Best Reciprocating Saws of 2021 for Pruning and Cutting

A lot of different machines are used during the construction process, and a reciprocating saw is one of them. It is a saw powered by a motor which cuts things by a push and pull mechanism. As the blade reciprocates, the action is completed. Another term used for a reciprocating saw is hognose. Only the Best Reciprocating Saw is used in constriction purposes. Similarly, they are also used during demolitions.

To customize the actions of a reciprocating saw, there are different variants present. Customers can buy the one that they have a use for. Other than that, different accessories are also available. These can be attached to the saw to change its function.  

Here is a list of 10 Best Reciprocating Saws to choose from. They all have their own amazing features and are  loved by constructors and DIY enthusiasts alike.   

The different kinds of reciprocating saws, such as cordless and corded ones, are shown in this table. Since the power source for reciprocating saws can differ, the table shows that feature too. 

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw, Tool Only (BDCR20B)
Editor's Choice
DEWALT 20V MAX* Reciprocating Saw, Tool Only (DCS380B)
Skil 9206-02 7.5-Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw
DEWALT Reciprocating Saw, Corded, 12-Amp (DWE305)
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw, Tool Only (BDCR20B)
DEWALT 20V MAX* Reciprocating Saw, Tool Only (DCS380B)
Skil 9206-02 7.5-Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw
DEWALT Reciprocating Saw, Corded, 12-Amp (DWE305)
3000 RPM
3000 RPM
2700 RPM
900 RPM
Anti Vibration
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw, Tool Only (BDCR20B)
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw, Tool Only (BDCR20B)
3000 RPM
Anti Vibration
Editor's Choice
DEWALT 20V MAX* Reciprocating Saw, Tool Only (DCS380B)
DEWALT 20V MAX* Reciprocating Saw, Tool Only (DCS380B)
3000 RPM
Anti Vibration
Skil 9206-02 7.5-Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw
Skil 9206-02 7.5-Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw
2700 RPM
Anti Vibration
DEWALT Reciprocating Saw, Corded, 12-Amp (DWE305)
DEWALT Reciprocating Saw, Corded, 12-Amp (DWE305)
900 RPM
Anti Vibration

Best Reciprocating Saws 2021

1. Milwaukee M18

Milwaukee M18 Red and Black - Best Reciprocating Saws

This is the best reciprocating saw by the company, and it is available in different colors. Sold by Industrial tools, this saw comes with a bare-tool and is battery-powered.  

As compared to other saws, this one cuts 50% faster so your work will get done much quicker. Also, it produces 4 times lesser vibrations.

When you are working with a saw, the vibrations can be overwhelming, so it is great to use a saw with lower vibration.

It has a lightweight design so your hands will not tire from holding the reciprocating saw for so long. Along with that, it allows you to cut in tight spaces.  

Since the most advanced technology is used for the cordless design, you will get the best performance. The saw can pass through the toughest of applications and make your job easier.  

The reciprocating saw has a Dual gear counter Balance mechanism which is responsible for lowering the vibration by 4 times. It cuts faster through metal and wood, reducing the fatigue for the user.  

This machine comes with Redlink Plus Intelligence, which helps in keeping it safe. This technology prevents overheating, and overloading of the saw to ensure a greater lifetime.  


  • Has Redlink Plus Intelligence
  • 4 times lesser vibrations
  • Quickly goes through applications
  • Less fatigue for the user
  • Does work 50% faster than other models


  • Some customers complained that they did not get the instruction manual

2. BLACK+DECKER Bare Model


This is the best reciprocating saw from Black + Decker. Their products are known for their quality and durability. This reciprocating is a low-price option for people who are just starting out.  

The blade change mechanism for this saw is totally tool-free, so you can do it whenever you want. It has a pivoting shoe too.  

According to the company, the maximum battery voltage is 20 volts. This is without the workload. There is a trigger for variable speed. You can change the speed as you work, depending on the speed you need. 

The stroke length for this saw is 7/8 inch. When you get the package, it will come with a Reciprocating saw and a saw blade.  You have to buy the battery and charger separately. 

