Best Miter Saw 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

A miter saw is a powerful tool for cutting large wood pieces and some metals like aluminum, steel, or brass. The miter saw can also cut plastic depending on its blade.

The tool handles three types of tasks such as crosscuts, angled cuts, and bevel or compound cuts.  The best miter saw comes up with multiple functions with bevel and compound or compound and sliding cut.  

The tools are suitable for all kinds of wood cutting at home or a construction site. They are portable, compact, and powerful with components like a motor, blade, stand, dust bag, detent miter plate, and instruction guide.

The tools are battery-driven, or you need electric power to run its motor. Generally, you have to buy accessories like stand and table. However, some miter also include supports. 

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Best Miter Saw 2021

There are several miter saw brands that produce having high-tech models. But, Dewalt and Hitachi have more positive reviews. But, let’s compare a few to find the best miter saw. 

1. Hitachi C10FCG

Hitachi C10FCG - Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Hitachi C10FCG 15 compound miter saw has flexible features that make it the best miter saw. Though the weight is light, it is a powerful tool for cutting the wood. No one can get so many qualities at a low price like accuracy, stability, fine cutting, roomy table, and reliability. Hitachi miter saw is an excellent tool for DIY projects because it is manageable.  

With this miter, you will have an angle cutting ranging from 0 to 52 degrees for both the right and left. The motor comes up with 2.57 HP that help users work fast. The saw provides highly accurate bevel cutting with 0 to 45 degrees towards the left. You can adjust it with the help of thumb-operated stops. 

Having 24.2 pounds weight make Hitachi the best miter saw for furniture making because you can handle it easily. There is no issue in this tool’s mobility. You can have a clean workplace because this miter reduces pollution with its dust collector.

It brings vice clamping of wood to ensure a secure job. A horizontal handle holds the material without any movement. The left and right miter ranges are the same as 52. 

It has immense motor power of 15 Amp that enables us to have both miter and crosscuts. This model is ideal for woodworkers, and also it is the best miter saw for homeowners. You can handle large pieces of wood with ease. You need only 120 volts to operate Hitachi C10FCG 15 miter saw with electricity. 


  • Affordable price
  • Assembly is simple
  • Gives flawless and clean cutting
  • It enhances the process of furniture making
  • Shipping weight is less than other miter saws


  • Some tasks need a better laser
  • Some consumers find the fence flimsy


DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw

DEWALT 12-Inch double bevel miter is an excellent blend of neatness, accuracy, and power. I consider it the best miter saw because of its various qualities. You can handle any kind of small to large cutting projects.  It can not only cut the wood, but it is also good at cutting moldings, bevels, and wooden trims.   

DWS 799 is the best tool for cross-cutting due to its 12-inch blade. I cut 2×12 wood pieces at 45 degrees and 2×16 at 90 degrees angle. The variety of cutting options is due to the back fence design of this miter saw. 

The DEWALT 12 allows bevel cutting with high accuracy that ranges from 0 to 50 degrees. You can bevel to the right or left depending on your choice. The versatility of bevel cutting helps us create innovative furniture pieces. You would find it the best miter saw 2019. 

The motor of DWS 799 comes up with 15 amp speed, giving 3,800 RPM to perform a complex cutting. You can cut thick lumber up to 6.75 inches, unlike small models of the same product. 

The DEWALT 12 has double steel rails with a horizontal position along with ball bearings. It has tall fences for creating crown molding up to 7-1/2 inch, whereas the base molding is possible up to 6-3/4 inch. Dewalt 12 is the best miter saw for furniture making and woodcrafts.

This saw allows you to work on a long table because it has a durable clamping mechanism. The user’s guide can make anyone perfect in operating this machine. 


  • Dust collector absorbs 75% dust
  • 3-year warranty
  • High-quality XPS alignment
  • Compact design


  • Steep price
  • 56 pounds weight seems heavy for small projects

3. Dewalt DWS780

Dewalt Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw-DWS780

Dewalt DWS780 12 inch miter saw brings stable clamping and accurate cutting. The design of this best miter saw is compact and provides a hassle-free cutting. The blade is large enough for cutting the wider pieces. This miter also includes a blade wrench, vertical material clamp, stainless steel miter detent plate, and a dust bag. 

