Best Plunger for Bath Tub

Best Plunger for Bath Tub

A clean bathroom is a desire of everyone. But after a party or an event, your toilet may show some issues like clogs. These clogs are needed to be cleared instantly otherwise they may cause bigger issues.

Clogs are not only issues associated with toilets but you may also face this problem in your bathroom and kitchen sinks. Toilet Plungers are helpful in this regard.

This article will help you in understanding different types of plungers, you will also know how to choose the best toilet plunger for your bathroom and what are the best kinds of Best Plunger for Tub available in the market.

Types of Plungers

Plungers can be of three types

  • Sink plungers
  • Accordion plungers
  • Toilet plungers

Sink Plungers

These are the commonly known plungers and at one end have a rubber cap. You can use this plunger for your kitchen and bathroom sinks. You can also use them for bathtubs. It works best on flat surfaces. It creates the vacuum and dislodges the clog. It cannot be used for dislodging toilet clogs.

Accordion Plungers

They are designed to clear toilet clogs. They have a smaller cup to fit over drain in the toilet bowl. These plungers are not easy to use but produce effective results. If you do not put the small cup in right order it can be difficult to control.

Toilet Plungers

They are the best among the best kind of home plungers available. Toilet plungers also have a small cup-like plunger but they also have rubber flaps soft in texture that can fold out from the inner side of the cup. It efficiently fits over the drain and creates necessary suction for clearing up the clog. It is also useful in clearing the sink or tub clog. It has a flap that makes it flexible and reliable for any kind of drain.

Quick Tips for Using Plungers Effectively

People buy plungers but they do not how to use them effectively. So here are some tips using which you can use them in an effective way of producing desired results. 

  • Keep the plunger vertical and straight. If you set its angle, you cannot apply the force required and a strong seal will not form.
  • For reducing air in the cup and create suction, slowly press down the plunger. Using this you can create a better seal. 
  • The plunger should be submerged otherwise it won’t work properly. If there is already no water for submerging, you can add a bucket or a cup of water yourself. 

In case after using all these tips you failed to solve the clog you need to call a plumber.

Which Best Toilet Plunger for Tub is Best for You?

The market is full of a variety of toilet plungers. Not all of them are of good quality; some poor quality products are also available in the market. So you need to be careful while buying a toilet plunger.

The main things you should consider in a toilet plunger are its functionality, durability, and performance. You can decide what kind of toilet plunger is best for you if you read the following suggestion:

Head Style

The shape of the head of a plunger has a strong effect on its performance; mainly it’s suction. Two different styles you can consider in this regard, classic cup-style or beehive plunger.

Both of them can create a tight seal, but beehive plunger is much better and effective as compared to others because of its versatility as it is suitable for any kind of toilet bowl shape. 

Size of Cup

The size of the cup is a very important factor regardless of the plunger style. If the size of the plunger is large it can push a large amount of water at one time. While a plunger with a small cup size cannot hold or push a large amount of water.

Type of Handle

Most of the toilet plungers have straight handle. Plastic plungers mostly come up with a rubber grip for holding the plunger.

As compared to classic handle designs, T-handle design is much better as it provides you an effective grip.

Size and Shape of Plunger

Toilet plungers are easily handy. They are not only responsible for clearing toilet clog but also save plumbing costs.

Toilet plungers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes; you can use them for different kinds of toilet drains.

When you go for buying a toilet plunger, make sure to check all the factors thoroughly like, cost, durability, ease of maintenance, safety from germs and bacteria, fast operation, ease of establishment and ease of cleaning. If all these qualities are present in a plunger then it is for you. 

Some of the Best Toilet Plungers

The market is full of a variety of toilet plungers. Not all of them are of good quality. So you need to be very careful while buying toilet plungers so that you do not end up having a poor product for a high price.

Here are some of the best kinds of toilet plungers available in the market. All of them are durable and easy to use; you can buy any of them according to your requirements and priorities.

Kleen Freak 3019000 Antibacterial Plunger + Caddy

It has an amazing design and suitable for almost all kinds of toilets. It has tiered edges that are suitable to attach to old to modern toilet designs. 

If there is no need to use it you can save it for later use. It comes up with a rubber cup having flanged rings. Its handle is made up of aluminum. It has a hideaway caddy and white enclosure.


  • It can handle most of the clogs
  • It is light in weight but effective in operation
  • Caddy has an innovative modern design
  • It comes up with germ guard protection


OXO Good Grips Hideaway Toilet Brush and Plunger Set

This is an amazing set of toilet plunger and the brush comes with modernly designed caddy. When the tool touches the caddy it opens up. It features a flanged plunger so it is suitable for every kind of toilet.

And the brush available is designed in such a way that it can fit in tough to reach places. It comes at affordable prices. When tools are replaced doors close automatically. Caddy can easily fit against walls. Plunger and brush both are made up of high-quality material.


  • It is very easy to use
  • Caddy can easily sit flush against the wall as it has a flashback
  • It is suitable for all kinds of toilets
  • It is durable and is a long time investment


Simplehuman Toilet Plunger and Caddy

It is a super cool toilet plunger and comes with an innovatively designed caddy set. It does not look like old plungers and is extremely easy to use. It is made durable. It has a slender profile and is long to create an efficient seal in the toilet.

After using it efficiently you can store it safely. Its handle is made up of durable stainless steel. It comes up with a magnetic collar. It comes up with a warranty of five years. 


  • It is long and narrow and fits any toilet
  • It has a compact design so can be stored easily
  • It can clear the toughest of the clogs


  • Has average ability to unclog your toilet

Korky Beehive Max Universal Toilet Plunger

It is considered among the most powerful manual plungers available in the market right now. It is suitable for almost every kind of toilets.

It has a huge beehive-shaped cup. Cup opening is narrow which makes it ideal to use for every kind of toilet. It has a T-shaped handle for an efficient grip. 


  • It features a powerful cup for plunging
  • It is suitable for a variety of toilets
  • It comes up with an easy-to-grip handle for your convenience


  • It is quite large in size
  • Plunger cup appears to be flimsy and has some issues

CLOG BOSS Best Toilet Plunger & Multi Use Drain Tool

For removing clogging in the toilet, it is among the most powerful plunger available in the market. It has an amazing design and wonderful functionality.

It is amazingly suitable for every kind of clog in the bathroom, shower, toilet, kitchen or bathtub pipe, etc. This plunger is suitable for multiple suckers. The disposal is easy and the rubber used in this plunger is eco-friendly. 


  • It can be used for multiple kinds of clogs
  • It is a reliable toilet plunger
  • It is durable and is a long time investment


Final Thoughts

Plungers are necessary for clearing clogs found in toilets, bathrooms and kitchen sinks. If they are not dealt with at the right time you may need to call a plumber which costs a fortune. You can remove little clogs yourself using plungers.

A variety of plungers are available in the market you can have any of them according to your choice and requirements. But make sure to choose wisely so you may not pay extra for a poor product.

You take help from this article in this regard. Some of the best available plungers in the market are also mentioned above; you can also buy any of them if you want. You won’t regret it; you might not need a plumber. 

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