This lithium reciprocating saw is a versatile tool that is very easy to use. It is lightweight, so there is no issue of fatigue. Being cordless, it is easy to work with. There is a 3000 rpm motor which is quite powerful for all your operations.  

To make the operations much smoother and more convenient, there is an electrical break. So, you can stop the saw whenever you want, very smoothly.  

With the pivoting shoe, which is adjustable, the work gets even easier. The switch lock-off button ensures that you do not unintentionally start the machine. If you live in a house with kids, this is a great way to keep the children safe. 


  • Comes with an adjustable pivot shoe
  • Lock-off button for protection
  • No tools needed for blade change
  • Work speed can be varied with a trigger


  • Does not come with a battery
  • Charger has to be bought separately


DEWALT DCS387B 20-volt Compact Reciprocating Saw

Dewalt is known for making a great machine for construction purposes and household use. This is the best reciprocating saw by the company. There are different options for different buyers. 

You can buy just the saw, without anything else. Or you can buy the saw with the whole blade set. Another option is to buy the saw with a starter kit. This is good for people who are still learning the use of a reciprocating saw. 

There are two different options for blade sets. You can get the 10 piece blade set or the 8 piece blade set. It just depends on how much use you are going to get out of the reciprocating saw.

First of all, it is has a very lightweight design. The company takes pride in the fact that their product is compact, which makes it easier for use. 

It easily fits between smaller spaces and studs. So, you can make cuts even in small or tight places that are confined. Along with that, there is a blade clamp with 4 position options. So, the saw allows you to make flush cutting too.  

The stroke length is 1-1/8 inch, which is responsible for the faster cutting speed of the saw. To make work easier for the user, there is also a variable speed trigger option. So, using the trigger, you may vary speed depending on the kind of work you are doing. 

One nonstandard battery is required for making this saw work, and it is made of ABS material. Also, the voltage of the saw is 20 volts while the Wattage is 20 Watts.  

When you buy the reciprocating saw from the manufacturers, you get three years limited warranty from them.  


  • Has a great stroke length
  • Can cut through smaller places
  • Can get into studs and confined places
  • Has a compact and lightweight design


  • Battery and charger have to be bought separately


DEWALT DCS380B 20-Volt Reciprocating Saw

Dewalt is such a great company in this regard that our list has another top product from them. This reciprocating saw comes with a variable speed trigger, and the maximum strokes made by the machine are 3000. So, you can get some good work out of this saw. 

Also, there is a 1-1/8 inch stroke length so you can match the speed with quality of cutting. There is a keyless levering action in the blade clamp so you can easily change blades according to your needs.  

As you change the blades, you can use the saw for a variety of applications. With the pivoting shoe, you will get a lot of leverage during cutting. This also ensures longer lasting time for the blade.  

For ensuring user comfort and better control of the saw, the manufacturers have added a rubber overmold. When you are workinged with any tool, you want it to be comfortable in your hands. Otherwise, the job becomes harder to do. 

To keep the contaminations out, there is a sealed shaft with double oil. It also helps in increasing the durability of the reciprocating saw. So, you can see that this saw is quite good for the user, providing ease of use, and better functionality.  

There are a 4 position blade clamp and an adjustable shoe. Moreover, the tool comes with a comfort grip that is anti-slip, so you will not lose control of the saw. There is a keyless blade clamp for easier changing of blades. 

Since the tool is cordless, you can work in different places. The voltage for this reciprocating saw is also 20 Volts, like others on this list.


  • Has an adjustable show
  • Comes with a keyless blade clamp
  • Is cordless
  • No tools needed for blade changing


  • No battery included in the packaging

5. Bare-Tool Milwaukee

Bare-Tool Milwaukee One-Handed Reciprocating Tool

This is the best reciprocating tool for people who are looking for a more professional option. Some people buy tools for the DIY projects they do at home while others need them for work. This is one of the work-models for such people.  

The Milwaukee reciprocating saw has a one-handed operation. So, you can have superior control over your working. If you are working in tight conditions, which is quite common in professional cases, then the one-handed operation is the most suited for you.  