Brings More Capacity 

Unlike other miter saws, DWS780 supports the 7-1/2 inch crown molding and 6-3/4 inch vertical base molding. The miter saw provides straight cutting at 90 degrees for 2×16 board and 45 degrees for 2×12 pieces. 

Easy Beveling 

Certain miter saws have bevel limitations, but Dewalt 780 brings variety in this regard. The worker can bevel from 0 to 49 degrees, including the right and the left with necessary stops. Dewalt 12 inches is an ideal tool for professionals, and also the best miter saw for homeowner. 


The miter saw is long-lasting because it can withstand the work rigors. All its parts are designed to bear the wear and tear of the woodwork.

You don’t need to recalibrate it after blade changing because it has a high-tech laser system. It can handle both delicate and heavy tasks like deck making.  

Other Features 

With 15 Amp, 3,800 rpm motor Dewalt DWS780 sliding compound miter saw provides excellent power, and the user can handle it easily. The dust collection capacity is 75% of dust produced on site.

The user can have repeatable accuracy because of a high capacity, like 60° to the right and 50°to the left. Consider it the best miter saw 2019 for all your woodworks. 


  • Unique gearbox
  • Offers unified XPS cross-cutting
  • Vertical cutting with a belt-drive model
  • 90 days money back guaranty
  • One year service
  • Three-year warranty


  • Stand is missing
  • A bit heavy

4. TruePower Mini

TruePower 919-2 Inch- High-Speed Mini Miter Plus Cut Off Saw-Different Colors

There are not always large pieces to cut, as sometimes the homeowners need small cutting tools. TruePower 919 mini is the best miter saw for small tasks. It is useful for those who make various things out of wood and enjoy it as a hobby. 

Supports Various Materials 

The TruePower 919 mini miter saw also allows cutting of copper, aluminum, brass, and plastic other than just wood. Though small,  it has a powerful motor, providing 7800 RPM speed. Moreover, it has reversible blades that produce a variation.   


The design is compact, and you can carry it easily from one place to another because its weight is only 3 pounds. Among mini tools, it is the best miter saw 2019, and the DIYers find it great. 

Other Features 

Other than the main components, it has a long power cable of 71 inches. Besides, it has 2 inches HSS blade having .020 inch thickness and 3/8 inch arbor. It comes up with a gauge ranging from 0 to 45. Table clamp and instruction guide also come up with the TruePower mini miter saw. 

Different Colors 

TruePower mini saw colors vary according to its model. Like, black, yellow, orange, and peach. But, grey is the main color in all with a black cord. 

Suitable For Certain Projects 

It is ideal for doing small projects like bolt shafts, notching arrows, wooden tiles, picture frames, golf club handles, and stained glass projects. It is a versatile tool that offers precise cutting of various materials. You don’t need a bolt for clamping because a drywall screw can secure it to the table. 


  • Affordable price
  • Easy transfer
  • Light-duty craft cutting
  • Durable and powerful
  • Suitable for delicate jobs


  • Not suitable for houses or small trims

5. Evolution Power Tools RAGE3

Evolution Power Tools RAGE3-Compound Sliding Miter Saw- 10 Inch- Multitask Cutting

Evolution Power Tools RAGE3 support wood, aluminum, plastic, and mild steel. You can make different compound miter cuts. You cannot call it a pro-grade tool, but it is the best miter saw. People love this machine because it is lightweight and easy to manage. 

No Heat with Metal 

The Evolution compound sliding miter saw can cut 6mm steel without creating more sparks or burrs. You will not feel any heat while finishing your job, so it would be accurate.  It has high-grade tipped 28 tooth tungsten blade for fine metal cutting.   

Easy Cutting 

Cutting with this miter saw involves 45 degrees with the left and right feature and nine stops. You can have bevel and compound cuts without any hardship. The bevel tilt ranges from 0 to 45 degrees. The slide system enables two cuts like 45 degrees cutting for 8-1/4 inch width. Whereas the 90-degree cut is suitable for 11-13/16 inches width. You can read the manual to know more to operate the laser correctly. 

A man is cutting the wood with miter saw.

Variable Depth 

The user can set the depth according to the cutting style, including trenches and grooves. The HI-Torque motor with 15A speed makes Evolution RAGE3 the best miter saw for homeowners. 

