Best Qualities Features and Ease of use of Tampons

Tampons are a product for females to absorb menstrual flow by inserting one into the vaginal opening during periods. After absorption of menstrual flow it expands and remains fixed when inserted. It can remove by chord or string attached to the tampons. It is quite comfortable and easy to use. It is manufactured from rayon and cotton as these materials are more suitable for absorption than others.

The beginners, for example, a girl of age between 13 and 14 should use tampons instead of pads. The best tampon for beginners is Tampax pearl lights and Playtex Gentle Glide 360.  In some countries, tampons are used for medical purposes also. It is a proper hygienic product for females.

Design and Packing of Tampons

There is a variety in the design of tampons as its design depends upon the company that manufactured it. 

Types of Tampons

Two, types of tampons are available in the market, one is a digital tampon, and the other one is applicator tampon. The digital tampon is used more because of its ease of use as it can be inserted by a finger into the vaginal opening.

The materials used in the formation of applicator tampons are plastic and cardboard usually. It looks like a syringe. ”Barrel”, the outer tube of the applicator, has a smooth and slimy surface. This part of tampon helps in smooth insertion into the vagina. ”Plunger” is the inner tube of the tampon. 

Difference between Digital and Applicator Tampon

The difference between digital tampons and applicator tampons lies in the way of their expansion. Digital tampons expand horizontally, i.e. it increases its width when it absorbs the liquid. On the other hand, applicator tampons expand vertically. The cord or string is attached to the tampons to make its removal easy. 

Material Used For its Preparation

The materials used in the preparation of tampons are mostly rayon and cotton. Some tampons are made up of cotton only while some are made of a blend of rayon. Others are made up of both the materials. The tampons made up of both the materials are the most sold products in the market. 

Absorption Rates

The absorption rate is an essential factor of tampons. Best quality tampons have reasonable absorption rates than others. The different quality tampons and their absorbency rates are shown below. 

  •   Low-quality tampons will have absorbency rates 6g or less. 
  •   The regular quality tampons will have absorbency rates between  6 to 9.
  •   The first quality tampons should have absorbency rates between 9 and 12.
  •   The early quality tampons will have absorbency rates of 12-15.
  •   The superb quality tampon will absorb the menstrual flow at the rate of 15 and 18.

Tampons for Beginners:

The girls at the start of the menstrual cycle must use tampons because it is better for their health than using synthetic pads. Some best quality brands of the tampons for beginners are listed below.

1.Tampax Pearl Lites

This brand of tampons is thought to be useful for the new girls. It has a high quality of absorbance and absorbs the menstrual flow quite efficiently than others.

Pearls lites are the best tampons for a beginner. In beginners, the menstrual flow is swift, so the material of the tampons should be made up of cotton because it has high absorbency rates.

Tampax tampons are slightly thinner than other brands of tampons and designed in such a way that makes its insertion comfortable. Tampax tampons have different categories, but for the beginners, slim tampons are recommended for use.

2. Sleek Regulars

Sleek tampons are also used by beginners as these are highly recommended tampons. It is famous because of its unique qualities and features of its absorbance.

Its formation is flawless, natural to hold and easy to fix. Sleek tampons resemble more to applicator type tampons than to digital type tampons. Regular tampons are the best tampons for beginners.

3. T. Regular Tampons:

Regular tampons are slightly similar to sleek tampons. These are applicator type tampons. It is recommended for 13 to 14-year girls and prevents leakage because of its high absorbency rates. It can be griped and used easily with ease and comfort.

Tampax Regular tampons can handle for eight hours without any sign of leakage. It can be use overnight. After removal, the tampon can be washed to be worn again. Different brands are available for the ease of women.

4.  P. Gentle Glide 360 

Gentle Glide tampons are designed as a perfect match for beginners. It has several brands made for women’s desire and necessity.

Girls with a high volume of menstrual flow and more significant days of the menstrual cycle should use gentle glide tampons because its absorbency is high.

Like regular tampons, it cannot leak. It prevents from moistened feelings and keeps you dry while you are wearing it. It is easy to fix and remove. Tread type string is attached to its one end for its removal after it expands. 

5. Free Clear Tampons:

The young girls whose skin is highly sensitive and rashes appear on their surface because of chemicals and smell of pads, Free Clear Tampons are recommended for them.

It prevents rashes and allergies on the skin as it contains harmless and skin-friendly substances for the skin. These tampons are free from BPA.

It is smooth and belongs to the applicator type tampons. Seventh generation free clear tampons are made up of natural plant extracts, highly recommended as it is harmless for the skin.