Another important feature of this reciprocating saw is the anti-vibration handle. The company has specially designed the handle in such a way that there is little vibration. This prevents any fatigue and ripping of material when working through the timber.  

Moreover, there is an easy blade change option. You just have to loosen the latch that is present on the front of the saw. This will allow you to change the blades easily. As you can see, there are no tools involved. 

Also, there is  LED lighting on the tool.   So, your work stays illuminated, and there are no shadows caused. When you are working in overhead lights, the shadows can often be the reason why you are unable to cut in a straight line.  

However, with the LED lighting, you can cut easily and get your work done to perfection. You can use M18 batteries in this tool. Since it is lightweight, you can easily do overhead work without the harm of hurting yourself. 

Also, the tool is compact in size, so you will not end up getting tired. The compact size also allows going through smaller-sized places.


  • Has LED lighting for easier working
  • No tools needed for blade change
  • Has an anti-vibration handle
  • Has one-handed design
  • Gives you superior control
  • Is great for professional use
  • Does not cause user fatigue quickly


  • One-handed working, not fit for newbies


DEWALT DWE305 Corded Saw

Dewalt makes an appearance on your list again with this amp corded saw. This is the best reciprocating saw, which is amp corded. The first feature of this saw is the 12.amp motor, which is quite powerful.  

You need a powerful motor for better working of the saw during tough operations. This tool has up to 900 strokes per minute for faster and easier cutting of timber. 

If we talk about the stroke length, it is quite average at 1-1/8 inches. Just like the other tools mentioned in this list, this one also has a speed control. 

Speed control feature is very important for working in different situations and with different materials. The trigger on this machine helps make the machine work better.  

There is a 4 position blade clamp so the blades can be changed without the need for any tools. This also helps in flush cutting.  

This reciprocating saw  can be used on a variety of materials such as plastic, rubber, wood, drywall, metals, and composites.   You may even use it on fiberglass. So, it offers great versatility of use and has easy to use operations.  

If you are someone who is looking for a reciprocating saw for the DIY projects or things around the home, then this is the best reciprocating saw for you. It might not be the best for professional use since it does not have some advanced features. 

According to some users, this is the only Dewalt tool that they have not been so satisfied with. On the other hand, it is quite good for use around the home, for little projects.  


  • Has a speed changing trigger
  • Can be used on different materials
  • 900 strokes per minutes
  • Has a 12 amp motor
  • Comes with blade clamp (4 positions)
  • Lever action is keyless


  • Cannot be used professionally
  • Strokes per minute are low for professional use
  • Does not have an LED

7. SKIL 9206-02

SKIL 9206-02 7.5-Amp Reciprocating Saw with Variable Speed

If you are looking for the best reciprocating saw from Skil, this is the one. The company makes a range of different saws, and this is the one that we liked the most.  It has a 7.5 amp motor which is powerful enough for all the enthusiasts out there with their DIY projects. 

Just like all the other saws on this list, this one also comes with tool-less blade changing feature. So, the saw provides the ultimate convenience of use. Also, the housing of this reciprocating saw is heavy-duty metal. 

This keeps the saw going for a long time and adds a benefit of durability. Along with that, it provides ruggedness to design, which is great for longevity.

If there is too much vibration while using a reciprocating saw, you are bound to lose control of the saw or end up getting too tired. This is why this saw comes with a Counter Balance. This helps in minimizing the vibrations to make working easier. 

The pivot foot helps in providing stability for those tasks that involve working on tough material. When you are working on tough materials, there is a risk of the saw slipping from your hand. The pivoting foot prevents this from happening.  

Another great feature of the reciprocating saw is that it can cut through a lot of different materials.  If you have the right blades, you can even use it to cut through metal.   When you buy the saw, you will not get any blades for cutting metals. 

You will only get one blade for cutting wood. The speed of this reciprocating saw goes from 800 to 2700 strokes per minute. You can change it according to the kind of material you are working on.  


  • Cuts through different materials
  • Pivoting foot for stability
  • Has anti-vibration feature
  • Blades can be changed


  • No blades included in the package

8. Ryobi P514 18V

Ryobi P514 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw

This is the best reciprocating saw from Ryobi as it comes with plenty of features needed for domestic and professional use of saws. First of all, it has a non-slip handle. When you are working with a saw, dropping it would be the greatest harm. 