Multiple Blades 

You can use Evolution RAGE3 miter saw with different blades, but you have to buy them separately. There is also a specific blade for tile cutting and other unique tasks. You can also cut the nail embedded wood while handling the reclaimed materials. With increased production, consider it the best miter saw 2019 and the reviews prove it so.    


  • Can cut ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • Includes effective accessories
  • Offers precise cutting for picture frames, crown molding, joining, and furniture making
  • Durable stand with foldable legs
  • Easy to transport


  • Dust collection is poor

6. Bosch Miter Saw

Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD - 15 Amp 12 in. Corded Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60 Tooth Saw Blade

Bosch Power Tools miter saw has a compact design, durable mechanism, and long life. You can save 12 inches of space compared to other saws. This best miter saw helps in multiple cuttings.

Clamping of this saw is stable and benefits in a continuous task. The 15Amp-3hp motor produces high speed. Contractors can use it for professional work, but it is a bit heavy for delicate tasks. 

The cuts made by Bosch GCM12SD are so smooth that no other tool can match this quality. The glide system helps in making full cross-cuts with accurate alignment. It has various cutting capacities, including 14 inches expanded, 6-1/2 inch horizontal and 6-1/2 inch vertical. 

The bevel miter scales of GCM12SD are adjustable according to the job. The stainless steel miter has clear detent marks and angles. The bevel detents allow accurate left and right cutting with angles including 0, 33.9 degree, and 45 degrees. Carpenters find it the best miter saw for furniture making and professional tasks. 

 Bosch miter saw provides 90% dust collection, which is higher than other saws.   You don’t need to adjust the lock because it firmly locks the fence at 90 degrees to the table. The 1-touch lock and unlock mechanism provides additional support. 

The user does not have to reach behind the saw to control bevel livers because of upfront settings, including range selector.

Other than the miter, the Bosch GCM12SD has a dust bag, blade wrench, carbide blade, and a user manual guide. With high-tech features, Bosch Power Tool has become the best miter saw 2019.


  • Blue color looks more decent than yellow or green
  • Powerful motor
  • Clear lower guard helps in uninterrupted work
  • Trigger handle is soft
  • Controllable glide movement


  • Expensive
  • Heavyweight

7. Delta S26

Delta Power Equipment Corporation S26 -Shop Master Laser Miter Saw

Delta Power S26-262L is excellent for small projects and home workshops. The hobbyists love the best miter saw because of size and low price. You do not need to handle a long cord because the miter saw runs with battery. You can use it with any miter stand instead of a specific one. 

The Shopmaster 10-inch is just 25 pounds, so moving this tool is very easy, including transportation. This miter helps in correct laser alignment due to a battery. You can easily turn it on and off during the job. 

The lock is robust and tightly holds spindle while changing the nut. The handyman considers Shopmaster 10 the best miter saw for homeowners. It is also suitable for making handicrafts and delicate woodworking. Still, you need to practice it a few times to get perfect. 

Delta Power S26-262L has powerful 15 Amp motor providing nominal cuts including 4×4 and 2×6 at 90 degrees. You can also cut 2×6 with one pass only.

It is also easy to cut inclined angle, creating bevels ranging from 0 to 47 degree. The motor is capable of spinning the 10 inches blade at 5500RPM. The stops include angles like 0, 15 and 22.5, as well as 30, and 45 degrees. 

The Shopmaster laser miter saw is ideal for everyday use. You can have accurate cutting with this best miter saw of 2019. The miter also helps in shower door installation because this is what professional contractors say.

  The user can enjoy working with Delta Power S26-262L because it is less frustrating than other lightweight miter saws.    


  • Low price
  • Less noisy
  • UL listed
  • 3-year warranty
  • Looks decent with silver and black


  • Blade with wide apart teeth
  • Flimsy control arm


10 Inch DEWALT DW713- Portable Compound Miter Saw

Dewalt DW713 is the best miter saw of this brand. The product includes 10 inches miter saw, carbide blade and wrench, and a user guide.  The entire tool is very durable and comes up with a stable clamping mechanism. It has a compact design, and you can easily carry it with its handle.  

