10 Best Portable DVD Players of 2021 for Car and Kids

Trying to buy a portable DVD player? Then why don’t buy the best portable DVD player with our help? We will be your eyes and heart.

While I’m sure there are people who are exceptions to this case, for the most of us traveling can be quite a boring experience, with often nothing to do for the passenger than just stare out the window. And unless you’re in a particularly interesting area where something’s going on at every corner of the block, even staring out the window can get tiring very fast.

Traveling alone may be a fulfilling experience once you reach your destination, but

on the train or on your flight, the trip is nothing more than hours of sitting restlessly on a less than comfortable chair.

But that’s not even the worst of it. If you think a boring and restless trip is tiring, you haven’t asked a parent who’s traveled with their kids; taking the whole family on a road trip is only a fun idea if you’ve got something to keep the kids occupied in the car, or you’d be stressed out trying to control their restlessness and drive the car at the same time.

The problem here is clear: we need something to alleviate our boredom while traveling. And while there are many objects that could fulfill this purpose, a portable DVD player is your best bet if you want to keep yourself or your kids entertained with the least amount of effort on your part. After all, who doesn’t love a good movie?

But why buy a portable DVD player when you probably have access to other devices you can view a movie on, like a smartphone or maybe a laptop. Surely, buying another device is just a waste of money.

Or is it?

Why buy a Portable DVD player when you probably have access to a smartphone or laptop?

You do make a good point. Smartphones and laptops are some of the most portable electronic devices on the market (mostly because that was the main idea behind their conception), and with the constant upgrades to their technology, they’re more than capable of playing a movie or two on the road.

And the best part? You already own one or both of them, which makes the prospect of buying a separate DVD player appear like a pointless and wasteful endeavor. But is it really?

Despite all that smartphones and laptops have to offer, the ability to play DVD is one thing that both devices lack, what with the newer laptops opting not to include a DVD drive (older versions do, but we’ll address this later) and smartphones being too small to hold DVD to begin with.

Which means the only way you’ll be able to play your owned movies on DVD while on the road is by using a portable DVD player.

But I’m not limited to just using DVDs to watch movies, you might interject. And that is, once again a fair point. There are services that let you download movies or stream them off the net.

Too bad streaming is barely an option when you’re on the road since the signal strength is far from reliable. As for downloads, apart from a few services that allow you to legally access the movies, most of the sources online offer only pirated content, acquiring which is a federal offense.

The sites that are legal have you pay for the movie you download, and you’d find renting or even buying the DVD a far more cost-effective approach.

But what of laptops that do have DVD drive, ones that I can use for watching any DVD movie in print? Well, here you run into the issue of battery life.

Not because portable DVD players have a much larger battery life than laptops, but because you might need your laptop for other purposes like working on the go.

Which means you’d be wasting your battery life to watch movies, only to run out of power when it turns out you need to do some work urgently.

However, the biggest reason to invest in a portable DVD player is if you need something to let your kids enjoy their movies on.

Handing them your own personal laptop or phone isn’t a smart move since kids are careless by nature and you’re putting your precious devices at risk like this.

Now you could get them their own smartphone or laptop if they’re careful enough, but you’d find a portable DVD player to be a much lighter investment.

Not to mention that many parents are hesitant about getting their kids smartphones or laptops at a young age; a portable DVD player with its limited functionality and lack of access to the internet is a much better option here too.

Besides, portable DVD players are optimized to play movies, so they’re literally the best all-in-one package you can hope for to watch movies on the go. So, don’t force yourself to watch a movie on the tiny screen of that phone of yours.

While all of the ten products listed above are great products, if we had to choose one, we’d have to go with the APEMAN Portable DVD player 10.5” as being the best all-rounder of the bunch, making it an optimal choice for anyone looking to get a decent viewing experience on the road, without sacrificing features like portability and durability.

For the best viewing experience, however, you wouldn’t go wrong with choosing the COOAU DVD Portable player, on account of the 15.6” HD screen the device boasts, though the fragility of this product doesn’t make it suitable for use by kids.