Sometimes, with the vibration and weight of the saw, it can be hard to keep full control. This is why this Ryobi saw comes with a non-slip handle so that you can have a firm grip on the machine while using it. Even if you are working in poor conditions, you will be able to keep control of the saw.  

Another distinct feature of this saw is that the handle is also anti-vibration. Since it has a powerful motor, the saw is prone to making a lot of vibrations. These are absorbed by the anti-vibration technology used in the saw.

So, you can hold the handle firmly and make precise cuts. Also, it improves your handling of the saw during work. The tool-less blade changing option adds more convenience to this saw.  

There is a quick mechanism in this saw that allows you to swap blades without having to use any kind of tools. This saw makes up to 3100 strokes per minute so you will definitely get a precise cut.  

No matter which material you are cutting the saw will make smooth cuts and give you great results. Overall, there is a lot that you can get done with this reciprocating saw, so it is a must-have tool for anyone.  


  • Has an anti-slip handle
  • Handle is also anti-vibration
  • Makes precision cuts
  • Up to 3100 strokes per minute
  • Works on a variety of materials


  • Compatible with Ryobi batteries only


PORTER-CABLE 20V Reciprocating Saw for Household Use

If you are looking for different options, then this is the best Reciprocating Saw from Porter cable. It has all the features that any high-quality company saw would have. The design is quite nicely made, so you will not have any issues with that. 

Other than that, the Reciprocating Saw gives a speed of 3000 strokes per minute. This is quite ample for doing different kinds of jobs around the house or even at work. Just like all other saws, this one also comes with a blade release feature. 

You do not need any tools for changing the blades. Just swap any blade you want and start cutting any material. To control the speed of the Reciprocating Saw during work, there is a trigger. 

If you are cutting through light or thin material, you can use a lower speed. When working on tougher materials, you can increase the speed, using the trigger. With the added pivot, you can easily cut through materials without losing control. 

The overmold handle allows you to use the tool comfortably. Since the shape is contoured, the handle will fit well in your hand, without causing any discomfort.  

Since this Reciprocating Saw has a compact design, it can easily reach confined spaces. So,  if you want to cut through any tight spaces, you can go for this model.  It comes with three years of limited manufacturer’s warranty.  


  • Can reach confined spaces
  • Speed of 3000 strokes per minute
  • Has an overmold handle


  • No LED in the saw

10. TACKLIFE Advanced

TACKLIFE Advanced 12-Volt Max Reciprocating Saw

The last reciprocating saw on our list is this one from Tacklife. It comes with a 1500mAh battery. This saw has all the features that other saws on this list have. This is the best reciprocating saw under $100.  

Since it comes with a rechargeable battery, you could be worried about the charging time. However, there is nothing to worry about since the tool has 1 hour fast charging feature so you can get it charged that quick. 

Just charge the saw and run from one task to another. It has a battery indicator which shows you how much battery is remaining so that you can charge it whenever needed. 

Moreover, there is a  double protection switch so that the tool does not start operating on its own.   This is a great feature for people who have kids in the house. The saw will start only when two buttons are pressed.  


  • Comes with safety features
  • Has a battery indicator
  • Fast battery charging


  • Charging, again and again, can be a nuisance, on a longer task

Buyer’s Guide Best Reciprocating Saw 

Now that you have seen the list of 10 best reciprocating saws, you can decide which one for your needs is. There are some features in a saw that you must look at before you choose it for the job. In this list, we have mentioned saws with different features.  

Use: Before you buy a saw, you have to determine what you are going to use it for. If you are going to use a saw for DIY projects or home improvement activities, then you can get a cheaper model. These have most of the features, but their speed might be slower. 

If you are going to use a saw for professional usage, then you must go for bigger brands that come with higher speeds. Dewalt and Milwaukee could possibly have the best reciprocating saw for your needs. If you are planning on getting the best reciprocating saw in 2021, consider one of these companies.  