This miter saw helps in making crown molding up to 4-1/2 inch. Different angles make it a versatile power tool. It is compatible with Dewalt laser.  DW713 has a15 Amp motor that produces 5000RPM, helping in quick work.  

The capacity is vast, ranging from 0 to 50 degrees with the left and right position. A 60 tooth blade brings the fineness to both simple and complex cuttings. It can also become the best miter saw for furniture making. 

It offers multiple applications with compound and bevel cutting. It can easily bevel cut 2×6 wood board at 45 degrees angle. Generally, it allows angle cuts measuring between 0 to 48 degrees to the left. On the other hand, bevel cuts to the right range from 0 to 3 degrees. 

You get accurate cutting with 11 intervals. The fence can also stay perpendicular with the blade. Tall fences are adjustable for bevel cutting. This best miter saw for homeowner supports vertical crown molding with 4-1/2 inch. The user can set the desired angles due to a cam miter lock that keeps the table intact. 

Dewalt DW713 is just 35 pounds, so you can easily store it after the job is over. Having a reasonable price makes Dewalt 713 affordable to most users. Yellow, grey, and black make it attractive. Other models include Dewalt 12 inch DWS779, Dewalt 10 inch DWS717, and Dewalt 12 inch DWS780.


  • Excellent alignment
  • Lightweight
  • 90 days money back guaranty
  • 3-year warranty
  • 1-year free service contract


  • No Battery

9. DEWALT 10-Inch Sliding

DEWALT 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw, Double Bevel

The DW716 12 inches miter saw offers compound and bevel cutting with its 15 Amp motor. The miter dent plate and lock are of stainless steel, and they are adjustable.

A large number of users consider it the best miter saw.  It provides fast cross-cutting and miter cutting. Dewalt sliding compound miter saw is lightweight and offers comfortable mobility. A built-in handle also makes it compact. 

The bevel cutting option allows users to cut 2×12 and 2×14 wood at 45 degrees. The seven positive stops help in a quick cutting. Generally, it enables bevel cutting between o to 48 degrees to the left and the right. 

Dewalt Sliding Compound miter produces accurate results be it bevel or compound cutting. You can adjust the miter plate with 11 stops without affecting your job. This best miter saw 2019 can handle big projects. 

The sliding fences are tall, supporting 6-5/8 inch crown and 6-1/2 inch vertical molding. It is easy to slide the fence while beveling. The double horizontal rails make it compact along with ball bearings. You do not have to flip the material as you can do it with the saw. 

With 51 pound weight, you can move it from one job place to another. You can also use the laser of DEWALT DW7187 to have more accuracy. The red laser line ensures fine cutting. You can say it is the best miter saw for furniture making, especially for large pieces. 

Other models include Dewalt 12 inch DWS779, Dewalt 10 inch DWS713, and Dewalt 12 inch DWS780. These models vary in terms of features like new models are more high-tech. You can buy a model that suits your needs. 


  • 3-year warranty
  • High-quality alignment
  • 90 days money back guaranty


  • Price is high

10. Genesis Compound

Genesis 15-Amp 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

Genesis Power Tools are what people look at for their DIY projects. The blade is good enough for fine cuts without any need for an additional component. Genesis GMS1015LC is the best miter saw for small tasks as it is handy.

The tool is ideal for crown molding, picture frames, and boxes. Though cheap, Genesis GMS1015LC has all the essential components of a miter saw.

The components of Genesis GMS1015LC include 15 Amp motor, 60 T carbide blade, clamp, blade wrench, and a dust bag. It also has two laser batteries and two extension wings. The motor speeds up the production with 4600 RPM, unlike the competitor models of 14 Amp motor. 

The user can work with bevels to the left and the right at 45 degrees with nine intervals. The compound miter cuts are easy and offer versatile cutting for both hobbyist and carpenters. Genesis compound with laser is the best miter saw for homeowners. 

The user can work with certain intervals using break stops. It is also comfortable to change the blade through Arbor lock. Moreover, the clamp holds the tool down when the user is busy in changing the components. The 60 tooth blade is enough for fine cuts without adding more blades. 