That honor goes to the Dr. J Portable DVD player, though the WONNIE Kids was a close second (not being able to play Blu-ray just isn’t going to cut it).

Here’s a comparison chart to help you make your decision.

[amazon table=”6791″]

Now that you’re convinced you need to buy a portable DVD player, it’s time to choose the right one for your needs. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of the best portable DVD players on the market right now. Take a look:

Best Portable DVD Players 2021

1. APEMAN 10.5”

APEMAN 10.5'' Portable DVD Player

If you’re looking for the best product on the market, then the APEMAN Portable DVD Player is the one you should be looking forward to. Light, small, and compact, this is as good as portable DVD players get.

The model comes fully equipped with all of the necessary equipment required for a good experience.

The package includes a 3-in-1 cable that makes it easy to connect to almost anything and a charger which you can use on any outlet.

The APEMAN Portable DVD Player is also quite easy to operate and is a suitable model to start with if you’re a beginner.

The control panel has clearly marked keys which highlight the volume, next, and forward/reverse buttons, making it easy to use for even small children.

The player also gives you the option to connect a console to the display, increasing the screen size of your game, a feature kids will absolutely love.

The best feature about the APEMAN Portable DVD Player is that it has a very smooth and reliable swivel. It can operate 180 degrees to the left and 90 degrees to the right, providing the user with a wholesome view.

However, we feel the need to point out that while the screen itself can move around, the viewing angles on the device itself are a little too narrow, meaning more than three people would have trouble watching a movie at the same time.

At least, the sound quality on the device makes up for this with a sweet and crisp projection.


  • Multiple interface choice
  • Game and console connections
  • Supports all the types of formats
  • Comes with a complete package including all the accessories


  • Viewing angles are a little narrow

2. DBPOWER 9.5

DBPOWER Portable DVD Player 9.5

The DBPOWER Portable DVD Player is one of the finest products currently available in 2021. The model combines aesthetics with functionality, and is a perfect tag-along for your next family vacation!

To start off with the basics, the DBPOWER Portable DVD Player caters to all types of video formats available, so you won’t have to worry about software transitioning.

The model also provides excellent battery timing, with an amazing run time of five hours.

The DBPOWER portable DVD player also has amazing swiveling features that make it adaptable to the environment. With 270 degrees rotation and 180 degrees flip, you won’t have to worry about any sort of visibility problems.

You can also choose to flatten the screen out and use it as a tablet on long road trips. The break-point memory feature is also quite useful that helps you resume from where you left off.

This makes it a handy tool for short-term entertainment, especially if you still want to keep track of what you’re watching.

However, to make sure that the model lasts as long as possible, there are a few things that you should strictly adhere to. To start off with, make sure that you never over-charge it since that will destroy its battery in the long run.

Additionally, make sure you never use scratched or damaged discs and avoid touching the laser lens.

Other than that, the DBPOWER portable DVD player is one model you should definitely consider if you’re looking for something reliable and worth the investment.


  • Has a better swivel feature as opposed to other DVD players
  • Can be used as a tablet as well
  • Very easy to operate and work with
  • Simple interface and responsive programming
  • Quick navigation


  • Very fragile; might get seriously damaged on light impact
  • The remote buttons are extremely small
  • Charging time is a bit too high


DBPOWER Portable DVD Player 12

The second product by DBPOWER on this list, the DBPOWER Portable DVD Player is a strong competitor against the former product mentioned in this list.

The model integrates the bulk of the features included in its predecessor, with a little something extra. That’s right, this model incorporates a larger 12” screen, making viewing movies on it a far better experience, especially for multiple people at the same time.

The rest is pretty much the same. As with the DBPOWER 9.5”, all sort of multimedia is supported. You’ll also be able to insert and work with memory cards to transfer data.

The sound quality ensures that the DBPOWER Portable DVD Player can also be used to listen to music. The DBPOWER Portable DVD Player also has a break-point memory which enables users to pick off just where they left.

This makes using the portable player an optimal choice since you can continue on your content whenever you want with ease. It can also be easily connected to a bigger TV if needed. This makes it ideal for long trips where you know your destination will have a Smart TV nearby.