Type: After you have determined the use you are going to get out of it, you also have to decide your liking. Do you want a corded reciprocating saw or a cordless one? 

There are different options for both styles, so you will have a wide range of choice. Cordless reciprocating saws are mostly preferred because they are easier to work with. You can find the best cordless reciprocating saw 2021 and best corded reciprocating saw 2021 in our list.  

Budget: Getting a reciprocating saw can be expensive. You do not only have to buy the tool. You also need to buy other accessories. Most of the tools do not come with batteries or chargers. So, you have to buy them too. 

Find the best reciprocating saw according to your budget and then invest in it. If you use it properly and it is from a good company, it will last you a long time.  

Types of Reciprocating Saws  

Most reciprocating saws are pretty much the same. However, they do differ in their power source and their size. So, on the basis of these things, the saws are divided into different types. 


Corded reciprocating saws come with a cord. The only problem with these is that you have to be near a power source for them to work. If you are using the saw in a professional setting, this should not be a problem. 

Other than that, corded reciprocating saws are high in power, and you do not have to worry about charging them again and again.  


The power of cordless reciprocating saws is lesser than a corded model. However, they are easier and more convenient to use. This is because you do not need to be close to an electric power source. You can take the reciprocating saw anywhere and start working. 

The kind of reciprocating saw depends on the type of your work. Professional users use corded ones since they have high power.  For home improvement projects, you can always use a cordless reciprocating saw.   

Mini Saws 

There are different sizes of reciprocating saws. Some of them are small enough to be operated with one hand while others are quite large. The bigger ones also have huge blades. If you want to buy the best reciprocating saw blades 2021, you can search online or go to any hardware store. 

The smallest reciprocating saws are the mini ones. They are not fit for professional or high duty tasks. Instead, you can use them at home for your mini-projects. These reciprocating saws are best for those times when you have to work in tight or confined spaces  

Since they are smaller in size, they can reach tighter spaces that larger saws cannot reach. However, they are not fit for construction or other heavy-duty work.  

What is the Difference between a Reciprocating Blades and Jigsaw Blades? 

Most people confuse these two and think that they are the same. This is not the case, as they both have different uses and properties.  

Jigsaw Blades 

These blades are narrower in size and are fragile. So, they are used in precision cutting. There are many things that you can do with a jigsaw blade, such as ripping, cutting, beveling, and crosscutting.  

Jigsaw blades can cut different materials such as ceramics, wood, lighter metals, and even plastic. They come in different styles, depending on the type of material that you are going to cut.  

So, these blades are made for versatility. Jigsaws are used in construction because they can cut through different materials such as wood and ceramic tiles.  

Reciprocating Saw Blades 

While Jigsaw blades are fragile, reciprocating saw blades are quite strong. Also, they are thicker as compared to jigsaw blades. The reciprocating saws have powerful motors, and they can cut through different kinds of materials, much faster. 

Normally, a demolition work would have reciprocating saws because they have rough cutters which are ideal for the job. Along with that, these saws are also used in plumbing, construction, and electrical wiring work.  

Blades using in a reciprocating saw are knife-like, so they can cut through the toughest of materials. Some of the materials that they can cut through are  stone, fiberglass, metal, drywall, ceramic tiles, and wood.  

There are many different styles, speeds, and kinds of reciprocating saws. Some of them even have a motor of up to 15 amps, which is ideal for heavy-duty work.  

Reciprocating Saws and Construction 

During construction, a lot of different tools and machines are needed. A reciprocating saw is one of these tools. Since these saws are very versatile, they can be used in any kind of construction work.  

Even if you have to break down a house or building during the demolition process, a reciprocating saw is your friend. Everything from tearing studs down to breaking down a wall can be done by a reciprocating saw.  

If you are working on a construction project where you want to remove the drywall without affecting the other wall of the room, you can use a reciprocating saw. With this saw, you will be able to work on one wall without affecting the already completed wall on the other side.  

Also, you can make precise cuts in the wall. Since there are different materials used in construction, from wood to metal, a reciprocating saw is great for such work. These saws can cut through different kinds of material, so you do not need a different tool for each material. 