When we talk about delicate work, Genesis GMS1015LC is still the best miter saw 2019. This lightweight 1 pound tool is easy enough for new users. However, beginners can use the laser guide to have more accuracy. You can become perfect after a few jobs. Professional crafters can also use Genesis miter to enhance their business. 


  • Anyone can carry it easily
  • Suitable for wood crafts, and delicate tasks
  • Battery driven
  • High-quality laser system
  • Affordable
  • Readable miter saw


  • Not suitable for large pieces

Buyer’s Guide Best Miter Saw

Which Miter Saw To Buy? 

Miter saw helps in several tasks at your home or a construction site. It becomes hard to choose a miter among several brands. Ask yourself a few questions to determine the kind of miter you should buy. Such as: 

What Is Your Budget? 

Budget is the main thing to determine the cost of the miter saw that you could afford. Cheap power tools are not always of low-quality. But, if your budget is high, buy the best miter saw even if it is expensive. 

What Kind Of Materials you want To Cut? 

Generally, people use a miter saw for wood cutting. But if you want to cut metal, choose a saw that can cut metals. See our reviews to find a suitable miter force cutting mild steel, aluminum, brass, or even plastic. 

What Kind of Board Needs Cutting 

In case of wood, consider the size of the board because it will determine the type of blade you require. Likewise, mini miter saws are suitable for small tasks only. Choose a powerful saw for large jobs. 

How Much Will You Use It 

If you frequently need a miter saw, buy a 12 inches double bevel sliding saw. Those who use a 10 inches saw have to replace it with a big blade to handle more jobs. However, the speed of the motor also determines the durability of a miter saw. 

Other Factors To Consider 

Following factors would also help you choose a suitable miter saw. 

Blade: The blade of the introductory saw is smaller than a costly saw. However, you can have less powerful saw for general woodwork. But, if you are versatile in your tasks, buy a miter with multiple functions. You can compare various miter saws in terms of blades. You can find the blade speed from its RPM specs, which are the revolution per minute of a miter saw. Generally, the miter offers 2,500 to 5,500 RPM. Fast spinning blades remain sharp for longer than the slow spinning blades. 

Motor: Miters have electric motors of various strengths. Generally, the best miter saw has a 15 Amp motor. However, some small saws come up with 14 Amp motor, which produces less speed. 

Weight: Both heavy and lightweight miter saws are available. In general, the weight varies from 25 to 65 pounds. Buy a lightweight tool if you need to move it frequently. However, keep in mind that lightweight miter is less potent than the heavier one. 

All About Miter Saws 

What if you have to cut the 2×4 or 2×6 wood boards of 8 feet length? You must know the best tool to cut small pieces while making furniture, doors, or something else. Like, you may need to make moldings or trims or any delicate wood crafts. All the above tasks become quick with a miter saw. Just place the miter saw on a table and cut the board as you want.

The saw helps you in a variety of cuttings at certain angles. You can see my articles on the best miter saw of different brands and models. Here, I will discuss the uses of the miter and some tips to handle it. 

History of Miter Saw 

A few people know that power miter saw is also called a drop saw. Mr. Ed Niehaus, a tool designer, invented the power miter saw. It has gone through many changes till now, including the blade brakes, dust collection, and a radial arc spring mechanism.   

Uses and Types of Best Miter Saw 

There are different uses of a miter saw, so let’s see what it brings for us.  


Though a handsaw or circular saw can also cut the board in two pieces, a miter saw can do it better because, 

⦁ This tool is powerful and helps you in quick cutting due to its motor and blade quality. 

⦁ You can line up the cut because you can see the blade after moving down the handle. Some miter saws come up with laser guide, and the red beam helps you see the cut line. 

⦁ If you want to cut wide boards, a sliding miter will do well. You can hardly slide cut with an ordinary table saw, or radial arm saw. The miter brings accuracy in all types of cuts it offers. 

Miter saw for Angled Cuts 

These are the typical cuts by a miter saw. You can make angled cuts according to what a saw offers. Various miters offer 0 to 50 degrees angles to the left and the right. A vast range of angles is also there in some brands; however, it depends on the cut length and blade size. You may need angle cuts for, 

1. Furniture making, or where you need angles like while making frames or other wood crafts. It is hard to join two pieces to have compatible angles, but a miter can do it precisely. 