However, while the DBPOWER 12” matches or trumps the 9.5” in every way (save price, of course), it’s frustrating to note that this model is also quite fragile in it’s build quality like the previous one, which stops us from giving it a very high recommendation.

Nevertheless, if you can take good care of it, the DBPOWER 12” is a very good portable DVD player to take along the road.


  • Break-point memory feature
  • Amazing screen resolution
  • Great volume increment levels with a clear and crisp sound
  • Very easy to access and use
  • Larger screen (12”)


  • Easily damages on light impact
  • The model is extremely fragile


COOAU Portable DVD Player

The COOAU Portable DVD Player is a great model that you should consider if your priority is runtime and functionality. The model encompasses both the things needed to make a model desirable: aesthetics and simplicity.

 The model has a whopping 15.6” screen (with most other players averaging out at 10 to 12 inches in screen size) and even has a 270-degree swivel. This makes it optimal if you’re in the backseat with more than one viewer, due to the larger screen size and the additional swivel in both directions.  

The COOAU Portable DVD Player also has great runtime! Featuring at 6 hours, this model will give you one whole extra hour of runtime as compared to most other players on the market.

1 man and 2 women looking at the screen of dvd player.

The player also functions well in conjunction with various video formats. It also accepts and runs SD cards that you can use to transfer content from your Android phone (sorry Apple users, come back when you realize how important expandable storage is) to the COOAU Portable DVD Player.

The COOAU Portable DVD Player comes in double-layered packing which highlights how fragile the model is. This is, arguably, its only downfall.

You’ll have to ensure that it’s kept out of children’s reach and isn’t susceptible to any sort of damage whatsoever. Furthermore, make sure that you keep up with its maintenance to get the best performance in the long run!

Overall, this player also compiles all that is best about the recent innovations in the DVD industry. Integrating features such as breakpoint, anti-shock, and pre-reading, users will have the best experience viewing their favorite content on the COOAU Portable DVD Player.


  • Gives one whole hour extra of screen runtime
  • Bigger screen than other models
  • Awfully easy to set up, even for beginners
  • Amazing and unparalleled resolution
  • Contains features such as break-point memory, anti-shock, and pre-reading


  • Very fragile
  • Might break on slight impact
  • Requires high maintenance and care

5. DR. J

DR. J Portable DVD Player

Also referred to as the private theatre, the DR. J Portable DVD Player is the go-to product if you’re looking for something to keep your children entertained on the road.

The DR. J Portable DVD Player main feature is its swivel function which extends to a rotation of about 270 degrees and a complete flip function of 180 degrees.

This makes it an optimal model to consider if again, you’re looking to keep the children entertained on the road. Just attach it to the head-rest, and you’re geared for the trip!

The other best part about the DR. J Portable DVD Player is that it is suitable for operation on many video platforms. Like other players on this list, this model is also compatible with the bulk of different formats available.

 Additionally, it can also be easily and successfully be connected to the Television if you want to play your movies on your hotel TV or your phone if you’re planning to transfer data.  

The DR. J Portable DVD Player also employs a break-point memory function which will allow you to carry on where you left off.

There are, however, a few things that you should keep in mind when considering this model. To start off with, always ensure that you’re wearing headphones for an enhanced experience.

Due to background noise and other disturbances, your experience might not be optimal if you choose to use the speaker. It’s also important to ensure that the DR. J Portable DVD Player is kept away from water and moisture.

Due to the wiring and additional slots, this model is at greater risk of water seeping in and damaging the model.


  • Good flip functions allow head-rest attachment
  • Breakpoint memory function
  • Supports three power systems, including charging from the car to allow for a greater battery life
  • Amazing resolution and sound quality
  • Gives a good battery run-time


  • The default speakers aren’t loud enough to be heard across a room
  • Very fragile and susceptible to damage on slight impact


HD JUNTUNKOR Portable DVD Player

With a resolution of 1024*600, the HD JUNTUNKOR Portable DVD Player is a pioneer in the industry for introducing ultra-realistic LCD for a portable DVD player, making it arguably one of the finest models in this list.