Other than that, you can use a reciprocating saw for removing door frames during the demolition process. The motor is so strong on a reciprocating saw that you can even cut down nails and screws in the wall.

If there is anything that needs to be removed, you can do it with a reciprocating saw. Another use of the reciprocating saw is in the demolition process. No demolition process is complete without the working of a reciprocating saw.  

What are Reciprocating Saws Used for? 

Reciprocating saws can be used for a lot of purposes. They have a simple design and are easy to use. Along with that, they have exposed blades, so they are used in a wide range of operations.  


One of the things that a reciprocating saw can be used for is plumbing. When you are working with pipes, you are often faced with the problem of extremely tight and limited space. 

A reciprocating saw can maneuver through such tight space, and you can work with pipes easily. All you have to do is aim the blade on the pipe and squeeze the trigger. This will cut off the end of the pope, and you will not even have to move the reciprocating saw around too much. 

A saw can also be helpful in HVAC where you have limited space too. If you are working in confined spaces such as a heater closet or inside a wall, you can use a reciprocating saw for the job.  

If you are working on a drywall, you can use a reciprocating saw to trim down any material that you want. Every plumber has a reciprocating saw or a mini version of it in their toolbox.  

Rescue Services 

Most people might not know this, but a reciprocating saw is very useful during rescue operations. Normally, these saws are used to cut through materials to rescue someone. For example, if someone is trapped inside a car after an accident, a saw can be used. 

In severe conditions such as earthquakes where people are trapped under wooden structures and rubble, reciprocating saws are used for cutting these things out of the way to rescue people underneath.

This shows how versatile reciprocating saws are. If you are in an emergency situation where the object is too hard or heavy, a reciprocating saw will cut right through it. This is why you would see rescue workers using it in such situations.  

Window Fitting 

If you have ever worked on a window fitting project, you would know how hard and frustrating it is. First of all, you have to get the precise size. Everything has to be exact. Even if you are an inch above or below, you would have to make multiple changes. 

 With a reciprocating saw, you can save yourself a lot of stress.   You can just use a saw to cut a window frame. It also comes in handy when you have to cut anything in the way. 

Sometimes, when you are trying to make a window frame, there might be something that is obstructing the area. You can just cut it off with a reciprocating saw and install your window.  

Yard Work 

As we have already mentioned, there are many reciprocating saws that are suitable for domestic use. So, what will you use a saw at home for? Yard work.  

If you want to cut down trees or other things in the yard, you can use a reciprocating saw. The blade shape is perfect for cutting thick and thin branches.

Even if you do not want to cut and just trim to make your yard look cleaner, you can use a reciprocating saw. This will make your job much easier and simpler.  

Components of a Reciprocating saw 

If you are new at learning how to use a reciprocating saw, you would be watching tutorials or reading manuals. You cannot understand anything until you know about all the parts of a reciprocating saw.  


The most important part of a reciprocating saw is the blade. In our list, you can see that all the models have replaceable blades.  

Blades differ in the material they are going to cut, the design of their teeth and sizes. This is where the cutting happens. Inside the reciprocating saw, there is a clamp which holds the blade in place. There is a tip at the bottom of the blade, and it fits into the clamp. 

Different saws are compatible with different blades. Ideally, a reciprocating saw blade is 6 inches, but you can find bigger ones up to 12 inches. Also, the mini reciprocating saws use smaller blades.  

If the blade gets dull over time, you have to replace it. Otherwise, you will face trouble during cutting through any material. Sometimes, during working, you may end up bending a blade. This is not an issue as you can use a hammer to straighten the blade again. 

Sometimes, only the front part gets dull, and the rest of the blade stays sharp. In this case, you do not have to replace the whole blade. Just snip off the front part.  


The second component of a reciprocating saw is the shoe. This component is present for providing support and stability to the user. It helps in cutting precisely by controlling the extent of the blade entering a material.  

In many models, the shoe is adjustable so you can adjust the depth of the blade that goes inside the material. You can also adjust the angle as sometimes, you have to cut at an angle.  