2. You will need angles while trimming. Like, it would help you while remodeling your home. A miter saw is a Must-Have tool for the DIYers. 

3. Sometimes you need to make slide cuts for flooring and miter can do it perfectly. A room with chamfered walls also needs slide cut flooring. 

Compound or Bevel Cuts 

A compound miter saw is readily available now for bevel or compound cutting. You may need these cuts with complex angles. Like, if the wooden board spans diagonally across various planes. The saw is ideal for bevel cuts on a very wide board, such as 1×10. 

Laser Cutting 

Some miter saws have laser cutting like a disc-shaped washer makes the laser. The laser connects with the saw blade creating a line for the blade to cut. New models of a miter also have LED lights for better illumination. 

A miter saw with wall in background

Some Other Uses of Miter Saw 

Getting Several Cuts 

Some tasks need several cuts with the same length, and this is doable with a miter saw. Like, place a stop on the end of the work surface putting the pieces against the stop. The process will help you in repeatable cuts having the same length. You cannot do such cuts with a hand saw or circular saw. 

Built-In Work Table 

You can make a workstation integrated with miter saws operation. You can easily place the boards holding it during cutting. You place the miter below the surface, which provides you ample space to work. You can explore it further through our reviews. 


There are certain miter saw brands with batteries. You don’t need to handle the long cords, and the task becomes less messy. Such miter saws are suitable for small tasks or for places where an electrical outlet is far from the workstation. Their size is generally smaller than saws with electric power motor, so they are easier to handle. 

Tips To Effectively Use a Miter Saw 

Some tips that would help you in miter saw cutting like a professional. The tips would also protect you from hazards that often happen with the beginners. 

Prepare Miter Saw Blade Before Cutting 

The miter saw gets a jerk when you power it on because the blade catches speed. Let the blade reach its highest speed and then make a cut. Start slowly and insert the blade in the board until you finish. Then hold the handle down, releasing the switch and let the blade stop. Place a firm grip on the board until the blade stops. 

Specify Danger Zones 

You need to mark the danger zones to show “no hands” area. You should make lines on the fence and bed of the miter. These lines can be 7 inches from 10 inches blade and 8 inches if the blade is 12 inches long. 

Make A Jig For Crowns 

While making crown moldings, make a jig to hold it at the right angle. You can adjust the molding scrap upside down in the jig, marking its position to stop. Then screw down the stop. Keep fasteners far from blade path. Place jig in the miter holes through the screw and then work with crown molding. 

Small Pieces Need Wood Fencing 

It is always a big challenge to cut off small pieces with a power miter saw. Mishandling can lead to injuries because you don’t know where the piece will finish. Since the blade is high speed, so you have to build a fence around your board. An auxiliary fence will prevent the cutoff from falling. 

Tall Fences are Suitable 

Some miter saws come up with tall fences like you can read our reviews to know more. Dewalt and Bosch have tall fences which are easy to adjust with a lever lock. 

A Visible Blade Guard 

The blade guard of the miter saw must be transparent to help you see the line. It becomes annoying to lift the blade guard to line it up with the mark. The DeWalt and Bosch have top quality blade guards with clear visibility. Whereas, the single bevel saws lack this feature. 

Observe Your Miter

Before you read the manual, walk around your saw to see how to handle it without any issue. The intuitive handling without gimmicks enhances your experience for future projects. It is easy to use a single bevel saw. Whereas, the dual bevel miter saws are among the most intuitive. 

Learn Blade Changing 

You should know how to change the blade without getting hurt. You may need this art if you have frequent cutting tasks for long-term use. Some saws have an onboard space for blade changing wrench, so the replacement becomes simple. 

How To Cut Metals

Metals like aluminum need precise cutting because you use this material in building construction. You need to cut aluminum rods, angles, or even the tubes with a saw that can cut a non-ferrous metal.

Aluminum produces chips while cutting, which can affect the saw motor.  Make sure to cover the motor opening with a cloth before you cut aluminum. A wood backer can hold aluminum while cutting to prevent it from sliding aside.

Metal needs stable holds, especially when the piece is too thin. The blade will destroy metal if you don’t use a backing board. 

Both Dewalt and Evolution are excellent for cutting metals; however, other miter are also suitable. Read our reviews on the best miter saw to explore it further. You must consider multi-tooth blade, and abrasive discs as both provide accuracy and speed.