The model has the standard 270-degree rotation and 180 degrees flip. This will help you get the best view and angle at any time and any place.

This also makes it optimal for back-seat users who can’t often decide which angle to work with to get the best view with minimal shading on the screen.

While the screen is its most prominent feature, the HD JUNTUNKOR has a variety of other useful features too. For example, it caters to the standard list of formats that movies are generally available in. It also has a point-break memory which allows users to pick off where they left.

Another interesting feature that the JUNTUNKOR Portable DVD Player has introduced is the integration of two operating systems into its interface, which is fairly unique.

Doing so lets the player offer better experiences for daily viewing and on-board viewing separately.

To make the journey even easier, you can choose to place the model in a customized car bag. This is the optimal mode of application because it will be out of reach of the children but still function at its very best, which would have made it the best portable DVD player for your car in 2021.

However, make sure that you plug in headphones if you want a good listening experience; the speakers on this model aren’t too great for use in a noisy environment. That, and the fact that you can’t play Blu-ray on this model, really puts a damper on this product.


  • Unprecedented resolution for such a small screen
  • Comes in a good package with all the main accessories
  • Very helpful user manual
  • Easy and convenient to use


  • Does not play Blu-ray Discs
  • Quite heavy as opposed to other models


Portable DVD Player by BOIFUN

If you’re looking for a classy model to take along with you on the road, then look on further than the Portable DVD Player by BOIFUN.

The model features the standard swivel option and gives about 6 hours of battery run-time, enough to watch two movies even while using the device on its maximum (graphics, audio, resolution etc.) settings, and this run-time is further extended by having the ability to charge your player on the go. 

Furthermore, the package that the model comes along with ensures that you can charge it on the go as well, especially via the AC adaptor.

With support for multiple formats, you’ll be able to work with almost any type of movie that you have, regardless of its source.

This makes it optimal especially if you’re fond of downloading videos off of the internet for entertainment purposes (though we must inform you to be wary of piracy in this case).

The Portable DVD Player by BOIFUN is engineered to ensure that it gives users the best performance on the road.

The anti-shock features make sure that there is no type of lag or disc processing due to the movement of the car. Hence, you can look forward to a comfortable viewing experience ahead.

Last but not least, the Portable DVD Player by BOIFUN is a children-friendly model and can be easily operated without any hassle or issues.

The sound quality is crisp and loud, meaning you won’t need to carry around a spare set of headphones, and it’s even optimal for individuals who are hard of hearing, making it the best portable DVD player for elderly individuals.


  • Amazing resolution and picture quality
  • Has good sound coverage
  • Simple interface can be used by children as well
  • Gives long-lasting battery timing
  • Can be charged in the car


  • Might not be audible in very noisy settings or with the windows down

8. ieGeek

ieGeek Portable DVD Player

The ieGeek Portable DVD Player is a small model that you should consider if you want something to travel with that can easily be stored and assembled for use in a short amount of time.

It’s also compatible with the major video formats that ensure that you can easily view or stream the content you desire without any pause or technical hassle.

For a model of its size, the ieGeek Portable DVD Player is also reputed for having a very loud and sonorous sound.

However, it can often be inaudible if you’re driving with the window down which is why we recommend that you use a headset if you really need the wind blowing in your face as you sit in the car.

The best feature about the ieGeek Portable DVD Player is the eye-friendly screen. With an eye-protective screen, the ieGeek Portable DVD Player protects your eyes from any sort of sunlight reflection or the harmful blue light electronic screens are notorious for emitting.

This makes it a great option to consider if you’re looking for something to use for long hours on end, or if you’re looking for something to give to your children on the road.

The ieGeek Portable DVD Player does advertise a run-time of five hours, but the battery is only a measly 2500 mAh, so we’re understandably skeptical of this claim. The product isn’t of a very poor build quality, but it would have been nice if the company had noticed how weak the buttons feel on use.


