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It seems like a simple job to buy a toilet plunger, but it can become quite confusing given that distinct companies use distinct techniques, designs, and patterns. You must also know that not all kinds of plungers will help you cope with toilets and sinks that have been blocked.

To make the correct decision, you need to create a stronger knowledge of various kinds of plungers and choose the one that is reliable, accessible, and appropriate for your requirements.

Types of Plungers

A plunger is a vital household instrument that is generally neglected. To purchase a toilet plunger, you should first become acquainted with the alternatives available. For example:

  • A conventional plunger with a suction cup usually connected to a plastic, wooden or aluminum stick is available for purchase. It fully includes the drain with its flat surface structure and therefore operates effectively.
  • You can find a specially constructed toilet plunger with a suction cup, and at the bottom, there is a rubber gap. By putting the rubber gap on the drain, you can clear any blockage that might affect your sink or bath.
  • If you need one with a narrower suction cup, you might want to invest in an accordion plunger. Remember, its tiny suction cup makes the sink a little less appropriate.
  • Besides, by going for a taze plunger, you can get a combination of a toilet plunger and ordinary plunger. It is fitted with a plastic pipe, a suction cup, and a pump. If you are interested in a full plumbing solution, it may be a good option. 

A top-rated toilet plunger does not have to be the most expensive, but it does not have to be said that a $40 plunger will probably perform better than a $10 toilet plunger will. Here are some of the finest quality toilet plungers.

Simple human Toilet Plunger

simplehuman Toilet Plunger

Probably the high price is due to the magnetic collar, which is justified as the feature works perfectly. It is so simple to perform and without any drips as well. Due to its open design, it dries out readily.

The handle is well-sized and provides an excellent grip for easy removal of all the clogs. Even after utilizing it for a long time for multiple bathrooms, you will not have to cope with any rust problems.

You do not need a fancy piece for a bathroom plunger, but this one looks elegant and smart. Unclogging is performed in minutes and, unlike many other plungers, there is no water splashing here and there. Overall, a great purchase! 


  • The magnetic collar to performs efficiently.
  • Even for holes other than round ones, works really well.
  • Super robust and sturdy design.


  • An expensive product.

Professional Bellows Accordion Toilet Plunger

Professional Bellows Accordion Toilet Plunger

This plunger is quite strong, and it unblocks all, even the most stubborn of the blockages. The conventional plungers do not operate for odd-shaped holes with any sort of loopholes, even the one in the kitchen, this one works just okay.

It is quite lightweight and stable (maybe because of the accordion design) and when kept in storage it does not keep falling off–it stays still! This product’s durability is excellent, making it a standard purchase.

The only surprise is that you have to solve everything manually and get the handle individually. If that is not performed correctly, while on the job, the handle may come off! The plunger’s efficiency is quite lovely when correctly assembled.


  • Effectively and easily unblocks.
  • The plunger is easy to wash, no folds or flips.
  • Also suitable for sinks in the kitchen.


  • The handle comes individually from the bottom and not as a single piece.

Clorox Toilet Plunger

The bristles are the best thing about this plunger, as they have specific antimicrobial characteristics to maintain the brushes smooth. The hair is of good quality and does not come off.

The bowl is also not scratched by the bristles. Another reason you purchase this one is the cost. You will like the fact that for most tasks, this simple toilet plunger is enough and if your use is limited, you do not have to go for the fancy, expensive ones. Keeping it in any corner is simple to store.

The open and close flap can sometimes be an issue as it is stuck, but it is easy to manage it once it has been adjusted as it keeps the plunger secure, especially the bristles.


  • It is pretty trendy and stylish.
  • The bristles are great with antimicrobial characteristics built-in.
  • It is easy and straightforward to use.


  • The caps of the holder open readily, and you have to pull them to close manually.

Kleen Freak 3001600 Toilet Plunger

Overall, the plunger is fantastic for the cost, and the holder is fantastic. It is easy and serves the objective of maintaining the plunger off the ground, keeping it tidy.

For the regularly shaped plungers, you cannot imagine a tiny tray being so high. The make is good, it does not break or crack if dropped from a height.

When there are simple clogs, the plunger does its job well and does not give out a wretched smell. Because of its germ-guard assets, it keeps germs and bacteria away from itself.


  • Beautiful drip tray to maintain the plunger.
  • In cost, very reasonable.
  • Sturdy build and lasts long without harm to the components.


  • It is not very strong, and manual pressure is needed to get rid of stubborn clogs.

PlumbCraft Twist and Store Toilet Plunger

PlumbCraft Twist and Store Toilet Plunger

Both the plunger and the holder are fantastic and do what they are meant to do. In specific, the holder is impressive as it is drip-free and provides the plunger with excellent assistance.

The handle twists to open and close. The holder is beautiful, protecting and hides the plunger well. This means more hygiene and less attack on bacteria.

Even the dirtiest and hardest yuck with this plunger goes off quickly. You can also use it for the sink in the kitchen, which is often clogged. Moreover, It is lightweight and takes little storage room. Wherever you like, you can store it.


  • Cute caddy for opening and closing with the twisting mechanism.
  • The handle can be adjusted to make the stress applied more convenient.
  • Better than the plungers of compressed air.


  • The black border often comes out that you can fix, but sometimes it can be irritating.

Final Words

You need to depend on a toilet plunger, which can work wonders with its suction cup, to unlock your sink, bathroom, or drain. To select the one that is reliable and effective, just be sure to learn about distinct kinds of plungers on the market. Certainly, the ones listed here will leave you happy. So, go get your bathroom a new one!

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