Abrasive blades have a protective coating to prevent them from wear and tears of work. The above saws offer multipurpose blades, so you don’t need to change them for cutting each material. 

Safety Measures During Metal Cutting 

Metal becomes hot while cutting, and the small chips can harm your eyes or can cause burns. It can also cause injuries to your skin, so you need certain precautions like, 

⦁ Generally, the blades come up with certain safety precautions printed on them. Read these tips to avoid any harm. 

 I recommend wearing safety glasses while cutting metals and sometimes for wood as well.  You should also wear a face mask or hearing protections which are easily available online. 

⦁ Do not work with exposed skin, so wear hand gloves. Likewise, metal with sharp edges will not harm you if you work with gloves. Wear long sleeves while cutting and avoid shorts.  

⦁ Let the metal cool before you touch it. 

⦁ Use a separate room as your workshop to work away from others. If you have people around, make sure they wear essential protective guards for eyes, ears, and skin. 

Miter Saw And Plastic Cutting 

A miter often has good blades with more teeth so it can precisely cut plastic. However, make sure to use a saw that does not produce more heat because it can burn thin plastics. Read the features of a miter saw before cutting plastic pieces. Many plumbers cut a PVC pipe on a miter. You can cut a large pipe, like 2/12 inch to 3 inches. You don’t need a special blade, as a regular 50 to 60 teeth blade is enough. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There must be a separate table to work on and to mount your saw with it. Generally, the miter saws come up with clamps to secure them tightly. You can secure it by adjusting the bolts in its base. New saw models have handles for moving from here to there. But, you can also clamp it on a small plywood piece to enable the smooth transfer. 

You can power on a miter saw through an electric cord or battery depending on its make. You can use an extension cable if the saw has a small wire. But, use a powerful extension cord that can withstand high-speed miter. The incompatible extension will burn itself or miter saw’s motor. In general, mini miter depend on rechargeable batteries, so they are secure. 

Dewalt DWS 782 does not support XPS lighting. 

Only those with depth adjustment can support rabbet or dado cuts. 

Yes, some miter saw brands have replacement belts including the TruePower. 

Both are different in giving the cuts. You cannot use a miter saw as a table saw. The table saw does not need a large blade for long cuts. However, both saws offer short and straight cuts. 

We cannot use a rip blade on the miter saw. The blade is across the wood lays in a miter saw. Whereas, the wood has to be along the blade in a rip saw. 

Some lightweight miter saws are easy to store. However, the heavyweight saws have handles, so you can move them easily. You can place them in your workshop for frequent use or can put them in a storeroom. 


A motor or battery-driven Miter saw is always better than a hand-operated saw. You don’t need more power to cut the wood or metal because of a high power miter saw. Small power tools are ideal for handicrafts or crown moldings. On the other hand, large saws can cut large and thick material.  

A built-in handle makes mobility comfortable than those without it. A miter saw with the dual cut option is more functional. With many miter saws available on the market, you can choose from a variety. Focus on your needs as each miter is suitable for specific materials and application. Use a miter saw with confidence to have a better job. 

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  1. Could you answer something for me? Do you have a preferred brand of table saws? Is there one that is the best? I want to make sure to get one that is as safe as possible to operate. I feel like safety is pretty important. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello, hope you are doing great. Firstly, thank you for considering our article and coming up with a query. To answer your question regarding the best brand, I’d say that DEWALT is a pretty safe bet. Not only their products are fully-featured but they are also extremely safe and highly sought after by newbies and professionals alike.

  2. Hello Michael,
    I need some best metal chop saw for my new garage as finish my woos work. What things did I consider for that?

    • Thank you for the query. Danny, working a garage is comparatively an arduous task and so we would firstly recommend considering enough amps, 15 would be required. Secondly, know the materials you will be cutting. If you’d be not only cutting woods but also light metals as well then go for a versatile saw. Moreover, also know the angel of your cuts. There are different cuts as we have discussed. We will personally recommend the 2nd and the 5th entry on our list of the best miter saws as they better relate to your specifications. Good luck!

  3. I have read several good stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much effort you put to make such a magnificent informative website.

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