  • Package includes three optional power supplies
  • Supports gaming, especially retro gaming
  • Contains dual speaker for doubling the volume
  • Caters to a wide range of formats
  • Very fast operating software


  • 2500 mAh is quite low
  • The buttons feel weak and loose

9. WONNIE Kids

WONNIE Kids Portable DVD Player

The WONNIE Kids Portable DVD Player is the best player to consider if you’re looking for something to keep the children entertained on the road.

 With a high capacity of 5000 mAH, the model caters to a battery runtime of 5 to 6 hours. This means you’ll have enough time to easily watch about 2-3 movies.  

Furthermore, the quality of the video and sound are good enough to keep your children entertained for the entire journey, without having to rely on separate headphones.

A little boy watching something on dvd player

While the player may not bring anything new to the table, it does a fair job having (almost) all the necessary features every other player on this list has. It supports the bulk of the main video formats available in this day and age.

Furthermore, you can also choose to transfer data or view the screen on television for a combined viewing by the family.

However, to ensure that this model gives the longevity you’re looking for, you might have to keep up with frequent maintenance checks.

When starting out, make sure that you remove the paper card before inserting the disk, or you run the risk of it getting your DVD stuck on insertion like so many other people.

Overall, this model is a decent consideration if you’re just looking to keep your children entertained on a long trip. But if your priority is premium and top-quality viewership, then there are other models that you should consider — especially considering the fact that the product doesn’t support Blu-ray discs.


  • The package includes all the accessories required
  • Supports three power modes
  • Has a fast memory function
  • Easy interface; can be used by children and beginners


  • Screen quality isn’t as good as other models
  • Blu-ray not supported
  • Not suitable if you want the best experience

10. APEMAN 7.5

APEMAN Portable DVD Player 7.5

Arguably the smallest model on this list with a screen of 7.5 inches, the APEMAN Portable DVD Player is a great model to consider if you want something that you can travel with at ease and store wherever feasible.

The model is geared best toward children. Though its small size prevents it from packing a larger battery, it’s still able to pack a runtime of four hours, letting you play at least a movie or two without needing to charge your device. However, it has other features that make up for its lack of runtime.

For starters, the model is awfully lightweight and compact.  This makes it easy to travel with and carry around by virtually everyone. Its small size also means its easier for kids to handle, so they’re less likely to break it as compared to the larger models on the market.  

The APEMAN Portable DVD Player 7.5” also lets you connect your console to it, allowing you to play your games on a larger screen, a feature your kids will absolutely love.

And you don’t even have to constantly adjust the player for them; the controls are so simple and intuitive they’ll get the gist of it within the first few hours of use!

However, while all of these features make this a great device to buy for your kids, you’re going to be sorely disappointed if you’re thinking of buying it for yourself.

The small screen size and low runtime do make it stick out like a sore thumb, and with products that offer a better viewing experience overall, you’re better off buying something else.


  • Features USB attached games
  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Easy to travel with
  • Can be stored virtually anywhere


  • Not optimal for adults and elderly individuals
  • The sound quality isn’t that good

What to look for in a good portable DVD player

Like any other device or gadget, there are many things you need to consider before buying a portable DVD player.

In fact, it’s important to know these things before you even look at a single DVD player, so that you don’t fall prey to marketing strategies and end up buying an unsatisfactory product.

Here are the eight things to keep in mind when shopping for a good portable DVD player:


Right off the bat, the first thing you need to look for is portability. Though every device on this list (and the many others you can find with a quick Google search) is inherently portable, you’ll find the design of some make them easier to carry around compared to others.

These design features include but aren’t limited to, being small in size and lightweight, letting you fold or pack up the player, and even having a handle built into the device itself.

If you’re someone who travels a lot and has to constantly lug their DVD player around with them, portability should be your number one concern when looking for the best portable DVD player for airplane travel.

Screen size

Though there are a few people who might contest this point, the larger the screen is, the better the viewing experience.

After all, being able to watch your favorite movies on a big screen is why people love going to the theatres, and why watching the same movie on your smartphone is such a dull experience.

However, getting a portable DVD player with a large screen is especially important if multiple people are going to be watching a movie on it at the same time.

This is especially critical if you’re planning to buy a portable DVD player for your kids to enjoy, or you’ll never be able to keep the peace between them as they constantly fight one another for watching the movie on the same screen.

