fabric. Whether you are trying to bring the zigzag style on your clothes or want to make it look more like hand sewing, you can easily get it all in just one machine without having to spend on a lot of machines.
This has not only just helped save the money, but a lot of space too. Even if a machine is portable, they are still big enough that you cannot handle more than one machine in your home. If you want to go for multiple ones, you will be giving them almost a whole room and would still not be able to manage everything in that one room.
Hence, it is better to use the machines, which can stitch in different designs, and styles making you look like a professional without spending a lot of money or without giving out a lot of room to these machines.

How much can a sewing machine last for?

Sewing machines have a long life since they are made that way. Their lifetime can also depend upon the way you maintain them. If you are taking, good care of your machines and cleaning and oiling them whenever required, they can even last a lifetime. For most of the people, this is a one-time investment.
While there are machines, which can last for too long, there are still some machines, which would not even last a few years due to their poor quality. While you are shopping for your ideal machine, you need to make sure that it has good previous reviews and is famous in the market; otherwise, it would just be like spending money blindly on anything.

Can I keep more than two machines?

You can always have more than one machine, but this is not an ideal situation. If you are working in your office and want to have some other machine at home, this can be a normal situation, but if the situation is even slightly different, you should not consider keeping another machine.
You need to focus on one kind of machine so if you even want to have another one at your home; you will need to have the same model and the same machine at both the places. This is because you already have your hand going on one of them and you feel easy with it. If you keep switching between machines all the time, you will have to adjust on it, again and again, causing some serious problem for you.

What should be the ideal weight?

When it comes to sewing machines, some people prefer having heavy machines while other people like working with lightweight machines. People who like working with heavy machines believe that they get better control that way instead of when using light-weighted machines.
This is not very much true since the lightweight machines offer food control over it too but, if you want to keep moving around and travel a lot, you should go with the lightweight machine but if you want to keep it at home, you can go with the heavy one.
It is more like a personal choice of people, but if you want to get a machine with more features, it will most probably be heavy, and if it is not, there are chances that it will stop working after some months or at least start giving you trouble.
You can have a heavy weighted machine at your office or at your home to work for a long time and can have a light weighted machine, which is portable to keep it with you when you are going over to some other place or traveling.

How many stitches should a sewing machine offer?

While there are so many different types of stitches being introduced in the market, you have to pick out the one, which works for you. If you are a beginner, just three different types of stitches will do just fine for you, which can include the zigzag, the straight and any third of your choice.
But if you are an expert, you cannot settle for just 3 stitching designs and would probably want more depending upon the work you do. This is why you should pick out the machine with as many stitches as possible since you are not even sure that with what design you might have to work next.
After the beginner has got a hand on the basic designs, they can move on to creating better designs by using the machines, which offer more stitches. Whether you are looking for a machine that will help you professionally or would help you make your dresses better, you would require different designs of stitches in both situations.


It is not mandatory that a beginner should always go with the machine that offers fewer designs but instead, he can go with the more designs too and master some first before moving to others.

These machines can be a little hard to operate, but once you start working, you can easily get your hands on all kinds of designs. If you are not planning on making this your profession, then you should probably stick with the machines which offer fewer options since they would work better for you instead of getting into all the complexities of the heavy and bigger machines with more options.

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