The material used for its manufacturing is organic cotton. Organic cotton is free of fragrance, not allergic and has reasonable absorption.

6.  Kotex Fitness 

Kotex Tampons are used by sports girls mostly. It is fixed tightly and is not affected by your movements.

You can play securely without any fear. It is leak-free. It can be worn during the exercises and tiresome activities. You can wear them during your hard activities or jobs. 

7. Pearl Active Tampons:

Pearl Active tampons are safe to use and ultra-thin tampons. Its weight is light enough. It is a famous brand for beginners, among other tampons.

Pearl Active tampons are available at a low price in the market. They are easy to buy and use. They differ in their size and material than other tampons.

Pearl tampons are available in a different format so that women of different ages can buy it for their ease and comfort during periods.

Pearl tampons are chemical-free as well as fragrance-free, so the women using it do not complain about skin rashes. Pearl Active tampons have a thick braided string for its removal.

Advantages of Using Tampons

Every product has some pros and cons; not all the product are advantageous. Here some benefits of using tampons are described:

Choice and Freedom

Tampon’s choice depends upon you. You feel free after wearing it, and this is the essential feature of using tampons. It makes your day delightful. You can work properly and can move freely.

Swimming and Sports

Girls in menstruation periods stop swimming because of fear of health problems. Tampons make women free of all these worries and allow them to work with ease and comfort.

They are able to do harsh activities like exercises, sports and swimming. Tampons will not get damp while swimming because it is inside and there is no part of tampon left outside the body. The thread is present outside the body which cannot create any hurdle in swimming. 

 Clothes Selections

A woman wearing pad will wear only selected clothes. They cannot wear pants or tights or short shirts. On the contrary, the women using tampons will have freedom of wearing any clothes either she can wear pants, tights or short shirts. The pads can be felt outside the body, but as the tampon is wholly inserted to the vaginal opening, anybody cannot detect it. That’s the reason that you can wear any dress.

No Smell Produced

The bleeding has an unbearable odour. There will be chances of production of smell when you are using the product outside the body like pads.

For tampons, there is no chance of smell production because it is inserted into the body, and there is no way for blood to come outside the body.

 Health Benefits

Using tampons regularly in periods imparts several health benefits. The menstrual blood is waste blood. It is harmful to the body inside as well as outside.

When it comes in contact with the skin outside the body, it causes skin rashes and several other allergic issues. Tampons prevent blood from coming into contact with the skin.

But you must be careful about the degree of absorption tampons because once it gets fully expanded, it can leak.

Disadvantages of Using Tampons:


Sometimes there comes an awkward situation while using tampons; it would create inconvenience because sometimes the insertion of tampons inside vaginal opening is not done right. There should be a little experience for its introduction. 

  •   Over Expansion of Tampons

The tampons, get to expand after absorbing blood. They should be changed then. After it gets highly developed, there is a chance of its leakage and can also drop out of the vagina. 

  •   Health Issues

Tampons are also concerned with some health issues. They can cause hormonal disturbance and some other health issues in the body.

Thyroid-stimulating hormone is a hormone released by thyroid glands of the human body. A slight disorder of this hormone can cause Toxic shock syndrome.

Tampons may cause a disturbance in the production of TSH hormone and become a disease.  Some Pesticides are also used in tampons while bleaching the cotton.

These are chlorine and dioxin. Pesticides are unhygienic and may cause health issues inside the body. 

Difference between Pads and Tampons

Tampons and pads are different from each other. Tampons are inserted in the vagina and have a thread for its removal. It should be changed after maximum absorption because it can cause leakage.

Tampons are easy to use and provide calm. You can use it while doing hard jobs. But the Pads are used for short periods. It is hard to use the pads because it needs to be changed after three to four hours.

Tampons are better than pads for every age of women. It is an advanced product in the market made only for women.


Tampons are a new product for females. The size of tampon is similar to the size of the finger. Tampons have rounded end and can be inserted into to vaginal opening easily.

It is hard to detect tampons outside the body like pads. You are free in wearing types of clothes and do hard exercises. You are free of the fear that it would drop from the vagina.

Some people think that it may lose inside the vagina or loss of virginity of women, but it’s all just a myth. Varieties of tampons are available for beginners and also for old age women.

Tampons are recommended for their health benefits. They prevent skin from allergic reactions caused by dirty blood when it comes in contact with skin.

It blocks the vaginal opening, so there is no chance that the blood would come out and touch the surface. There are cons related to tampons as hormonal disturbance and causing disease, because of the presence of pesticides like chlorine and dioxins.

Cotton and rayon are the widely used material in the manufacture of tampons. It is free of yeast infection and is reliable to use.

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