A little girl watching movie on a dvd player


No matter how great the hardware of a device is, it’s all pointless if the manufacturers fail to incorporate a good user interface (UI) into their systems.

Bad UI means you’ll constantly be referring to the manual to make your device work, and for something like a portable DVD player that you bought to watch movies to relax, the extra stress is extremely counter-productive.

Unless you’re willing to spend hours understanding a complicated or vague control system, we’d suggest avoiding DVD players that look like they’ve been designed by aliens that have no sense of how human brains work.

Media support

Although the main reason to buy a portable DVD player is for the purpose of being able to play your DVDs on the go, there’s no reason the device you buy should be restricted to playing only one form of media.

Instead, you should opt for a device that supports input from a number of sources like USBs, VGA inputs from laptops, and even SD cards.

Even if you don’t have the budget to buy a device that is super versatile in terms of the media it can play, you should at least make a point to buy the best portable Blu-ray DVD player you can.

Or you won’t be able to play the newer movies since almost everyone releases their movies out only on Blu-Ray DVDs these days.


If something is built to be carried around on a regular basis, then it is absolutely imperative that it is built to last.

Even if you’re the most careful person in the world, chances are your portable DVD player is going to get knocked around quite a bit while being transported.

And if you’re looking to get a DVD player for your kids to enjoy in the backseat of the car, a player with a shabby build quality is going to last for an even shorter amount of time, since kids aren’t exactly the most careful when it comes to things like this.

Suffice to say, buying a portable DVD player built of a tough, durable material is the only way to ensure it survives the years of use you want it to.


For what they offer, most portable DVD players are quite fairly priced. Some models do occasionally cross the $100 mark, but for the most part, these devices are relatively cheap as compared to other portable devices like Tablet PCs or smartphones.

And since the hardware is pretty much the same across almost every player, the prices between individual DVD players don’t vary by a huge margin either, meaning you’d easily find the best portable DVD player in under 500 dollars.

So, while it is important to stick to a budget, we believe you shouldn’t opt for a cheaper player just to save a couple of extra dollars


Goes without saying the longer your player is able to go without needing to be charged, the better. Five hours of movie time may seem like a lot on paper, but on long road trips that take 8 to 10 hours to complete, the average battery time does appear to be lacking.


Sadly, this is one thing you can’t be sure of before buying the product itself. After all, you could just get unlucky and pick up the one piece out of tens of thousands that had a fault right out of the factory.

However, luck can often be trumped by statistics (which is ironically the best lesson you can learn in gambling, but we’re getting off-topic here), and if you select a product that other people have bought and have had a great experience with, chances are you will too.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the reviews left by people on sites like Amazon for every product; even more than all the specs the device offers, you need to pay attention to the reviews and rating the product and seller was given by previous customers.

Needless to say, the higher the rating, the better chance you’ll have of receiving a product that is reliable in use.

Obviously, it may be very hard to find a DVD player that scores well on all of the above-mentioned points; it’s far more likely you’ll find some products standing out for nailing only one feature instead.

For example, you might find that one device may have the best screen out of the bunch, but is below average in all other aspects.

In these cases, we recommend you choose your device based on whatever feature is the most important to you. So, if you really want to be able to see your movies on a great screen, for example, we’d recommend going for the one that offers the best screen.

Frequently Asked Question

How important is getting a with Blu-ray capabilities?

If you’re planning to constantly buy new movies on DVD, then it’s imperative you buy a player that supports Blu-ray since all movies are now printed on Blu-ray disks. However, if you’ve already got a large collection of non-Blu-ray disks, then I guess a player that doesn’t support them should work fine for you.

Not necessarily, but it is recommended you do so. Using a bag lets you carry the player and its accessories around easily and also protects it from external damage to a certain degree.

We would strongly advise you not to do that. Even if your player is advertised as being able to be charged by your car, it’s best to avoid using an adapter that the company hasn’t provided you themselves. Not adhering to this may result in you damaging your player.


Looking for advice on other great products to buy? Check out our other guides we’ve prepared just for you!

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