This is where the user holds a reciprocating saw from. One hand is on the trigger to control speed, and the other is on the grip. This is in front of the saw.  

Saws from better brands come with a comfortable grip. This allows you to hold the saw in place while working. There are some saws that are smaller in size so they can be operated by one hand and no grip is present.  


This is the controlling point for any reciprocating saw. You have to keep one hand on the trigger and press it to start the reciprocating saw. When you make the first cut, the trigger will be at low speed. 

As you start cutting, you can increase the cutting speed with the trigger. The triggers on these saws are pressure sensitive. So, as you press harder, the saw moves faster.  

Power Button 

This is quite simple to understand. The power button is the button that you press to start a reciprocating saw. There are some models that come with the added security of double buttons.  

So, the saw will not accidentally start since you have to push twice. In most models, the power off button is the same as the power on one.  


The power of any reciprocating saw is determined by the motor it has. There are two kinds of motors; brushless and brushed motors. 

Brushed motors have brushes inside them, as clear by the name. These are responsible for conducting electricity. Due to their design, they can become worn off after some years. 

On the other hand, brushless motors can last for a longer time. Instead of brushes, circuit boards are present in the motor for conducting electricity.  

Maintaining a Reciprocating Saw 

It is very important to maintain a reciprocating saw, just like any other machine or tool. If your reciprocating saw is properly maintained, it will stand the test of time. First of all, try to clean the insides as often as possible by breathing into the saw.  

For professional use, most people have a fitted case to keep the saw. If you are keeping the saw in that case, make sure to take the blade off. It could snap off accidentally in the case.  

Along with maintaining the reciprocating saw, you have to maintain the blades too as they are the most important bit of the tool. If you do that, the saw will last you for years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is stroke/stroke length? 

In a reciprocating saw, the stroke length is the length that the saw will reach in one stroke. Strokes per minute refer to the speed of the reciprocating saw. As we have mentioned above, these saws work by going back-and-forth. 
So, stroke speed refers to how many strokes are made in one minute. Most reciprocating saws have a stroke speed of up to 3000 spm while smaller ones have the speed of 900 spm.    

What is the LED light for? 

Some models of reciprocating saws come with LED light. This light is there for illuminating the area if you are working in dark spaces. To keep precision and detail in work, illumination is important.  

How Does anti-vibration technology work? 

It is understood that a reciprocating saw will vibrate. This is because of the motor and stroking motion. Most reciprocating saws come with Counterbalance technology. It absorbs the vibrations so that the user does not feel them as much. It makes working more convenient.  

Can a Jigsaw blade be used on Reciprocating Saw? 

There are some blades available that can be used for both kinds of saws. They are made of bimetal or high carbon steel. If you buy those, you can use them with a reciprocating saw. Just make sure you have checked the compatibility before usage.  

Is a reciprocating saw safe? 

It is important to be very careful with a reciprocating saw. They have back and forth movement, so there is a certain level of pressure. To keep control, you must hold the saw with both hands and keep control of the grip in front. 

Can Reciprocating Saws cut Nails? 

Yes, these saws can also cut through nails. They are very powerful, and if you have the right blades, you can cut everything from wood to nails.  

Will a reciprocating saw hurt my ears? 

Yes, when you are working with a reciprocating saw, it is important to have auditory protection. Since the motor makes a lot of noise, the whole operation is much nosier than you might think. Prolonged usage can hurt your hearing, so auditory protection is advised. 

What if the blade is not right for the job? 

It is important to choose the right blade for each application. If you are not using the right blade for cutting the respective material, you will end up breaking or bending the blade. Also, it will damage the material and your saw.  The suitability of a blade for the material depends on the material the blade is made of and the number of teeth it has.  

Final Verdict 

As you have seen from this review, reciprocating saws are versatile enough for a variety of different jobs. Everything from plumbing to breaking down a house can be done with a reciprocating saw. There are so many models and kinds to choose from. 

Just get a reciprocating saw and the right blade to get started with any operation you want. If you enjoyed this thorough article about reciprocating saws and would like to read more such articles, just look at the rest of our reviews.  

5/5 (1 Review)
5/5 (1 Review)

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